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GME to 60 by power hour

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Here is where I would put my Marqeta shares

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Remember when you were going to become a fireman, or an astronaut or an successful engineer?

What are you doing here, browsing a anime imageboard, hoping to make it off the next stock some anon did a half-assed DD on?

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SRAC to the moon

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Been away for a few hours, what is going on with people screaming about reddit?

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True lol

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>Remember when you were going to become a fireman, or an astronaut or an successful engineer?
I was always going to be a trader

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$TSLA $1,500 EOM

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i'm a r/wallstreetbets Chad visiting.

What's with all of the racist shit on this subchan? It really turns me the fuck off.

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Why have some people been shilling Nokia here lately? It's the ultimate Finnish mega boomer stock that always manages to disappoint whatever expectations one might have for it. Only thing it has left is it's former days of glory. There's even a saying in Finland that "x is the new Nokia", recent examples including "refugees are the new Nokia". And no, that was not a joke.

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Shit tier bait

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the only "job" I ever wanted to be as a kid that wasn't a flavor of the month thing or something I had to make up for school was James Bond, doubling my money on ARGGY last year and drinking 60 dollar scotch was good enough

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...what's the ticker symbol for refugees?

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Morning reminder that if you cannot solve this puzzle, you should just DCA into ETFs instead of trying to pick stocks.

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>Xiaomi shitting
>BB shitting
can't believe that fucking NUMI is keeping me afloat

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probably RAPE and GIBS

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My Mother told me I could be anything so I chose to become nothing.

I'm a 35 year old NEET who gets NEETbux, unemployment and trades stonks. For fun I play visual novels, PS4 and fap to loli incest hentai.

I live as few men dare to dream.

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Jackie Chan

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What's a 10K?

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7 days

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Trick question, the snail would starve before it gets out

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my portfolio: 50% TQQQ and 50% SOXL

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>"x is the new Nokia"
I've literally never heard anyone say that

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7 days?

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How many of these are legit for my white chip?

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I want to pay my respects grand wizard

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7 days

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>tried having shrimp
>they all died very soon

Felt bad

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Just tell me what to fucking buy I don't have time for all these god damn words and shit

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You have earned your stock tip giving privileges. This licence is valid for a single thread. Enjoy.

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U are idiot if you still try to run for bitcoin for sure
If u don’t have brains to join good platforms you should delete your wallet and forget about crypto
I will give you advice go Base Protocol and you will thank me
You should know how top Cascade and rebase projects work

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Gambling is my way of life...sadly
I spend my life at the casino all day everyday I carry dice and cards everywhere.

Minimum wage I'm getting paid spend it all at the casino

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Buy SPY puts on any big move up today for a day trade (buy puts on the bull trap)

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I just bought some Vitamin D because they had a BOGO deal at Walgreens.

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I guess I shouldn't forget the 3 rocket emojis either.

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When domain sell

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So is the short squeeze inevitable for GME? Like even if I get in now at like 45 bucks a share, it'll automatically double if I just wait long enough? I'm new to stocks and stuff but people keep telling me to buy this even though Gamestops around me are shutting down.

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Vitamin D is very important many young men (You) have Vitamin D deficiencies.
Every time I see those little rocket penis things I get irrationally angry.

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A share recall is the only thing that could set it off

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(Which I don't quite understand since INTC smashed their earnings but whatever).

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he climbs up during his 7th day if you dont expect him not being able to cross the edge before he slides

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ha ha.. ha ha aha. ha ahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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> I'm new to stocks and stuff
That was evident when you said "short squeeze". No, there won't be a short squeeze. There is no such thing as short squeezing institutions.
The historical VW example was an extreme corner case which you should really read upon (it's actually interesting), and notice how the GME thing is not at all similar.
The whole play is WSB idiots playing hot potato with eachother with Options.

They would be retarded to recall shares at this price point. They don't have the cash either.

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You are making sure to store your stocks below 32° Fahrenheit to prevent spoilage right /biz/?

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you want to hold him responsible for your own monetary decisions?

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>They would be retarded to recall shares at this price point
Not share buybacks. Share recalls caused by a shareholder vote.

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Vitamin D is best obtained by healthy sun bathing, there is no substitute for going outside

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Ah, OK, sorry. I have no idea how that works, if they can even do that.

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chug fish oil like all good boys in Norway!

