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>U.S. Treasury Secretary nominee Janet Yellen reportedly said she would consider taxing unrealized capital gains

Bitch what the fuck?

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Did this dumb bitch read the Bible where God commanded people to use gold and silver as money?

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of course not, she’s a fucking jew, imagine the sheer size of her personal PM stack she’s hiding in her basement

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She has most certainly read the Torah and it say's she's Yahweh's chosen

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Le OlD lAdy YellAn At The ClOudS xD

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She used to be Queen of the Bulls, Im not sure what went through her mind now.

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Do we need 15 threads all day long on the same subject? Or are you messing with some bots or something?

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Hebrew is actually Greek, so this demon couldn't even get chosen by Ash Ketchum

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And how would they even do this? Would they say "hey goy! I see you were holding some fagcoin and I also see that fagcoin rose up to $42 last year. Since you are getting taxed on last year this is the unrealized gain we are using. I don't car that it dropped to $3.21 the day after and has crabbed since. You owe those taxes, goy!" But you made no sale and you have no fiat because you're a filthy neet who invested his parent's allowance. They go to take your crypto but then it just so happens you lost your crypto wallet in a boating accident the other week. What will they do?

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Someone take this old yeller out behind the shed

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>be Biden
>pick exclusively jewish cabinet
>They want to take all my future money

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She looks like a debased Ayn Rand

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>Guess her folio.
Probably all in xmr.
Would be based if she was waiting for the bor moon scrolling through /biz realizing what a bitch she is

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would need senate majority right

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Not claiming tax
Lol at being a burger and not having dual citizenship and residency so your hard earned money doesn't go to niggers

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>Lol at being a burger and not having dual citizenship and residency
The US government taxes you even if you live outside the US.

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she now sees what her past unchecked greed turned into

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and if you try to renounce citizenship they hit you with unrealized gains tax lols

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Bullish on ZYK (Zyklon)

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if true, im gonna steal every plant i can find from public parks

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>Hebrew is actually Greek

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frauden lost

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With Jews you lose.

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She also had comments on crypto being a scheme/scam. Hard to disagree as the plan is to rush into the newest coin early and dump the old. Cash out when you can, there’s going to be some very nasty comments on crypto soon.

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You have to admit though, it takes some chutzpa to call out shit coins for being pump and dumps while you're literally in charge of the combined Treasury/Fed office of BRRRRRRRRRR. Pots and kettles, you know?

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might be something similar to the Dutch system, where you basically need to report a snapshot of your portfolio on january the 1st and than you pay a fixed percentage of tax on that value, regardless of what the prices are the rest of the year

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Nice Simpson’s reference Reddit

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do euros really?

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