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>he still thinks ecommerce is a gimmick

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I don’t think anybody does. I think you’re just looking for some attention on a basket weaving forum.

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Whats your YouTube channel?

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and what was the expense OP?
Sales =/= revenue

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>62k in 20 days
I made that much in 6 hours on Rubic kek

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I mean income obv

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Nice job man. Im doing 70-80k a month as well. Its nice when you start making normie yearly salaries per month.

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Yes you did anon, I am sure everyone here believes you and you're not just larping, pretending to feel smart

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>62.88k revenue
>300 profit after ads and texes

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based as fuck rubichad

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Good shit ecombro. A few more months and we’ll be doubling our current monthly revenue.

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I have an aversion to this because of an ex roommate of mine just getting swindled on "courses" for dropshipping and never making a cent, pretty sure that's what happens to 95% of people who try this

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Damn. Never seen anyone on here pull those kinds of numbers in ecom. I tried it for a little while, but never got anywhere.

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Wew, that's an average of $73.11 per blowjob
you must have a velvet mouth & a nice wig collection anon

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What do you guys sell?

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How? I can build WordPress, do I just need to connect WooCommerce somehow? Make shit on printing? How do you deal with returns and shit?
I am a dumb cunt for not doing this, please help.

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There you go - I don’t dropship. I keep all my inventory on hand.

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i'll bite: what are y'all peddling

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I don't need to know the product but how would I get started? And how much capital do I need?

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Just sell courses ez money

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I sell audio equipment to boomers off my website. Ive gotten so good at it, i have them rushing to give me $2,000 deposits just to see my next inventory. Lol I can make 10-20k in a few hours. All i gotta do turn up the Instagram traffic.

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Damn, gj anon
Fuck I feel like a loser just trying to figure my ecommerce shit out

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How do you do it anon?

I tried but I failed. Dropshipping.. lots of marketing expenses and long shipping.

Inventory... too risky and products not selling.

Whats the key to be succesfull on this?

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How important is it to find a niche, anon? Is what you sell something they can't get anywhere else or does that not really matter that much?

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Google dropship ceo

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>dropship ceo
Is this legit?
Can anyone give me good examples of e-commerce that one guy can do?

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My buddy drop ships plastic garbage from china through "giveaway raffles" on instagram where he tells everyone who enters that they won a the free prize and they just have to "pay the shipping" but the shipping actually covers the full cost of it, the cost of shipping and a markup. He does all of this out of his basement.
He made 160k in profits doing this last year.

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Yeah man its huge. Building a real brand is the goal, not to slang alibaba shit for quick cash.

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Id love to teach people my system, however its crazy how hard it is to show people how to make millions online. Every one thinks you’re trying to scam them.

Oh well.

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A guy approached me *in person* recently and talked to me out of nowhere. At first I thought he was gay. But he steered the conversation to business opportunities and said he was in an entrepreneurial ecommerce group with some other young guys. I'm open to new things so I pressed him for more details and he only could really say buzzwords like "revenue stream" and "ecommerce" and seemed shaky on explaining what they actually did, so I ultimately ended the convo cordially and never reached back out for more information.

Of course a small part of me thinks "what if there's really something there", but the pragmatic part of me thinks "this is some sort of MLM, make the top guy rich while getting nothing for yourself" thing.

Anybody else experience this?

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luck and or connections
like everything else

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I'm envious of you ecom bros. I've looked into it extensively and tried a few different things out. I'm not sure how to make it over that initial hump where you're no one with no rep, no instagram clout etc.

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is that even legal.

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Help me get started then faggot

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scams are people who talk in cliches and quotes then tell you you need the $300 gumroad course first. I am interested, I grew up with a heavily religious/frugal background so I lack the imagination to think of things people waste money on

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i havent experiences that but anyone who approaches you like that either in person or online is trying to make money for themselves, not you.
just remember that.

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Oh Vinylanon, it’s legit. What’s the key to getting boomer traffic? Anything irl or was it just social media campaigns and seo stuff?

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The only part that is iffy is the part where he tells everyone that they won the raffle. That could be fraud, but he had a lawyer check it out and was told as long as he words it correctly he's in the clear.
Technically he's telling the truth when he says they only have to pay for shipping, because paying him to resell is an aspect of the shipping cost.

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I go to the internet marketing party here in my city. Its been crucial for getting around other people making money online. I even helped set up the event for free, just to get in good with the guy who runs it. Im pissed Traffic and Conversion Summit was canceled 2020, i really wanted to check it out.

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wtf are you faggots selling to make like $30k+ a month.

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Have amazing pics of shit that gives them childhood memories. And then a great landing page that collects their name, email, phone number. But DO NOT post prices on your website, make them give you their information first. thats the carrot to get them down the funnel.

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I wonder if anyone tried marketing to crypto users.
Only demographic of people who are much wealthier than the average population.

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Yes all I do is FB ads. I dont even fuck with SEO. Getting 20k page views a month right now.

