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PRQ holders - this is a good project. It will be worth significantly more than its current ath in the future, relax and hold. I'm noticing on biz there are like 5 threads posted at the same time, spreading the same token supply fud on PRQ. This is orchestrated by people who want PRQ to tank so they can buy it up and hold. Do not sell for this reason alone

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It’s ogre

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I don't really care, I took profits on PRQ already near its ATH because there's another project I believe in a lot more. I still hold a small moon bag but, entirely indifferent to it. I just don't want to see people who bought for the fundamentals get burned off pajeetpsyops

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>because there's another project I believe in a lot more

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Sorry but not going to say right now. I have a couple friends who need a couple more days to get their bags in, then I'll make one detailed post about it

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Always so the opposite of what biz says. People trying to load up cheap bags before this shit goes to the moon. Easy money.

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Kys faggot

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What will the thread title be so I can search for it?

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It will be faggot pajeet shills pump and dump scam that other faggots fall for and get burned

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Token supply is old news. Dyor to anyone crying about that.

We should have a new exchange by then too, not unicrap.

I'll see all the fellow holders at $3 EoM

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It's not coordinated. It's one autistic slav.

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In the post I will clearly and concisely explain everything. What it is, what it does, why it's needed, a team deep dive, the backing and partnerships, the marketcap, supply, distribution, etc. At that point if you choose not to buy that's up to you dude. I agree that almost everything here is a scam, but use your brain and not your emotional impulses and you'll make it

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It's literally just holders letting off steam.
I've done it myself plenty of times when it was crabbing at 50c.
Keep calm and remember that no matter what Parsiq is ultimately JUST A WHALLAT.

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right, I see it being atleast $75 this run, probably far more once their stuff starts rolling out

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>buying .60
>selling $1.60
>rebuying soon around 1$
>swingers get the rope

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Those people will never actually buy in no matter how low it goes (hint: it won't go any further). Real chads are already all in but FUD it to keep out the newfag redditors.

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>He doesn't want it to dump back to at least a dollar

Do you not want a bigger bag?

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I have titanium hands for parsnips. Will only sell above $1000.

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Fuck off you curry shit stain

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I will never sell my prqutiepies I love them all too much. I will only lend/whore them out and sell their interest babies. I will be a prq pimp.

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Stupid question from stupid anon

Is 1k$ per token is possible by the end of the decade ?

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Anything is possible in crypto. But 1k per token is insanely unlikely.

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Same. I took all my profits and left initials in PRQ. Put profits into LTO last week

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Thx anon

Hope something between 100-250$ would be a reality

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100$-250$ is certainly doable within a decade

Think of it this way, it took Link like 3 years to hit 20$. I think PRQ is following in Link's footsteps in a lot of ways so expect something similar.

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Thank you again anon

Really appreciated

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How old is PRQ? 2 months?

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t. seething bagholder too afraid to swing, and/or too dumb for TA

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Wallets were developed after the introduction of paper currency to the West in the 1600s.
PRQ as a company/team has only been in the mainstream view for about 2 months though.

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A year. Give or take a couple of months. Presale was at the end of 2019

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>100$-250$ is certainly doable within a decade
That's some mighty big fud you got there.

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Yeah but at similar market caps PRQ is worth at least 2x per coin.

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PRQ and RSR are the two best examples of "DYOR" on /biz/.

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I was intent on holding these for a year, although that quickly changed when it became larger than my BTC holdings. I sold 90k at $1.15, with 10k to hold until maybe $10. I could fully see this going chainlink levels.

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PRQ will hard carry LINK. The reason LINK isn't mooning is because of the technological limitations of blockchain smart contracts. PRQ fixes this limitation. It will allow for the technology to grow and LINK will benefit from the new use cases PRQ creates.