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I promise you will rope if you dont hold this in your portfolio. You could be in now for under 50 cents a coin. Read some cope posts from fags who ignored the threads about LINK when it was .05-.06

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The coin won't stay under $1 for long

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I'm considering buying in, but how much is enough? $20? 50? 100? A thousand?

Who knows. I wish I had more money.

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Still acoomulating

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if you want more money then buy grt

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Link was never at 0.05, newfag.

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Would you be happy if you put in $100 at .45 per and went to $1?

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Whatever, .14 you little cuck. BIG FUCKIN DIFFERENCE

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First price was .16 but it probably had an ico for lower.

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how much profit is enough dumb ass theres never enough. im trying to buy 50k before it moons

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I'm saying I'm a poorcuck whos dad claimed him on the stimulus because I'm under 25.

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put in what you can afford and then DCA

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Watch this short video on DCA. You can make it bro. You can apply this to any coin or you could ape in like an absolute chad


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Its available on Kraken. Not sure whats up with that, Anon.

I use CB Pro.. You could always UNISWAP but them fees can be annoying.

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bought at .12 and staked a week later
not averaging up

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This fucking shitcoin will never go over 80 cents. screencap this you fucking trannys with your faggot shitcoin. fuck you and get off my board.

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How many are you staking

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It seems to be directly tied to Ethereums price so its not going anywhere until ETH goes up

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paper hands cope

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Since this mostly associated with DBZ, we're gonna make it.

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Truth is, nobody knows which alts will take off and which will fizzle out. That's precisely why you diversify.

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EOM prediction GRT bros? I'm thinking 0.8$

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EOM we'll either be at .35 or .70.

however, EOY we'll be over $2.50.

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>bought more during the dip

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Sir, you're gonna make it

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we all are

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just be ready to take a risk, i don't think it'll be above 0.71 anymore. play half of my coin short

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Already holding 35k here. Still buying more as long as it's under $1.

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i put my limit buy in at $.40 after selling at $.60 and I've had a great day today

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already 500m mc, max it could do on a perfect bull run is a 2x, pathetic

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do we have ranks yet, some graphlord get on that shit. how can we expect to stand beside the link marines

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Ten times as many tokens as Link

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We have this one kek.

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>perfect 6-12hrs 2x

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>the nintendo of blockchain
>the duckduckgo of kentucky fried chicken
>the opposable thumbs of fingers
>the blockchain of google
>the double-decker of party favors
>the plug of butts
>the barloid of the garloid
>the askjeeves of bike locks
>the yahoo of door handles
>the backbone of defi
>the google for web3
> the google of crypto
>the bitcoin of cryptocurrency
>the catholicism of finance
>the sausage of hotdog
>the garlic bread of money
>the API for APY
>the sanrio of blockchain
>the mahatma ghandi of these cocaine calisthenics.
>the zippo of crypto
>the lamborghini of ferrari
>the doordash of runscape
>the uniswap and coingecko
>the yoo-hoo of chocolate drinks
>the sasha grey of anal porn
>the thai ladyboy of trannies
>the starbucks of coffee
>the katrina of hurricanes
>the never of womanhood
>the strawberry milk of roofing tiles
>the blacked of pornhub
>the anal fissure of ass problems
>the bag of hodling of bags
>the tranny of blockchain
>the bing of chainlink
>the chai latte of iraq
>the chicken of barnyard animals
>the kerrygold of butter
>the big up to your chest
>the pnd of /biz/
>the xenophobe of xenogeny
>the squat plug of web search engines
>the sneed's of seed and feed
>the dyson of vacuums
>the fly of stink
>the pappy van winkle of bourbon
>the grey goose of vodka
>the rinnegan of visual prowess
>the torn condom of my love
>the malena morgan of lesbians
>the toyota of cyberspace
>the yahoo of sickening losses
>the amazon of worker exploitation
>the amazon of blockchain
>the orange man of the democrat party
>the yandex of yolo
>the 4chan of reddit
>the red robin of APIs
>the epstein of pedophiles
>the Epstein of kids
>the morton's of sea salt
>the dd cup of bra sizes
>the apocalypse now of war movies
>the white person of people
>the aids of his
>the quadroon of niggers
>the white of supremacy
>the mcdonalds of blockchain
>the webcrawler of rock&roll
>the pajeet scam of crypto
>the walmart of tokens
>the corona of viruses
>the chainlink of arby's

