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Start appreciating your success compared to your peers.
Many people are never going to be in '6 figure hell' in their lives.
The vast majority of this board is overachieving delusional insecure faggots

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>The vast majority of this board is overachieving delusional insecure faggots
no, the rest of the world are mediocre delusional cattle

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I am a yuropoor and only have $100k networth at 27
How the fuck is this "overachieving" you faggot?
That is just pathetic
On top of that I never heldt a real job neither
I am a fucking loser

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Por que no los dos?

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This. Fuck I just want to be happy instead of drowning my sorrows in the adrenaline sea of crypto volatility.

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You fucking piece of shit your peers have FOUR FUCKING DIGITS in savings you delusional cretin

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Fuck my peers, I'm not comparing myself to a bunch of poorfag losers. I'm pretty sure most people my age in my area just spend their entire paychecks on weed and booze and their pickup trucks. I want to be the guy on the top everyone wishes they were

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>your peers have FOUR FUCKING DIGITS
Nobody is that poor at 27
Maybe mid 5 digits to be realistic

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lol, I’m 34 and in 4 figure hell.
every day I think about kms in Minecraft.

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People literally live month to month and rent

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Damn dude I’m 24 and in early 5 digit heaven. I’m extremely happy to be in 5 digits and don’t consider it hell.....yet

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5 digits can't buy you shit

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6 figure hell is crypto specific because you KNOW for a FACT your entire investment can lose 100% of its value overnight.

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What if I only have 5 figures?

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Jokes on you, I'm still in 4 figure suffering. Would like to make 5 figure disappointment this year.

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don't care i'm outta 6 figure hell poorboi

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Were no different than them until cash out don’t be stupid

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and back into 5 figure hell


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I dont need money to know im far superior to 99% people, just spending 5 minutes talking with anyone is more than enough

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What's the point of comparing yourself to literal wageslaves? I'm doing very well compared to others my age($380k 21yo), but that is not enough. I want at least $5m by 23 and $20m by 25. The world is changing. You need to be 8 figures to be in the top.

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Yeah but it’s still more money than I’ve ever had in my life and it started with low 4 digits.
I know I haven’t made it yet but for the first time in my life it feels like I’ve actually accomplished something.
Not gonna lie crypto has made me want to live again. Now I want to get jobs and more educated and try to start a business so I can get more fiat to invest in crypto
It’s a small start, but boy does it feel good

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>my peers
Have had lots of sex, go on vacations all the time, tons of material possessions, no money but their debt is soon to be forgiven
Virgin, never been on vacation without my parents, my computer and childhood knick-knacks are my possessions, a low-six figures swapped between fiat and crypto either of which could fail and leave me with nothing

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A lot of /biz subconsciously view their net worth as a high score that will compensate for their self loathing and inferiority complex. A lot of the hatred directed at normies and poorfags is in fact projection.

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>tfw dropped back to 4 figure hell after the dump

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Five figure what? Hryvnia?

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Wholesome, you're a good lad anon. Wishing you luck for your new business

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Thanks just bought another 100k

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I was in 6 digit hell before I started to study law with 26. best decision ever... just learning 24/7 to pass the Examen in like 2 months. wish me luck.

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is 5 figure 10,000 or 6 figure? because you count only the zeroe parts or the additional 1 too?

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>start a business
Sounds good. What kind of business anon?

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10k is 5 digits, brainlet.

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>is 5 figure 10,000 or 6 figure? because you count only the zeroe parts or the additional 1 too?

/biz/ - Business & Finance

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If my peers knew how much BoringDAO I'm working with I'll be murdered in 2022.

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this lmao.
youre not allowed to cash out until 7 figs. everybody knows that. youre basically playing chicken with arthur hayes until you break through.

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What's your game plan?
>t. 23, 100k

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this, I just want to be free, I don't give a fuck about being a "successful" goy slave

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Lmao what a bunch of underachiever losers, you really think the majority of normies in 1st world have 4 figures?

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5 figures= 5 digits
e.g. 10,000
1 - 1
0 - 2
, - still 2
0 - 3
0 - 4
0 - 5

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>He doesn't count the comma

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these people are only able to realistically save 1% of each paycheck, if that. the rest being spent on shit they literally require to live. I wouldnt be surprised if a good number of 30+ year olds are that poor

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No you include the comma. 6 figures = 10,000

Just kidding. You include the dollar sign too. 7 figures = $10,000

Just kidding. I forgot the decimals. 10 figures = $10,000.00

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$10,000 is 7 character hell.

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Probably more likely they have negative net worth you delusional overachiever LOSER

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Game plan has been LINK since 2018 and most likely will continue to be LINK. This time however if we go to like $80 and there are signs of LINK being overextended, I might sell some to either live off of or buy back in lower. Benjamin Crowe has some good indicators from what I've seen from his LINK videos so I might buy that monthly subscription since it's only $100.

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you're failing to consider wealth in crypto is highly virtual
the average normalfag earns well over 6 figures within a decade. but they live in full consoom mode and spend as much, or even more. that is their own failing
many anons are neets and do not have the earning power that comes with social capita. smarter anons are also well aware 1) the current valuations are propped up by tether fraud and general market manipulation 2) rates of growth inevitably decrease with time as adoption increases
6 figures hell is not passive suffering. it's the realisation we're that close to making it, but the clock is also ticking until the door closes. it's the knowledge our own actions are mostly irrelevant to whether we'll make it or not, although some gamblers suffering from survivorshipbias will persuade themselves after the fact they made the right call

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only high iq here. thank you for clarification

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Shut the fuck up, you fucking piece of shit.

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>Benjamin Crowe
Kill yourself retard

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Literally the only crypto youtuber that makes any fucking sense you dumb faggot.

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>that makes any fucking sense
>we won't have a sustainable $20k for another year guys. It is what it is
Go shill this bullshit somewhere else you mongoloid
>I want at least $5m by 23 and $20m by 25
Also imagine being this insecure and delusional that you think you need $20 million, let alone get a 50x in 4 years

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I don't give a shit about your boomer bitcoin. His LINK indicators have been on point. I need $20m since I want to have kids who go to elite schools and live in a rich gated community while your kids mingle with jamals and tyrones while getting brainwashed by the globohomo because their father(you) thought that $1m is enough LMAO!

