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After all everybody who ever visited this website bought at least 1000 LINK, right? Everybody must have come across /biz and bought the suicide stack, right?
But then again, why are there still LINK token in circulation?
Google says this cesspool has 27 million loser, sorry I mean user.
But only 1 million people can own 1000 LINK
This doesn't add up anons
Are 99% who visit this website really retarded, or are they just all poor as fuck?

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Most people are here to argue with strangers about anime or videogames

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Well i just recently started buying into LINK.... i fear i will never make it

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But are the other ones really not concerned about becoming financially independent?
What about those retards on /pol who argue all day long about the Jews and how they are all so rich and only focused to make money.
Did they never think about doing the same?
I have seen retards over there arguing about Bitcoin and that it will go to zero any moment

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/biz/ feels like 500 - 750 anons max to me. I recognize some of you by your posts kek

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Where have you been before anon?
And how many do you have?

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No stinkies for me. I missed out buying boomer stocks instead. Got a good stack of INJ though and it'll pass LINK sooner or later, screen cap this you know I'm right.

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No, I don't think I will

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36 linkies.

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for every poster there is probably like 50 coward lurkers who never post anything

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ive been here since 2017 and never bought a single LINK

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Surely that's enough to make it, right? It's my 3 months wage

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>Most people are here to argue with strangers about anime or videogames
Are you new?

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>everybody on 4chan also goes to /biz/

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how does 36,000 sound?
t. only own 7 linkies

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Not great, not terrible.

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dude 36 link is a fine stack. it's almost half way to a suicide stack

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I knew once it was listed on Gemini that Link isn’t going anywhere. They only list things that are extremely sound.

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I lied to cope with my shitty stack, I actually have 320
Started in October, average price around $12

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Seems alright to me. 36 will turn into 36,000 in two years time. Just sell at peak, buy back the dip, repeat until you claw your way up.

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3 suicide stacks. Congrats on a chevy and a shared home in a suburb

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If only you were a second faster typing up your post...

Anyway, I wasn't here when LINK was cheap.

>t. 25 LINK

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>But only 1 million people can own 1000 LINK

I always forget this. Wild.

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I could you 3 houses with 320k
t. Poor country

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I was just about to post this exact same thing

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How 36 is halfway to 10k? None of you poorfags will make it. If you dont have absolutely minium of 100k$ portfolio now in 2021 you will never make it.

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lucky shitholer. A real house here starts at 800K, and thats a cuck shed. Anything below and you have to invest several hundred thousand to be able to live in it

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hope so, I got 2k link 3 years ago and forgot about it, and this was as a college poorfag

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Well before I was in college and broke and also still convincing myself that Crypto was a meme. Currently sitting on 33

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Everyone has to start somewhere.

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>mfw exactly $100k portfolio

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I am poor, unfortunately. I want to work with crypto technology and computers so I can at least have a job and then a job at setting up my own business. I am cursed with being slow, but it is what it is, chin up!

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What did you mean by this?

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I really hope that you make it as well anon.
Just stick with it, no matter if it takes you a little bit longer. Have a vision and a plan on how to get there and you will succeed eventually.
Godspeed my friend!

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I have 15 only and I want to rope myself

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I just bought 60 linkies and i feel so much better already.

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Why is LINK dumping though?

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Too late to make it from cryptos, only people left to make it here are people from 2017 who hold and bought dip, they have now 100k$ and gonna be last ones to make it. There wont be new cycle of crypto millionaires after that. I know its hard to admit especially when majority is poorfags who believe that pajeet scam coin n.9643 will make them rich.

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>tfw got my hands on a 5k stack and was witness to the last burst of meme magic this sad forum had left
i'll be stuck here forever regardless but the magic of this place really is gone.

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/biz/ is alot bigger than you probably realize. Everyone is trading stocks and crypto now.

