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> maybe today is the day for $2 edition...

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>the sell wall before $2
Let's not get ahead of ourselves fren
But another parsiq thread feels good

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im done with the video

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how big's the sell wall you think?

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add a zero to that m8

its a fucking moon mission

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post it chad, we've been waiting.

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Post it.

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Kek best is that it is already 1$

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best is it fucking blasted 1 like it was some joke pit-stop

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this is the high iq and high profit coin of biz.

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Only goes

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Overpriced shitcoin, see you at $1

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Stop shilling this shit discord trannies

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this "shitcoin" is anything but overpriced...

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stop posting about this. fuck biz. let them stay poor

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anon how fucking big is this holy shit

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Consider me diamonds

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lol I'm not gonna spend 18 hour watching some parsiq porno

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I would watch 18 hours of parsiq porno if it reached 4 digits. It would be a history of wealth course for my next generation.

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just as long as a normal porno then, sounds good anon

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Not promo, elaborate shill and celebration of combined autism

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If there’s a sell wall it’s bullish. I need to accumulate at least 10k more to feel peaceful. I’m serious.

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would you rather see redditards make it?

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To all newfags.

Prq is a meme scam which is shilett by Patel and Ranjeet here daily. Look at the pathetic minimal volume. They are waiting to dump your bags on you

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It's not on any major exchanges yet...
You had your chance when it just dipped to $1. Moon mission next. Have fun being priced out.

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This, the dump to .60 is coming soon

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when will be ready buddy?

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Nocoiners cope. Parsnip Chads hold the line

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anon post the video link

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it's crashing every time, need to render bit by bit

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Btfo with this scam enjoy the February inflation when they release a gorillian tokens

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>a gorillion
>1.5 mil
$2 EOM.

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