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Chainlink is on the WEF Website

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Who cares it's dumping again

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omg based

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You VILL get ze Lambo
You VILL get ze yacht
You VILL get ze mansion
You VILL get ze thot

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good find, anon
my new life in SEA will start soon

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The infrastructure of the 4th industrial revolution
it was all true

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Based and monkeypilled

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It's real

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absolutely turbobased

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holy shit

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so is hashgraph, nothing new faggot

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That's not "infrastructure 4.0", dumb dumb.

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are we the bad guys now?

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so that means assblaster was a Rothschild

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chain-link is literally building their oracle network ON hashgraph u retard

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>prepare de WEC fud

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So you figured it out

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Got that book today. Looking forward to reading it while buying linkies at $8 post dump this weekend

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Better to reign in hell than to serve in hell

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Are you seriously just learning about the Chainlink-WEF connection? I thought this was common knowledge

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i mean a part of me knew all along

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Life isn't like the movies, in the real world the bad guys always win, and you want to be on the winning team, don't you?

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They're building their oracle on everything

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That's not the point, you dummie.
OP shows Chainlink being mentioned as an "infrastructure 4.0" partner.
The mention of Hedera is not at the same level.

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>in the real world the bad guys always win
kinda cringe and not even true

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We always were.
i've known since 2018. It's just the first time I've seen their name on the actual website.

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> amazing news for a coin
> you're getting a nice dip to buy it
yeah who cares, not like this is a crypto investment forum or anything

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have you not read the WEF co authored chainlink whitepaper? its on the WEF website too

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"Always" was anon's exaggeration, but the most evil guys DO win most of the time.
Nazi Germany and Japan losing the WW2 is a fine example of the most evil guys winning.

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>in the real world the bad guys always win
what about hitler?

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That's a perfect illustration.

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Joe Biden could come out and say that chainlink was the de facto currency of the US and hence the world, and it would STILL dump 0.5%.

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If you want to be a good guy from here, you have to never sell your fucking link. I'm not joking. You have to hold it, stake it, and verify real truths. If a bad actor controls the lions' share of the infrastructure of the 4IR, anything they want to call the truth, will be the truth. Nobody can argue vs the oracle.

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If the bad guys won and wrote history, wouldn't they make the good guy out to be an evil that HAD to be defeated?

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Another paid partnershit

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no u guys dont get it hitler actually lost

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Always have been.
By buying LINK, we all know what we signed up for.
A temporary life of luxury in the mortal realm followed by an eternity of hell.

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That’s what he is saying? The good guys lost and the baddies rewrote the history. Are you 12 or something?

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I was thinking a 60 foot yacht. Now I’m
aiming for 100 feet.

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>we all know what we signed up for.
kek that's not true at all

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>he doesn't know
>what about hitler?

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So you didn’t willingly fund the dystopian future hoping you will be spared by (((them)))?

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First it's luxury in life, now you won't be spared by (((them)))? Make up your mind anon

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You need to have the same power, i.e. money, as your oppressors in order to defeat them

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>july 4 1776

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Because you can only escape their plans and live in luxury if they decide to spare you. Or if they think holding LINK gives you an equal footing with them. It’s always been this way.

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nah, just part of the cycle

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>Hitler Nazi scientists became Americans

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This loony-toon NWO cultist is probably going to actually have you practicing the law of attraction, doing seances and all kinds of mumbo-jumbo New Age shit eventually, desu.

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You’re probably thinking about /XSG/

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I don’t need to buy because I’ve been here since 2017 newfag

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And now Europe is being threatened by being overrun by third world niggers and muslims, our children are being fed hormones to change their genders, men are cutting off their penises, there's talk about 100% surveillance, yet we are apathetic and don't even care.

I'd say, point in case.

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then what do you care if its dumping again?

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We're gonna make it

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look at the list

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Literal space frogs now.

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Explain this now

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Yes but see they didn't live in a hyper technocratic information warfare based society.

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Holy fucking based... we are going to make it bros. Would also encourage everyone to check out Serg’s latest podcast if they wanna listen to the big man himself:

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ctr f chanlink - 0 result

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This is literally why BTC is dumping. CZ spends 8 hours a day on /biz/

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Indeed, case in point

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chainlink somehow held its own during this BTC dip
normally, it would've dropped to $12 - $13 with this kind of dip

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Kek i love how literal autists on here figured this out years ago and were buying a rank 140 neet cube. Its insane how early we were on that trend.

Now its out in the open and i think normies are in disbelief. Its too surreal to them to accept how insanely correct and ahead biz were so they can only memory block it and ignore it hoping their own shitcoin moons rather than accept it

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>CZ spends 8 hours a day on /biz/
So what, he doesn't ride his electric bike to keep the price up or something?