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So instead of constantly trying to push the barrier forward and surround ourselves with successful people, I should instead compare myself to losers just to boost my ego?
No thanks.
With that mentality, you're never gonna make it.
I try to constantly surround myself with people who are at a similar financial stage as me, and network with them. It is hard to find such people, but I've made a discord server for /biz/raelis who are stuck in 6 fig hell as well.
You can join here "r4zWAMc5" if you can verifiably prove you are in six fig hell.
If you constantly surround yourself with losers, coomers and game addicts they WILL drag you down, I speak from personal experience.

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>I want to have kids
Time to wake the fuck up incel. You can't even get laid

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Imagine unironically using the word incel. You're one of those nolinker discord trannies, aren't you?

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There's no doing away with global elites. You either stay a poorfag or get smart enough to escape and hate the plebs with them

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discord tranny detected

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>appreciating your success
Fuck that. I'm about to reach 6 figures and yet I can't buy anything of real value for that money. A house is over 130k here you fucking dumb cunt. No one should listen to you, never settles bros, 7 figures or nothing, fuck this retard

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You had 10 years

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We both know that you can't get laid. But keep arguing about the fact which word I use. No surgery can fix your autism. Good luck, you will need it

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that's how you lose everything, don't let greed overtake your judgment

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this, I need to escape 6 figure hell then get through 7 figure purgatory because I dont want my kids mingling with >>26354029's kids either.

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Don't worry. You will never have kids, you little cuck

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how is this possible? I am 34 and make 5 digits every month

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You faggots he has ass burgers be nice - he even let everyone know with his Id kek.

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6 figures would be life changing for me :(.

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I can count on one hand the number of people I know who had 100k net worth at age 25/26/27 through non-inheritance means.

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Are you all larping or actually that loaded? I am a 30yo wage slave and I hate it, every second of it where I have to pretend I like it, the work, the retarded Projects, the presentations, the shallow small talk at launch. The fake laughs and smiles.
I am tired of it.
How did you do it? Did you get lucky and early in and brought super cheap btc?
Can one still get in?
There is no sticky with Literature or anything.. where does one start?
I have 10k to work with.

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this, I have always been laughed at when I ''dream big'' I mean why the fuck would you wanna be mediocre, people are just pussys.

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im 21

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I have entered 6-figure hell last year. Does it get easier, bros? I want that 7-figures so bad, but now I am a bit hamstrung because I cannot stomach the same sort of risk that I could when I was YOLOing as a 5-figure man. How hard is the leap from 6 to 7 figures?

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I started with 1k fastloan in 2017 summer, got myself a 10k stinky suicide stack, couple of LP and have some btc.
I literally just shitposted in biz and without this place I would not be in the 1% networth of my age at 26. Just buy link ass much as you can and dont let go, also buy GRT and LTO. Put everything you can in crypto and do it fucking now.

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At 45, I make 4 figures, own a house, am wageslave, and just getting into crypto to see if i can better my retirement.

>have had sex several times....

Bro, start aiming for whatever feels right. There is always a way in
>just don't play more than you can afford to loose

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just let go anon, it doesn't get any better if you stress it out all day. you got to 6-figure and you will get to 7-figure if you just dont do some fucking stupid shit. quit worrying, it will make you do stupid decisions, become numb, become emotionless

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>Has 100k nerworth at 27
>Most 25-30 year olds barely have a couple thousands
>Still complains like a little bitch
Nek yourself faggot, maybe someone in your family who knows what money is really worth will inherit your 100k

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lol 100k is shit in europe
100k is meh in cambodia or so

fucking hell
2020 has been the most easy year to x5 your money in stocks or x20 in crypto

if youre not above 500k by now its over.

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see, money has no worth anymore. its just an instrument and poor people give money far too much worth. money is literally nothing. hard work pays off is also a big fat meme

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Just being active in crypto, especially Ethereum for a few years should have got a lot of people to 6 figures. I started with $250 in 2017 now have over 600k mostly from arbitrage and earning yield in Defi.

There's so many opportunities, I made a ton of money just from airdrops using 1inch and Uniswap and some others too.

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DESU it’s because I feel like 6-7 figures isn’t enough. With upcoming job automation and ww3 I get this impending sense of doom like only 1% of us will make it...

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500k is 10 years of wagecucking and that's with a decent job
10 years
it's like as if I could go back to being 17 instead of 27 (cue abba song)
and if you calculate how long you can realistically live on that with your current standards it's even 2x or 3x as long
but I try not to let it get to me

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Do you know how it feels to be powerless despite having 7 figures?
All I wanted was to be happy, but instead the world is just doing everything it can to make me feel like I am living in a prison and can't break free from my destiny.
It's as if the world is laughing at me with my monkey paw wish after giving me what I thought I wanted and now that I realize nothing changed.

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I did make a bit during the ico craze in 2017 which got me enough to make Arbing profitable and eventually earning yield in Defi, forgot to mention that.

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I'm barely in mid 5 figures hell and it can easily go to 4. You'd kill yourself if you woke up with my net worth. Fuck you. Take your humility advice and jam it up your ass.

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I know a girl who is a rentcuck and a wagecuck with a pretty good job for her age
she wants to buy a house but would have to save up 5 years just to afford the down payment
I think she would know what to do with 100k lol

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well this is excelently said anon, can relate

>> No.26356058

Anything under 10 million is hell if you live in the US
Prove me wrong
(you can't)

>> No.26356092

I’m a 26 years old europoor with a networth of about $40k. I only know one other person from the same age group with bigger networth.

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I agree because you need more than 10 mil to be in the 1% in the us

>> No.26356156

2.5 million seems to be the breaking point on that chart though. make that much, and youre going to keep moving up

>> No.26356183

with 10 million you can sustainably spend 400k a year
how the fuck is that "hell"?
what's the next meme gonna be, you need at least 100 million to make it?

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All I wanted is free speech and guns for everyone but they are quickly taking away your freedoms if you’re not part of the 1%.

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I have been reading biz for a day now so far its not clicking. Still cant speak the boards basic language. Still dont know if rbc is a scam or not. Probably takes longer than a day.
> being active in crypto
Is that reading biz for you too or other sites- can you or anyone recommend Info Sources?

>> No.26356357

>All I wanted is free speech and guns for everyone
me too bro. Doesn't look like its in the cards though. Planning on moving, lots of golden visas available out there.

>> No.26356406

Good for you

Some of us werent given the good advice that its STEM or wagecuck misery

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I compare myself to the people of /biz/. I get depressed whenever I see an anon with 7 digit portfolio

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>At 45, I make 4 figures, own a house, am wageslave, and just getting into crypto to see if i can better my retirement.
Imagine making 4 figures past 20. You must be a the 401k and social security scams wet dream. A moron to work his entire life for pennies. Least you seem to have the sense to get into crypto so maybe some hope for you.