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What about an open window?

>> No.26352129

>corona lockdowns
Bro I haven't been this pale in a decade.

Fish with fat like Salmon has lots of vit D.

>> No.26352150

I eat Salmon every week!

>> No.26352180

Nice, I also really like salmon. When I get my hands on fresh Salmon I even eat it raw :)

>> No.26352181

I live in a country that hates my race. My goal is now to live on welfare like other races.

>> No.26352194

Yeah as long as UV light is hitting exposed skin your body will synthesize vitamin d
Subtle AQB shill? Anyways I hope the giga salmon have lots of vitamin D.

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Friday dippies coming in. What do I buy?

>> No.26352289

I have a GEVO question:
Does the share dilution happen in an instant today, or as another anon put it "The deal _closes_ on Friday, so it's basically already happening"?
It's kind of important to know whether the prices will go back to $8.00 or not.
The price being over $9 at this point suggests it will not go back to $8, or there are thousands of people stupid enough to buy it at a guaranteed higher price. Usually the latter is not true.
Wouldn't institutions short it like crazy?

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is buying CRBP still worth it at this point?

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Congrats on your mercury poisoning. You should have been eating /deenz/.

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Wait a second...

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>medium rare chicken breast steak
>just as God intended

>> No.26352372

based gandalfposter

>> No.26352393

It's a popular saying among Finnish people

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holy shit you guys are making memes of my real life i actually shrimpfarmed cherry shrimp for resale back in the day. they are fun as fuck to watch too and they are useful as fuck in a multi organism tank they clean up tons of shit

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I just can´t buy at these prices.. even if it dips 2% it is still way too expensive

>> No.26352524

I think you're making things up
T. sanonta-pro

>> No.26352543

I have 6k in savings. Do I max my Roth IRA contribution for the year or put it all on GME today on market open?

>> No.26352559

Buy high, sell higher. You've got at least another 3 years of this.

>> No.26352601

>finally almost breaking even from a $2000 loss
>markets at ATH again
anons... I don't want to bet against it anymore

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>eating sea bugs

Worse than lobster desu

>> No.26352630

I've sold my TQQQ previous friday, and I've been waiting for an all-market dip all week and it never came. The only thing that saved me from the shame is the few memestocks I bought on Tuesday that overperformed TQQQ.
Never gonna try to time the whole market again tho. It's next to impossible in this clown world.

>> No.26352646

I think you are full of shit
T. Knower

>> No.26352647

Shrimp are based

>> No.26352669

Shrimps are the blue collar working men of the sea, please have some respect.

>> No.26352674

any number of days is right including 0 because you didnt give a rate for distance traveled over time

>> No.26352682

Ham shrimp pizza is my favorite

>> No.26352706

are you a cat?

>> No.26352729

>you didnt give a rate for distance traveled over time
>1 day
>4 meters
Have you lost your ability to read?

>> No.26352734

You have been exposed.

>> No.26352735

Woah, cool it with the anti-Semitism

>> No.26352742

No but I like cats

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I'm new to investing in the stock market. Two quick questions.

1) Which S&P 500 index would you guys recommend I buy into with robinhood? I want that to be my defacto savings account, as in just putting money into it and not selling.

2) Are penny stocks worth investing in and if so, any recommendations?

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I had a Coral Banded Shrimp named Mittens. He would patrol the tank at night looking for worms who stowed away on the live coral I bought.

He'd beat them to death and then eat his kills.

>> No.26352826

Buy Numinus Wellness and Greenlane Holdings

>> No.26352829

>Which S&P 500 index would you guys recommend I buy into with robinhood?
VOO, but SPY if you plan on selling options.

>> No.26352839

Going to buy some cherry shrimp this weekend for my planted freshwater tank, got some algae on the leaves they'll enjoy clearing up for me.

>> No.26352845

Don't do SP500. That shit goes up real slow and dumps as much as everything else. Try QQQ or even TQQQ, just be sure to get it out once the market turns bear (in 1-2 years)

GEVO has a pretty good chance of popping off purely on hype. IPOE too , once people realize it's SoFi.