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whiny excuses
testament that we live in a weak age, but not all of us are weak. Some are thinking about the other side of the collapse

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>Some are thinking about the other side of the collapse
Yeah, us. You can huddle up innawoods like a bitch, I'm gonna be living large as a pseudoelite.

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Checked and very bullish

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>btc maxi laughing at me on this board because link took a shit in sats due to the bitcoin pump
>link stable, btc gagging on its own effluence

god I hope he necks

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Africa50 is also listed as a partner.
Should we be go long africa50?

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so is this the time you're going to swap your link for btc? If not, what do you care?

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Is there anything new in this podcast?

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CSW is gonna bring the wrath of the WEF globalists on him

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Long prized in. The shitty meme organisation that is also partnered with the LC scam? kek.

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>Pajeet English

Paid fudder detected.

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To those who cannot stand selling their soul for a temporary luxury, Cardano is a great alternative for running smart contracts.

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Always have been

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thats my life now so whatever

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If you win, you lose.

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3 pedoes in the pic, kek.

>> No.26301437

So may as well invest in it right? because there's no way we're beating the globalists at this point.

>> No.26301463

Go all in on africa50

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>the time I have left to become a global elite is running out

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We were early and we were vocal. Posting daily about WEF + LINK for three years. Anyone who dismissed it as “spam” or “shilling” is fucking retarded.

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I haven't been following LINK since like September (?) when I sold all my holdings. I saw Sergay kept dumping 500k so I got out. How has it been since?

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>so I got out
nigga i don't even hold link cause I'm poor but why the fuck would you do that? the shilling about the World Economic forum started earlier

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It was close to the ATH and Sergay was dumping. I had made a 5 figure profit so I was satisfied. Now I see this and I think LINK actually does hold more merit

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So why did the WEF go from calling it the 4th industrial revolution to the great reset? Doesn't great reset sound worse?

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You can say that again

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I admit i was retarded but now im ready to Listen.
Tell me its worth going all CL

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Nothing really new but I always enjoy listening to Serg. He’s clearly thinking very long term with where all of this is going.

>> No.26301798

I have been trying to figure out when the switch occurred but no luck yet. I think great reset was refers to societal changes and 4IR refers to technological changes underpinning the GR. it’s also easier to understand for normies. Dumb people don’t know about the 3 prior revolutions Schwab refers to.

Normies with 50 link will never make it so don’t worry.

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>. I think great reset was refers to societal changes and 4IR refers to technological changes underpinning the GR

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three years nigger. Nobody cares if you go all in with ur 10k USD now. It gets you 500 Link. If you didnt buy in the last 3 years, youre priced out.

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Fucking retard. WEF was known since 2017 and Sergey “dumping” was outlined from ICO.

Weak handed faggot will never make it

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I never realized how clown the world was until I got a 6 figure job in 2019 and tried to buy as much link as possible but could only put 30k in at the end of the year.
I had 10k from 2017-18 for literal pennies on the fucking dollar as a college student. But the next 10k were legit impossible to get. Shit is insane and I did bot make it to 20k

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Lawful Evil

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Ok, thanks. I'll save it for a night I'm bored.

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I fucking understand that but you must understand that in not ready to roll over and die because i was stupid. Im not begging but i am asking advice from People that know whats going on, meaning you guys.
Don't think in happy to be "newfag". It sucks.

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Holy shit some people actually belived the surgey dumping fud? Fuck me.
It was outline from the start he would dump to pay for shit throughout the process and to support the network while bootstrapping it. Anons fudding about him dumping were doing it ironically and some people ACTUALLY SOLD because of it fucking LOL

>> No.26302185

Did you guys actually know about the WEF back in 2017?

>> No.26302216

actual pedoelite

>> No.26302225


Obviously it was spammed all over tue place daily at that point. Only around mid 2019 i noticed people stopped bringing it up as often

>> No.26302230

Even the walletautist was memeing about the 50k dumps going on in 2018 being an exit scam, fucking kek.

Even the most basic fud (“it’s just a Json parser” “token not needed”) works

>> No.26302236

Chainlink (Smartcontract dot com) was mentioned in Klaus Schwab's 2016 book "The Fourth Industrial Revolution", so yes we knew about the WEF back then.

>> No.26302239

sure, it's written in a book... You just have to find it. ;)

>> No.26302260

Desperate times calls for desperate measures anons.

>> No.26302265

The capped post in that image has a date on it. Early as 2017 we knew about WEF + LINK and it was discussed at least once per day for 3 years.