>> No.26356469

actually this... you nailed it biz bro

>> No.26356486

How fucking delusional are you?

It won't buy you a house straight up but you'll be able to afford the downpayment other wagies will have to work half a decade for or more, while doing there best to stop their ingrained consoomer habits.

If you can't get a decent boost in life with 100k in Europe, where healthcare is free to boot, then you have a fucking loser mentality and should just finish yourself off right now.

>> No.26356507

I just wish I found the answer after having endured so much.
If /biz/ can make us rich, what board can make us happy?

>> No.26356518

Anyone here since last bullrun made the news would have seen the thousands of link threads where link was under 30 cents. 10k at any of others prices in 2018 would get you into 6 figure hell right now.

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i'm the least successful person i know

>> No.26356524

>Over 500k by now
Nice bait.
Only a fucking neet loser thinks like that.
But you already admired you're a loser, so I won't argue with you on that.
Your mentality is that of a spiteful loser, that's for sure.

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rbc is a scam and yes this board does have its own language. not maby the best place to start out as a noob, but you can get really valuable information here. you just have to take everything with a grain of salt.
you should also start to learn basic TA since you can make very good money with trading, get into presale ICOs and ride their pumps etc.
The market is also very wild so you have to block your emotions since you will do stupid shit if you let emotions get ahold of you.
if you just put your head into this you will make it, this is the easiest opportunity we have had for awhile to make money.

>> No.26356573

It's all larp, most anons are broke. Its easy to post a fake number lol

>> No.26356634

True facts anon
Literally everyone I've ever known close to my age either has a maybe a few grand saved up or they live paycheck to paycheck or close to it.
Boomers often have money, people who have waged full time and advanced in their field their whole lives sometimes have money. The average dude under 40 though? Fuck no. Most people don't have shit.

The other day a friend who doesn't have much money asked about "my bitcoins" and I said I made a bad play the other day and lost 4 grand. I was over it and didn't care much but he lost his shit. Said he was surprised I didn't try to drink myself to death

>> No.26356657

Fuck that, I just hit 7 figures at 31.
>still feel like a poor fag.

>> No.26356757

Where can I buy link?

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you know they say that we can never leave.... maby leaving is the only answer.
just kidding, I think emotions go as a rollercoaster and are part of life as one can never achieve true happiness. Idk really, focusing on boxing right now is one thing that makes me happy because it gets me ''in the zone''.
I really have big dreams going on in my mind and it numbs me so much that my friends are manly so mediocre altought very intelligent.
what ever makes you happy I guess, but I'd like to do something cool and absurd before the time comes to leave this place. Now I've got the opportunity with crypto. its just that whats next? it boggles me that all the like minded people are here and not in the real world.

>> No.26356822

Somebody validate my existence

>> No.26356846

What are people spending their money on then?
Who buys the houses? Serious question, why are they not out on the streets or caring at all?
That's fucked up

>> No.26356881

Normies are too weak willed to survive in crypto, hence the whales milking them dry constantly

>> No.26356885

binance is good

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>> No.26356957

Thank you anon
Are you also in rubic?

>> No.26357030

unironically just buy [BTC/ETH/LINK], thats pretty much the biz holy trinity.
80% of my net worth is in these 3 coins, and i buy more with each paycheck. These are all 10+ year holds and will make you wealthy, no need to gamble on obscure shitcoins.

>> No.26357053

The day we can leave the world will be a different place...
But I wish to live an adventure after having barely survived without living.
Making mistakes while trying out new things is probably what /biz/ taught us as most precious.
We just need to apply it better in our real life.

The first thing I thought when I found out the truth with /pol/ was that I lived my whole life inside the Matrix of lies of society.
What if the only real thing was on 4chan and everything else was fake?

>> No.26357126

you have to detach your emotions from your wealth. find out what you have to do to not worry about the massive swings in your net worth as crypto roller coasters up & down. For me, it's having a large enough savings account that i can pay my bills for 3 years without a job, and not need to dip in to my crypto.
Once you can stomach the right amount of risk, you'll start to see more opportunities present themselves to you.

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Some anons in this thread seem fairly knowledgeable, what should I be doing with this portfolio?
Originally had 8k AUD, half of that is currently underperforming due to the dip, the other half went into RBC tonight

>> No.26357187

>when I found out the truth with /pol/
You got a lot to learn faggot. Unironically.

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>2020 has been the most easy year to x5 your money in stocks or x20 in crypto
this guys 100% correct
we literally had all year to accumulate Bitcoin - it was pretty much flat for anyone to DCA in at around 8k before it rocketed up to 30k where we are now. easiest net worth multiplier of my life.
Best part is it's only beginning, money is starting to rotate to ETH & alts, im positioned deep in DeFi and this dip is perfect to accumulate the next pumps

btc, eth, link, aave, snx, sushi to escape this 6 figure hell

>> No.26357268

That I agree with.

>> No.26357287

>the rest being spent on shit they literally require to live.
33% of the pay check of any person you see is spent on weed and fast food.

>> No.26357305

/pol/ was the starting point from my real life.
I tried to learn and improve myself after that, to the point I am now an alien for a normal person or seen as crazy.
What else should I learn?

>> No.26357372

Alright thanks.
I guess right now would be a good time for that too considering everything came down a little recently

>> No.26357375

>At 45, I make 4 figures
What? Surely not

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anon we are the 1%
google compound interest man
/biz/ is more redpilled than /pol/
wealth accumulation is the first stage of life, you only really get to start living in stage 2 when you can stop waging & you can choose what you *really* want to do with yourself.
sell your $nano & $xlm, theyre 2017 dinosaur coins, too many bagholders waiting to dump for the price to be able to go truly parabolic. remember the purpose of alts is to stack more BTC

>> No.26357402

Lol cope harder povertycuck
t. 789k net in crypto, 350k stocks

>> No.26357527

>to the point I am now an alien for a normal person or seen as crazy.
learn to conceal your power level. You need to be able to deal with normies, work with them, do business etc.
oh, and Stay positive & never stop working (until you make it). we're at a point where most people are blackpilled but it's never been easier to make money & generate truly life changing wealth.
literally think about what normies would do and pretty much do the opposite
>you work while they "relax" and watch tv
>you invest in crypto while they waste & consoom
>look for a wife & long term partnerships while everyone else chases whores
>stay positive, almost stupidly optimistic while everyone embraces nihilism

>> No.26357557

hahaha been in the matrix also very hard when I was younger. but yeah alot of society is constructed upon lies and people will believe lies happily if the truth somehow hurts their bubble. you can try this in the real world also how people react to truths and lies and from my experience people even dont want to hear the truth. but what can I say, there is alot of lies in 4chan also, everything is a duality of the truth and the lie.
You'll get your adventure when you start to seek for it, it'll find a way somehow.

