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Am I asshole for cutting off contact with my childhood friends and other "best friends" after my networth broke 500k? I stopped hanging out with people at that point because could not relate to them anymore (the most succesful guy I know has probably like 60k networth at most)

Now I'm 100k short of million. I don't want to see them again, they are just fucking normie losers

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Nah, fuck them
Only family matters

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You are the only loser you fucking faggot
Enjoy ending up depressed in a few years
God this board is so fucking pathetic

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Youre just mad he has more money than you

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Sounds like you had a pretty shit relationship with them anyway. From this point onwards you can either be a loner, or get vacuous rich friends, which is just a more expensive way to feel completely alone.
Congrats, anon, I hope you like cats.

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ive been doing this as well
also agree with this>>26353905

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I can understand that you had trouble relating to them. Don't forget though that its all worth very little if you dont have friends or family to share it with.

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I feel sorry you dont have true friends anon, mine will always be there whether I am -7figs or +7figs net worth

the only thing money should change is women, Im currently fucking an average 7 gotta go up to average 8 when I hit 7figs hell

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>Dropped all your friends when you got money
>Because they're not well off

I somehow suspect they aren't the losers in this exchange.

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If the reason was because you felt like they were inferior because of money, then you are a complete retard with god delusion.
I cut contsct with most.of my friends because I had nothing in common with them and they were genuine assholes, not because of that.

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when i get 1 million, I will invite all my discord friends from all over the world to a huge house LAN party

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port your portfolio retard, no one believes you

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Yes. I will give away some of my money to my frens. But I will secure myself first.

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will you mass rope, tranny?
>inb4 someone steals your ledger because they're thirsting for some whore

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These people are fucking loser retards with shitty attitude

This ex bandmate of mine, my old childhood friend, he always talked with this loser mindset "We will never become anything"
"Face it anon, we are just gonna stay in this shit town for the rest of our lives"
"We're never going to make it"

Last time I was sitting in his living room sipping beer and we were talking about fancy music equipment. My networth was like 400k at that point, I showed him this one rig that cost like €25000

This fucker goes "YEAH! Like YOU or WE could AFFORD it hahah, stop dreaming man"

That was the last straw

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fuck em

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This. Your 20's involves figuring out what friends you can't stand because of character/personality clashes when you're not drunk. If you dump them for trivial things like net worth you're going to end up depressed.

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My point is that you shouldn't be trusting people from Discord, because at least one of them will break and try to fuck you. Money does shit things to people. I hope you knew these people pre-Discord, Anon.

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What did they do to you? Unless they were assholes to you, or wanted your money or were negatively affecting you somehow, you're the asshole, yes.

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No I am not you fucking nigger
I have several friends who are millionaires (not from Crypto) meanwhile I am not (yet) and nobody cut off contact with me. In fact, I actually became friends with one of them, when he was already a richfag.
People like you and OP are just fucking retarded losers and no amount of money will change this.

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This. People are garbage the sooner you work this out the better.

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See this post: >>26354083

General loser attitude, defeatist attitude

Always belittling others, themselves and me

"We will always stay in this shit town fucking losers wer are working at these fucking factories"

This is literally everybody, then they idolize this one fucking nerd that went to study in some university and WOW HE HAS A 50K CAR A 50K CAR HE IS FUCKING RICH DID YOU HEAR THAT HE TOOK 200K LOAN

All the while you are hiding power level

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People from discord tend to have problems to say the least

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Nah, I can relate, I cut off my childhood buddies because they all were using my house as a place to smoke and get drunk leaving me to clean it up. fuck em

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checkd and this
fuck i hate that "site" so fucking much it really actually makes me seethe

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Based and redpilled

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Yeah you are an arsehole. Who do you turn to when you lose it all? Especially on shitcoins if thats your gamble.

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Birth of a pasta

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Are you retarded? That fits into being an asshole, people like that are genuine assholes. They want to feel better by making everyone around them think they're even worse off. I dropped a few of my friends exactly because of that, because they were always arguing that it's impossible to be successful and that we should instead talk about football and pussy and drugs. Yes, those idiots are assholes and deserve to be left out. It has nothing to do with net worth. The friends I respect the most are actually kind of "poor" at rhe the moment, but their eyes shine and they want to change the world in what little way they're able to.

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Okay well, then that is somewhat understandable.
But anon still, you don't seem to be very wise.
Always ask the question "why are those people like this?"
They are dumped down by society, media, school, etc. Most people think like that. Not saying that this is acceptable.
But you should try to lift them up. Like not forever, but give them a chance. They are under a spell.
It is defeatist mentality and it is terrible to hear this bullshit, because they pull you down as well.
But just for once, try to lift them up with you. Be a Chad. That's your purpose.
And I mean not giving them money. But just helping them.

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>invite discord friends
just make sure you don't bring your ledger

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op is based. fuck normie wagecucks

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> Can't stand people praising someone lower on the monetary scale without praising you more
> Can't stand people assuming you're not rich as that would mean you're less of a valuable person

Just sounds like you have issues with your ego and that you've tied your value as a person to net worth.

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People are responsible for the steps they take. Most of those deadbeats, you try to help them and they spit in your face.
I still think you definitely should try it, but only once per individual. We are not the messiah.

