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muthafuckers are laughing at us again

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>look reddit it dropped under 130k

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They’ve been laughing since it dipped to a couple dollars a decade ago, I can’t imagine being this hyper aware of some brand new technology and instead of investing in it, spending that effort on mocking it instead

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A lot of them are lefties, neolibs, and goldbugs. Sunk cost fallacy + ideological blinders.

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reddit is full of people who think that a productive thing to do is to gossip and get together in a group / club for hoping something fails and they spend alot of time there and have active moderators to help moderate the site so that they can have a reddit experience while getting together to watch something fail. And then these same people will think they are good people.

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"Let them laugh a little, much more will they weep."

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I post there specifically to FUD r*dditors and prevent them from buying. They will be my slaves in the citadel.

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I tried out reddit for a bit, and got banned from some stock board for trying to say that oil isn't a dead industry and we aren't even close to replacing it for industrial uses (roofs, roads, seals, anything rubberized, etc).

They just insulted me, said "oil is ded", said stuff about electric vehicles (which is a tiny portion of overall oil usage), and ignored all my points that bioasphalt cant withstand high temperatures, and hemp-based plastics degrade which makes them useless for any sort of plumbing or construction use in general. Then I got removed from the board.

I thought they were supposed to be the "respectable" ones or something

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Where do you find this shit? Wahmen do not sleep with makeup on.

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It's just an echo chamber for the easily fooled

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or bras, for that matter

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It pisses me off so much - you comment in a thread about something you are educated in and some 14 year old who hasn't even heard of the topic refutes you and gets all the updoots

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>haha look its under $1k
>haha look its under $5k
>haha look its under $20k
>haha look its under $30k

we've truly been btfo, will we ever recover?

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They often like to pretend they're some paragons of civility and tolerance, when in reality they're blatant, whiny hypocrites. That's why I came to 4chan. People here simply can say almost anything on there mind. It is truly a ground for exploring more ideas and possibilities.


This shit too. Everyone's so obsessed with their good boy internet points there. Here , you post what you want to say without expecting any praise or backlash. I'm never going back to reddshit.

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After Obama came in 2009 (the same time as BTC came), the ancap/Austrian economics scene became pretty popular, and a lot of people (including myself) ended up going down the "gold is real money" path. At least I eventually accepted crypto, but I missed out on getting in at the very beginning.

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any community that brands itself as understanding and well mannered is often the opposite.

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>lmao buttcoiners coping BTC under 1 million

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>said every theglobe.com investor in 1999

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You have to go back you fucking cancer

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Did the goons who made that site every buy any bitcoin? They made it when it cost like 5 cents.

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Hah I'm saying "buy" now. They could have just mined 1000s of them actually at the time.

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>Hahah those losers think $34K is a big deal
>Hahah those losers think $33K is a big deal
>Hahah those losers think $32K is a big deal
>Hahah those losers think $31K is a big deal
>Hahah those losers think $30K is a big deal
>Hahah those losers think $29K is a big deal
>Hahah those losers think $25K is a big deal
>Hahah those losers think $20K is a big deal
>Hahah those losers think $15K is a big deal
>Hahah those losers think $10K is a big deal

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Eat ass, bobo. You will win a few battles, but not the war.

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Yeah up until we crash down to 100k

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look at the date of this piece of shit forum's creation lmao

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excellent tasty FUD

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Read a post where the OP asks why they don't just short btc and get rich. And all the answers were "there's more to life than being rich."

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I get ridiculed constantly by friends IRL that send me pics of "bitcoin crashing" headlines in the news

They're always like EHHHH HOW BOUT THAT BITCOIN EH BRO????

fuck em

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Reddit is literally full of trannies, fags, and losers. Go to the homepage, click on the top post, click on the user with the top comment, and take 2 seconds to read their post/comment history. You will see what I’m talking about.

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Your friends are some real jealous crabs in a bucket cunts. You must be one too

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Reddit is fucking awful for the reasons you stated. It's full of textbook Dunning-Kruger virtue signaling liberals who are never wrong about anything and consider themselves to be the cream of the human crop. Anything that goes against the group think is wrong, insulted, downvoted, and banned despite any number of evidence and well constructed arguments. Reddit is why I absolutely loathe liberals now. Fuck their echo chambers, circle jerking, virtue signaling, censorship, and the general faggotry. 4chan isn't great but it's far better than reddit could ever dream of being.

Edit: Thanks for the gold kind stranger!

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>Jesus christ fucking leave.
What kind of faggot calls this place a ground for exploring ideas. Let me guess you think 4chan is where people pretend to be stupid?

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>I tried out reddit
Go back.

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fuck niggers
fuck kikes
fuck trannies
fuck jannies and
fuck you plebbitor

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This. So much this!

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we used to let threads like these die nobody cared about reddit until you all started coming here
fuck off

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I think that once you get used to the open hostility and stupidity on 4chan it's really difficult to go anywhere else. Reddit is particularly bad with its group think upvote shit but basically everyone on the internet is fucking retarded and this is practically the only place on the internet where you can actually fucking say it.

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Guess what cunt.
Those aren't friends.

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some do because they're scared of saggy tits

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Hahaha Bitcoin dropped 30% after going up 500%. Butters btfo.

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Imagine the type of subhuman that willingly goes to shiddit echo chamber, where the main topic is solely devoted to making fun and attacking something. Like who does that? This is why eugenics is a good thing.

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i got banned from Reddit for mentioning to some roastie that they are not entitled to anything. Never went back. This was >10 years ago. Cant believe how worse it is nowadays

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>this thhis dis tisdsi this thsi dis
fuck off and go back

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You nailed my frustration with these retards. It got to the point where every reply was a snarky retort. I'm proud to say I haven't used reddit in nearly 2 months. I also filtered the "what's happening" portion of Twitter. Best decisions I ever made. There's nothing of value there. Now I understand why the rich pay these fuckers no mind.

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>kek what's that? smelly buttcoin holders getting smug after a 2000%? not so cocky now that it's only $10,000 from it's previous ATH are you?!?!

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I'm proud to say I've never used it. Lurked for vidya related at most

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This, it's a leftist subreddit.

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Kek. Apparently plebbit has rebooted their immigration enforcement progran now that Trump is out of office.

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Oh no! The daily candle was red in an eighteen month long bull market.

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Reddit rewards you for agreeing with the most common denominator, not for being right. Nice thing about markets is you're rewarded for being right. Who cares what people say on reddit, twitter, or 4chan. Do your own research, buy bitcoin, get rich, fuck the haters.