WKHS and RIDE are great too once they dip below 20. Wait for ti to get to 20, and buy when it starts going up. Sell when it stops going up (after two days of no price increase)

>> No.26352848

Some people call shrimps bugs of the sea and they may be right. However they are the bugs I would gladly eat for the sole reason that the sea is a place man has not yet conquered. I'm never eating land bugs, this Kingdom is ours and we reign as we wish and eat according to our preferences. Sea bugs and sea creatures in general gives me a sense of dominance in this yet to-be conquered kingdom. Hell I'll eat and enjoy the mucus of the sea (mussels and the like), seahorses, sharks, whales whatever I can get my hands on. Stop talking shit about shrimps

>> No.26352880


Why VOO and not VOOG?

>> No.26352886

>Which S&P 500 index would you guys recommend

>Are penny stocks worth investing in

>> No.26352923

What's the difference between VOO and SPY?

>> No.26352944

The real answer is distant maybe dependent on a bunch of catalysts happening very suddenly and big institutional investment regardless it's a good long play and most likely under valued if it truly can transition into a growth stock. Its a big maybe but you probably don't have any better plays and the memes are funny.

>> No.26352955

Answered the question asked. VOOG is only a subset of the index.

>> No.26352959

I see all the GHIV retards have gone quiet, did you really think GHIV would be above $15 when the leading mortgage lender RKT is at $19. You could have bought the countless EV companies but instead bought a mortgage company during a pandemic.

>> No.26353003

Here's few examples.

>> No.26353016

this is the top fren, I have Twitch streamers who are my market clock. These guys jumped into Bitcoin at the peak of the bubble in 2017 and they started to talk about stocks recently. They are the biggest retards who get caught in every fucking hype.

Guess what they talked about? GME
They fucking browsed WSBs and jumped into GME.

>> No.26353020

i like to inject live baby shrimp into my anus with a turkey baster

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The guy smug about still being up 6% on his BFARF purchase has gone too....

>> No.26353055

Big difference is SPY is .09% and VOO is .03%. One third the cost for pretty much the same product.

>> No.26353071

Oil bros.... Are we going to make it?

>> No.26353076

Why those?

Thanks, also why RYCEY?

Well I want to do SP500 as a safe option. As I said I'm still new to this. I always thought SP500 was a guaranteed way to have a return in the long term?

Also how do you guys figure out what good investments are on the stock market, in particular cheap or penny stocks?

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they specifically ask for penny stocks, the TOP OF THE TOP

>> No.26353145


>> No.26353162

RYCEY is shit. Trent engines (50% of their revenue) are shit. Don't buy the hype from John. EU doesn't want to buy UK engines and RYCEY has given Boeing planes engine problems.

>> No.26353193

I'm very long on WMB, but it barely overperformed sp500. And that only because the saudis jacked up the price a few weeks ago. I'm banking on them doing it again. If not, I'm selling.

SP500 is not safe at all. It dumps big time in recessions, and takes like 4 years to recover. Look at historical graphs of it compared to e.g. QQQ.

>> No.26353220

I like shrimp bros.

>> No.26353262

I agree with the Citron guy about GME.

>> No.26353328

>FOMO'd BB at $13 bucks a share
I'm fucked, aren't I?

>> No.26353345

>I always thought SP500 was a guaranteed way to have a return in the long term?
If you're a young dude, you're better off with QQQ or VGT

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Want to put half my funds (the rest is in crypto) in a promising ETF. Seeing how China handles Corona much better, I think a pure Chinese ETF would be a good choice. Or is it already over-valued? If not what ETF could you recommend?

>> No.26353373

You can't buy chinese stocks, you invest in holding companies that derive their value from chinese companies

>> No.26353397

Gotcha, thanks

I see, thanks for the heads up. In that case I'll put money into QQQ instead. Last question, generally speaking should I just buy into it every time I get paid or wait for a dip first?

>> No.26353403

like he could tell the difference

>> No.26353420

They're going to lead the world in 5G transition, and Musk will eventually pick them up for cooperation once they finish building a network in space with NASA. The ONLY reason Nokia is so low right now is the insane amount of stock float it has, it's difficult to move the price without hype so even though they've had killer couple of months behind them, it isn't really reflected in the price

Basically it's undervalued but at the same time the price is difficult to move, people invest in it hoping it'll gain the recognition it deserves. Might happen this year might happen in 5 years, you'll mainly lose opportunity cost if you keep your money flatlining in NOK

>> No.26353456

>NIO Tanking premarket
Why do I bother to hold pos chink stocks.