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You will not be lonely or depressed

These boomers think it’s all about “community”. Idiots. All you need is weed and your iPhone for ever

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my discord pals are more trustworthy than anyone i know irl
what do you use for communication?

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is LAN party the new word for gangrape ? sorry - oldfag here

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And guns

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I did this but I feel so much fucking worse off now. I feel like I made a mistake. I'm going to go back to them and stop feeling overpretentious about myself

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It's not ME it's literally them

They are so fucking bitter about every success someone has, I literally got a little headache I started even thinking about these people even though its 2 years Ive blocked them on my phone, whatsapp and other places

I just literaly hope they get some fucked up disease they worship money and matter while they are fucking poor normie piece of shit losers they will literaly never make it

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You're a retard

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It's never worth it, stop holding other people's bags and focus on yourself. They're not your responsibility

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Make sure they are before you meet them. Really serious, Anon.

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I could write a very long post about my personal life experiences and why your decision is a smart idea but there's no point.
You made a smart choice, anon. Trust no one.

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Will you talk to them again if I beat you up and take all your money?

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Yeah good luck
Just look at notch, the creator fo minecraft, all fucking depressed and rich because he has no real friends.

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OP have you explained yet how you got rich? If it's from crypto you didn't deserve it and you should cut your friends a break

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No. But don't forget your family, don't be that prick.

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Yeah they sound like assholes, i too have distanced myself from some of my friends because of their negative attitude, told every single of my friends to invest in ETH and LINK when ETH was like 145 USD and Link was 4 USD, only 2 listened the rest didn't give a shit and spent all their money buying useless shit like expensive clothes/phones and getting into debt.
Some of them hit me up during this recent run and i told them to fuck off because they'll be buying the top and get rekt.

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Of course it is from crypto. Lol you think I am after some "prestige aknowledgement" from those toxic normies?

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depends on what you mean by cut contact. I you refuse to see or talk to them you probably would be an asshole. But if they wanted you to come out drinking while you wanted to work, or if they wanted you to blow your money in vegas while you wanted to invest I would say it was good to cut the out of your life so long as you made it clear you just didn't want them to drag you down.

dude if you have seven figures you should be with 10s its not that common

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Then you haven't stopped talking to them because of your net worth then have you. Youve stopped talking to them because they're fucking losers with no ambitions in life and would pull you down with them if you kept associating with them. It's clear you're on different paths, so forking the road sooner rather than later is fine.

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I've already dropped out of school (computer science)

I told one of the brightest dudes about Chainlink because we were talking about crypto and he told he is also interested in the blockchain space in general.

Link was at $1 price at that point. I told him to buy it. Literally the smartest dude in my class, I mean high iq and good programmer.

He never bought, he told "yeah... I've read about it.. don't really know about it... seems like meme shit and it has already 10xd" and he kept on buying some stupid shit like VeChain or some stupid fucking shit I hate these people so much I hope they get some uncurable diseases

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>Am I the asshole
reddit moment

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>I hope they get some uncurable diseases
Good luck. You will need it. Good chance that you will end up worse than any of your peers with that attitude. They should have beat the shit out of you in school

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You wear leather trench coats don't you anon

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>Good chance that you will end up worse than any of your peers with that attitude

Not going to happen. I am already like 30 years ahead of them even in terms of bank loans. They will have to work hard, sweat, do lots of networking, 50% of them are exhausted by the 40 and their spark of life has gone

I already started seeing them, this bright dude, he was so exhausted from "networking" and programming his stupid little programs while doing WORK FOR FREE for some IT jews, long hours for "school experience"

They will never make it, they are already decades behind me

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you will never have friends though, because let me guess now you want to be friends with people who have as much money as you... but they wont be true friends, they wont like you. you will always be alone and perhaps will realise in your loneliness you actually valued your friends more than you thought and you miss them and miss company. i guess that will change you and make you a more kinder person who greets everyone with a automatic smile, the smile will come on as your so starved of friendship or human contact that every contact will be something you crave, but everyone will reject you, because people are dicks, and you realise your childhood friends were the only true friends you can be allotted in life and you threw them away lol

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Honey, immafraid that YTA in this case. Should've been nicer to that single mom, who hurt you?
Edit: omg thanks for the support guys

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Honestly, you did fine cutting contact with those idiots. They are the first ones to ask you for money as soon as they hear that you made it, your friendship wouldn't have worked out anyway in the long run without you larping as poorfag.
Don't listen to the redditors in this thread, there is a reason rich people mostly also have rich or successful friends

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See >>26354515
Money alone doesn't mean shit
But you will start to realize this soon enough

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based and family pilled

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Why would you purposefully want to be fucked by the feds?

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I, for one, cannot wait to be the unofficial King of my group of loser friends. I will be a good King.

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You had luck. You are suffering survivorship bias on yourself. Not wishing you harm, but things could turn sour if you don't acknowledge the difference between you and the VeChain guy was pure luck in the choices.