>> No.26357609

absolutely, start buying now and make it a habit after every paycheck to put some in crypto.
People see the fact that those 3 coins are so high marketcap and assume the only thing that can pump is random shitcoins - these people underestimate the upcoming bullrun. Crypto is still such an insignificantly small % of the worlds total wealth, literally everything has room to go 10,000x over the next 50 years provided it's actually used. BTC will be around forever, ETH has a high chance of being used in 50 yrs and LINK almost definitely will be. like i said before, 10+ year holds

>> No.26357637

>stay positive, almost stupidly optimistic while everyone embraces nihilism
How are you supposed to do this? Working in immigration has turned me into a cynical, jaded and overanalytical shell of a person and I'm in this weird emotional rut between feeling emotionless, and beating myself up all the time over my lack of emotions
Optimism is a meme

>> No.26357730

Can you share us more about working in immigration? I would be really interested to hear about it.

>> No.26357743

get out of my head

>> No.26357762

4,8 mil in gold
2,3 mil in silver
1 mil in usd
3 mil in cryptos
still want more, not feeling successful
eating out at mcdonalds
zero friends
all family dead

>> No.26357790
File: 494 KB, 600x618, asuka2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

whether you think things will turn out good for you, or bad, you're correct.
there is literally zero point in blackpilling. Yeah, this is clownworld but i can tell you right now that i have a good, small but tight group of friends & we're all going to fucking make it because we actually put the work in & see everything we want to change about the world.
I simply have too much willpower to let anything truly bad happen to my friends & family.
>be the change you wish to see in the world
fuck normies, im going to buy a bigass farm and find other biz autists that have potential and we can all live on a farm coding & lifting. Since i have fully embraced optimism the world has opened up to me, some real 'think and grow rich' type shit. As the linkmarines would say:
>never underestimate the power of positive thought

>> No.26357836

you're not even in 8 figure hell, you're just in hell
Figure out your purpose before you rope

>> No.26357852

>/pol/ was the starting point from my real life.
It is a good starting point, to realize that you are being lied to your whole life. Indeed.
There are also good threads from time to time about Tavistock for example.
But most of it is just some circle jerk about niggers, jews and politics.
>I tried to learn and improve myself after that
That's also good. And you made your way to /biz.
>What else should I learn?
Realize that the whole idea of discussing politics is retarded.
Because it is not different from a reality show and it is all planned out.
/pol did not meme Trump into the white house. He was chosen, just the way Biden was chosen this time. The people do not matter, your vote does not matter. This goes for everything and all countries. Do not fall for the divide and conquer bullshit.(race, religion, politics, etc)
Support each other and try to help and be friendly. I know it's hard sometimes with the retards out there.
Christianity is not the absolute truth there is. The Bible got corrupted as well. Look for the books which are not in the bible. I recommend "AION" from Carl Jung to get an idea about the whole thing.
Try to learn about the occult, secret societies, symbolism, etc. Astrology is not as big of a bullshit as you might think it is at first. Learn about Gematria, Numerology and numbers if you want to get really close to understanding the Matrix. And last but not least: Only trust yourself and your inner voice, question everything. Literally everything.

>> No.26357886

lol same but usa
People are seething but this isn’t normal
We aren’t supposed to be living like this idk
It’s not even enough to buy a house, it’s just kinda weird to think I’m closer to 1m than 0 and I’m still pretty poor

>> No.26357896

Yeah waste $100k on a down payment before a housing market crash and still have to buy your inflated house 3 times over the course of 30 years

>> No.26357931

How out of touch can you be lol. Most people can't afford to save.

>> No.26357938

I was in a homeless shelter.

>> No.26357982

>eating out at macdonals
Living the good life

>> No.26357986

Materialism is such a base and undignified characteristic.

>> No.26358004

So I'm coming at this from an Australian perspective, your mileage may vary if you're European or a seppo
>Indians get student visas cancelled all the time for shit like drink driving and rape
>Most protection visa applications are lodged by Malaysians, followed by Chinese
>Most partner/spouse visas are lodged by Viet women who are trying to gain residency with a white boomer 30 years older
>95% of the time when someone gets their bridging visa cancelled, it's a Viet and they were growing cannabis (I don't know why this is)
>Bangladesh partner/family visas keep getting refused because the marriage certificate shows that the girl was underage
>It's generally really really fucking easy to come here on a tourist visa, then transfer to student, then apply for protection, then medical treatment because >depression and anxiety
>At every stage you can appeal to the AAT and after that the federal court, this adds years to each stage of the proceedings
>It's easy to work under the table and there are people who've been here for 20-30 years on random farms who still can't speak a word of English
>Jobs in restaurants, uber drivers, uni security, gyprockers or fruit pickers are getting done illegally 99% of the time (in that they're working far too many hours for far below minimum wage)
Thanks anon, this was actually inspiring

>> No.26358020

All this shitposting is seriously warping my perception of wealth.
>tfw 8 figure hell
>lmao he only has a 5 figure portfolio
>you need at least 4mil in crypto gains to even think about making it
When I think of my 1k portfolio at age 20 and imagine if it were to x10 then I'd """only""" have 10,000 dollars then I get disheartened, when in reality 10k is a good amount of money for someone like me.

>> No.26358068

Also every post from >>26357790 is correct.
I would say money and spirituality are the things you should pursue the most and are equal. Only then focus on other things/finding a woman, etc. But that is just my take.
A family alone, just like /pol often says will not make you happy, if you weren't happy before.

>t.got cured of depression, inner emptyness, anger, hatred, by what other people call Jesus in a matter of minutes

>> No.26358097

It's just memes bro

>> No.26358131

Fpbp. /thread

>> No.26358135

Nows the time while BTC is at 31,000. Lowest its been in a month. The deep acid dealers i know think bitcoin is going to hit 100,000 this year. So buy and hold is the game right now.

>> No.26358187

Looking for some cock it seems...

>> No.26358194

Ahh yes because everyone who has less than 20MM is a goy-slave.

>> No.26358547

Telegram/Discord and crypto Twitter mostly.

