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Larp, literally nobody here has more than 200 link max. MAYBE 250

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Definitely but no GRT so you wont be as rich as you could have been. Dont Sleep.

This is the next link.

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Is it too late to get in on Chainlink? I have been watching it since I started trading crypto a month ago, but I have just seen it move between like $17 and $22

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nigga you made it

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Nobody would be stupid enough to hold that much Link.

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never too late

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whenever staking and threshold signatures come out (for real this time) it will explode in value

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cash out some of that and buy a charger for your phone

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Don't buy in now it's overpriced. Wait for $6 first.

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Sell all that link and go into rubic

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>Is it too late to get in on Chainlink?
Yes, this is its all time and forever high. This is the peak.
Chainlink is a proven scam, everybody has already sold (what do you think drove the price up, it's people selling their tokens for profit), and once they stop selling it's going to crash to zero.
Worthless, token not needed.

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You probably won't take this advice and will just killself later on. Buying LINK now is like buying eth at 80 bucks back in 2017. Put in some fucking work newfag. Or die Idc

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shill me on runic thanks

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when i saw 6 fig number and the tiny blue logo i knew it was chainlink but figured it would be a 100k stack. its crazy how much only 25k link is worth.

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Unironically saw people shitposting about LINK here when it was $3 and I was thinking of buying some but didn't. Fuck

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You dodged a bullet. Thank yourself for saving yourself from losing all your money.

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What do you mean ? It's only gone up since then

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Yeah I was just lying, trying to make you feel better about missing the yacht party.
Right now you're focused on what you missed instead of what you could still gain.
If you think it's still on the rise, then it's not too late to make profits.

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>is it too late to get in on a coin that’s going to 1K
See you at 500

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I have over 500 and I'm a fucking stacklet

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are you me? wtf

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Pajeet scam. Please do the needful and kys

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We talked about it since 10 cent if not earlier you fucking retard

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I don't come here that often. Also so many coins are shilled here if I bought a ton of all of them I'd be even poorer than I am now

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>”only” 25k link

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LINK will be worth $1000 eoy

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