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>Link was at $1 price at that point. I told him to buy it. Literally the smartest dude in my class, I mean high iq and good programmer.
Chainlink is a fucking worthless shitcoin you idiot. He was smart, you were just lucky because clown world

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You people sound just like those defeatist losers

You think I want to "hang out with friends" smoking weed, playing XBOX and drinking muh beer while listening some shitty metal? This is what we did for fucking 10 years straight while working at some fucking gas stations

I've done that shit


Imagine waking up, you go watch your bank account: 800k

You take some opiates, maybe smoke opium, and read some high brow poetry like Shelley, maybe Yeats. Small opiate nod dreams

Then you take a long walk in nature and see these fucking normies hurrying to the factory, you know they are full of stress and in a hurry, you slow down your pace and go to the forest walk in a misty morning

It's beautiful, no normies or worker drones around, it is quiet and you are still having some nod dreams from the opium

And its not like you get addicted. You stay sober for like a week and then repeat again

It is literally a drug itself, total isolation is like being high on some drugs, especially when you have shitloads of money, but coupled with drugs its like you are a literal God

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Genuinely based.

>> No.26354979

500k is nothing, if you live in any major city around the world you should know every normal middle class person with a job is a millionaire now, so you're actually still poor

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Alright, then keep on doing what you are doing.
Why do you need our confirmation if you are so happy and feel like God?
All good, isn't it?
I don't make threads here and asked questions about the things I am 100% certain about, because I don't need the approval of some strangers to do so.
This board really gets worse by the day.

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I had my suspicions, but this is confirmation - this man is absolutely a reddit LARPer

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Cringe inferiority complex. Be the silent killer.

Your choice anon. Just know that it will get boring after a few years.

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narcisstic syndrome. If you would be real friends with then then you would told them that they act like little faggots. You could tried to change their attitude. If their would laught at then you could cut out all contacts. You are not chad, you are fucking little whiny bitch and no matter how much internet money you have, it wont change your small dick energy.

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Completely false and delusional

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absolutely based and morpheus pilled. good lifestyle dude

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I genuinely hope you kill yourself after reaching 1M

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also /thread

Wealth is relative.
Find out what is really important for you, and make the most of it.

>your friends today are your enemies tomorrow

>> No.26355134


the silent killer? wtf? what are you on? sociopath narcissist who probably never had a friend to begin with :/ share a tendy with a nigga :) pce out. do not @ me

>> No.26355152

Glad to see that the retards haven't taken over completely yet

>> No.26355185

You are a fucking asshole and a fucking weirdo. I have all types of friends rich, middle, poor, fag, whatever. Go jump out of the window you loser

>> No.26355196

I haven't started investing seriously yet and already started cutting contact with some people because of their attitudes and preoccupation with dumb celebrity culture

>> No.26355217

i told my best friend about crypto as well, also programmer. he eventually bought the shitcoins i was also holding thinking they were any good. they went down 97%. thankfully he didnt put in that much and I am still friends with him.
but after that i never shilled crypto to anyone, this market is so high risk, degenerate, scammy, it only benefits early nerd whales, chink money launderers, and VCs. shitcoin casinos should be outlawed to be honest (still in crypto tough)...

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Wow at least someone understands this lifestyle. It is the poet life, the anti-bourgeois lifestyle

These people want you to be some fucking humble idiot even afer "making it". Why cannot I literally act like fucking English aristocracy did back in the day? I don't want to be some idiot apologist "I just got lucky" and explain myself why I am sitting all day at my city cafes high on opiates and reading some high class newspapers and acting better to to the bourgeois scum

>> No.26355264

Literal incel energy

>> No.26355285

Its natural. Same thing happened to me when I started making good money. Been a long time. People grow apart...

>> No.26355298

what about friends who you've become so close to that they're basically family

>> No.26355309

You don't have to spend time with people who are bad for you

>> No.26355322

Really obvious larp bro

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>Now I'm 100k short of million. I don't want to see them again, they are just fucking normie losers

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Do you really think some /biz/let has such close friends?

>> No.26355429

Not really larping, even though I am not exactly writing 100% serious in this thread

Seriously though I'm planning this regimen for the next 2 years (when coronashit is over)

Wake up. Take opiates
Walk to the city cafe (the little more expensive place where normie workers do not drink coffee, only some retired people and really old people)
Read poetry there while nodding a bit
Go to the library (read some stuff there or just hang out there reading newspapers)
Take more opiates
Take forest walk
Eat something "french" (like a piece of cheese and croissant)
All the while listening some weird neoclassical ambient or some extremely "exclusive" music
Do all what the bourgeois cannot do until clock hits 4pm and the normies start to flock the public places, then retire to your minimalist studio apartment and maybe compose and try to write your shitty poetry
Never abuse too much drugs so that your withdrawals would last more than a weekend

>> No.26355443

Please guys, don't abandon your real friends, you'll learn people are really the only thing worth living for to the average person. Your money will feel empty and pointless if you have no one in your lives

>> No.26355465

Oh on the weekends go hang out to your hipster bars, there are like few bars were the "scene" of my city meets, there are lots of very insufferable people like communists and marxists and stuff like that, but I like the atmosphere. Never drink too much there though, only the normie worker drones want to get wasted to escape their shitty life, just get little tipsy and meet old "bar friends" (Just people you know from the bar that are there every weekend, not your actual friends)

>> No.26355517

>you were just lucky because clown world

Absolutely seething. If you were here in late 2017-early 2018 then you'd know it wasn't luck. FFS it was in Klaus Schwab's book The 4th Industrial Revolution at that time.

