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This made me rock hard

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It's unironically going to happen within this quarter. CZ will be all over this shit when they will put the BSC bridge live on the 28th. AMA confirmed they are applying, too.

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im gonna COOOOOOM

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Saw that too... Fuck yes anon GIVE US A PUMP BASED CZ YOU GREEDY CHINK

Wait... I mean... Pajeet bot I am... Rubic. Big gains. Much profit. Buy rubic. Retards.

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Thanks for the heads up OP, if you know you know.

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It’s a special thing that we can see this before all others

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I'm cuberect

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It cannot be that easy, how fuck to did you fags make me 2k overnight. I will die for this place now.

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the lord giveth and then taketh away

don't think you've won yet

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More like it'll dump like crazy then just like XSN

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According to the AMA:

"Top exchanges will be contacted in Feb/March"


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I’m holding 100k of these, but be cautious anon. Anyone who was around for DBC or one of the several others that went hyperbolic then crashed remembers. That said, this time feels different. Dev team seems pretty open about what they’re doing, working product already, good news today, shitload of volume, etc.

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this was a shitcoin

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Meant parabolic, not hyperbolic lol

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