For Telegram/Discord you need to follow interesting projects, don't join pump pump groups or anything like that. You'll eventually find legit groups full of developers and successful investors discussing the latest alpha. This is where you find out about things like Curve.fi and YFI launching before everyone else does.

Twitter: Follow developers and influencers. Weed out the disingenuous ones and follow interesting people that get retweeted on your timeline.

That's basically it. Keep doing this and you'll get to the point where you'll be swimming in alpha.

4chan has some decent stuff but it's mainly where pump and dumps go to shill their shitcoins nowadays.

>> No.26358567
File: 360 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210119-185956_Ledger Live.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Me too. I have been bouncing between 8500 and 9500 all week. Might have to buy some BTC but I don't want to "get shorted" I think the term is...

>> No.26358641
File: 226 KB, 1017x1363, 1581062342116.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Astrology is not as big of a bullshit as you might think it is at first.
"millionaires don't use astrology - Billionaires do." - J.P. Morgan
>Only trust yourself and your inner voice, question everything. Literally everything.
truth here

almost everyone i know who claims that also has free time and has heard about uber/ubereats. just go drive drunk teenagers round/ deliver them macdonalds on a friday & saturday night and thats an extra hundred or 2 extra per week. suddenly you have money and that means options.

thank you, i hope you prosper.

the trick is to be working so you're contributing to that portfolio, and invest in assets that go 10x. keep doing that & it'll keep growing. so what you're not going to retire after this cycle, thats ok theres another one in 5 years. build up a huge stack so you have options. it allows you to start living your life. want to buy a house? go for it. want to buy someone a wedding ring? do it. want to start a business? invest in a friends business? travel?

you must first learn to be happy alone, and with nothing. just with yourself in your own mind and literally nothing else. Never underestimate the power of nature - go in to a forest and find a nice spot on a nice day and sit down with your thoughts. do this as many times as you need. think about your desires, things you can appreciate now, what you can be grateful for, and look forward to the ride we're all on.

i wouldn't be surprised is BTC is over 100k EOY

>> No.26358713

I looked into the spiritual part a bit last year, but what I found was far too great of a burden for me and only made me have more questions and question my sanity.
Despite having predominantly a logical mind, I can't ignore what I saw and learned from my own nature.
If what I learned from my real self is real and not created by my subconscious to push me in a new direction, I once had the weight of the world on my shoulders and both failed and succeeded when looking at the current state of the world.
This experience changed me as if it slightly removed me from my current life and made me become something greater.
But I have no clue what to do of this now.
It seems I inherited the wish to express my gratitude for this past life and finally understood where this wish I always had came from.
But even such a small wish is far too great of a burden for the person who I am today.

Having spent my whole life living a lie it's not that hard to continue doing so and to conceal my power level.
But it's meaningless and I don't want to continue lying.
I will try to focus a bit more on spirituality next and maybe one day have a family if I can manage.

>> No.26358735
File: 76 KB, 600x600, 1594602484007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

congrats anon
>net worth positive
>net worth increasing rather than decreasing
so you're on the path. you may think you're not very far, but thats ok because you're not comparing yourself to others, are you anon? we were all created differently and placed in a unique situation.
i was in 4 figure hell in 2019, currently sitting just under 400k, but thats not the point - the point is im enjoying the ride

>> No.26358745

> just settle for second-best anon :)
Fuck off. If I'm not king of the world then I'm a failure.

>> No.26358749

>just spending 5 minutes talking with anyone is more than enough
No its not. I INTENTIONALLY encourage people to believe I'm stupid because its easy, and most people want to believe it anyway. Then you'll find out much quicker what they are really about. Because they think you're stupid, and aren't worried. It's probably what they tell their friends "Him? Aww, he's stupid. I'm not worried about him.". And I will smile and wave "m-o-o-n, that spells stupid...hyuck...".

>> No.26358762

you will never be a woman

>> No.26358875

I warn people about listening to YouTube crypto advice.

>> No.26358949

>he's still waiting for the mythical real estate market crash to buy property

Pants on head retarded. Ngmi

>> No.26358967

I'm engaged to an ICU/RN so high achievers are everywhere but you might be disappointed, 50% of Dr's finished in the bottom half of med school...

>> No.26358981

A life with a networth below 10 mil isn't worth living.

>> No.26359005
File: 332 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210122-082503_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Huh? What's this


>> No.26359059

"Here". Operative word. But if you're trading in crypto, where you are doesn't matter, as long as you have an internet connection.

>> No.26359077

this. but it's important to remember that you are better than them

>> No.26359187

If you have 100000 dollar down-payment AND a thirty year mortgage you're retarded. You could pay that house off in 7 years. Find a tenant. Make them pay your mortgage. Kick them out once you own it free and clear.

>> No.26359237

I would advise against be an arrogant price. Some humility is appropriate. You don't know what forces might be at play gere.

>> No.26359252

I may have spent too much time on 4chan, but all I can see are truths now.
It's strange but I feel destiny pushing me towards a new beginning against my will and not in the form I desired.
After all this time I still lack the wisdom and courage to blindly trust the invisible hand of fate.

>> No.26359318

>The vast majority of this board is overachieving delusional insecure faggots
t. Poorfag McNocoiner

>> No.26359346

It always fascinates me how greedy these people are. They really feel pain because they "only" have tens of thousands of dollars.
I always wonder what made them like this. Did they grow up in powerty? Educated like money was the most important thing? Suffering as wage slaves?
Having a biography of each /bizraeli would be gold.
They probably got a lot of pressure of success on their shoulder from a young age.

>> No.26359351

Fuck off. I need wealth to support my aristocratic lifestyle.

>> No.26359384

/pol/ is always right...

>> No.26359439
File: 58 KB, 1125x466, 8708F254-B4A2-4217-990E-EE1E028EF3F1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

he doesn’t know the feeling of being so close, yet so far. (10m)

>> No.26359443
File: 1.46 MB, 500x567, 1583278535630 copy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>YouTube crypto
Twitter + discord/telegram is where the alpha is.
all of the biz OGs migrated to twitter after 2017, this place is now mostly full of scammers trying to pump their $400 marketcap scamcoins

>> No.26359469

Does $0.25 ramen taste better when fantasizing about all the people who are starving? I don't see how it helps much to laugh at poor people while still not even being a millionaire yet. I envy those who can take pleasure in something so small but it only causes me anguish to see myself failing alongside a bunch of loser retards who don't even try. The worst part is they like being poor so they don't even suffer from it.

>> No.26359482
File: 15 KB, 882x758, 400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't help it, the only thing I think of is how I'm 23 and only have a net worth of $600k. I could've had millions if I'd just bought $100k worth of PRQ in December. Why is life so cruel?

