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You are buying GRT during this dip, right?

Paper hands always lose.

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I can’t decide on GRT, XLM, or ADA as my all in coin

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I just started crypto this week and I already sold everything. This is a money pit and an addiction, you might as well go to the casino and put everything on red.

You’d have a better chance hitting and doubling your investment than gambling on this cataclysmic market.

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Juicy C&H forming on GRT. I put my entire swing stack into it.

Stfu no-coiner.

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Later then, poorfag

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Where are your buy orders set at GRT bros?

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anyone interested in making money is obviously accumulating GRT.

we're gonna make it GRT chads. diamond hands only

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kek please let this not be a larp
it comforts me to know there are people of such weak mettle out there

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LMAO your odds of making it are one Planck unit.

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Gentlemen, you are gonna make it.

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Sorry but I don’t like losing money for nothing. I’d rather invest my time in guaranteed ways to make me money.

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I’m trying to move my grt from binance to metamask so I can stake them.

However twice binance has told me it’s not able to after a hours of processing because the network is busy.

Anyone know what’s up with that?

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like sucking dick

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>You’d have a better chance hitting and doubling your investment than gambling on this cataclysmic market.
YOU would, but that’s just because you’re a retard

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>your odds of making it from crypto trading are one Planck unit.
Yes I agree

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While <€1 I'll buy as much as I can.

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Post age and net worth.

Volume gets insane during dips. I don't do anything during dips for that reason.

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what is this GRT delegating thing?
worth buying more GRT now to delegate?

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Understood thanks

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Check pic for delegating. In the simplest terms it's gaining interest on your GRT for not moving them.

Any GRT you buy is worth delegating, just move them in large chunks to limit your fees.

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Official delegator bunker thread

So comfy frens :)

And paycheck tomorrow so gonna get a nice discount. Might even get myself up to a make it stack.

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Everytime people say it's crashing I check and it's always higher than my last buy in.

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>You are buying GRT during this dip, right?
No. I'm saving my fiat for this March's Biden dump, and you should too.

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>he thinks the dump will happen in march and no sooner

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my bags are overflowing

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>hoping this was a pornstar
>google search shows she’s just some useless roastie singer
Fucking worthless

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I'm holding out for 0.34 for my next buy order.

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when should i buy? planned to konvert eth in grt

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she's nude in some of her modeling shoots, look for the one in a kitchen or something

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Just doubled my stack. Bought in at .32, got my next stack once it hit .40. WAGMI, just do not sell. Paper hands get the rope.

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True. Cycles seem to be accelerating geometrically. I thought March was too early, now I'm not so sure.

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I earned $3 worth of The Graph, free. All I had to do was watch a few videos on Coinbase. Easiest money I ever made. Now I wait for at least 5 years. Those roughly 6 GRT. gunna make it.

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bought a bag at 0,27 last week and a bag at 0,38 today. shouldve waited longer but how can one ever know

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hard to say for sure, there's significant buy volume around .39, but who knows how far this correction will go

I plan on buying in the morning regardless as this is very much a long-term hold. Even if it continues to dip all day tomorrow (unlikely imo as GRT tends to do well on the weekends) it will still be a good value 5 years from now.

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Holding GRT.
Bought MKR and more SNX earlier. Maybe some link.

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thanks anon. gonna put some coins there for delegating as start

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>no .420 chant
>no.69 chant
Nice it up!

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Realistic EOY for this?

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What are the rewards like per GRT delegated?

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Honestly I don't know. I've heard anywhere between $1-$5, $10, even $100. Jury is out imo.

However I continue to accumulate because something about this project gets me really excited. It's not even the google of blockchain, more like a combination of google indexing and aws elastic resourcing. It's doing something that can't *really* be done on current infrastructure.

I think $5 is a reasonable and maybe even conservative estimate, depending on how much early stakeholders continue to index at the 6-month mark. While I'd like to see big returns quick on this one, I'm more interested in following this tech and seeing if it excels in the market like most of us think.

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I think a unique combination of memes and legitimacy makes GRT around $25 possible EOY or mid 2022, but $5 seems like a good conservative estimate based on the legitimacy factor alone.

I have 610k delegated so I’m just fingers crossed I’ll make it in the next 12 months

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Nigga you got 610k? fuck my ass, i got like 6k

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I’ve been in crypto for a decade. The fact that I haven’t made it yet is shameful, but yeah I’m stacking that. I made a 10x buying the bear market in mid 2020

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bought at 0.6, I'm in massive pain but I keep holding...

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Do I just take my losses /biz/? How far this is tanking

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>liquidated in a week
Thanks for the pump poorfag!

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you got this brother, hold and you'll make it

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tfw I can't even buy more because my goddamn shakepay app won't accept my deposit. I'm temped to just pay the transaction fees on my credit card just so I can get some. The market is already rebounding some.

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Bought at 42 then again at 50
In it for the long haul idgaf
Moon or bust

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sold it just as the dip started to come for RBC.
Been much happier since, rode the wave up and cashed out in time

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2% credit card fee is nothing compared to when you get 10x.
t. lazyfag

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Which one of you retards dropped 3 million GRT on coinbase?

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based whale

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I took my losses at 48c. Knew it was over. Glad I did. Shit is about to drop to ATLs.

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the holocaust never happened imo

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i admire your persistence

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Goal is 5000 Grits in 3 weeks. Is it worth staking my 5000 grits? I’m going down or up with this ship.

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hail victory brother

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sieg heil indeed

>> No.26340273

i am staking it now i got 6k graphies. According to several sites should get like 150+ graphies a month?

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What's the suicide stack for this? 10k ?

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>you got this brother
Nice it up! Make it in ya dome make it in ya home. Des bloodclot vampayas nuh make it if wi nuh let em. One love! Jah guide!