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>It's only been a month since GRT started trading
>1.5B tokens are delegated/staked already, not circulating in the market
Hello newfren.

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we both know thats not nearly autistic enough. we have stake delegation, indexers, rates of grt/hr, fat stacks and short stacks. we have infinite possibilities for named ranks.

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how many compared to eth?

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Yeah, that was the first ranks made when GRT had just started trading. We need a new, more detailed ranks.

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So you're saying $100 EOY?

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we shall format it as such:
(stack amount)(grt/hr)=
(Graph Lord)(Googler of blockchains)
(Graph Knight)(plugger of butts)

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oh fuck i finally get it

>> No.26347562

Dey burn it rasta

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I’m still trying to learn all of this lol I fomo’d into GRT because of this board and got a 5k suicide stack. How high do you think this can go long term?

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It's not on kraken in the us and I dont use coinbase

>> No.26347712

so do i have to delegate if i invest, am i missing out on money if i dont? or is just buying as a pure investment to sell of later ok

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>the blacked of pornhub

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KEK I am big boy and I feel this

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I'd suggest you to watch this short vid to get a complete understanding about GRT and its tech/ecosystem.

>How high do you think this can go long term?
Personally I believe $5 EOY is feasible. We are in a bull market this year. If BTC goes goes further from today's price, it will help pump the alts market as well, just like what it did back in 2017 bull run. Even the scammiest alts went x5 during that season, so I believe a legit project like GRT will do better, price wise.

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Kek forgot the vid link


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You are not obligated to delegate your tokens. But if you delegate, you will get more tokens from delegating, so more money.

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Thanks fren

>> No.26349349

>50k - 100k+
Couldn't it just be 50k+?

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just bought the dip. holding 30k

>> No.26349738

Ey boys, so im trying to delegate 1600 GRT, can someone let me know what a reasonable gas fee is ? its currently around 25ish, should I wait for it to calm down a bit or what?

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Got a 9k stack

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ICO price was 0.03 USD.
Tell me why I should go in right now when you are all already pumped as fuck. Pic related.

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How does one jillion dollars sound?

>> No.26350160

$25 is high. Normal should be around $5 - $7 I think.

>> No.26350184

Thanks bro

>> No.26350222

Fees are insane it's one of the biggest complaints about eth.

>> No.26350253

0.03 or 0.3?

>> No.26350328


However, it says:
Min/Max Personal Cap: $1000 / $5000

But I doubt people couldnt just create multiple accounts to buy more. Am I wrong?

>> No.26350339

Link ICO price was 0.1

>> No.26350466

I'm a big boy delegating until I make it

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>give me reasons to invest my $50 into your shitcoin because I'm too lazy to think for myself!

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Me too, fren. Which indexer did you choose?

>> No.26351000

Just purchased 18k, AIGMI?

>> No.26351240

How does a tiny home in Minnesota sound?

>> No.26351474

>But I doubt people couldnt just create multiple accounts to buy more. Am I wrong?

Yeah, I dunno... Does make me feel kinda bad having bought @ 0.4 - 0.45. I could've been one of the Big Boys, instead I'm just the little peepee poopoo Graph marine with a slightly optimistic smirk, 2k stack.

