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Im approaching 30 and only 200k net worth. Name me one coin that hasnt pumped and not shilled by pajeets here to 100x my money

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unironically rubic, we're going to $10

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I said not shilled by pajeets here, pajeet.

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you are ngmi with that attitude retard.

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You don't get it.
You need the pajeets team shilling a coin for it to be successful. That's how crypto works, it acquires value on sentiment.
Stay on /biz/, wait for the next monumental shilling campaign à la GRT or Rubic, go all in before listing on Cex (Uniswap), then sell when you think the ponzi has reached its peak.

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VVT VersoView seems like the next play
1 million marketcap
200 million total tokens and currently about 40mil circulating but a good percentage of those are being staked right now
and its .03 cents

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