>> No.26355648

Most people are as replacable like condoms, seriously, most people have no character, they are soft in in their internal substance and their only prestige is their career and something like their car that they identify with

>> No.26355655

>and nobody cut off contact with me
They should by the sound of it you annoying twat

>> No.26355762


It also feels like the 8am to 6pm are the "aristocracy hours" in my city when all the worker drones are at their factories or offices. They only come out at 11am to 12pm to grab some lunch, but usually eat at some low brow places

I really like old, retired people that are like 70 years old, they seem to have manners and sometimes talk to some old ladies and grandpas while hanging out in the city cafes and public places during the "aristocracy hours". They also seem genuinely nice people because they've been retired for the last 10 to 15 years and have no high stress levels of clown world/society

Try it out sometime

>> No.26355777

>die of liver failure

>> No.26355785

Yeah I felt this way when I first got into stocks. Was working as a shelf stocker in walmart when I got an alert on my phone about 1 of my oil stocks got bought out just a week after I bought it, and I made $4k instantly, which was a lot more than the zero dollars I previously had in my bank. Was very very happy, but during the rest of the day when talking to my normie co-workers, I kept thiinking in the back of my mind "look at these fucking peons talking about stupid useless shit...I just made 4 grand instantly. They have no idea how easy it is. They're idiots. Im above them".

Lasted for about 2 days before I came back down to earth. But anyway don't let money change you. You're still the same person...just with more money. That's it.

>> No.26355834

You sound like an absolute faggot desu

>> No.26355910

Dude go make amends, yeah its terrible you cant relate but you can make new friends AND keep the old ones

>> No.26355929

The most pathetic cringe thing i know is when someone from work tries to befriend me.

>> No.26355936

kill yourself you subhuman piece of shit

>> No.26356059

Lol what a retarded attitude
A lot of people have a million dollars and a bunch of friends

>> No.26356122

I did the same thing, except I'm still broke. I do not know how to form a lasting relationship. Every friend I have ever had eventually ends up drifting out of contact. I'm so fucking lonely.

>> No.26356315

Cope poorfag

>> No.26356341

No, I've done this with so many people and I haven't even made it yet. Almost every person I've ever met I've ended up ghosting, save for like 5 people.
If you hang around with losers, it will be harder for you to believe you can be any different, you have to associate with high quality people, and learn the importance of solitude.

>> No.26356364

>acts like he is rich

>> No.26356367

Sorry you don't have true friends, it sounds like your bitter about it. I have two very close friends that push each other to be the best we can be. We grew up in the fucking sticks and we all pushed past this towns expectation for us. Surrounded yourself with people who want the best for you, themselves, and have similar values. If you did, you wouldn't feel this way, money doesn't matter so much man when you surround yourself with good people, it's just an added bonus.

>> No.26356418

NGMI you dependant retard
Absolutely fucking based & GMI

>> No.26356434

Please greentext the storie

>> No.26356464

Family is garbage the only thing that matters is yourself.

>> No.26356580

you are a delusional retard, crypto is more or less a gamble and will always be

of course you will never mention the numerous shit trades you made

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I was like this until I stumbled into doing a heroic dose of psychedelics and experienced ego death and became everything and nothing for multiple eternities.
Hug your mom and tell her you love her

>> No.26356893

In your case I would say yes cut them off since apparently you don't like them. My best friend is broke but I'm not friends with him because I relate to him.

>> No.26356937

OP does sound like a bit of a low IQ moron, at some points, but honestly has decent taste and envisions his own idyllic paradise-modes with great detail.

Most of the curry nigger fatso faggets in here are just jelly bro, don't even trip, dawg.

>> No.26357000

All the money in the world doesn't mean anyone will cry at your funeral, as OP demonstrates.

>> No.26357052

>Hug your mom (usually not dad, it's almost always mom, the loving mother self-sacrificing guide) and tell her you love her
This, and this alone, the rest of your post is pretty gay; you are everything and nothing always, not just when the drugs make you realise this, being aware of this causes a shift and change in perspective and actions follow - you subconsciously realise your mother (again, usually) has and almost always will act in this profoundly loving way with you.

>> No.26357113

KEK, I'm sure the dead are all "woe-is-me" about their lack of popularity, dumbass.

Truth - also, realise who and what "you" are.

>> No.26357207

I'll be your friend, we can help each other be better at stuff and things, s long as you're not a retard/moron.

>> No.26357224

My portfolio has increased 60k by the start of this thread in 2 hours 12 minutes

>> No.26357310

Fucking shit just skimmed through this thread. I know I'm going to get some hate for this but OP is the biggest delusional smug faggot I've ever seen. Instead of accepting that he got lucky with crypto and being happy about it, he now thinks he's some sort of genius and better than everybody else. Wow you bought LINK early and held, congrats. But if you want to actually live a happy life you should stay humble instead of looking down on everybody less fortunate than yourself. Also making a million in crypto and thinking you're some sort of aristocracy.. What a fucking faggot seriously. The ranting about opiates is also delusional as fuck. It's literally the most destructive and additive drug and it seems like that's the only thing OP is actually excited about after making good money in crypto. I seriously recommend you don't do opiates but on the other hand OP is such a faggot he somehow deserves to get hooked with his shitty mindset. Get a fucking grip. It honestly feels bad that we're going to make together with such complete scum as OP. That being said I still think there's a chance for everyone, including OP, to change his fucked up mindset and actually live a good life (waging or not aside).