>> No.26353469


Nothing wrong with putting a decent chunk of your money in the SP500. Don't let these idiots scare you into putting everything into risky stocks. If you buy some SP500 and wait for 20 years you're guaranteed to get 5%+ per year on average. Its a nice safe bet.

>> No.26353489

>Why those?
Cannabis and psilocybin stocks only go up from now on

>> No.26353495

56 is resistance sweet heart

>> No.26353500

Don't tell me you bought at 60+ lmao

>> No.26353512

>thinking at least once that insect stocks will be good

>> No.26353538

>that description
>that descartes vintage meme wallpaper
10/10 would clap again

>> No.26353590

>They're going to lead the world in 5G transition, and Musk will eventually pick them up for cooperation once they finish building a network in space with NASA.
And they will also buyout Amazon and have monopoly on 6G and, also, they will make anime sexbots real.

>> No.26353592

That's pretty much what I'm going for, a way to save 15% of my money and having a safe return. That said if QQQ is better I'll go that route instead. I still plan to invest in other stocks and cypto, but I'd like to have this as a backup if that makes sense.

Gotcha, thanks

>> No.26353595
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Let's go KTOS! I smell blood in the water and the war pigs are revving their engines

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Based NEET but I don't see tendies

>> No.26353648

> I’m new to stocks
> I’m worried because GameStop’s near me are closing down!
GameStop is closing locations because they are over saturated in certain markets, and those stores are losing them money, it’s a good thing for the stock.

>> No.26353669

What’s the most money you ever got for a single shrimp?

>> No.26353675

>In that case I'll put money into QQQ instead
Don't go all in on QQQ. Diversify. You can do both as safe options, VOO+QQQ

>generally speaking should I just buy into it every time I get paid or wait for a dip first
Nearly impossible to time the market. I DCA (dollar cost average) every time I get paid

>> No.26353694

>GME is closing down and that's a good thing!
>Click here for ten reasons to invest in GME

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File: 3.46 MB, 4032x3024, 20210103_153129.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


My Mother got me an air fryer for Christmas and my nuggets, tendies and oinion rings come out perfectly crispy.

>> No.26353723

Bought DASH. Did I fuck up?

>> No.26353806
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With QQQ, a simple dip finding actually works. If you graph the 20 day MA or EMA, it dips below it 1-2 times a month, and that's usually the monthly dip. Buy in then. Its a nice +1-2%

>> No.26353826

The 5G and NASA deals are already reality, the Musk comment was in jest. They really have had great last 3-4 months

>> No.26353829

One of the reasons I dislike shrimp is because they eat literal shit.

>> No.26353842

Also VOO + QQQ is not safe, it makes no sense. They are very correlated when going down, but QQQ overtakes VOO on upticks.

The only thing safer than this are all-market indexes, and cash.

>> No.26353851

Imagine if mental gymnastics were an Olympic sport

>> No.26353855

4G, upgrading later into 5G on the moon has been a thing since october

>> No.26353882

UWMC isn't as gay a ticker as GHIV, I guess

>> No.26353893

MARA bros?

>> No.26353913


This is silly. You don't know that it will dip and you might miss out on gains. Just buy when you want to buy. This is just some TA tier bullshit.

>> No.26353922
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>all commodities are tanking
T-this can't be good....

>> No.26353923

That is a good point. I was planning to go all in on one or the other, so I could just split them. I guess I could do a 5-5-5 split, using the last 5% for penny stocks or whatever.

Is there software you can use to help you with this? Does it suggest when to buy in?

>> No.26353924

Think they all an hero'd.

>> No.26353933
File: 104 KB, 1080x1219, mfx4817tcxq21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Get ready boys, that shit is gonna x2 in a single day for sure.

>> No.26353943

Omg it’s a little shrimpfox!

>> No.26353981

Your furniture tells me you're a normie though.

>> No.26353983

reminder to buy the ALESK dip bros

>> No.26354036

Yeah, I kinda get it and it does sound promising, but in my experience everything Nokia touches eventually turns to shit. It might be different this time, and I actually hope that this is the case, but I'm not convinced yet.

>> No.26354038

You cvan set up this graph easily on marketwatch.com advanced graphing.

Then again, if you're reeally this new, you should start out jsut simply buying when you get the money for a few months.