Should've been coming here last year instead of wasting time on /pol/ caring about politics + betting and losing money on Trump. Oh well, not making that mistake anymore - completely tuning out of politics and bullshit now except to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

Incidentally, I do know that they probably wanted to give a chance for the guys running indexers to get in at good prices because they need big stacks to run and maintain their indexers effectively from what I understand (upkeep cost, equipment cost ect.)

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someone finish the percentiles for grt/hr gains, too fuckin tired and have no idea how much people are making.

>Pope/church - Dev team

>The Google King (500,001grt) + of Blockchains (99th percentile grt/hr)

>The API Prince/Princess (250,001-500,000grt) + of APY (percentile grt/hr)

>The Bitcoin Barron/Barroness (175,001-250,000grt) + of cryptocurrency (percentile grt/hr)

>The Lambo Grand Cross (125,001-175,000grt) + of Ferrari (percentile grt/hr)

>The Garlic Bread Grand Officer (75,001-125,000grt) + of Money (percentile grt/hr)

>The DD Commander (50,001-75,000grt) + of Tits (percentile grt/hr)

>1st Class White Knight (35,001-50,000grt) + of Supremacy (percentile grt/hr)

>2nd Class Never Knight (25,001-35,000grt) + of Womanhood (percentile grt/hr)

>Schekel Merchant(20,001-25,000grt) + of High Yield Savings Accounts (percentile grt/hr)

>Bag Trader (15,001-20,000grt) + of Bagholding (percentile grt/hr)

>Plug Craftsman (10,001-15,000grt) + of Butts (percentile grt/hr)

>Pajeet Farmer (9,001-10,000grt) + of Crypto Scams (percentile grt/hr)

>Toyota Peasant (7,501-9,000grt) + of Cyberspace (percentile grt/hr)

>Sausage Laborer (5,001-7,500grt) + of Hotdogs (percentile grt/hr)

>McDonald's Slave (3,501-5,000grt) + of Reddit (percentile grt/hr)

>Chai latte Beggar (1,501-3,500grt) + of Iraq (percentile grt/hr)

>Dollar Store Pariah (501-1,500) + of Food Stamps (percentile grt/hr)

>Torn Condom Untouchable (1-500) + of Ass Problems (1st percentile grt/hr)

ADDITIONALLY: one whos indexing will go by their handle followed by their caste. delegators may state their caste, followed by loyalty to their indexer

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god damnitt im not even a mcdonalds slave fuck my life

>> No.26351634

Im in the same boat regarding the pol browsing. I even bought LINK at 20 cents back in the days but the bizarre shilling and then the 2018 crash fucked me so I got out.

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Sausage Laborer checking in. Working towards becoming a Plug Craftsman.

>> No.26352262

I know this will go up and break ATH I'm just worried it won't perform as well as other coins and I'll be wasting my time. z

>> No.26352398

fix your percentile script

>> No.26352569

Slow and steady wins the race anon, now go get some iron hands

>> No.26352890

>The Garlic Bread Grand Officer reporting

Will simply delegate my way towards Lambo Grand Cross in a few months' time.

>> No.26352988

Chai Latte Beggar of Iraq

>> No.26352993

Instead of delegating why don't you just sell and convince all of your big dick friends to do the same? Seems like the best strategy to be honest. Yeah, all of the top holders should get out now; then, buy back in when i give you the signal. You'll know it's the time to move when you see me grab 500k. DON'T MOVE BEFORE THEN OR YOU'LL BE POOR.

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reminder this is just the beginning

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When are we going to moon lads...
My hands are burning from holding these bags

>> No.26354056

Don't you want btc to drag us down to $.20 first?

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So is everyone selling with me at the big token event?

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Another €800 more just arrived on my account.
Any deeper dip expected or should I buy now?

>> No.26354686

I have 600 GRT, yes I know I’m a stacklet

Should I delegate it?

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What event?

>> No.26354725

It'll take you like 6 months to recoup your burn and gas fees, but it's a long term hold anyways so why not. It'll help you not panic when btc drags us down to $.30.