>> No.26357528

>Friendless socialy isolated anons, who suddenly have access to the money they persuaded themselves would make them attractive in the eyes of women and society as a whole.
>Now releasing their frustrations by thinking they're finally better than everyone around them.
What did you expect.
This board is filled with crypto rich beta fags with a poorfag loser mentality.
And I'm saying that as a /pol fag myself.

>> No.26357657

What's exactly wrong with anti-bourgeois attitude?

>[...] However, we must concede that, per se, an anti-bourgeois stance has a reason for existence. I do not mean bourgeois so much in the sense of an economic class, but rather its counterpart: there is an intellectual world, an art, custom, and general view of life that, having been shaped in the last century parallel to the revolution of the Third Estate, appear as empty, decadent, and corrupt. A resolute overcoming of all this is one of the conditions required to solve the present crisis of our civilization.

>However, there is a second possibility: one may conceive a realistic view and a struggle against the bourgeois spirit, individualism, and false idealism that is more radical than the struggle waged against them by the Left, and yet oriented upward, not downward. As I have said in a previous chapter, this different possibility is contingent upon a revival of the heroic and aristocratic values when they are assumed naturally and clearly, without rhetoric or pomposity: in retrospect, typical aspects of the Roman and Germanic-Roman world have already exemplified it. It is possible to keep a distance from everything that has only a human and especially subjectivist character; to feel contempt for bourgeois conformism and its petty selfishness and moralism; to embody the style of an impersonal activity; to prefer what is essential and real in a higher sense, free from the trappings of sentimentalism and from pseudo-intellectual super-structures—and yet all this must be done remaining upright, feeling the presence in life of that which leads beyond life, drawing from it precise norms of behavior and action.

Even /pol/fag should know some Evola


>> No.26357678

You can literally pay people to cry at funerals. I think you can still hire wailers in Scotland.

>> No.26357713

Now post some of his stuff about sexual energy meditation you larpong faggot. Nobody on /pol/ has read Evola.

>> No.26357748
File: 104 KB, 850x400, 1555203301076.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


This is one of my favorite quotes by him

>> No.26357749

Yes - just because you have money doesn't make you a superior person. The fact that you would cut people out of your life for being 'poor' is pretty retarded. You will be old, alone, and unhappy one day.

>> No.26357808

my best friend for the last 15 years is a millionaire and I've been homeless, hes offered many times to help me out and let me live with him but i genuinely treasure our friendship and dug myself out myself, i learned to trade and now im doing well, we still talk at least once a week
idk why hes friends with me but he is even if its to make himself feel better about himself hes nothing but nice and all we do is laugh when we talk
feels good man

>> No.26357888

Truth is that you still feel like a normie loser despite making it. You think distancing yourself from your past will solve that but it won't. It will make you an unhappy asshole.

>> No.26357910

Anon, you sound like you have some issues to work out. I'm serious. It's not normal to wish your (ex) friends get a fucked up disease because they don't share your ambitions or financial success, even if they are defeatist losers.

>> No.26357945

They would fuck your gf if they had the chance and knew they wouldn’t be caught

>> No.26357985

OP should just stop posting and spreading his retarded beliefs. Instead he should listen to the multiple anons in here who are trying to help him see the light, so he doesn't end up as a miserable junkie with no human connection later in life. But to each his own I suppose.

>> No.26358043

Absolutely, I pretty much cut ties with my parents, and the rest of my family, this is what making it feels like

>> No.26358044

I literally want them to suffer in life. Long torture working some shitty dead end job hating their life for decades - subconsciously knowing I am just sitting on my ass and did 10x they were able to achieve in life in a few years time

>> No.26358120


>> No.26358185


Stuck between this rn. My birth mom OD'd and I found my adoptive mom's body when I was 13. Sis died as well. All that's around is the adoptive Dad and I don't really care for him. Other parts of my family are horrible so I'm leaning towards just cutting contact.

I think when/if I make it I'm just going to move far away and work on my own family, maybe indulge a bit but try to help orphans and druggies somehow. Only problem with the last part is that I find most charity organizations sketch so still working on that.

>> No.26358186

No one is perfect. The only thing we should look to rely on is God

>> No.26358219

>being broke and smoking weed
>having a moderate amount of money and doing opiates
Yeah neither option looks very good but I'm still leaning towards the first one kek.

>> No.26358375

Reading shit like this makes me angry that absolute trash like you walk the same earth as I do. Really makes me lose hope in the whole human species. I take it all back, you just can't help a deplorable person like you, you're too far gone. Hope they open some sort of new gulag just for people like you.

>> No.26358444
File: 50 KB, 564x707, reddit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>Reading shit like this makes me angry that absolute trash like you walk the same earth as I do. Really makes me lose hope in the whole human species. I take it all back, you just can't help a deplorable person like you, you're too far gone. Hope they open some sort of new gulag just for people like you.