>> No.26354065

Another day in the market
another day getting cucked

>> No.26354075

That's a man

>> No.26354094
File: 14 KB, 592x116, Screenshot_2021-01-22 Chamath Palihapitiya ( chamath) Twitter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>investing in this dude

>> No.26354095

Anyone find out what ticker he's talking about?

>> No.26354110
File: 761 KB, 685x578, wagecuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What country do you live in? Here in Germany you need to get rid of stocks and assets as a requirement to receive NEETbux

>> No.26354112
File: 672 KB, 2880x2880, 20210119_213642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


My Mother was a quasi hoarder so it made me into a minimalist.

>> No.26354116

Maybe you're not old enough to hang around people who remember Nokia then?

I hear (and use) it all the time.

>> No.26354151
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I took 5k in realized losses this past 2 weeks and I am still in high spirits and standing tough

>> No.26354164
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>everything Nokia touches eventually turns to shit
They got cucked by the bugmen, like every western company does now.

>> No.26354168

rich or stupid

>> No.26354169

I'll just do that then and lurk more. I'll research and consider what to do from here. Thanks again.

>> No.26354180
File: 3.35 MB, 4032x3024, 20201221_005552.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


USA. You can make $2,000 a month in gains before they start reducing my NEETbux.

That's why I trade under my Mother's info.

>> No.26354199

CLII up like 70% before market open...? Anyone have info on this?

>> No.26354221

>AUPH $17 pre-market

You DID listen to me yesterday and buy a big position 1 hour before close, right? Right?

We are MOONING to $22 minimum!

>> No.26354250

I can't believe people are talking about Nokia, if Blockbuster was publicly traded you people would be shilling that as well.

>> No.26354255

This is about making money not politics
We're gonna find out before the market opens

>> No.26354278

Lol I bought it on Tuesday because I saw a random post on r/stocks. I didn1t even know what their drug is until well after I bought.

I wonder if they really will get their approval.

>> No.26354285

>This is about making money not politics

I get that, but this man is clearly not a moneymaker. He's a moneyspender.

>> No.26354293

Your dog looks cozy

>> No.26354307
File: 257 KB, 476x1030, voclosporin_vs_benlysta.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

PDUFA deadline is TODAY(most expect it to be today AH).

If approved, it will be the best lupus nephritis drug on the market. The only other one is made by GIK, but:
>Oral pill vs IV
>More effective

The company has $400m in cash right now, with more than $50m more from their partner (Otsuka) on approval.

Drug has been fast-tracked due to the incredibly good P2 results (p<0.001)

lupus.org estimates up to 1.5 million people with lupus. PG says 400K. 70% of that 400K will be of the SLE form of lupus or 280K. Of those 280K, 40%(PG) or 112K will get LN.

Let's assume a modest market penetration of 15% = 17k patients. With a yearly treatment cost of 70k, we are looking at a (very conservative) 1.2B in revenue per year. This is only in the US.

We are sitting on a 1.91B market cap and 126M shares out. The ratios are incredible.

AUPH has 2027 patent of composition guaranteed for their drug, which means 6 full years of profits. However, there is a (relatively good) possibility of the FDA approving it with a special label: AUPH discovered that reducing their dosage on certain patients throughout treatment increases renal response. This has been patented until 2037. A label which specifies this guarantees 16 years!! of leading the market.

I'm not saying it's not risky. If it doesn't get approved we're looking at an 80% loss of money. An approval with label puts us at least at $30 and a huge chance of buyout. Rejection is possible, but I don't think it will happen here.

>> No.26354356

Could it be CLII?

>> No.26354370

Is VR a good thing to invest in now with Corona? It's my first time purchasing stocks and I thought VR would be a safe bet.

>> No.26354393

How much cash one should have?

I am in Finland and our social safety nets are pretty good, I only have 5k liquid cash and like 150k in investments.

>> No.26354415

if youre holding stocks on some international trading app that doesnt coordinate with German government, and you dont cash out, I don think the government can passively know about it

>> No.26354453

The market penetration thing is speculatiove, because apparently they have a ton of competition. They want to be bought up though.

>> No.26354493
File: 331 KB, 1080x1334, B6C356AF-7BC6-4B19-B94C-90099A5392E6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone have a resource on finding new SPACs? They never go under 10 so if I can find a new spac and go all in when it’s first listed and then sell and repeat I’ll have unlimited money.