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22k linklet here, I plan to make it this cycle. Just waiting and trying not to die before then. Health has taken a shit this year, possible lymphoma. Oh well, worst case I can help out my family a bunch

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>tfw got my hands on a 5k stack and was witness to the last burst of meme magic this sad forum had left
Same anon. We are truly a bunch of lucky bastards if you think about it.
I found out about BTC in 2015 but didn't buy. Then got assfucked in 2017 because I fomoed in at the top. And then I went All in LINK last year after I came back to biz and read about LINK.
Thank you God and /biz/ autists for allowing to let this happen to me

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Some people are proud of shitting their pants in public as well.

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Can't wait for the inevitable dump

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Or jews

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LINK will surpass BTC prices eventually wont it? Like 100k per LINK is possible right?

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16k phoneum

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i checked the price right now chainlink is at 0,0006 euros. Chainlink is dead.

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No, they’re about to become pink wojaks.

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Wait I just had an idea

How can I get into student loans but spend them on linkies?

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>There wont be new cycle of crypto millionaires after that
people said that bitcoin was over after 2018, yet here we are. i don't buy that whole "this is the end" shit, there will always be money to make and we're all gonna make it

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Altcoins dump when bitcoin dumps.

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i lost 1100 link today selling low and buying back high, feels very fucking bad man.

still have 27600 link

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Newfags think Link was the only coin who was shilled here in 2017.
There were hundreds of threads about LISK, FUN TOKEN, EOS, Walton Chain, Vechain. Everyone promising "If you buy this you gonna make it".

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>never selling!
>because they got nothing to sell

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i see opportunity now. im going to be dumping 99.999999999999999999999999999999999% of my earnings on crypto. i will sacrifice all food and pleasure, i dont give a fuck anymore

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Walton haha

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3600? 36,000?
i made fun of people who bought it at $0.25 because I bought it at $0.10

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Price estimations for LINK seem really conservative. Like most people projecting it to peak at about 1k. Were people the same with BTC in the early days?

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>18 minutes

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>there will always be money to made
Yes. But there will never come another chance like LINK. And that's a fact.
(((They))) gave us BTC, ETH and also LINK
Everything else are fucking shitcoins meant to make you money in the short term. The only other valueable coin out there is XMR which actually has a usecase. The infrastructure is built. Everything from now on are just applications on it.
And like Ian Keane from Oracle once said "With Web 2.0 the most valuable things were the applications like Facebook, or Google. With Web 3.0 the most valuable things will be the infrastructure"
The guy went All in on Chainlink.
Those chances will not come again. Seriously, no matter how hard you want to cope. Sure there will still be 10x around here and there. But the game gets harder.

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Is it too late to hop on the LINK train?

>> No.26261924

No it's not. The top wallets are still buying.
And LINK will go to $1000 sooner or later
Not a question "if" but rather "when"
Are you happy with a 50x?
Then it's not too late to buy

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The Link marines rank chart Shows how many wallets are held in each stack size. 10-15k link had about 950 wallets if I remember correctly. Those are probably biztards. I also fall into that rank

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Chainlink will continue to moon for YEARS because the token price is a function of network activity. Adoption will grow, vertically. BSN just recently announced a pilot scheme for their digital currency, for 2021, but most importantly the full version comes out in 2025. Chainlink will be adopted by new parties for literal years to come and will decouple from bitcoin eventually.

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>> No.26262211

Would you buy ETH at $20?

>> No.26262321

Yes. But i want more than ETH numbers.

>> No.26262385

I think you need more than 1k Link.

>> No.26262386

To be fair, any sort of positive discussion on /biz/ is generally called shilling.

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Also read what the price prediction of a 4 million LINK whale is
>pic related
With the research I have done, I can confirm what he says in regards to BTC being testing ground and Vitalik being a CIA prop.
As I mentioned already earlier.
BTC, ETH and LINK all have the same people behind them in the shadows. No matter if you believe me or not. It is the truth

>> No.26262515

What does that mean?

