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Yep, I'm thinking today was a good day for BitCoin :)


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was it? looks to me the challenge is accepted.

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domain ownership is key

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oh i'm gonna love this shitshow.

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i don't think anyone admitted ever that bitcoin.org is owned by craig. it's satoshi's. craig would have to prove a few things he couldn't since 2014 to make any progress on his bullshit larp.

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someone send this site to craig's layer!
he will be a busy boy soon enough.

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>saylorposting in 2021

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ok, will upload to some polish website tomorrow

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still the dude has control of more money than calvin ever can dream of.
so him taking up the glove is a big deal.

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maybe here too

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Oh no! Mike Saylor doesn’t know about BSV somebody tell him!

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12 btc donated already for legal defense for bitcoin.org
that was fast.

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based saylor

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he is not particularly smart despite his legend but has balls you have to give it to him. and he loves bitcoin which is a big plus.

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please elaborate how legal defense works in bitcoin

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it should cover legal fees for a few years at least. may be pathetic but shows people with money dislike craig and had enough of his bullshit.

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it usually involves paying lawyers
maybe they take bitcoin nowadays

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sounds like "bargaining" phase

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are you the inverse guy?

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we will see mccormack was an idiot and libel cases are hard to lose this time craig got to prove his right and that ain't gonna happen based on his track record.