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Bring on the FUD retards. Price drops for 10 minutes and all the paper hands get shaken out. In a few hours you're going to see threads asking "you weren't retarded enough to actually sell, we're you anon?"

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there are anons on this board that just sold their golden ticket at the bottom

>> No.26270109

Based, just bought 10k more

>> No.26270132

i sold at a more than 10x
but i want back in now...

>> No.26270787

Then buy in hurry before it goes back to .20

>> No.26270875

u trying to get rid of your shittokens? well I guess nobody is buying it

>> No.26270919

The moral of the story is get in early or don't fucking bother unless you want to be smashed by whales

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Remember Rubic is the next Chainlink, guaranteed $1 EOM

>> No.26271089

the pajeet of whale wisdom sold and bought and sold and bought all he could. good consolidation. we're gonna go back to .2 soon and it's only a matter of weeks before 1.0

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Bought in at .007 last week, never selling. AMA

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Rebought at 0.10

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