The price of link has the potential to reach ridiculous heights once adoption scales up. those who buy link now or next bear cycle will still make it, they’ll just have to wait longer. But we’ve been waiting 4 years already

>> No.26262525

swingies get the rope

>> No.26262531

Definitely gonna make it

>> No.26262548

Link was different from all the other shitcoins. There was at least one decent Link thread every day here with real discussion in 2018.
It took me a few months lurking to sell my shitcoins and go all in in link, since there was quite a lot of fud already back then

>> No.26262570

Sure but Linkies clearly never wanted anyone to buy our bags. We had a dedicated fud campaign. I used to tell newfags it was a scam all the time

>> No.26262571

What are you on, man?

>> No.26262614

consider taking more or less meds. The current dosage, no good.

>> No.26262630

I was a retarded poorfag so I only bought 180 when they were about ~£1.50

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There’s shilling shitcoins, then there’s sustained discussion of the Great Reset daily for years before it reached public consciousness. Salty latefags just can’t handle that we were right.

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how much do you own now? roughly

>> No.26262707

Link has its own fud company, Zeus Capital, never forget.

>> No.26262752

180. When I said was a retarded poorfag, I meant I still am.

>> No.26262764

Honestly probably poor. I believe in link. I got in late, but I also will only put in 5% of my portfolio in it, because that’s the risk allocation I’m comfortable with for it. I’m sure in hindsight I’ll wish I put in more, but I’ve been wrecked before and risk management is important to me. I only have like 500 link

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>pic related
Never mind. You would consider it schizophrenia

>> No.26262947

>risk management is important to me
lol. I remember reading some anon a few months ago, who said he only bough like 4k or so when he was a student. He was pretty high IQ unironically.
He also told his gf about it and explained it to her after LINK went to $1. The bitch maxed out all her Credit cards and bought 10k LINK.
Said to him "Either I am going to be a multi millionaire or I lose the value of a little car." kek

>> No.26262989

To add to this: He didn't buy more at the time, because of risk management.

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10X guaranteed eoy
Congratulations !

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fuck you

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this. most people i know arent even remotely interested in crypto. the only people you hear about buying crypto en masse are 500 IQ financial institutions of one kind or another. this isnt a normie's game. most of /biz/ front ran this money. then there are normies on reddit selling on the cusp of a new bull run to buy sports cars.

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If you can’t tell between pajeet shilling and an organic discussion of a project you derserve to be poor. Keep seething copefag

>> No.26263177

Dude theres only like 10 of us.

>> No.26263252

Isnt the guy who made LINK also the guy who made BTC?

>> No.26263267

Must be a gf (male). No biofemale is that much of a chad

>> No.26263273

Don't give up bros. 100 is the suicide stack

>> No.26263347

>You didn't get in on link exactly when I did so you will never make it and nothing will ever pump ever again...
This thread...

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You're close.

>> No.26263394

She's fucking chad now.

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Take less

>> No.26263409

Reminds me of a certain Stink Shady song I was listening to last night
>10 link, that’s a broke bitch, 50 link, that’s a cute stack. 100 link, that’s a suicide stack to a newfag

>> No.26263419

So I’m guessing you’re a link maxi?

>> No.26263484

feel like the only person on biz who doesn't hodl LINK, yes it seems promising, but at 20$ when I'm poor i could get like a few, or i could put that money in GRT which has way higher potential upside imo from here on out, wish I could get in early on something decent n GRT seems like best hope for something like getting in early on LINK returns

>> No.26263534

funny enough, I actually had a dream LINK went to like 3-4 digits the other night even though I don't hold it, is this a sign?

>> No.26263556

Been here for a year and a bit probably and always assumed most shit is just mastermids and fellow mastermids trying to make retards buy a load of shit and after vague research and checkups a few weeks/months very early is there an actual gem people promote lol people be so retarded

>> No.26263565

You're right the gain from 20 to 1000 isn't that much money.

>> No.26263573

Kek dude you should forget investing and just work on earning more money at your day job. You clearly don’t have the capital, fiscal or mental, to make it playing investor.

