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Thanks for the free money Trumpazees

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They could have bought Bitcoin and made more money

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Man that day was great. Fucking idiots.

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damn dude you just wake up today, how long were you in a coma

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all those guys were probably just kidding

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Worldwide, it's estimated almost 2 billion dollars were transferred out of the pockets of Trump supporters who bet on him.

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Karmas a bitch, now will come back to haunt you

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Reminder Trump did win the election was stolen. Covid was deep state and chinese retaliation against Trump economic america first policies. Have fun with your sellout money.

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Watching people like you is like watching monkeys in the zoo

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Shut the fuck up Qtard

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SBF says thank you Trump Supporters for donating $5mil to the Biden Campaign :^)

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Watching people like you, is like watching history repeating itself. You're cheering for fascism dude. Make no mistake about it. And to make matters worse, you've no clue as to what i'm talking about.

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You don't have to be a qtard to understand the election was stolen. You just need above 80 IQ.

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your asking a lot of commies with that requirement

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>You don't have to be a qtard to understand the election was stolen. You just need above 80 IQ.
Perfect example of Dunning-kruger

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Look, I understand that Biden is more supportive of trannies, such as yourself, but if you think the election was legitimate you have a bag of rocks in your head.

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>muh trannies
Thanks for proving my point

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no u

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Yep. NPCs, Faggots, and trannies are brainwashed by the media.

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That's rich coming from a retard that takes the word of a retarded reality TV star as gospel

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biden lost

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Only dunning-krugers use pseudoscience effects. Your election was stolen and you are defending electoral fraud, the absolute state of Trump hating retards. LOL, at least now I have a good reason to convince people that, yes, that Trump hater does deserve to be punched in the face when he opens his mouth.

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>Your election was stolen
Prove it.

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>Trump pisses off CIA
>Plans on closing us bases worldwide
>Doesn't toe the national security line
>Chinks also hate him because muh trade deal
>Biden is unpopular compared to Trump
>**a coronavirus appears**
>Postal voting is now a thing
>Not showing support for your party because muh pandemic lol
>vote forge complete
>Supporting Trump makes you a pariah because media says so
>no support
>Frail old corrupt faggot Biden elected
Freedom is best and hard choices.

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Oh you know the evidence, but only American support electoral fraud.

Your president is fake and everyone knows it.

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What is even more amazing is that they are making unpopular and horrific decisions that will only make even more people oppose them, and they are doing it when the evidence that electoral fraud takes place is gaining awareness. These left wing retards and the elite really do have hubris!

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Let's hope that it's because Trump pissed off the wrong people. Hopefully this faggotry doesn't spread to our more civilised countries.

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>the evidence
Present the evidence.

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They know that they've got the country in the bag and nobody will retaliate despite all their "second ammendment" hubris. Subliminal mindfuck complete.

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Cry more

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>Africa tier voter turnout
>Africa tier delay in counting
>Repubs blocked from watching the count
>Dead people voting
To people living in first world democracies, the USA's system, if not entirely corrupt, looks very poorly implemented to say the least. Shit was embarrassing to watch..

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I don't give a shit about trump, I just hope these corrupt tricks don't spread to my country now we've seen how well they work.

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