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we should make an erc20 called efferium (EEF) pump it and then dump it on twitter niggers. we can market it as empowering black voices or some shit.

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I agree on the marketing pitch, but it should def have other ticker: (NGC). We could market it as Efferium - Next Generation Coin, but we all know what it really stands for. They swallow the bait, the ruse will work. Dump on them we will

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Nigs cant uniswap

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Here's how it plays out:
>biz dumps at agreed price
>EEF swallows the dump, pumping into a new ATH and beyond
>/biz/ panics and buys back in
>blacks dump and profit
>black people are finally financially liberated
>prosperous and diverse new decade
>racism is solved

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unfunny neet retard

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FTH looks more like ETH. You should go with that. You should probably also do a lot of confusing Tweets about how ETH 2.0 is going to be FTH because F is the next letter in the alphabet and that smart people should buy early. You're welcome.

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>black people are finally financially liberated
>thanks to white mans' money

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Also maks sure you say the team is only made of minorities on the project website.

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>You guys remember breev

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Black guy here, never buying your bags
Warning my niggas

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>thinking blacks are smart enough to figure out how to buy in in the first place

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Based above average negro

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Based watch /biz/ dump on each other like breev

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why you posting a random nigger on biz?

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Here's a hint, all niggers are obsessed with blacks only owned businesses and social networks etc..

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oh fuck that image killed me