>> No.26263739

Youve failed greatly my son

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>Mfw didnt start browsing /biz/ until late 2018
>never invested before, knew nothing about crypto
>learn about link, immediately make coinbase account, can only invest $500 every two weeks because Canada
>scrounged up 4000 link within the next 3 months
>link mooned over a dollar like 3 months later

I shudder thinking about it - I easily could have been one of the unfortunate anons who missed out on sub dollar link, or even sub 10 dollar link, just by not seeing that /biz/ link and clicking it. Crazy to think that such absurd wealth was given so easily but also could have been missed so easily. My stack is small but idc because i came within a cunthair of being priced out. Nightmarish stuff really

>> No.26263789

99% of my networth is in LINK, yes

>> No.26263809

yes. i had the same thing happen in 2019. i had a dream BTC was 8500 and LINK was 15. at the time BTC was 3800, i bought more BTC and put whatever was left of my 2017 shitcoin bag into LINK.

>> No.26263814

Trust me, if you haven’t been on biz for longer than 1 year, and especially if you haven’t been lurking during the bear market, you do not have the ability to distinguish shitcoins from decent investments.

Every single shitcoin being shilled now - GRT, AVAX, HEX, etc - will moon but only because bitcoin is mooning. When btc crashes 80% and we enter the next 3 year bear market, those shitcoins will crash and will never recover. Take a look at the shitcoins from the last cycle like xrp, nano, xvg. Chainlink is the only one which doesn’t fit this pattern because it’s fundamentally different.

>> No.26263883

Tbh i only went in on GRT in the hopes that I can xash out after it doubles or so and then pump all those profits into LINK

>> No.26263917

LINK is technologically just as if not more important than ETH, how could anyone review the facts and think “hmm I better be cautious and only buy 500 link!” I think it’s dumb as fuck

>> No.26263989

Hi. Coward lurker here with over 50k Link. It is true, we do exist. This will be one of the few posts I make all year. Good-bye.

>> No.26264060

It’s possible, but most people will lose 99% of their initial investment. The best strategy is to continually buy link whenever you can. Sell stuff on eBay, eat cheap food and accumulate link. Many of us did this in 2018.
The real play for newfags is to accumulate Linkpool, which will moon even harder than link, and gives you free linkies every 2 weeks.

>> No.26264127

This is correct except for AVAX. You need to do more research anon, start with Sergey and Emin’s talks together on YouTube.

>> No.26264179

You have to understand that 95% of people are extremely risk averse, and they don't realize it themselves. Or well they probably do, but think it's the right thing to do.
It is social conditioning. They never learned how money works, what opportunity costs are, and simply take life in general too serious and think they can get far by playing it safe. Took me some time to break out of this as well.
I mean LINK is not even a gamble. It literally is a sure thing.
I was one of the schizos who went All in after realizing all the occult stuff and symbolism around it.

>> No.26264205

suicide stack is 10k. always has been

>> No.26264234

100% agreed on Avax. Amazing project.

>> No.26264385

>Occult stuff and symbolism?
Explain pls

>> No.26264438

Guess im really sold on AVAX and LINK, will accumulate and DCA into them.

>> No.26264450

look into the archives newfag

>> No.26264548

INJ is unironically a good buy. Doubt it will pass Link but it's obviously going to go top 50. I passed it up early sadly but have bought in.

>> No.26264587

If you're gonna die then cash out and give everything to your senpai

>> No.26264652

100 link chad signing in

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>> No.26264699

i got in way too late and could only afford 90LINK
but hay maybe i get something nice out of it?

>> No.26264704

A lot of millionaires will be birthed but not everyone here because most people can't hold onto their worthwhile investments. Look how many people sold BTC for like $300 back in the day thinking it would never go higher.

>> No.26264808

If you've been here since 2017-18 and are not a millionare yet you've been doing something wrong.

