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Don't get fooled by the Rubic pump and dump scammers here on /biz/.

For all the newfags that maybe don't understand what a ERC-20 token is:

Literally everyone can create such a token in minutes - it doesn't mean that this thing can do something. And that's where we are with Rubic.

Coordinated discord / telegram scammers bought many tokens and are now shilling this here @ /biz/ in hope that naive kids are buying their bags.

Why is it a scam?

1. The Rubic "team" consists of russian kids that know nothing about crypto-technologies. They have ZERO reputation.
2. Read their whitepaper ... it's plain bullshit - it's not even a good copypasta.
3. Go to their GibHub and laugh even more
4. Think about why this token is spammed here so much? If it would be an actual useful product the shills would be able to explain the technology - but none of them ever explained anything. They are just meming and hope that people are dumb enough to buy their bags.

Don't be stupid and think before you buy an obvious scam and end up with bags of worthless shittokens.

Thank me later :)

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not very good fud, but I gotta say that their token has a mint and freeze function.

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t. priced out seething nocoiner

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It's still going to be 100x before the scam is realized. If it is anyways.

Stay poor fagget

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you're mistaking the people that shill their custom tokens in the hopes of having people transfer ethereum to them, instead of buying them from the rubic official site. just buy your rubic now OP, there is still time

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Pump my bags please.

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lmao you're like the boomers on /pol/ who are always calling bitcoin a scam and shilling gold

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i also wish the price would dump so i can get more cheap, SAD

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Stop this slander!

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Now THIS is bullish for rubic.

Seriously why do you seethe so hard???

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Team has been around for years, and has a prior project that works. It's not a scam you goon. Nice try though.

Shouldn't you be working or something instead of googling Rubic images and slapping them into photoshop?

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should of bought more feels weird

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whales will dump before 0.20 anyways, you will find a way back in

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I've been scammed into a 5x somebody help me

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fuck off scammers

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Congrats to anyone who profited nicely with this pump and dump.

Anyone buying now is going to get first month GRT'd hard, except unlike GRT this is going nowhere after it dumps to $0.01.

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bye retard, hows the weather down there?

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dont. just let it happen. lets remove the lower end from the gene pool.

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Dear Lord,
Please burn these scamming kids for eternity in hellfire.

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imagine being this mad and full of regrets

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who cares if its a scam. does it matter if a legit coins does a 100x or if a scam does a 100x? RBC doesnt look scammy anyway

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Rubic has crosschain swaps, binance chain integration, transparency, and a solid roadmap. It has verifiable selling points which are easy for consumers to understand, a decently working product, volume, and a dedicated/helpful community.

Though obviously if you're considering accumulating, DYOR and make your own judgements. Don't listen to random people on /biz/ like me, and make your own financial decisions.

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So let me guess, you went through the effort of posting this all the while watching ETH\RBC in dex tools looking for an entry point since it's moving up right now. Why else would you put the effort into this?

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Дa, тoвapищ. Pyбик - лyчшaя мoнeтa. Buy rubic.

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Is Statera also a scam?

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3:45 10million RBC will be unloaded from discord

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Second time I ever buy a coin, and it's RBC. Crossing fingers, but l only risked fun money.

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>FUD your own bags to get better entry

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>Don't listen to people like me
too late, just bought 10k's worth

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I'm guessing you were the same one who said 2pm yesterday millions was going to be dumped?

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OP is based rubichad

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Statera is the most obvious scam in the book

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this has been established for a while now..

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Pump ze bags sir

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It's always the good projects that receive this type of fud. First it was Chainlink, then RSR and now Rubic.

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I cant find this pic anywhere on their site, not in their paper either. is it fake?

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VVT has 40 million CS for 6 months 1 million market cap sub200 holders and patents pending should pop

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It’s just a user created infographic

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