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Get in boys. WGMI.

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Once devs deliver on 28th we are going to the moon

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what is rubic and where can i buy it?

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Oh yeah

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No thanks,I Rubicpill

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Let's gooòoooooooo

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What is a make it stack do you think?

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So comfy rn

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Mars. The year is 2035.

After investing 50 dollars back in 2021, Rubic has quickly become a galactic currency which started not long after months of daily 400% growth. Finally, when God Emperor Elon Musk tweeted the word “Rubic” it mooned 1000% per day. Meanwhile, Bitcoin began to dump until it reached $0 on June 1, 2021. Maximalists committed mass suicide and this day is now known as Rubic inauguration day. Legendary screenshots from threads with valuable discussions from users such as [email protected] included arguments such as “Rubic” which are still quoted today. These men have gone to become the richest men alive.

I open my Rubic.Exchange app within my Rubic CUBE®. Rubic is now the global marketplace where you can buy and sell anything. I order a hooker. Payment: 0.0000001 Rubic. She arrives, blows my dick and I coom all over her face. Before she leaves, she begs for another 0.0000001 Rubic. “Please sir, my small Martian village is starving!” I refuse. Its been a long day, it’s time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the latest series on Rublix (Netflix on Rubic). You can’t wait to consume it while falling into a deep anti-depressant induced sleep on your anime pillow.

Life is good.

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they always say
>rubic is a coin
>rubic is a token

rubic is a CUBE

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>VERY Healthy price action going on right now. pump and dumps dont move like this, this is good news and should have everyone releasing their clenched anuses who were afraid of pajeet.

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Feels good holding this money printer cubes

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we're going to be back to the ath in no time at this pace.

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we will pass it but remember, we dont want big fast spikes, we want healthy organic growth or weak hands will dump and spook other weak hands.

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Stay Rubic my fren

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Is 14 cents the new floor or are we going back down to 13 cents, possibly 12?

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Oldfag here. checked it out, it looks like a classic crypto rugpull but good luck.

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bollingers say about 12.5, but we could dip down to 12 very shortly, although i wouldnt count on it

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Considering grabbing another 20k stack. Waiting to see wtf bitcoin does here today.

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Damn. I guess that makes many priced out allready. Doesnt mean we can make some decent profits.

UNI at 1700 million mcap
RBC at 16 million mcap

Guess there is a possibility for 100x if they can deliver a product and the bullrun keeps going later this year

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1inch is 119mm market cap, so weve got at at least a 10x. but rubic is better than 1inch or even uni if they do what they say they can

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/our/ coin

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Guys can someone answer: what can 50K rbc get me? Bought in at a real low price. Think we’re capped at $1?

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13 seems like the base looking at recent cracks. planning to buy if it dips below or just above

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$1 would still be below 1inch marketcap, if we see near UNI levels it could be as much as $20 or more

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Hard cap is $100.

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These swing bot are unironically based. Keeping us from pumping too hard.

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I agree, a day like today where it didn’t spike as high as yesterday but the floor went up again is just fine with me

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look at bnb on coingecko for the future price of rubic. wagmi

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NOOOOOOOOOOO i ignored the threads because i didn't like the colors and logo nooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
why would you brand it as a fugly cube that could've been drawn on MS paint? fuck

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Don't feel bad anon.
The ones who should feel bad are the ones who exited

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250k is not a make it stack...hahahahhahaha

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What is?

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250k is fucking nice.
If Rubic climbs to 10usd then 250k is enough

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>we are going to the moon
>pepes and other memes all posted by different IDs
>copypasta also posted by another ID
I bought in rubic myself thanks to the shilling. But after the shilling raid accusations I don't believe this heavy shilling anymore. It all looks too inorganic and like a planned effort from a group. The start of the thread looks exactly like pic related
Remember, you don't know who's real or not. Anyone can post anything here

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Anyone can post anything on here? Really?

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i literally made most of the memes that are being used. I wish i got paid $4000 too make them lol. also i remember the thread where the guy originally posted that and it was something he made to be used for fud

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you know that screenshots fake right

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Desperate Faggot Fud
We know you are a seething trannie

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Cointard checking in

Why the fuck do coins need development teams?

Bitcoin just exists at this point. No one is developping Bitcoin itself unlike these college grad PND scammers trying to make shitcoins and cash out.

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Trying to work my way up the ranks. Only have 6k now. Going to try to scoop up some more tomorrow. Good luck chads. WAGMI

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Can someone spoonfeed me on how to add RBC to metamask?
>t. 18k

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>No one is developping Bitcoin itself
retard, go do your research

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add custom token
place contract address

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Jesus Christ this thing is doing amazing during rhis market pullback.

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Absolute stench of curry

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fudders are back.. they trying to fomo in lmfao

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Could you explain this to a retard ?
What to do next with the BSC ? Does it allow to get rid of the high gas fees ?

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