>> No.26302282


I lol thinking how many noobs got jewed out of a suicide stack alone just because of json paser/coffee standard/dumping fud

>> No.26302299

Stay mad whiteboy

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I only have 10k linkies, but god damn, okay, I know understand what was meant by never selling.

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I honestly still can't believe there are people who ACTUALLY believed the cup of coffee thing.
I've seen people with enough knowledge to shit out semi-decent fud who unironically believed it.

>> No.26302383

There are still hundreds of anons who aren’t all-in on link to this very day. Some are probably reading this thread right now.

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it was true....all of it

>> No.26302454


Hard for me to believe it too but there are definitely people out there, biz regulars or not, who read shill threads then first comment “token not needed” then never looked further into link lol

>> No.26302558

Everyone on this board was a 'newfag' at some stage, despite their over-confident language. In fact, I often think to myself that anons who employ such terms themselves aren't a bit unsure of themselves. It's common for people to hide behind language like that. So don't worry. And welcome.

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Here i am, 150 links and i regret not buying at 1$. Any advice

>> No.26302608

Buy it at any price. $20 will look ridiculous in a couple of years

>> No.26302620

I think the newest FUD is that you need 10k or 1k link to make it. Newfags will feel like they’re priced out and are better off buying shitcoins, which isn’t true. Link will reach $1000 easily within a few years. What they fail to understand is that OGs have been holding for around four years now and still haven’t cashed out. They could plan the same long term accumulation over 3-4 years and be laughing at the newfags in 2025 who are asking if 1 link is enough to make it.

>> No.26302623

Kek exactly

>> No.26302643

I only started posting/lurking here a year ago and I bought a bunch around 2- 3 dollars. I saw lots of FUD but the fact that it was constantly being posted made me look more and more into the breadcrumbs and lead to me buying.

>> No.26302661

Im not worried im just lurking and trying to build a picture as to what ja happening in this cycle and with Link. I'd be thrilled to get a decent advice altho i know thats not what you do in these time of a year

>> No.26302717

1. Linkpool will moon harder than link
2. You can accumulate link over the next few years with a plan to make it next bull run.
3. Stay on biz during the bear market and pay attention.

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File: 401 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2021-01-21-13-21-02-271_com.blockfolio.blockfolio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here are all my savings. What says you

>> No.26302772

This would be an improvement

>> No.26302795

The truth is no one really knows how quickly things will move. We've done pretty well so far, though some anons behave as though things are moving slowly. Chainlink God on Twitter is a great resource, if you're looking to learn more.

>> No.26302801

You people don’t pay attention. The reason everybody believes in link is because it was always the Illuminati satanist coin...you think all the schizo witchcraft numbers talk was a joke

>> No.26302882

Ill check that out, thanks

>> No.26302885

Sell the shitcoins and buy LP instead.
Focus on buying link whenever you have cash. Change your entire life to accommodate buying link, eat cheaper food, try to get 1k then 2k etc etc. It will add up.
I guess you can keep some shitcoins but I really can’t advise on whether they’re any good. During a bull run many shitcoins will moon hard but they will dump 98% too. Don’t get left holding bags.
Also do your research into Chainlink. Warosu is great.

>> No.26303080

*in a year

>> No.26303097

I am. Fucking bought at like 3.50 a year ago then sold when it hit 20. Looking to reenter soon.

>> No.26303226

Bagholding is the one thing that scares me as i don't know how the bullrun runs and therefore don't know where we are in this one.
Plan on buying more lp event tho its fucking expensive

>> No.26303243

Where the fuck do you buy lp I don’t even see it on coingecko

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>> No.26303438

LINK is pumping in sats right now, doesn’t give a fuck about BTC shitting the bed.

>> No.26303491

why would anons want to fud fellow anons from making it ;_;
i would never. i love you all so much.

>> No.26303566

Only available from staking page
It’s on a bonding curve
Not available to us residents but idk if that’s stopped anyone

>> No.26303649

I dont get it

>> No.26303716

Because we are a toxic community and spoon feeding people will make this place go to shit. We only want people who can think and defend whatever shitcoin they are shilling. The main purpose of this board is to scam both new and old users. We only want a very select type of person to make it.
All whilst calling everyone exactly what they really are, niggers looking for free gibs.

>> No.26303754

the weed out the weak obviously
if you cant think for yourself you dont deserve to make it

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>selling ever
Wtf WHY, literally all you have to do to become a multi millionaire is get 10k link and wait. So easy.

Honestly the bullrun on btc could be ending right now, or it could just be a correction before the run to $100k. That’s why accumulating LINK is a better strategy. MANY anons lost everything last bullrun because they were holding shitcoins. It’s a real risk.