>> No.26359487

Where can I find a hq version of this instability graph?

>> No.26359494

Ronald Reagan listened AVIDLY to his astrologist.

>> No.26359546

''The only thing I want is the last thing I need'' - This entire board.

>> No.26359572

>John G4lt id

>> No.26359586
File: 82 KB, 1280x720, EbXVHQhXkAAqv4d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Having a biography of each /bizraeli would be gold.
>grew up comfy
>both parents earned 6 figs, clueless about money though
>they somehow have little to no savings despite earning so much
>was encouraged to go to a liberal arts university, managed to avoid that & do computer science
>software engineer, dump most of my income in to crypto
>pawg wife
>wiser than parents, i now help them with money and future planning
not too bad considering i was almost a liberal marxist philosopher with 450k in student debt

>> No.26359611
File: 448 KB, 846x900, 1611144233023.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>we can all live on a farm coding & lifting
this is the gayest thing I've read all day but it's only 7am

>> No.26359626

What are the percentage on the right side?

>> No.26359654

ok, 5...
doesn't really matter.
Life is not so bad, but i want to have some extra cash for my retirement and the kids

that sounds very sad
you have all that material wealth, but no real value

this guy gets it

>> No.26359739
File: 902 KB, 994x660, Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 1.52.03 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

feel free to pursue your own desires and goals, i just want to help others make it.

>> No.26359744

Lol I'm in low 5 figs myself anon.
I don't complain because I'm still in big profit and that's the only thing that matters.

>> No.26359752

Giving people gifts and helping others feels good, maybe do some charity work.

>> No.26359761

You just bought a coin that did x25 RBC, YNGMI as Aussie, I'll tell you that

>> No.26359869

I have a chip on my shoulder because I should have been upper middle class but my parents divorced and spent all their money in court fucking each other over.

>> No.26359901

>It's easy to work under the table and there are people who've been here for 20-30 years on random farms who still can't speak a word of English

I remember going to Pemberton one year with mates, seeing a lot of non-touristy asians and thinking it was pretty weird. lo and behold a few months later there was a massive illegal immigrant bust there.

>> No.26359973

What made you decide to make it?
Was it to keep your mind busy?
There must be a reason why you obtained this wealth.
You just have to find out.
It may be that you will need it when you find out what you were meant to do.

>> No.26359984
File: 1.01 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201217-014207_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can't think like that and be an investor. When I first found BTC they were selling for 11 dollars. I had invested in precious metals and there was NO WAY I was giving up 10000 dollars worth of physical silver for a bunch of invisible 1s and 0s...well i don't need to explain how mistaken THAT was. Then my gf convinced me to stop trading crypto for a while and I agreed I needed a break, so I sold my BTC and forgot about it. Until it went up over 20000 I though...man I could have had sixty grand on a nine hundred dollar investment. When I saw ethereum was at 216.00 in May I thought whoa, de ja vous, and I bought back into crypto. And I'm up almost 8 grand since then. Not a lot, but much better than a kick in the balls...

>> No.26359985
File: 96 KB, 500x649, waitin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>before a housing market crash
pic related

>> No.26360018

whats wrong with scarcity?

>> No.26360149

yeah I was just poking at you anon, your heart's in the right place and I think it's admirable

>> No.26360494

double dubs. very nice. but i'll never make six figures

>> No.26360652

i am currently in this rotten situation. but i am optimistic because im an aerospace major and i graduate spring 22 (may)

>> No.26360770

nice at what price point did you buy and have you been holding forever

>> No.26360802

I hope I can get to 10% of that this cycle. Fuuuk

>> No.26360857

astrology = occultism = hell fire

simple as

>> No.26360894
File: 176 KB, 1960x1696, fembiz1keoy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

need to find a way to come to terms with that and release that resentment from your brain, all it does it cloud judgement and prevent you from enjoying yourself.
oh you
not with that attitude you wont
good attitude but also when it comes to portfolio management, its literally the opposite. in any moment in time, profit/losses dont matter, only your current positions & balances. crypto is liquid enough that every coins dollar equivalent is 1 click away (market sell/ hedge with perps). use this thought experiment:
>sum up your portfolio balance in dollars
>if you had that much cash/stablecoins, how would you allocate it?
>would your portfolio look the same as it does now? or would you have different allocations towards diff coins & investments.
because this is actually possible at any moment in time, constantly re-evaluate with this trick. Having said that, when you invest, you should do so with conviction, so small dips or pumps shouldnt shake you from a position.

>> No.26360910

This depends on your upbringing.

I went to a 1% private school, and to a 1% uni in my home country.

Most of my "peers" have a mortgage on a US$500k (at least) home, own a couple of car that are at least US$40k each, travel abroad to europe at least once a year, have parents with a couple of vacation homes (one for winter, one for summer) which they freely use, are married and have enough money to put their kids through the same 1% private schools they went to.

So yeah...my 6 figure hell is relatively hellish compared to my peers. I'm not complaining about my 6 figure situation... but I'm far from satisfied with it.

>> No.26360960

1.60 sold at 16 usd went into bitcoin around 10k
sold bitcoin this week for link around 0.0006
i can see link hit at least 0.001 on the ratio

>> No.26360976

If I ever even get 5 figures it will be because I managed to stuff at least 10k away from my paychecks to seed a fund that hopefully doesn’t tank. I’m a 4 figga nigga

>> No.26360982

based rubichad

>> No.26361325

Buddy, you have made it to $10MM safely unless you’re either retarded or like 50+. Cash out $2MM and invest in growth stocks and within 5 years or less you’ll have your $10MM. Meanwhile you’ll still have $1MM in crypto which will probably turn into another $10MM or more in the same time period. But the risk and volatility in crypto is crazy to stay in completely with a sum that will allow you to stop working today forever, or if you prefer chase extreme wealth.

>> No.26361500

It's all a question of perspective.
If you are unlucky you may have to wait 10 years to get back your initial investment from stocks if you invest in the worst moment of the last 100 years.
The reason cryptos are going up is because despite their volatility they are more stable than the rest of the world.

>> No.26361623

Delusional retard
>The world is changing. You need to be 8 figures to be in the top.
No you don't. If you are at the 1% for your age group you are by definition in the top

>> No.26361632

tfw 5 figure sub-hell :(

>> No.26361852

It's even worse than I thought, you are all in on a literal meme coin

>> No.26361938
File: 410 KB, 900x900, meme outperforming smartest people.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26362782

>Working in immigration has turned me into a cynical, jaded and overanalytical shell of a person and I'm in this weird emotional rut between feeling emotionless, and beating myself up all the time over my lack of emotions
Why beat yourself over being emotionless? I highly doubt you are, you may just not show those emotions. Thats not a big deal. Find a different job, sounds like you are miserable. Or buy Link and cash out at 1k.

