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and just like that link will break $30 this week

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Nice digits
Very exciting times.

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Link would be already triple digits if /biz/ hadn't found it when it did.
The association with this cesspool of autists has crippled its price potential until mass adoption.
Wouldn't be so bad if you permavergins stayed in your containment website, but no, you had to go and post about it on the normalfag social media too.
Yes I'm salty.

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I'm so happy for you guys

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100% based and whitepilled.
We're all gonna make it.

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That's a lotta 8s

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I got uh... 6 LINK

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Not too many but you’ll still make it

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Why don’t you guys be quiet
Is if because you want attention?
Poor fags to pump your bags?

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shut up fag, if you weren't a blithering retard you'd realize its just more time to accumulate

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graph left is only till august tho, no?

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normies dont deserve to make it.

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Eth price over 1 year +720.84%

Link price over 1 year +706.86%

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How does $120 EOY sound to you?

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i got 4.61, feels bad man. other anons, should i sell my 4k GRT for more linkies?

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GRT is still good enough imo, don't you have any other shitcoins?

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I have 10k LINK and $100k on the sidelines.

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Hahaha look at the bottom axis

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i have a very tiny bit in XRP and XLM in case the schizos are right but most of my portfolio is GRT

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Sounds like I’m a millionaire

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uhhhh... fellas?

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what site is this?

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bless your heart

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Knowing that normies missed out on LINK because of some autistic frogs is the greatest thing to happen on this board. It proves that most people are hive minded and totally incapable of rational thought. Fuck them. We win.

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sure man
check marketcap

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Haha very funny

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Blessed thread. Wgmi.

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>and just like that link will break $30 this week

I hope so, I need to pay rent and cat food

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Where has rentanon gone?

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Lmao how are the charts so fucking similar. We are gonna make it bros.

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This stuff is really poorly written. It's a completely unprofessional sell and if I was ever interested in 'The Graph', this is enough to put me right off. It's like an advert selling an energy drink to teenagers.
Compare it to the calm, considered approach we see whenever we read Chainlink advocacy.
Really bad stuff.

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This, perfect description. I don’t know what happened but things like GRT just have this subtle Jeet vibe to it because it lacks the depth of research and discussion that we had with LINK. We argued for months to arrive at the conclusions we got with LINK. Things like GRT (throw in PRQ as well, to this day no one will actually tell me what problem it’s actually solving and why the token has any utility) are saying nonsensical things like DUDE HAVE YOU HEARD OF GRAPHQL? DUDE IT’S GOOGLE FOR BLOCKCHAINS.

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see you at $1

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these two charts aren't even remotely the same scale whatsoever. who are you trying to fool pajeet? the jig is up, take a hike. this is a Fantom board now.

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see you at 1000$

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>Fantom blockchain

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Oh please, Link retards spammed the board with all kinds of retarded shit and FUDDED their own investment ruthlessly for years.

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1. Chainlink token not needed
2. You still need to buy ETH for gas.

>Just the rope? That'll be 0.0000023 ETH, sir.

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Get some marines