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>no data transfer
>no smart contracts
>no colored coins
>no adoption


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>2017 scams

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I don't even think about you at all, Iota.

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>a scam that's held over 500m marketcap for years and is now over 1b

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That won't fit in your pocket sir

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get fucked ioterrorists


>Let’s picture a scenario where we reach 75 billion IoT devices by 2025. Let’s forget, to keep things simple, that there will be billions of people owning cryptocurrencies by 2025. Therefore, let’s also assume that these IoT devices own all the crypto (Skynet!?). Now, let’s make a few calculations. The average amount of crypto that will be shared among these future 75 billion devices will be on the order of 37 thousand IOTA (or 37 kIOTA) or 1.78 octillion raw RaiBlocks (or 1.78 kXRB). From this, we can see that there will be much more flexibility in the transactional sense for RaiBlocks than for IOTA. This leads me to think that RaiBlocks could very well dominate the IoT space in the coming years, unless IOTA upgrades their protocol to either increase the max supply or allow for divisible IOTAs.

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Both are dead 2017 shitcoins desu

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>he cannot abstract from allegory
>he think a wristwatches will beat a smartphone
I know it's a hard thing to say, but I have no choice:


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Are you actually retarded? Serious question.

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Get fucked mohammad, the chad Aryan Nano is actually decentralized, and has never had its network frozen. Iota is a failed project.

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>bagholders keeping them alive

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>he doesn't know about IOTA patents

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How do Iota patents stack vs. Craig Wrights?

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He has none if he can't proof he's Satoshi (which mostly means proving he can move funds from Satoshi addresses). This will ofc never happen

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Same they can enjoy the centralized shit coin

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Nano has generally been a better hold on account of not having a foundation to support.

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Iota's are 1 millionth of a MIOTA you dumb cunt.
Nano also cannot transact data, nor has any insentive to hold the token, it's a payment solution for a dead idea of value.

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Phenomenal rebuttal idiot.

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Lol I dont even understand this argument. You are aware that the amount of IOTA can be split x10 or x1000 according to node-owner consensus? Weak FUD

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