>> No.26354749


Jesus six months

>> No.26354801

Well that calculation is at current price, which is quite low. If it rises to $1 and more you'll retroactively have recouped your loss and then some more.

>> No.26354819

Yes. You'll get about 1 grt every 3 days with a 600 stack.

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The main problem now is the gas price kek.

>> No.26354890

basically because eth gas fees are fucked. i made mine back in a day though

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Spoonfeed me anon, I'm retarded.

>> No.26354933

Jeez, cant see the diff between all those shades of blue :D

>> No.26355052

I may be wrong, but i believe we're not heading to $1 until after btc bottoms out, and it's going to be a real, but inevitable,
climb. $.30 before the run up to btc ath was actually high given the immaturity of the network and still should've been correcting downward from the $.70 delusion.
Keep in mind, the vc's bought in at $.003/grt. They get a 100% return on staking investment annually at $.015, and a 1000% return on investment annually at $.15.

>> No.26355098

Can only afford 5k GRT. Is this a decent amount?

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File: 170 KB, 1778x804, graph.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thought you'd say that
the big increase in supply a few months after launch might cause the price to drop, hmm?

>> No.26355171

Do we have the exact date?

>> No.26355478

GRT be go downz

>> No.26355626

I'm getting ~1 GRT every 4 days with a 300 stack (.24 per day to be precise) in my smallest delegation to p2p-org.eth. By my calculation it's getting 30% compound interest, which is quite good. If someone sets that there for 5 years and GRT increases in any reasonable amount it could turn out paying like $20-50 per day, which would be not much for some whales but I would recommend any poorfag put any money they can into GRT delegations and leave it there right now

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Thank you fren anon :*

>> No.26355728

How the fuck do I choose an indexer, anybody?

>> No.26355867

Alright, should I delegate to p2p or ryabina?

>> No.26355878

I think 10K plus. i'm in close to 2k

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I know this has been asked to death here, but can someone give a dumbo 101 step by step explanation on how to delegate these tokens for the indexers?

>> No.26356224

holding 18k right now and I will keep on acoomoolating, then forget about it for at least 1 year (even longer if we enter a bear market), while delegating.
I enjoy seeing it going down still, since I haven't invested half of what I plan to do yet.

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>> No.26356278

Lmao what the fuck is this shit it costs 50 dollars to swap 4 dollars worth of GRT? Tf

>> No.26356293

use coinbase, it's free there

>> No.26356353

date of graph launch + 6 months. so somewhere in june/july

>> No.26356362

I am a delegation noob.
I am a Bag Trader with 17.5k GRT.
How much can I expect to gain from delegating?

>> No.26356383

how do we make normies picking this coin ? we need to start a new operation

>> No.26356465



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Debating on getting .40 of ethereum to make one whole ETH (yeah I know) or adding to my 10k stack of GRT. What do you anons think?

>> No.26356522


Thank you frens

>> No.26356534

Once it eventually crosses a dollar 6fig fags will start crypto e celebing on Twitter and youtube. Just relax and enjoy the climb.

>> No.26356834

>asking biztards for financial advise

>> No.26357058

Realistically somewhere between 10-20 if you pick a good delegator


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File: 87 KB, 1837x836, dybcoinbase-pro-grtusd-Jan-22-2021-8-16-42.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did you buyed?

>> No.26357111

I'll buy after RBC pumps

>> No.26357147

Will buy if it crosses the 50 cents

>> No.26357153


>> No.26357154

dump to .35

>> No.26357429


can confirm

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File: 68 KB, 1500x500, BD78315D-53AB-4DF3-A890-B8C6C952B74D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sold the tip, bought the dip, and its already pumping

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Toyota Peasant, could have been a Bag Trader if I waited like 2 days to buy in kek

>> No.26359175

Can I delegate through Coinbase?

>> No.26359220

no you need metamask

>> No.26359298

Ok thanks bud

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