>> No.26264931

Literally every shitcoin shill tries to piggyback off link’s success. If AVAX is important at all then Sergey will simply acquire it, just like he did with DECO and TownCrier.

>> No.26265227

I’m 60% link 40% eth. I am considering dumping my eth into link.

>> No.26265370
File: 6 KB, 250x245, 60A913DD-999C-4951-B948-D57652CD1231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is link really going to be worth 1k soon linklords?

>> No.26265406

Brainlet. AVAX is a L1/L0(new consensus breakthrough hence L0). It makes no sense for sergey to acquire that. If link was a distribution company, they might logically acquire gas stations, cranes, forklifts or whatever. That’s like Town Crier, DECO etc. They wouldn’t acquire the roads they drive one (Eth, Avax)
Please try to think critically next time anon.

>> No.26265447

>Google says this cesspool has 27 million user
kek no way there are even 1000 people in /biz/, I've been on /pol/ and /fit/ and /tv/ and /v/ since forever, but only started coming to /biz/ in october 2017.
Got a fat og link stack as well so gmi

>> No.26265457

2023 probably, HOLD

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File: 315 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210120-133849_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm so fucking close bros

>> No.26265604

Sell them faggot they're about to go down, then buy a 50k link stack.

>> No.26265733

So...which one will be the next coin?

>> No.26265834


Back in 2017, it seemed like everyone had 50k+ LINK stacks, and you weren’t anything unless you had 100k. I came to realise eventually we were such a small minority of the world we were inconsequential in terms of the grand scheme, but Igenuinely felt like thousands of us had it.

I’m a top 700 LINK holder and I literally always felt poor till we broke 10 USD.

Also if you want the next moon mission, it’s YAX. Don’t but now as it seems to have pumped, but I’m telling you to go look.

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Lurker here. It must drive you insane knowing 50 anons just read your posts and choose not to reply. You'll never know my opinion.

>> No.26265869

I had no interest in crypto nor did I know what the fuck it was except bitcoin. I was focusing heavily on stocks and had a nice port after almost 2 years. I kinda realised this was gonna take a fucking while. I got shilled XRP and XLM on pol and been visiting here ever since.
It was a mind fuck sifting through the bullshit but I was used to it from the JIDF board.
This site to the average person is a fucking mess and scares the shit out of people and those who stay, many are mislead.
Tldr I got 500 link now, hopefully I an get to 1k but I doubt it by then you lucky fucks. But I'm glad it's you guys

>> No.26266144


>> No.26266201

You'll be alright anon.
>Non-hodgkin's stage 4A survivor of 2 years.

>> No.26266397

So AVAX is an ETH killer. Utterly pointless and just another shitcoin.

>> No.26266594

Retard here. If there is only 1 billion Links and 21 million Bitcoins. Shouldn’t Link be valued at Bitcoin valuation divided by 47.62?

>> No.26266668

There won't be another link but new dapps that are built will grow and be money making opportunities. Look at aave, imagine when blockchain gaming gets adopted, or insurance. There will be more opportunities to funnel our massive link profits into for more profit

>> No.26266791

bitcoin is an enigma based on its name that other cryptos loosely follow. Ethereum is the true standard coin that others can be evaluated against because it actually does something besides just exist.

>> No.26266815

I'm still new to all of this. I don't know which coins to buy. I found biz from facebook.

>> No.26266891

>Ethereum is the true standard coin that others can be evaluated against because it actually does something besides just exist.
yeah, being expensive and slow

>> No.26266992

Maybe move out of Manhattan then retard. Tier 3 cities is the best bang for your buck.

>> No.26267043

Not even that, the linkis prolly bought into rubic aswell, so sooner or later biztards will run the biz

>> No.26267118

I didn't say ethereum api doesn't suck. It does. the statement is still true tho. I'm just waiting on the coin that will actually kill it one day (my money is on nervos ckb).

>> No.26267130

I sold off my crypto to the next gullible person down the chain before it's too late. People act like stocks aren't going up 5% a day.