>> No.26358462

They fucking deserve it, they never left mentally high school and their crab bucket mentality "None of us will never make it"

The best part is to know it hurts their psyche more that someone from their level, from the same block literally fucking made it and "achieved it" and they were left behind to wage forever

>> No.26358516

Idk if that'll do your soul good in the end, anon. I won't blame you for cutting contact but actively wishing bad usually takes its toll on the wisher over time.

>> No.26358609

Remember Anon, you become the average of the people you surround yourself with. Always seek frenz who are smarter and wealthier.

>> No.26358621
File: 76 KB, 641x476, 1611030477161.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Research orgs, talk to people, if you still can't find anything trustworthy just do it yourself, considering that you have first-hand experience you can easily convince people to donate too. YGMI

>> No.26358623

I've been here a long time and there's anons on here that have given me great advice and helped me out in life so I know not everyone on here is a self-centered faggot who wishes harm and suffering to the very people who they used to call friends.

>> No.26358669

i actually did the opposite
I ditched my vapid friends and I hang out with poor/normal people who have the same interests as me
They don't even imagine I'm worth a few dozen millions

>> No.26358677

They're fucking losers

>> No.26358694

This is one of the anons I'm talking about. See? Actually good fucking piece of advice.

>> No.26358736

You’re not an oldfag at all, larper

>> No.26358760

>he thinks he has money

you are fucking retarded and up your ass lmao

>> No.26358795

This is an anonymous internet forum. You think I act this insufferably in real life? These posts are literally what your mind thinks about the surrounding world, not what you would do in a normal real life situation

Of course only an autist like you would actually take this thread as granted and imagine that 4chan posts convey the real life micro-aggression and fucking conversation skills of the individual

Still doesn't change the fact that I could stay to chit chat with my old friend if I saw him in a shop today and maybe even give him a pat on the back and little smile and saying "I'll call you back" while returning to my car and thinking what a fucking loser wagie he is and I don't want to associate with him

It's literally what I do these days, people actually want to meet up with me and give me their numbers if meeting me outisde for me only to block them, I'm not some fucking socially retarded incel autist that does not know how to maintain friendship or social connections

>> No.26358859

Ty man. Hope you do as well.

>> No.26358881

As this anon said: >>26358516
Cut ties if they're losers in your eyes. But wishing suffering onto other people will only bring suffering to yourself. But If I'm being completely honest you're a huge fucking hypocrite. From all you've written you seem like a coping loser yourself, the only difference is that you got lucky and made a lot of money in crypto while your loser former friends haven't.

>> No.26359094

Of course you don't but it's definitely what you feel inside. So it's basically the same thing. It's just that you're wearing a fucking mask all the time in real life and pretending to be a somewhat decent person when you actually just hate everyone around you. I suggest you use some of your crypto gains for therapy but you probably won't take my advice anyway.

>> No.26359147

Enjoy dying alone

>> No.26359284
File: 13 KB, 416x416, lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Am I asshole
for sure
>for cutting off contact with my childhood friends and other "best friends" after my networth broke 500k?
what you are was never a friend, just another sociopath
>I don't want to see them again, they are just fucking normie losers
hahhaha, no anon, the acutal loser is you. by the by, you have zero in common with "rich" people.

>> No.26359331

Now that you're rich, I encourage you do do psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. Find a good psychiatrist that is compatible with you, not one that prescribes meds o. first 3 appointments. I'm not even joking, you clearly need a third party to help you sort out your inner thoughts, and now that you are rich you have the opportunity to do just that.

>> No.26359365

God I can't wait to get rich so I can abandon my family and friends. I'm so fucking close bros.
I just wanna take off from planet poorfag and ascend into one of those rich clubs where they play horse hockey.

>> No.26359396

Depends if they were good cunts or shit cunts

>> No.26359452

I can't stand normies anymore, not because they are poor, but because i read about the deep State, Mkultra, money creation, economy, philosophy, spirituality, and they are only interested in latino music movie clips (girls), football (guys). Last time i went to a party, i had to get drunk just to stand being with them.
Only time i support normies i when i do sport with them.

>> No.26359578

>Absolutely seething. If you were here in late 2017-early 2018 then you'd know it wasn't luck
I have been here far longer than that and I know it is a fucking shitcoin. Yeah maybe I have swingtraded it from time to time but it does not mean that it isn't completely overvalued garbage. It was 100% luck

>> No.26360184
File: 26 KB, 428x368, annoyed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's not true. If they find out that you have money, it's only a matter of time before they start asking you for money, expecting you to pay whenever you go out to the bar, etc. It's a slow cancer. You'll find out. You can always make new friends.

>> No.26360290

No, you're an average of the 5 people around you. You are an asshole for not giving your "best friends" investment advice so they could make it with you though. Now you're gonna be like that minecraft loser

>> No.26360308

A large part of being successful is not intelligence. It simply requires having the balls to take the risk into something uncertain. I told someone I know all about Bitcoin when it was cheap and they put zero effort into researching it and learning about it, and now they're jealous of me because they didn't take the risk. Not my problem.