>> No.26354502
File: 70 KB, 925x561, d89.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I only have 5k liquid cash and like 150k in investments.
Seems reasonable if you don't have dependents.

>> No.26354527
File: 2.39 MB, 576x1024, 1611139415950.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>shitty furniture
>dark and gloomy room
>cunt dog instead of a kitty

>> No.26354537

Alo it's possible that the FDA will delay it because of the workload put on them due to COVID shit. I've heard that it is very unusal for them to not make a decision months or weeks before a PDUFA deadline.

>> No.26354605
File: 837 KB, 2880x2880, 20201125_200629.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


She's the goodest girl.

>> No.26354607

>That BCRX Premarket.

Could the Japan news... be today? Has it finally been 6 days?

>> No.26354631


>> No.26354643

I'm not sure what your strat is unless you are talking about buying units

>> No.26354646

Yyyyyeah, uuuhhh
My stocks are down today
This must be some kind of error. Guess i need to call my broker

>> No.26354649
File: 581 KB, 2000x1000, 126548946189.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any ABNB bros here ? Got in at 150, feelin' pretty comfy right now

>> No.26354678
File: 28 KB, 1027x731, 1494110699553.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

doggy woggy
I have a belgian shepherd

>> No.26354695
File: 100 KB, 1024x895, 1592786525808m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hopefully line goes up. They are reinvesting in their company. If they ever turn a profit they might start buybacks. I just want this stupid stock to clown the fuck up like hydrogen shit stocks so I can make a few hundred thousand, that's all.

>> No.26354702

>ton of competition
Wrong. The only other drug approved in the US for treating LN is Benlysta, which is less efficient and requires IV. Who will choose that option?

>> No.26354707


im getting the same bug

>> No.26354708

That makes me want to coom

>> No.26354710


Take good care of her

>> No.26354726

Wrong yet again. This has been fast-tracked due to the incredible P2 results. There is NO reason to believe a delay will be coming. Lab inspections have already been done, trials ran according to a lot of FDA feedback. Covid hasn't stopped the FDA to approved a multitude of other drugs these past weeks. It won't happen.

>> No.26354731

having looked into clf i cant believe there isnt more people buying even if steel doesnt keep hitting its highs they have great positioning to be really competitive with how well vertically integrated they are

>> No.26354743

While you wrote that some cunt let their dog urinate against my shrubs. Shitty dog owners sure aren't helping to change my dislike of dogs.

>> No.26354782

Retard here, how does premarket trading work?
I have vanguard and am looking at a stock that closed yesterday at 13 bucks. Premarket is already at 22 bucks. If I put an order in, is it going to buy it at 22 bucks on market open? I'm assuming I can no longer get it at the 13 dollar price?

>> No.26354814

Pre market is essentially the same thing as normal hours, with lower volume. So yes, if it reaches pre market value of $22 before market open, it will be $22 on open too.

>> No.26354873

How is it like normal hours, when stocks can't change hands?

>> No.26354896
File: 3.52 MB, 346x293, hwndu dancing israelis.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to buy options, but the volatility has made premiums too expensive on it.

>> No.26354912

Which stock playboy

>> No.26354926

By placing orders brokerages can drive up the price even before they're filled

>> No.26354936

Pre and after market is actually based on futures.

Check this out:

>> No.26354944


>> No.26355000

You can still buy it at 13 and then immediately sell for 22. free money, my friend!

>> No.26355016
File: 60 KB, 520x484, 1611151172767.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Could the Japan news... be today? Has it finally been 6 days?
It is, Japan has approved! It's the Sixth Day. The Japanese regulator has announced but BCRX hasn't PR'd yet

Congrats BCRX Bros
Next: EU approval

>> No.26355030

trips of truth

>> No.26355043

Life is a meme. There's nowhere to go, there's nothing to do, and yet people try to climb some imaginary ladder. They act like there's one specific thing you wanna do every day for 50 years. They act like having done something every day for 50 years will bring them somewhere. You have gotten maybe 70 in this sandbox game and you choose to spend it by repeatedly doing the same thing and acting like that's the only reasonable way to do it.

>> No.26355078

Also AUPH chads, today looks like a good day for us too

>> No.26355091

Not so worried about selling at 40 anymore. Can't wait to buy the crash.

>> No.26355097

I browse here for the memes and loss porn, you losers should just put it into property

>> No.26355099


>> No.26355101

Very jelly of that fat girl.