>> No.26267152

I can smell your swarthy feet from here, I remember that picture you posted of yourself on this god forsaken website. take a fuckin shower

>> No.26267331

The fact is that opportunities like link are far more common than people think. At least 3 or 4 times per decade something comparable shows up. A great exercise to illustrate this, is imagine that tomorrow you wake up and you’re back in time in your old body with all your current memories. Try to list out every move you’d make to get rich with what you currently know. I can think of ten to 15 opportunities that would make me a billionaire. Now, all you have to do is figure out why you missed them the first time, and once you’ve solved that you should be able to find the right opportunities that are coming up.

>> No.26267445

thinking about what I could have bought makes me want to blow my fucking brains out bro.

>> No.26267631

I was trying to browse in pages rather than catalog view at the time and it was hard to actually get to something not about Link. There was maybe one non Link topic per page until page 3 or 4.

>> No.26267670


>> No.26267728
File: 99 KB, 700x700, 9A23EBC3-F897-4719-BD7E-5969A81EDAB7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Buying 5 more linkies, that 5000 dollars fud shills

>> No.26267750

I fell out of the top 1000 today by swinging. I still have
27800 link left

>> No.26267913


>> No.26268039

I'm millionaire with dot

>> No.26268105

I knew about bitcoin in 2007. I thought it was a scam and a dumb idea. I eventually came to terms with the fact that I didn’t understand the world and I’m not as smart as I thought I was. You have to face this stuff in order to grow, and you have to grow in order to make it.

>> No.26268136

>browsing by pages
Gee I wonder if all those threads every day for 3 years could have been an indication that LINK was the next ETH?

>> No.26268141

nice larp to shill your shitcoin, kys

>> No.26268149

LINK is at a nice low around $20 right now. Best time to gamble and buy in for rise to $23+ this month and make some quick cash at the very least.

>> No.26268386

Lurker here trying to make it

>> No.26268406

agreed, I came so close to buying a bunch of btc at about 60$ but ended up not. Knowing me at the time I probably would have just ended up selling around 200$

>> No.26268422

See also
Literally daily discussion of the great reset for years. No excuse to have missed it.

>> No.26268547
File: 4 KB, 300x168, doubt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if i have 4000, what price do i need link to be to make it pls? thank you?

>> No.26268641

Doesn’t help that like 600 million are in the top 10 wallets

>> No.26268738

Kek you still don’t get it.

>> No.26269031

No you didn't get (lucky) you understand information is the new oil. You're lucky because you browse an updated North Korean marching order forum and you happened to pick this fucking board because you were picked on at school yet you excelled academically and ended up in the forbidden fruit section and now you will be part of the 0.2% if you hold enough of this shit. You could of been a high IQ stock trader making 20% year in year but you had access to ICO link. Yeah I call that luck or good destiny.

>> No.26269093

No I do. Samefag here, just static IP

>> No.26269157

You can't do simple division?

>> No.26269358

It sounds good until you get there. Then you only wish you had more, 5 figure hell is pure torture.

>> No.26269470

Yes, they will be millionaires, but only because the $ will plummet and it will cost 1000$ to buy a beer

>> No.26269626

That's actually pretty insane

>> No.26269893

Same here, how many more years are we looking at till a 10 or 20x?

>> No.26269951

Literally totally wrong on every account. First of all this is a Hungarian CSGO skin scamming forum. Secondly I was popular in school and middling in academic performance.