>> No.26362843
File: 288 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210122-095559_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26363251

why should I care if my peers choose to lag behind in their finances?

>> No.26363272

I think the pic is not about an environment of scarcity/abundance (i.e. the real world vs. post scarcity utopian dreams) but about mindsets. Glass half empty/half full but the psychology of it explained more in depth.

>> No.26363513

Median (50th percentile) net worth in the US by age group, including home equity

18-24 $8,216
25-29 $7,512
30-34 $35,112
35-39 $55,519
40-44 $127,345
45-49 $164,197
50-54 $171,320
55-59 $193,549
60-64 $228,833
65-69 $271,805
70-74 $258,531
75-79 $272,976
80+ $235,193

>> No.26363654

So I'm about 10-15 years ahead of schedule, maybe off the chart depending on how my crypto grant from work pans out over the next few years.

>> No.26363661


>> No.26363805

and im 10-15 years behind schedule so that means you owe me your money lol

>> No.26363813

I find this hard to believe considering:https://www.cnbc.com/2020/12/11/majority-of-americans-are-living-paycheck-to-paycheck-since-covid-hit.html#:~:text=Nearly%20two%2Dthirds%20of%20Americans,the%20U.S.%20earlier%20this%20year.&text=And%20for%20many%20Americans%2C%20the,housing%2C%20education%20and%20medical%20expenses.

>> No.26363927

Most of their net worth comes from the value of the house that they live in. It's true that a lot of people have no savings.

>> No.26363962

This post is an eye opener for me anon. Thank you

>> No.26364043

Anon. If you have any % of that in link you are going to have more money than anyone would know what to do with

>> No.26364094

wrong doesnt matter cause you literally cant do anything with it retard>>26352288

>> No.26364446

Jesus saved me from those things too friend. Literally went from a suicidal maniac to a content and more loving person in just 3 weeks or so of daily prayer and meditation. What do you call Him if you mind me asking?

>> No.26364505

Good luck anon, I'll be following in your footsteps in law shortly.

>> No.26365014

Thanks dude, at least here in my country it is the absolute pain in the ass. The Job is awesome though, so it’s worth the sacrifice. The system in the US is way better than in my shit hole country I think - they teach you way more social skills, to present yourself and to convince others. here you have to lean like thousands of Disputes about some absolute stupid legal issues and it takes like 4-5 years of studying until you can try to pass the first Examen. if you fail two times, you have nothing.

>> No.26365098

the vast majority of this board are 4 figure fags

>> No.26365178
File: 66 KB, 400x374, 56DED241-6E8D-47F7-8632-7861E8A89E3D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Every smooth brain ITT slowly coming to the realization that the purpose of life isn’t to be happy or to be comfortable, no, rather the purpose of life is to change the world around you.

>> No.26365226


>> No.26365241
File: 96 KB, 333x250, Toph_Beifong.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you're right OP. most of this board is full of retards who have no idea how fortunate they are. their delusion will be their undoing.

>> No.26365245

You sound like a Jew. Sorry to hear m8 hope you find your purpose

>> No.26365272

You're a dumb nigger, but by definition you are a human.

>> No.26365309

>only know one other person from the same age group with bigger networth.

I always feel like an absolute poorfag but then remember most of my friends are financially retarded. I have friends making 180k+ that spend all of it immediately.

>T 30yo boomer

>> No.26365395

I have a chip on my shoulder because my dad lost 5mm in the ‘08 real estate crash. Would have made a lot more too if he was a little earlier sadly. When I was in middle school. My allowance stopped, the trips to France stopped. Now I realize money is everything, despite what my parents told me.

>> No.26365407

Are you me?
...with an extra 5k?
32 here. Shitty-paying job. Fuck all of the office bullshit.
We’re gonna make it somehow.

>> No.26365522

Once Corona is over sell some and start living. What’s the point in having all that money and not doing anything with it?

Even going to Thailand to coom is better than just dwelling alone.

>> No.26365566

I hardly even have $10k at 22 but I find it as a big giant fuck you to people. I would like to live a luxurious life, but even more so would I like to ruin peoples dreams by telling them that their life would still be shitty even if they had money.

>> No.26365700

I'm 24 years old with 1.3m, 2020 was the best year of my life,and now I'm making crazy money in the stock markets - I literally can't lose money it's incredible

>> No.26365858

Imagine having 6 figures and being unhappy.

I mean, congrats to those that have found success and actually enjoy it! But those who complain 6 figures or even 1mil isn't enough have lost their mind somewhere along the way.

I feel fortunate to have 4 figures. And it's a low 4 figures.

>> No.26366188

6 figures in 2020 is hardly anything. You can buy a very shitty apartment with it and that’s it. The same shitty apartment like 15 years ago would of costed you like $20k

>> No.26366313

You need to embrace the chaos of the world to make it.
Being crazy is a requirement.

>> No.26366577

Low 5 digits. Once you start to accumulate savings in the tens of thousands the normal move in is to use that as a down payment for a house at which point if you were extra-prepared you'll keep ten to twenty thousand in savings separate from what went into closing costs and down payment.
$20,000 in cash savings is considered a lot if you own a regular single family house in the $150K to $250K range. That much savings means you have more than enough for any sudden unexpected major expenses. The rest of your money is supposed to go into paying down your mortgage and other living expenses.

>> No.26366595

I used to waste a lot of time on video games (Sc2 and League mainly) and getting quite good at both when I was younger (top 1% usually).
Especially in League, people from higher ranks all compared themselves only to the pros instead of the peasants at lower ranks. There is nothing special getting better than average in a video game, as well as there is nothing special on having more money than your peers, since most of them are complete fucking retards and anyone who actually tries can reach this point.
6 figures is shit and many will realize it once they get there. 9 figures is where the real fun will starts, when you are one of the richest persons in your area or maybe even in your country depending where you live

>> No.26366796

Seems like the reasonable place to ask

>> No.26366870
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I look around at my peers and they barely can afford to pay bills, have children costs and upkeep and brag to have only a few thousand in savings.

Meanwhile.. I'm 27 pay rent but live with my family, and have around 10K cash to my name. This place makes you feel like a literal illegal immigrant painting homes on the side of Home Depot.

