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Can't Say Much. By the end of next month the team will be releasing some big news.

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Who tf is this

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>im so essited for you guys

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They better show us Sergey’s blood pressure readings.

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Man Utd are buying Messi

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>muh next year
>next month
>next week
>I'm so excited for you guys
>Can't say much but big news coming!

My sides, why waste your time larping?

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We only do major announcements at speaking events.

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to create fomo

remember: people who post shit like this arent trying to make you rich; they're trying to manipulate prices by making people buy or sell

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It’s funny.
I told you in the other thread to start over.
Looks like you did.
You’re trip fagging has gone the way of wrestling.

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OP is unironically right for once
Stop pretending to be me

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What's that square is it something I should buy?

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>new whitepaper
>Chainlink 1.0
>sergey playboy shoot
>ari public lizard transformation
it's literally all about to happen.

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That's the joke, Chainlink has never made a major announcement. Unless you consider a barely functional mainnet to be a major announcement? Surely it isn't any of your other fake crumbs like Gonser/docusign and Fernando/Oracle?

This is exactly it

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it's a pentagon
ngmi if you can't even into shapes

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Name fags are cringe

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So you set yourself up a tripcode, for what?
Just tell us what you know, this is anonymous. No one will find out.

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it's the long-awaited partnership with poop.finance, isn't it?

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To bring quality back to this board. No more:
>45 minutes
You can hold me accountable with this now.

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>You can hold me accountable with this now
>I will disappear and never post again once my larp fades away

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where can I buy this

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We’ve been saying that since fucking August of last year. The fact that there is still nothing is bat shit crazy

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holy fuk

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>source: just trust me bro

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Give me some sort of proof. Anything. I am so demoralized

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>You can hold me accountable with this now.
BUT YOU HAVEN’T SAID ANYTHING! Hold you accountable for what? “Oh wow that vague larper who said *something or other* will happen was right”? You haven’t given any details of your dumb larp. If you know something just say specifically what it is.

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outsider here idk anything...

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How big we talking about?

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>extremely vague larp
>no actual news or information
yeah, fuck off, i'm making this post to refer to in a month when you come back to re-start your larp again. kys
if you actually work at chainlink, stop posting you stupid fuck I can't believe Sergey actually hired a dumb gorilla nigger as dumb as you

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Okay I'll bite faggot, price end of Feb?

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it's aliens, isn't it? the aliens found the golden record we sent out on that space probe, didn't they?

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We won't see this tripcode again folks.

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Don't, luigi.finance is coming soon. Basically everyone is forking Rubic.

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If I tell you anything you will not believe me anyways.

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Try me; I'm insanely gullible.

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So what.
Just say what you know. That’s all we care about. We don’t care if it’s believable or even true. Spill the beans or fuck off.

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This is literally the one place that would believe anything you say.

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When link moon Mr chainlink team member?

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Will you dare to say UNCLE.
Name fag knows nothing

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Smells like curry to me. Pretend biz is the street and take your big shit on us and let everything out

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Humor us, we love stories.

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I can confirm it is not staking. We are waiting for Smart Contract Summit.

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Staking won't come till next year

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No it is coming this year. Our team has been working very hard.

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We already know staking isn't coming in Q1

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what month will the summit be? will it be in person or virtual only again?

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Is it homomorphic encryption? Because, the market is too stupid to react to that.

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tell us something useful or fuck off

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Lol so we’re finally reaching the point where a mathematician would understand the use case, regardless that’d be huge if true. I guess we’re still about a year or two from C level and managerial.

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We always have big news every month

wtf are you talking about

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Nothing he says will matter. You should already have your stack patiently waiting

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They have not been in contact with the team.
We prefer it to be in person so we are keeping a close eye on things with covid.

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Can you say anything...? Is it a new capability...?
Isn't it going to be end of August again?

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DECO is finally being released, along with at least one project that has been waiting to use it

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It's happening May 1st ^_^

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Yes there is a new capability.

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Is it gonna be used or is it a nothingburger like VRF?

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Is it teller

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>why waste your time larping
>says a namefag so dumb that he has been wrong about link for 3 years straight and actually makes xrpaypig namefags look smart
>says a namefag who tries to larp as a richfag, but just sounds like a poorfag playing make-pretend who never posts any proof of anything

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atleast give some hints to make it interesting.

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Is this an integration like Arbitrum or is it a standalone feature? Has it been mentioned before?

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oh, and stay in your shitty threads when you make them, its sad how fast you abandon when people just post your own screencaps back at you

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sorry, meant for >>26339961

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OCR it's old news and not worth hyping over

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It has been mentioned before. It is the implementation of it.

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When will LIINK use chainlink? https://www.jpmorgan.com/onyx/liink

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No you idiot it’s a pentahedron.

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Hi anon, do you know anything about this??


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kek were had i remember that losers stupid comments

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Someone explain why the fuck Liink using Chainlink's hexagon logo at :51 and :52 in the video

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>Can't Say Much.
Stopped Reading There.

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Then what’s the harm? Spill it.

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Any truth to grayscale buying link?

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Alright, you guys want some more?
Chainlink converting their website to Chinese recently is related to pic.

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Sick breadcrumb bro

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> staking
Just tell me one thing. Will staking for regular holders have a setup like GRT, so staking is implemented with smart contracts written by Chainlink and accessible via a dapp, or will it be ad hoc, where I essentially have to transfer my link to some node runner’s wallet and I have to trust them to send it back if I unstake?

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We already know about bsn. Just spill the fucking beans. We will bump the thread more trying to figure it out rather then you stringing us along faggot

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I am not stealing Sergey's thunder on this board. I will you give breadcrumbs and rough timelines. That is all.

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how much link do u own insider? are u currently paid in link too?

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It’s a fucking json parser you’re all being played

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How big is the "big news" compared to staking?

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what can you say about the progress of candid/deco/TEE integration?

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If it isn’t penalty deposits, order matching contracts, threshold signatures or DECO in the core software then who tf cares LARP. We know what we’re waiting for.

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Who else thinks steak on 2/16?

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OP here again sorry
Just wanted to remind you all to
Trust The Plan

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boring larp #24265321
larps are supposed to provide something. no one cares

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Arbitrum maynet is destined for February, 2/16 is a good bet

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Tsigs then

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Does Sergay really like big macs? Is grayscale loading up? Why are you on 4chan?

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What does it mean?

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Just tell us what will be implemented by end of next month. Any faggot here could say "X will be implemented end of next month" and just by chance be right (staking, arbitrum, etc). Otherwise this is a meaningless larp

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>Royal Group Building
Nice and fancy.

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>next month
>30 minutes
>insider here
Just fucking get staking working like GRT

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jan 25th is the meeting for the WEF to discuss the 4th industrial revolution
i'm expecting a big move sooner than that dude

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Thank you fren!

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What about RSR any word there?

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