>> No.26355123

>What are you doing here, browsing a anime imageboard
I'm making good money so I can go travelling and do the shit I actually want to do after Chinese Carolina Disease is over

>> No.26355129

Hello? Where's the butt?

>> No.26355149

twitch link?!?!?

>> No.26355198


>> No.26355229

Today is the day. We are flying to the moon.

$22 Pt without 2037 label.
$30 Pt with 2037 label.
If 037 label, keep a position for a buyout

>> No.26355242

So many GME FUDcucks here. Sorry you sold at $22, but now the big boys have your shares.

>> No.26355256

This is where the fun begins

>> No.26355258

The offering closed yesterday. All the shares have been already bought by institutional

>> No.26355269

It’s literally the same as normal trading but it’s done electronically rather than through the exchanges. Less people involved so expect bigger big-ask spreads.

>> No.26355357


>> No.26355370
File: 92 KB, 800x800, flat,800x800,075,f.u1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

haha, no fucking way, do you have a source?

>> No.26355382

What is the floor for CLF?

>> No.26355410
File: 33 KB, 303x298, 1610479897664.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26355426

>has a picture hanging on the wall
more like an hipster

>> No.26355463

Wow, thanks Fren. Great news. Lambos all round soon.

>> No.26355470
File: 3.74 MB, 4032x3024, 20200717_215540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


It's a painting, pleb.

>> No.26355474

>just be sure to get it out once the market turns bear (in 1-2 years)
why in 1-2 years?

>> No.26355485
File: 450 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20210121-182704_Finance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Today is not going to be nice. Im debating whether to sell everything and go like 50/50 on fngu and tqqq with my 25k...

>> No.26355507

oh wow a hollywood film painting on you wall! so amazing

grow up

>> No.26355508

AUPH bros,

I'm tired as frig, I work nights and will likely sleep through market hours unless I need to be awake.

Will we hit a price goal where I need to sell today, or is this a days/weeks out sort of target?

>> No.26355522

>Cannabis and psilocybin stocks only go up from now on
they went already up

>> No.26355530

two more weeks

>> No.26355560

Looks like I’m buying more TSM leaps today

>> No.26355579

post more doggo please anon

>> No.26355585
File: 66 KB, 1156x431, yield curve.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aight man, I'm jsut trying to be a devils advocate there so that you dont fall victim to confirmation bias

Well, based on the yield curve inversion thing, but that was postponed due to the corollavirus.
The recession will come after the next inversion.

>> No.26355587

I want to LARP as a MM by selling both calls and puts on volatile meme stocks and not caring which direction it goes by doing a poor man's covered put in addition to a poor man's covered call. I call it... poor man's covered strangle.

>> No.26355606

Biomemes usually crab for a few weeks after a spike, even go up a few percent, so it doesn't really matter.

>> No.26355607

it depends if the approval is with the 2037 label or 2027 label, and also it's just hard to tell what the market is going to do. BTW people seem to be expecting the news to come AH today, this seems like a pre-pump

it would be safer to just wait, see what it does, and then decide

>> No.26355627

You can't be a devil's advocate without providing some actual information as to why it would be delayed.

>> No.26355632
File: 26 KB, 554x347, aragorns.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've made over $150k off AAPL calls this year and I hate my marriage. I want a divorce because I'm fucking paid and I deserve a HOT wife instead of an ungrateful cunt that can only bear me 1 son.

Fuck...is this what money does to you? I made $10,000 last week off JPM puts and I just want to buy a F-150 and get head from a hot woman, not my wife.

>> No.26355633

Fresh Baked >>26354973 thread

>> No.26355656

I've heard from a pharma friend that the FDA usually doesn't wait until a deadline. That's all, take it as you will.

>> No.26355658
File: 419 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210121-223412_Finance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Which one do I pick

>> No.26355661

When P2 results were published, it spiked to $20, had a small drop-off to $18, then next week it peaked at $21. I'd look for the same pattern.

Also depends on the label. Would sell at $22 with a normal label, with the 2037-patented label I wouldn't sell below $30.

>> No.26355663

Itm vs otm credit spread?

>> No.26355670

BB and CLF bros, tell me that everything is going to be okay.