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based and zogpilled

>> No.26340319

Interesting, I need to make this 10,000 Grits.

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absolutely. Been patiently waiting for the sale

>> No.26340346

Mine is 5K

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Forgot to buy yesterday thank kek, buying 2nite and hoping to have some 30 cent GRT's tmrw

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The thing I am most excited about with GRT that I have not seen anyone in these threads talk about is the potential for incentives. When more subgraphs hit the mainnet there will certainly be some competition. Imagine earning UNI for delegating to a pool indexing Uniswap.

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sound m8

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I bought 250 GRT, just excited to be here

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Safe lads who /sparkling/ here

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i dont think it will go that low. Holding out for .40 to come back around.

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clean ur fuckin shirt

>> No.26340780

Sorry chief been keying dw its going in the wash

>> No.26340935

>degenerate cokehead
literally either already have or never gonna make it

>> No.26340945

we back bois

>> No.26340992

I'm autistic so I'm waiting for whatever this shitcoin bottoms out at to buy in another 337 GRT, just so I'll have exactly 10k.

>> No.26341014

where can I stake my grt. I'm a total newfag at this

>> No.26341045

I'm waiting for Bitcoin to really crash and drag the entire market with it. I think we can go sub 0.20

>> No.26341059

>there are people here, right now, that didn't buy at ICO

also that jump straight to $.70 mightve fucked up my heart a little NGL

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▲ ▲

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The fact that you ask this indicates you’re not delegating. That’s what you should be doing, not selling.
> b-but my stack is so small..
Then what’s with the pink wojak and the paper hands?
> but it’s a lot of money for me
Then again you should be staking, but if you are after flipping a moonshot, this is probably not the right coin for you. It’s not going to suddenly 100x

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Had a buy order set at .38 just missed it lul
Grt not for sale

>> No.26341424

Newfrien detected

>> No.26341470

Anyone having trouble logging in to Coinbase?

>> No.26341536

it'll hit it eventually
didn't hear of it until day 3

>> No.26341566

I have $700 sitting on the exchange do I buy more grt or spend it on bitcoin when it hits the floor

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i've been posting on this imageboard since you were in short tro-HHNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG

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GRT if you want to take a gamble for the potential of much higher returns. BTC if you want a relatively safe investment where gains are practically guaranteed.

>> No.26341860

stake it nigger

>> No.26341867

by next week literally every coin will be up at least 15%. you're at the floor right now

>> No.26341905

>10,000,000,000 supply

I like this project but...lads...how is this going to reach a decent price? What am I missing?

>> No.26341987

most supply will be locked in delegation

>> No.26342010

most of that is going to be delegated and they burned 5 million coins or something on the first subgraph whatever that means

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realistically will this dump to 30 cents in the next few days or should I stop being greedy and buy now?

>> No.26342072

Is that supply fixed?

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Lmao spoken like a true retarded newfag. Absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

>> No.26342201

I just made 150 and I only started last week. Profit is profit niggah. Bet you sold on the dip

>> No.26342210

Alzheimer's hands

>> No.26342229

can you mine GRT? assuming i have the ability to run software on thousands of worker nodes, is it worth doing?

>> No.26342231

Get 10,050 GRT plus a few more (50 for the 0.5% delegation burn and like 5 GRT or so to transfer them to your metamask wallet) so you can stake exactly 10k :)

>> No.26342370

No, but you can run an indexer to earn GRT

>> No.26342378

Youd still be in a good place if you buy now

>> No.26342421

safe. i work for a company that provides CaaS to a fuck ton of companies. probably not worth my job installing a sidecar into all of their containers to index GRT but nice to know i could.

>> No.26342442

>4k in crypto
Do I go all in on RBC, GRT or ENJ? I need at least one moonshot to break out of four figure hell

>> No.26342473

delegation. that coin isn't in the market yet, and when it is most of it will be put into delegation so it's not in circulation. looking at supply without context can be misleading

>> No.26342477

Doubled my stack during this crash. See you guys in a year.

>> No.26342574

whoops my vpn still connected guess that's me fired seeya lads

>> No.26342779

I have 2077 coins ready for the the future moon mission currently, will accumulate more along the way

>> No.26343185

Trying to delegate my stack of 1600 grt, can someone let me know what a reasonable gas fee is ? right now its fuckin 30ish bucks

>> No.26343191

nice knowing you

>> No.26343258

Anyone see huge cup and handle?

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Most obvious cup and handle i've ever seen.
$5 before march.
ez. gg.

>> No.26343417

you're in a grt thread......

>> No.26343545

nigga this a bulltrap i m laffin

>> No.26343591

>Real GRTCHAD-ass niggers don't flex nuts
>'Cause real GRTCHAD-ass niggers know they got 'em

>> No.26343729

It's only a bull trap if you sell.

>> No.26343955

I'll share my newfag story to make you guys feel better. I cashed out all my BTC at 24,000 hoping to triple my investment in a few week. I went all in at .74 and have been bag holding ever since watching BTC go to 40,000.....

>> No.26344017

How much Bitcoin did you have? How much GRT did you get? Worst thing you could do now is sell low. Just delegated it and hope you gain back and then some. The token has a lot of upward potential.

>> No.26344207

5grt to transfer?
which platform do u use?
binance take a flat 15 grt fee
kraken 22!

>> No.26344218

boi you better be delegating that stack

20% APY on top of whatever gains this coin gets will make you feel a lot better real quick

>> No.26344399

Not selling it was my 401k after losing my job of 8 years lol only .37 btc

>> No.26344541

Oh you talk as if you lost like $100k. I have $20k worth and I'm comfy. Just ride it out.

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