>> No.26360572

You are right, it takes high testosterone balls and your testicles must produce high levels of testosterone to take risks like that. I feel nothing when my portfolio goes up or down 300k to 400k, these people I know would dry heaveand have panic attacks and sleepless nights

One of the most cuck people I know told me he is glad he sold his 300 Bitcoin in 2014, because "it might go to 0 tomorrow"

He is still proud of it, he told me when drunk that he is proud that he sold them back then because "You never know, they might be 0 tomorrow"

He got like less than 10k back then when he sold them I fucking hate him so much what a fucking conformist faggot

>> No.26360783
File: 3 KB, 112x112, topkek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit I've met these people topkek. They think that it's a lot of money when they're really just showing their ignorance to how fucking poor they really are. I worked with this really poor ghetto woman once and one time I heard her say "man, I wish I had 10k dollars" and honestly it just made me want to cry because I just can't fathom being that poor.

>> No.26360878

i'm the opposite, i'm super tight with my friends but wouldn't tell my family about my newfound wealth

>> No.26361048

Bettter this way than falling out with old friends because you committed logical wrong think on social media.

>> No.26361288

The "friend" you mention is a crab in a bucket. Avoid him as he will only attempt to pull you down to his level. I have learned this lesson myself, in fact it feels like you're describing MY "friend" lol. Ditch that fucking loser.

>> No.26361309

>I feel nothing when my portfolio goes up or down 300k to 400k
That is because you are dead inside, and you know that you will still hate yourself just as much no matter if your portfolio goes to 1 billion or zero.

>> No.26361409

These people are toxic, they are physically toxic to be around I realized it later in life. I was a poorfag junkie faggot working in gas stations, but I never stopped dreaming

>> No.26361512

If you don't get along with people, you're not obligated to be friends with them. Friends want to be around each other. Money doesn't have anything to do with it.

>> No.26361591


>> No.26361654


See, I would rather be with the 7 who has stuck by me from seeing me at my worst, and who has skills, height and family money, rather than risk it with a better looking woman. Who knows 20 years down the line? But I feel like loyalty and talent are worth more than carnal pleasure.

>> No.26361656

everyone cut contact with me when i was 21 and lost
now i hold LINK so my beautiful mom can be taken care of

>> No.26361669

>take opiates

>> No.26361682
File: 290 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210122-092940_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this the bottom

>> No.26361742

If you're cutting off moochers, fine
But damn you're gonna be a sad man in due time op

>> No.26361881

>I never stopped dreaming
I feel you.
I am one of the only "dreamers" I know that's left. All my old buddies are wrapped up in samsara, the routines of their lives and don't see any problem with wasting away working for bank notes.
I have tried many times to suggest ideas, it's always met with disdain, nah man we can't do that type shit. Or silence, which is the same.

>bring up playing our guitars out in the city
>ok man lets practice some songs
>practice for 30 minutes
>he loses interest, yo man you wanna smoke? lets go get some food
Fucking hell. Next time
>Alright let's go jam in the city
>Dude I'm not playing for free.
>I mean, if I'm playing music, I gotta get paid for it.
Real conversation. It blew my fucking mind because this guy doesn't even have the patience to practice cover songs. Holy fucking shit. Like bro you fucking suck anyway, why does it need to be about money? You're ass. Here I am just wanting to do something fun and he's bringing out every excuse he can muster.

I hate it. I don't hate them, I just hate how broken down they are and weak in the face of hopelessness.
They'll keep you trapped in their comfort zone and if you want something better they'll tell you how impossible it is while they go spend $30 a day on fast food cigs and booze.
Idk your story just reminded me a lot of my own.

>> No.26361910

Loser friends are the most important thing to cut form your life, negative people are often just pieces of shit who love revelling in their own misery and that of others, they will not treat you well if you make it since it will remind them of their own inadequacy. I will be cutting many people from my life when I make it also, but until then I larp as a poorfag. only need a 10x now.....

>> No.26361911


To be fair, it's not necessarily risk, but also context of understanding.

I heard about bitcoin a long time ago but I didn't think anything of it because I didn't understand it and really ... listen. My interest was elsewhere. So not a matter of risk, just focus.

>> No.26361945

At first I thought you might have been some pretentious douche but thinking about it you just want to live like a well off Victorian gent and theres no shame in that old chap.

>> No.26361983

>Nolinker faggot doesn't understand that you become desensitised to your daily swings
If something is in a general uptrend why would you worry about the days it goes down. I am not clarvoyant and have no intention of selling for a long time so why would I panic if I have a red day?

>> No.26362001

No you are not

>> No.26362007

With time you learn to figure out true frens and filter out the rest.

>> No.26362040

She lives in a ghetto place anim, of course she'll be poor
>t. Black anom from the hood climbing out thanks to a certain coin

>> No.26362103

I had a friend that was like late 20's, had a ton of student loan debt, couldn't finish his last year of college (long story). Anyway, I showed him a way to make a lot of money thinking he would use the money turn his life around, etc. All he did was blow the money on stupid shit and saved none of it. Now he's like 35 and living with his mom. These people are doomed to fail. Even if you help them like I did with this guy, they will always be losers.

>> No.26362161

Why? you mustn't be worth befriending then.

>> No.26362266
File: 87 KB, 1004x982, 1595574674516.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26362335

>These people are doomed to fail.
Yeah. I'm starting to think this as well.
One can only change for the better if one has the will to change. Lack of self-discipline feels like a commonality between most of those types of people.

>> No.26362354

This anon has it right. No need to cut other people off man. Take them for who they are...if you enjoy them and their presence, there's no need to lump money into it.