>> No.26355692

Thats why I won't marry or have kids. If I decide to leave i can

>> No.26355706

What kind of stoploss should I be setting in the potential event this shit doesn't get approved, do we think it'll gap so far down it doesn't get filled?

>> No.26355710

they waited until the last possible day for the latest BCRX approval in december

>> No.26355715

You've just comfirmed what I was saying about you. Congratulations, faggot.

>> No.26355718

FNGU highest returns, but you can't buy options on them. Also, buy TAN call options instead of any of those.

>> No.26355719

I sold an ITM put credit spread on TSLA once for like 90% credit before it mooned and went OTM by expiration, risky as fuck though. I was bullish but IV was too expensive and I couldn't afford single-leg options.

>> No.26355748

I keep my laptop in my freezer just in case

>> No.26355754
File: 254 KB, 1280x720, 1551103702373.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i never use stoplosses. that's how the Bogs get you, anon

>> No.26355760
File: 1.16 MB, 2944x2208, 20210113_131008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26355800

Based i will

>> No.26355824

I don't usually either but if this company doesn't get this approval my god do they look fucked and I'd rather lose some of my risk instead of all

>> No.26355828

Do you own any? How far out should I buy them and for what strike price? I'm or otm?

>> No.26355836

Thats a mam

>> No.26355844

>gf is a butterface
>one moment want to propose to her
>one moment want to dump her purely to get a hotter gf

tickers for this feel ?

>> No.26355863
File: 3.82 MB, 368x720, 1611109256462.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this the *pop*?

>> No.26355897

What? but put credit spreads are bullish why'd it expire otm if it mooned?

>> No.26355901

Is it ogre for tesla?

>> No.26355920

Horrendous bait

>> No.26355932

thanks lad made the morning better

>> No.26355993

they are German fren

>> No.26356096

Reposting because new OP is a stealthy faggot.

>> No.26356138

I sold all my GME calls that had 4 months left to print at around 40 :(

I thought pigs got slaughtered!

>> No.26356173

Shut the fuck up faggot. I bet you're bitch ass cat pisses all over your house. I'll let me dog out and let it tear your cat to shreds

>> No.26356254

dumping like crazy

>> No.26356264

TSLA is trading around $2000 on Wednesday.
I buy a $2000 put and sell a $2100 put expiring Friday.
TSLA moons to $2100 by Friday. The $2100 put I sold is worth a LOT less since it's no longer deep ITM and expires today.

>> No.26356394

Sounds good, thx.

>> No.26356437
File: 294 KB, 1482x1016, Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 5.51.09 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yes, I do. It's up to you, I just buy whatever's hot on yahoo options chains. Here is my 115 call for jan 2022

I'm not saying you shouldn't buy ark, I'm just saying I'd wait for ARK to dip (which it does every month, and you missed the dec-jan dip already).

>> No.26356466

Ah I guess a call debit spread would had been better if the iv wasn't high

>> No.26356550

Correct, I was bullish but looked at the options chain and said "Wow, IV is too high, these prices are a rip off", so I flipped the logic around and asked "How do I profit from this?"

>> No.26356627

>Yeah as long as UV light is hitting exposed skin your body will synthesize vitamin d
why it's not the same if asumed with pills?

>> No.26356883
File: 60 KB, 641x1024, 1544673802292m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's 8 actually. When he reaches 10 hes only reached the edge of the well. He then slides down 3 meters. The next day he'll SURPASS 10 which is what is required to get out of a 10 meter well

>> No.26356938

What's my entry price into CLF?

>> No.26356986

>T212 doesn't let you set a trailing stop unless you're on CFD
You Amerifags don't know how lucky you are with RH

>> No.26356993
File: 451 KB, 986x1164, bobo-satisfied.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>gains of weeks destroyed in two days

>> No.26357078

you took the tranny pill?

>> No.26357445

How are we supposed to know that?

>> No.26357500

>not blackberries

>> No.26357561
File: 63 KB, 1200x675, 1605398062648.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wrong. the bottom of his body reaches the 10m point, so the rest of his body wil lhave surpassed the edge.

>> No.26358087
File: 210 KB, 650x908, 80s3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Boomers and gen xers come here.
Conservative investment general
Conservative investment general
Conservative investment general

>> No.26358121

Why are steel stocks still going down?, Steel price hasn't budged a bit

>> No.26358304

possible speculation based on the current's administration to reverse any and all of the prior admin's policies?

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