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Nice tip

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Here's a retarded question your majesty:
I want to sell weed parapharnelia like bongs and stuff. I know where I can buy them for cheap wholesale. How do I go about selling them? Amazon?

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Ecomm is just a business model . You could say dropshipping shitty Ali express product s Is a gimmick but saying e comm in general is a gimmick Is Just retarded

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That was a scam

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Over saturated , inventing some cool bong or pipe that would do well with a video ad is the way to go here . Like that gravity bong you filled with beer and chugged as the smoke filled, shit like that

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How do you obtain your products? Are you buying from chinks and holding at your warehouse?

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>tfw FB ad account was restricted with no reason given
>appealed and still got denied with no reason given
Apart from going to FB HQ and shitting on their doorstep, what do I do now? Google ads?

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What's the upfront cost usually like for setting up a business like this? I think there's definitely room for certain types of electronics that I could add some branding to.

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I source my niche antiques off Craigslist and ebay. Then i pay a guy to refinish and retro fit them.

However now i have high end craftsman build my shit and sell products 10-20k per unit.... and i cant keep up with the demand so I recruited 5 more craftsmen.

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any time someone tries to sell you a way of making lots of money... ask yourself why they aren't just doing their magic method

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Why do you niggers always want to sell the cheapest shit and undercut costs??? You cant compete with big box or other sellers. You gotta go niche and you gotta go highend and provide a better sales experience and unbelievable service. RICH PEOPLE WILL PAY FOR SERVICE.

Get out of your poor person mentality and realize there is an ocean of money in boomers and rich peoples pockets. But you have to understand their desires. No coupons, no discounts, no free shit. Do the opposite of every other ecomm business.

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But where do I selling it, sir?

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My thought was that with weed probably going to be federally legalized, in the future many people will be going online to buy lighters, i was thinking maybe some novelty lighters or something. Am i just retarded here or am I onto something?

>> No.26292770

not just lighters, bongs, pipes, etc too.

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Any advice for life sciences. I want to sell manufacturing supplies but regulatory fees ward me off.

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Go find the highest end glass blower and sell 5k custom made bongs to rich fucking stoners. Learn to sell.

Why should they do this? So they look cool in front of their stoner friends??? Thats your job to figure out and exploit. The bad part is FB wont let you run ads for that shit.

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I appreciate very much that you don't shill a certain platform, and only give advice when asked. you're a gem, and that's rare on here.

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thanks anon, will look into it.

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I also pay a jew to advise me. If you’re not renting jewish brains. You’re ngmi.

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Damn that's nice anon. Congratulations, and best of luck.

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That guy was a retard,

TIP: Get some exposure and experience in something before asking for help so you can call out 95% of the frauds in any industry. If you dont know anything about it, they hold all the power.

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I’ve seen this thread every day for the past week. Are you just looking for attention on 4chan, or shilling shopify? Either way you are one pathetic loser.

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Thats pretty low, my pump and dump dropshipping op was getting 100k pageviews a week but it got shut down.

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>I feel like a loser for trying to learn/improve

But why anon? I make like $2k/month online aa a side hustle in addition to my wagie job and my crypto trading. Creating a comfy life starting from nothing feels great and I've probably spent more time learning online than normies spend on social media.

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I would start selling weed to rich people. Then when they come over for a bag. Show them your custom hand made bongs. Learn to upsell.

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I've been selling shirts on CafePress since 2005 as a hobby, just opened a TeeSpring last year for my new designs. Are the FB ads really worth it? I've never wanted to give zucc any money, so I've never tried an actual ad campaign.

>> No.26293302

I remember you anon, glad you’re still going strong

>> No.26293321

Just make another account and than add multiple legitimate accounts (family, friends etc) or some more burner accounts to your business manager on facebook

T. Someone who sells a grey market service via Facebook and has been locked 10 times now

>> No.26293362

FB ads are good if you can make a clickbait video ad, atleast that's my experience with it.

>> No.26293374

what's your protonmail?
I've built several ecommerce platforms
we might be able to help each other out

>> No.26293404

Running a fairly new tshirt brand that’s very much enjoyed by those who have bought it, but having trouble attracting new customers via fb ads.

Any advice on fb ads my fellow anons?

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Bro FB is the greatest marketing tool thats ever been made. Every $500 i put in returns me $3000 in profit.

>> No.26293473


Damn, alright.

Back when minds .com made it hella easy to buy views for free I ran ads there. I might need to come up with some actual decent designs and throw some money at a campaign then. My best selling shirt ever was literally just "THANKS OBAMA" in impact font. Fucking normies lmao

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Facebook is fucking garbage, I don’t use my account at all (understood it was deleted until it was magically “reactivated”). Then without doing anything I get banned or whatever faggot bullshit they call it. I experimented in setting up a business account/page, really didn’t do anything and mysteriously got banned again. Could it be an ad block thing?

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[email protected]

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Know what we need? Another thread about the price of bitcoin.

