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any high iq parsiq holders still lurking round these parts? ... i fear we're a dying breed

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I'm here for you brother, just increased my stack a few hours ago
I truly believe in anatoly and his team

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yes but if I'm being honest I'm going to sell most of my stack the next leg up when we're above $2.

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I might too desu

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>FOMO buy at 1.40
>is now at 1.19

i'm never listening to this place again

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yeah no it's just i don't feel the need to post as often as back in August

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how does $150 sound?

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I see myself needing the money short term.
If I was just slightly more comfortable financially I'd have no problem leaving it for a year at least.
I'll leave a couple k though in case it moons really hard.

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Is this the kind of thing you could see yourself holding long term? How much do you think it'll be eoy?

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I want some so bad but I missed it. Just can’t justify buying in on a coin post 1$. Call me retarded tho sure I’ll fomo hard cuz of this

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Assuming that the bull run continues I think $10 is a pretty reasonable estimate.

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maybe you just want more than a 10x ?

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Thanks anon, will hodl for another year and see what happens :)

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Here. Bought this dip a little for quick flip of money as 5$ is comming right after Huobi listing at the end of January.
10$ maybe end of March when staking comes in.

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