I make 50K Annually and have started buying only ETH since last year. The fact that people can complain about having 6 figures blows my mind. which then in turn makes me feel even worse about myself.

Now you guys will make fun of me further creating even further insecurity. This place is Fucking Hell if your trying to get your shit together.

I'm not jealous I hope you guys all have happy lives but fucking hell man I had no idea how poor I actually was for my age.

>> No.26366992

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a all white nice town growing up so I have a handful of friends who are doing well relatively speaking. The crazy thing is though, even the really book smart ones who work at fucking lockheed and reputable tech companies are completely ignorant to the looming threats of censorship, socialism, fiat ponzi scheme reducing our QOL, emotional gender/race based arguments the left constantly shills. That is what truly scares me. I know nobody anymore who I feel like I can see eye to eye on most issues with. They are truly all cattle

>> No.26367304


You're not poor at all for your age. Don't compare yourself to people in your age group who were lucky enough to get into crypto early. They are by no means the norm.

>> No.26367607

Thread made me feel better with where I am

>t.50k at 21

>> No.26367695

>What do you call Him if you mind me asking?
Well I call him Jesus as well. I cried out to him and asked for help and then "got saved" just like you. Studied the Bible for a bit and took it also literally. But then at some point came to the conclusion that like I said the bible is corrupted in one way or another.
Did a tiny bit research towards Gnosticism and it resonated a bit more with me (Gospel of Thomas for example). But I am not so sure about the fact anymore, that Jesus was really the son of God. Maybe he was just some ascended master.
Also the stuff in the bible about committing adultery and a few other things. I don't buy it anymore. That does not mean I am going out and fuck whores, etc. But the idea that having a girlfriend and having sex with her outside of marriage (if you are serious with her) puts me into hell is just retarded. But who knows, maybe that's how it is. But then I gladly take my chances and go to hell. I am not blindly trusting some corrupted old book, written by men, given to us by the same people that are in control right now.
Also the stuff about the book of revelation: Some Christians I know say "it has to happen and we can not stop it". Also a terrible thing to do/say. If everybody would be as woke as I am (or many others on this board) then the world would not be in such a shitty place I think. Everybody has the power to say no to this tyranny, but they don't. They rather live in fear and obey authority.
I talked to my pastor about the whole thing and what I think:
And his response was "We don't have to take the bible that serious anymore because times changed". That's retarded if you make such an argument, because if it is a holy book, then the times we are in should not matter. But like I said, I am convinced it is corrupted and that's my reason to not take it literally.

>> No.26367775

Stop buying those fucking boomers shitcoins. Bitcoin is at $600bn market cap. Ethereum at $120bn+ market cap. Meanwhile you have LINK at $10bn. Either buy LINK which is the "new" safe crypto investment for complete retards who don't understand anything(eg you) or try your luck at shitcoin swinging. 10k cash at 27 is absolute poverty tier make no mistake about it. There's no point comparing yourself to the "average" person. The average person is fat, ugly, dumb, in debt etc. Start comparing to the upper average person. Yes it will be depressing, but at least you will no longer be deluded that things are "not as bad" which makes you try harder to better things and better them faster.

>> No.26368245

My sons will dine on your fatty organ meat. Then you will wish for death.

>> No.26368356

Now that’s a healthy abundance perspective, right sons.
>kiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllll! Rend! FLESH!!!!!!!!!
That’s my boy.

>> No.26368679
File: 101 KB, 800x800, pop-art-young-business-woman-holding-big-bitcoin-coin-crypto-currency-network-technology-vector-illustration-pop-art-young-110156939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have $5k at 32

Might not be much but...

Thanks /biz/ you ended my homelessness and drug addiction.

>> No.26368711

Also to add to this:
The bible talks about "the mark of the beast" in revelation and how you are not allowed to buy or sell if you don't have it, etc.
I am not 100% convinced that it is about a literal mark, but rather think it's about a spiritual mark. But no matter what, I think the Corona vaccination is the one thing that gets closer to it than anything else so far. You won't be allowed to do shit anymore if you don't have it at one point. And everybody with half a brain should not support this. No matter if you take it or not (I won't), it should still not be mandatory. But again, my Pastor told me I should take it to protect others and people in my community are advocating for it as well. And still up to this day I don't know a single person who died from this joke of a virus. Not even gonna start with what a scam the PCR test is.
Anyway, I am done with Christians and this organized religion. It is not much different from anything else if you take it literal. Just another means of control. Once I realized that, it felt like a burden got lifted of my shoulders.
I still feel great to this day, it's more than half a year now. And I still do pray to God and still think the Bible is worth reading and a lot of wisdom is in there.
But I do not blindly belief everything in there anymore.
The fact that so many so called Christians out there do not see how evil this world really is and are all blind to those things, confirms my decision even more.
>obey to everything in the Bible
>obey the government
>obey authority
>never questioning anything
Obviously not all are like this, but many.
And that is the exact problem, that got humanity to this point. Because people obeyed and believed everything. "Believe" the word with "lie" in the middle.
If you know things, then you don't have to believe anymore.

>> No.26368901

Yea and you’re a friendless virgin

>> No.26369063

Earliest Revelation manuscripts uses a different number than 666, instead they use 616


>> No.26369332

Have you looked into Revelation actually occurring in 70 AD?

>> No.26369390
File: 1.15 MB, 640x347, 197EF884-B052-4DC4-A6FF-0EAE1B9CD9FA.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26369405


>> No.26369478
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honestly this, notice how you never see any coinbase, ledger, or binance screencaps & it's always blockfolio (where you can just make shit up) lmao

>> No.26369813

You are a fucking loser if you bitch and whine like a fucking faggot

>> No.26370247


>> No.26371421
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>Hi 4chin
>I Ivan from Europoor
>free edchukeyshin
>free healthcare
>laugh at amerifat
>HODL 1 million monopoly monies
>my country better than ur country
>very nice

>> No.26371486

>Imagine having 6 figures and being unhappy.
Imagine being poor and a slave to the system and being happy about that.
>4 figures and im happy
>im happy to wage there rest of my life away for Mr. Shekelstein
>i find joy in lots of work for others benefits.
Anyone who supports waging in 2021 is a cuck, no other way to describe them.

>> No.26371684

>1 mil in usd
Why on earth would you hold that much cash? I can feel the inflation destroying it right now.

>> No.26371989

Maybe stake some of your wealth on some 'safe' protocols/tokens, if you make $40k per year as passive income, and only trade the rest, your may feel safer

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