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>released a month ago, constant development since then
>based devs with an understanding of the shitcoin meta (read the small print on the website)
>future role as a governance token in a USEFUL trading terminal, released soon
>arbitrage pools (heavily modified balancer pools) coming sometime later
>2% tax only on SELL-SIDE transactions, which means holding gets you free tokens
>but you can also deposit LP tokens on the drip stream which currently has a 1305% APY
>best part, microcap of around 500k and marketing doesn't start until next week

In other words, 4 DAYS UNTIL DRIP RESET



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this puppy gonna make RFI look like BSV

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get ready for this shit going parabolic. there aren't many projects that hold as good as this and when >we get listed it's smooth sailing from there.

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>drip finally has a general

Okay lads, how much DRIP did you get so far from weak hands selling?
>3.5k here

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about 4k DRIP
$400 just for holding, thanks chumps

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stack sizes?

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10k make it stack, 100k fuck you money.
I of course, own 100k.

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