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It will last until Mid-March. Literally, all indicators are aligned.
Have fun making some good money bizbros

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that is quite a statement

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Everything is aligned just like this summer's alt season, both TA dream indicators and the FUD.
> BTC double spending
> BTC CME GAP 3500
> 1d 2017 / 4h 2021 charts "this time is different right"?
Worst level of FUD ever.

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Do I really need to bump that shit

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>It will last until Mid-March
and then bear market 3 yrs?

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No, then it's BTC turn to pump to 75k and repeat. The bubble pops when my national TV presenter says she bought a little bag of BTC at >100k, around december.

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Yeah but this time POTUS is brabbing about making crypto illegal.

Should have voted Trump frens.

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yes yeeees price oracles will be needed on ethereum. give me all the dia

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don't give a fuck, eurofag here. You'll helpless over there

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bumpy bump

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>/pol/fag copium

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DAIQ is heavily undervalued.... dont miss out and hold until 1 dollar

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>all indicators are aligned
which ones

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>BTC double spending
but this is not fake...

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Well it is confirmed.
Gonna dump my next cheque on crypto

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This is the start of the crash season
You are unironically better off going n btc if you're retarded enough to hodl, alts always bleed more than btc

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Comfy sitting on my fat dmg stack shitcoin comrade. WE ARE ALL GOING TO MAKE IT
Except link and xrp schizos

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It's amazing how everything is playing exactly like December 2017 (new BTC ath) and January 2018 (alt season).

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Shit take

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mid march if it starts late feb. altseason is about 3 weeks long.

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I understand now why people invested in tulips.

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Is that horse poop on the ground?

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loook at eth price against btc, look at most shitcoins against btc

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>alt season
Hell yeah all in on them eferiums. 3k eom as normies jump ship from buttcoin.

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Then why the fuck would alts just stop in March if Btc went on to 100k newfag?

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Yes and it's (YOUR) job to clean it up wagie

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>implying implications

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