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puzzle cube is dumping hard as I have said it would. its your last chance to get into something real and make back that profit you lost. Buy vvt while its still in single digit cents.

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Missed the RBC pump. Why VVT?

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you should buy in anon, you won't be seeing rubic at this low of a price for much longer

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Dogeyield or fastswap

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just because a bot is buying and selling 80eth worth constantly? once that thing gets burned on a trade or two, its back to ath

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doxxed team
industry connections of the likes of samsung
building a new way to build communities and publish papers, journalism. 40m supply 14m locked up. This shit is easy 10x, easy 20x imo

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You think that dip moved any of the anons who got in a couple days ago?

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incredibly based

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i actually bought more lul

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Looks like locked liquidity too https://v2.unicrypt.network/pair/0x17213a669c5ABadB822dF1f2F06611221b0167DE

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