>> No.26293614

Who is telling the truth here?

>> No.26293615

POD is competetive but if you have a design normies like it will print. You probably have to test 50 designs to find one that works though

They want ein or ssn

FB doesnt know who you are and after the whole "muh election hackerino" in 2016 they have gotten more and more strict, for this election as well. They need to know who you are and you can have 2 bms and as many ad accounts as you need

>> No.26293631

Did he say "master mind group"?

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I don’t doubt it’s a great marketing tool but it’s a pain in the ass to just login, at least for me.

>> No.26293677

>They want ein or ssn
I’m not American though

>> No.26293685

>[email protected]
not found

>> No.26293719


I pay a guy $500 a month to run that shit for me. He used to work at fb and then once they taught him everything he quit and started his own agency.

>> No.26293734

Foriegn accounts got the worst of it. Get a us llc or any canadian uk aus equivalent

>> No.26293774


Maybe its [email protected] Sorry never use my burner that much.

>> No.26293798

i would’ve made exactly that amount if i sold the top and didnt baghold to 1.2 cents, im only 20k in profit now

>> No.26293815

>I've built several ecommerce platforms
For yourself?

>> No.26293824


its called RUBIC kek

>> No.26293828

How did you start your pages out? Did you reach out to friends / family to build some organic base or how did that work out?

>> No.26293833

My bs alarm just went off, dont know if you're not telling the full truth or the agency guy lied to you. Inside FB they dont give you everthing you need to know in almost any position. If he knew the whole ads platform front to back he would be paid way more and likely wouldnt even think of starting his own agency. If hes one of fbs "account managers" they are retards that tell people to run traffic ads.

>> No.26293872

Good to know, thanks

>> No.26293901

6 figures monthly

>> No.26293926

nah that's no good bro

>> No.26294141


My IG was my original website. I followed and unfollowed people in my target demographic (back before they had limits) i estimate i followed and unfollowed about 100k people to get to 10k followers. Then i got a bot. But now I run paid traffic and the shit is so good.

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whats a valid protonmail bruh

>> No.26294199


He could have lied. All i know is I dont have to fuck with that nightmare ads manager and the traffic and leads come in.

>> No.26294280

I'm a professional web developer. I'm looking to get into drop shipping on the side. Shoot me a message if you wanna bounce ideas or work together.
I can automate things, setup sites, hosting, custom web development..etc
[email protected]

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fuck this guy

>> No.26294376

Does anyone know where to buy aged Facebook ad accounts? Need accounts that can run 5-40k of ads a week.

>> No.26294506

check blackhat world

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total sales: $100k
profit: $241

>> No.26294590

damn that's a fly look

>> No.26294753

Post actual in hand money after cogs + taxes + payment processor fees + platform fees.

>> No.26294820

this anon again, good to see you doing well

just make sure you get yourself some massive STAck when it is still under a dollar

>> No.26295575

They get banned fast ive tried a few places

>> No.26295658

If you want better media buyers check out alex fedotoff or depesh mandalia. Alex has a pretty solid YouTube channel about media buying, you should try his agency out. Im in 0 way affiliated but i think he could help.

>> No.26296281

What’s the supply like? You contact a manufacturer in China?

>> No.26296439

Did you take any online courses? if so what would you recommend? also is that Amazon seller central, do you use the dropshipping model or FBA?

>> No.26296670

This shit isn't scalable and extremely zero sum
If you're smart start a tech company
If you're too retarded for tech try ecom or real estate

>> No.26296726

And even then I'd only do ecom shit if you have a significant bankroll already and you have a knack for consoomer marketing

Retards who think they're gonna make millions slapping their logo on Alibaba/Wish garbage = kek

>> No.26296816

Lol I know I right, I'm in a crypto day trading group and we make $70k a month with our trades, but when people find our website they assume we're scammers, and before I joined I thought it was a scam as well

>> No.26296914

My mom wants to start a website, she used to resell on ebay about 10 years ago but that isnt very profitable anymore.
I want to help her out with this this spring, she already has a huge inventory as she has been collecting for nearly 40 years.
Is going for a niche the way to go?

>> No.26297151

>At first I thought he was gay.
Lol id be paranoid of that too. If it was a woman id be paranoid she's trying to sell me something

>> No.26297642

Share link fgt

>> No.26297773


I have tons of designs. Most of them don't sell... but its such low effort and I like designing them, so i don't mind.

>> No.26297946

Lol why not just use Shopify? way cheaper than paying some pajet.

>> No.26297969

good job OP.
ive got a couple POD things set up but im pretty passive with them outside of the design part (the part i actually enjoy)
i know i've got things that will sell if they are seen by the right demo but i have put zero effort in advertising outside of making IG accounts. may just hire a pajeet on fiverr to do FB ads. or do it myself idk.

>> No.26298059

>Retards who think they're gonna make millions slapping their logo on Alibaba/Wish garbage = kek
This. Hey Op how many variations of Ali Express do you have blocked on your ads?

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