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see you at $90

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thank you for your sacrifice we are going up again

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He sold?

See you at $3000 EOD.

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Support is breaking all the way down. $90 is being optimistic.

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>$58 fee to swap 0.7 ETH at the moment
whoever backed this absolute shitcoin?

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It's going to $15, never truly tested that level. My buy orders were set at $15, and $80 for ETH. The charts never lie.

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See you at $9K

Have fun regrettin'

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see you at $900

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Sold at 1.4k

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If this niggercoin didn't randomly pump to ATH before doing this I would have made 10x.

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I bought.

See you at $3000.

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i capitulated as well, unironically. still heavily in profit but lost $500k since the top. i sold almost everything, kept 10% of my stack just in case. it was a fun ride

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this. None who actually used ETH can be bullish in this absolute trash of technology

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lol absolute retard alert

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I'm not buying this shitcoin.

See you never.

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please dont go below $900 i might actually have a mental breakdown

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long 10x @1113

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remove it right now please i am begging you. you will lose your money

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You sold? LOL LOSER

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>biz selling
you know what to do

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easiest 10x

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thanks for the sacrifice . We moon now

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Same. Sold everything

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mmm look at those tasty outflows of eth from exchanges over the past month

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Why do retards like you just sell and not double down with shorts?

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Why come back at that point? The institutions and retail would be out and would be crying for the West to break the space. We'd all know "the tech" but actually understand widely that the public version of the tech is held for ransom by faggot speculators and whales that will block adoption unless you make them billionaires first. It doesn't pass the test unless this is just a fake out to shake off the 5-10x bloated ticks stuck on the long and short sides.

Thanks for the conversation, bot.

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Cope? I went all in at 125 you fag. Im never selling. Have fun w your fomo at 1440