Welcome newfriend. And this is why LP will moon harder than LINK. Use Warosu, Linkpool is completely unknown outside of biz, and there are regular threads on Linkpool with lots of info here. If you want to know how to buy just use warosu, I’m not gonna spoonfeed you and hold your hand every step of the way. Soon you will be able to buy LP on regular exchanges because they are switching to erc-20 token. Right now it’s only available on their dex. When the switch occurs in the next few months LP will drop at #75 on cmc and it only has like 700 holders. It will easily rise to top 20 or even top 10 when link staking comes out which is about the same rise that Chainlink itself had.

So we could accumulate more link. Also boredom and playing devils advocate, testing ideas and debating whether link really is the golden ticket.

Burgers can just use a VPN

>> No.26303903


Welcome to the thunderdome MF

>> No.26303999

There's only room for one bear and one big bull.

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>> No.26304149


>> No.26304227

>WEF Website
literal who.

wef is a paid book club

>> No.26304422

Think of it like a hazing ritual.

>> No.26305495

Do you goys ever consider the possibility that all of Sergey's one million LINK dumps (currently $21M per week) go straight to Schwab and the WEF? The WEF is just the world's most expensive bookclub. Sergey pays for them to shill LINK. What if it turns out to be all hype and one big nothing Mac?

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>> No.26305733

>5 GRT
You know you can get some free on Coinbase?

>> No.26305777


>> No.26305794

you can't tell the difference between 1 and 7?

>> No.26305841

that's the prague metro, just noticed

>> No.26305866

I can, but can the WEF?

>> No.26306484

Interesting that these two users both employed the term 'book club' in describing the WEF, only 2 posts apart from one another.

>> No.26306524

god save

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>> No.26306626

kek exactly

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its from here


>> No.26306784

Yeah that seems fishy

>> No.26306828

Yeah that seems fishy

>> No.26307104

They're also shitting two posts across from each other on a street in Mumbai.

>> No.26307121

you can have steaking or eat ze bugs, /biz/. which will it be?

>> No.26307286

Sergey is playing 4D chess.

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holy fuck

we made it

>> No.26307524

God the amount of insufferable mouth breading basement dwelling neck beards.
Literally none of you guys seem to have some kind of business, finance whatever background, watching the posts. What is the thing with the 100s others partners also on that list - will they also make a 1000x because muh Infrastructure 4.0? Yeah if you are involved in a industry and you have not even some kind of attention from intitiatives or conglomerates like the WEF in CLs case you should be worried. It just shows the immaturity of you hyperfocused man child’s getting wet over seeing LINK on that list. Even IOTA, the most elaborate scam scheme of them all in crypto gets all kinds of heat from industry working groups
This means nothing by itself but yeah what should I even say in this shithole

>> No.26307982

Kek get a load of this newfag cope

>> No.26308590

look it up yourself

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the nature of this website is to destroy the ego of who ever engages in conversation, ego gets in the way of the discussion of ideas and detaching your ideas from your identity is useful to discussion. Gate keeping memes are used to destroy the ego so the discussion can be improved. That's why lurking is important, we can about your ideas not you.

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File: 415 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-01-21-15-13-11-334_com.kraken.trade.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is going on with Kraken? I only own chainlink on here.

I'm financially ruined!!!

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>> No.26309322

Africa will be a supercontinent by 2050, so unironically, yes.

>> No.26309446


>> No.26309737

1 LP is currently ~80 ETH, giving LP a current market cap of ~320,000 ETH ($390m) based on 4,000 total LP tokens outstanding. The original LP crowdsale was at 1.4 LP/ETH, meaning those crowdsale participants have seen their LP appreciate by 112x.

A 10x return from here would already put it at #13 globally. I find it hard to believe there could be material upside in LP (although I guess it could outperform LINK as LINK is already top-10)

Interested in your opinion, I'm just trying to do some research here and mildly annoyed I missed what seems to have been a great run in LP already.

>> No.26309822

YOU WILL OWN NOTHING (but chainlink)

>> No.26309839

But bros i very recently started buying in. I want to make it.

>> No.26310180

A further x10 is a given for LP, minimum. You have to ask yourself what % of Link’s mcap do you think is reasonable for their #1 node? The % of traffic that LP takes care of could give some indications. You can make price predictions accordingly.

Bear in mind that 99% of people will not be able to stake link on their own. Buying pressure will be immense once we have staking and with less than 700 holders who are not going to want to sell there will be a serious premium. Don’t forget that LP holders will get passive income from ETH staking as well as NaaS and anything else LP offers.

>> No.26310377

thanks, appreciate the color there. I guess I've got some more research to do.

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