One of my best friends is a guy who will never, ever be rich. He simply wants a house in a rural area with a lot of land. At one point I did think the same thing as you--our aspirations don't match, should I still hang out with him? Then I realized cutting him off for not wanting to be wealthy like me would not be a good idea, because I can trust him, I enjoy hanging out with him and his attitude does not rub off on me, so I don't see any negatives.

Only positives to hanging out with other rich guys it that they can possibly help to enhance your wealth...but that is more of a business transaction than friendship imo. The two are very different.

>> No.26362427
File: 2.76 MB, 2100x2970, 1608594385019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Refer to this thread:

>> No.26362534
File: 611 KB, 1848x2888, 1608908846813.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also your normie nigger friends will become blabber mouth especially when they get drunk. Then they will become jealous. Hide your power level at least until you fly first class to a tax haven.

>> No.26362647

Nah it's not fucked up. I mean, I'm still close with a few of my friends from high school, but nobody from college. If I got rich I'd only hang out with the friends I still like but I'd probably hide it from them (ie, I'm not inviting them to Aspen or going out for drinks in some stupid fancy downtown club). Part of the reason people hang out is because they're the same socio-economic class and if that changes there's not really a reason to hang out anymore.

>> No.26362673
File: 62 KB, 998x598, 1586825356920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I learned this lesson the hard way.
>Always tried to tell people to invest in ETH during the first bullrun back in 2017, my "friends" at the time and "gf" wound up setting me up to be kidnapped and robbed.
>Somehow I got out of that situation praise the Lord.
>Now I move city to city keeping no attachments, no real connections, paranoid as fuck.

>> No.26362714

Its normies who fall for the brainwashing and never question anything, conformist faggots. they were taught that way by society, their parents and their peers. those who dare to question, take risks and be something other than normal are those who succeed.

>> No.26362814

You can still hang out with poor frens if you have money, just dont flaunt it and be a smug arrogant asshole. If you think you are too good for people you will be truly alone. Ever heard of Dickens' Christmas Carol? Many of you fit that archetype.

>> No.26362977

I know this is bait but friends you can actually trust are priceless.

>> No.26363029
File: 109 KB, 662x650, 1588622251976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Friends know I own crypto
>One of them has told me whenever link went down through 2018+
>Casually tells me if he'd win in lotto he would give me money
>The other friend expects me to buy him a house and jokingly said one time he'd kill me and take my crypto

>> No.26363146

I started ghosting everyone when all of a sudden literally all of them got into a serious relationship with kids and stuff. Couldn't get my shit together and didn't see a point in keeping up appearances. Now I'm just shy of 7 figures and considering whether to disappear completely soon, or try to reconnect with them.

>> No.26363267

>and jokingly said one time he'd kill me and take my crypto
Time to ghost them OP. I had a work friend and the highest compliment he ever paid me was during a discussion of how easy he thinks it would be to hunt down and murder all of us, his coworkers. He said he probably wouldn't be able to get me because I'd bail immediately and I practice good opsec already. And he's damn right, I'm ready to go innawoods at the drop of a hat.

Anyway, my point is that once people start talking about killing you, it's well past time to get the fuck out of there. In fact I'd also get a restraining order on your way out just lay some legal groundwork.

>> No.26363434

This is the most valid reason to drop people. A year ago I had to do that to a friend whose mental health problems I didnt know the full extent of. He sperged over some silly game we were playing and thretened to slit my throat. Not seen him since. The only reason to get rid of frens, is if they are frenly or not t b h frens

>> No.26363551

>this thread
Its crazy how many socially stunted people crypto will end up making wealthy.

>> No.26363829

Not really, it happened a lot since the 70s with tech. It's been a meme for literally 50 years that if someone is into computers, they're probably some kind of asshole or sperg. Even now hating on "tech bros" is just another form of bullying tech people for getting rich, even though ostensibly "tech bros" are preppy chads who happen to know how to code.

>> No.26364702

jesus who are these people? Which country are you guys in

>> No.26364750

I can't see myself doing this to my group of friends but you must not have been that close in the first place

>> No.26364788

Is this the new paying link to mom for rent?

>> No.26365026

USA. Me and the guy are tight, he was a literal Chad who gave up a job as a lawyer to seek adventure and we wound up working in the same office. Just an all around really cool dude, we'd talk about money and stuff since he was basically already independently wealthy. Still, I did give him a fake address when he asked where I moved to just in case.

>> No.26365046
File: 30 KB, 396x400, helvete.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope you guys are larping because you're making my disaster of a life look like a fairytale in comparison.

>> No.26365293

you're imaging a good frien time, but then all of a sudden you've got the year's most massive gay orgy in front of you, you will see shit you didn't know could happen, every single woman will in unison pull out their cocks and reveal their where no woman there all along.

>> No.26365690

why total cut off? they are still your friends and as long as you dont tell them how much you actually have.

I would still enjoy a good laugh with them and drink together.

>> No.26365796
File: 115 KB, 425x400, gurapoopmybumpeeboooo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yikes so many naive newfags here who have little experience with human nature. Guess you all have to get burnt once to learn.

>> No.26366768


You're a degenerate drug addict who won the lottery. You come from trash and you will die trash no matter how money you have.