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When will you be this rich anon?

Turn on eng subs: https://youtu.be/ipAnwilMncI

32M views in one day.

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>this thread again

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nice post anon thanks

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tfw Sergey is richer his Czar

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Pretty sweet palace, a bit too much use of yellowish colors for my taste though.
Not a big fan of anything containing yellows.
Putin's a pretty cool guy though.
He deserves whatever fortune he's managed to claw him self to.
Nothing wrong with a ruler killing off peasants talking trash to them either.

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Fucking oligarchs it’s no wonder Normies default to him being the boogie man

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Meh, I'd rather have Notch's pad in L.A

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looks too small desu

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Putin's pretty old now though, what on earth is he going to do all alone in a giant palace that takes half an hour to get from one end to the other?
I suppose the exercise of walking around that huge place is enough to keep him healthy in his old age.

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>tfw no dedicated dirt room

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wow putin bad
thanks i love the CIA now

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>Need bor at around 1200$ for one of these

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I don't get the big house meme, paying all that money to heat and cool shit you'll never even use. Give me a modest house on some land away from civilization.

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Wow. Russian politicians are corrupt. Shiver me timbers that caught me off guard. I did not expect this.
OP is a typical millenial who didn't see the video on Medvedev.
Any other newsflashes today?

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>gnome in lord of the rings
Lost all credibility right then

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u dont get it because ur entire lineage is serf blood

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Honestly serfs had it comfier than most wagies nowadays

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That is a 2-hour video anon. I struggle to read /biz/ posts that have paragraphs.

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>Putin has a huge ass ddr machine


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So is Putin’s

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imagine the number of fish he can go capture in that sea. He could probably eat a fish breakfast dinner supper for years. Crazy to think about

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>text gets translated from English to Russian to English
>one weird word doesn't come back the same

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you would piss, shit and cry if u had to live without modern amenities

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Anon says $5 by xmas, if that happens i could get something similar

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I do two thirds (2/3) of those things even with modern amenities. Checkmate, athiests.

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