>> No.26270013

I only have 200 linkies tho :(

>> No.26270355
File: 137 KB, 400x388, 6B8FC2C5-F9BF-4979-832D-1CEDC1FA944E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>browsed /biz/ for the first time on a whim in 2018
>thought all these memes about Link were funny and decided I wanted in
>had to ask for help on how to buy crypto
>friendly anon told me how to buy and set up a wallet
>bought 1000 because I was told it was a suicide stack
>never sold because biz told me not to
>upped my stack to 1600 slowly over the past 2 years without ever swinging or selling
>tfw there’s a decent chance I’ll get to retire early because of meme magic

I love you guys

>> No.26270454

>I knew about bitcoin in 2007

>> No.26270521
File: 117 KB, 840x533, hug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26270593

Look into protocel bro

>> No.26270620

it's like owning 21 bitcoin
suicide stack is actually make it stack

>> No.26271017
File: 20 KB, 362x259, 0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw I own 2200 :)

>> No.26271090

You lie. Except about the skinning. Anyway, thanks biz

>> No.26271397

56k link anon here. im just really fucking glad im not a zoomer. my god imagine browsing the link memes in high school in 2018 and only affording 1k stacks....

>> No.26271454

I've got 15 Eth & am thinking of dumping it for more link too

>> No.26271463

9 max

>> No.26271482

The fact that brainlets like this have more link than me is why I just lurk and never post on this shithole

>> No.26271868

>There were hundreds of threads about LISK, FUN TOKEN, EOS, Walton Chain, Vechain
I literally bought none of those and 55k LINK.
LINK had by far the best memes and spending a day researching was enough for every non-retard to figure out that it is THE coin to put your Antshares profits in.

>> No.26271895

You'd still be in the fortunate club. I was focusing on stocks, I could have put at least 5k into this at 8c. At least its a white man's coin and no one really believes in the potential of this thing

>> No.26271960

>But there will never come another chance like LINK
AVAX made me a x20 in a few months, literally MASSIVELY better profitability than the LINK I held for 20+ months.

>> No.26271991

Imagine being on 4chan in 2018 or earlier and not owning at least one thousand link. Hahaha that would feel really shitty. Imagine being that fucking stupid lol.

>> No.26272027

lol my hole village do the recognize every times I post,,, haha ranjeet you said it again,, no dear that not me i swear,, but they know,,, they know

>> No.26272069
File: 63 KB, 640x853, J9KvwESw54dQRhFQP-oSikM2PP8mPYrIj4D0o-ms7fk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When are we going to make it bros? I can't take this shit anymore, I'm mid 20s, I want my life to start.

>> No.26272142

Long time lurker, first time poster
Fuck you

>> No.26272182

/biz is the pulse of crypto

whales are watching

>> No.26272276

Dude, you could have invented it before Satoshi.

>> No.26272309

mfw got a 3x from YAX in 3 days and wasted it all on a Trump bet.
A good five figure sum as well -_-

>> No.26272367

Get at least 100 LINK for nice gains but it's not a coin that's going to change your life unless you bought 1000+ when it was sub $0.10.

Still a great hold.

>> No.26272368

This unironivslly. I somehow accumulated over 100k Link and always felt inferior and late cause my ave buy ended up being 0.40c when everyone was saying if you bought over 0.20 you were late. It was below 0.40 for soo long people have no idea. When it broke 0.60 it was an event

>> No.26272455

>poor as fuck

this, I had about 2000 back when it was like 20-50 cents, had to sell it because of an emergency during the first bullrun at like 2 dollars or so. I'm pretty much suicidal at this point

>> No.26272482

ETH and LINK are your best bet to hold. LTC is good for day trades but probably won't ever explode like it's big brother BTC.

>> No.26272597

no lol and diogenes is gay and overrated

>> No.26272667
File: 8 KB, 235x215, 1506571001714.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

most people come here to rant about jews and brown people while watching some gore and borderline cp

>> No.26272761

another lurker checking in to say fuck you

>> No.26273126

wtf? i started browsing in 2017 but don't remember crypto being shilled anywhere. /fit/lets and /sci/entists have disappointed me desu

>> No.26273424

theres no fucking chance theres more than 8 people here all talking at one another in different voices. we're all fuckin schizos who secretly have massive amounts of xrp we're trying to fud the other 8 out of keeping...

>> No.26273480

That's true. >>26257848

>> No.26273574

No we are stronger unique browser would be 1.5k plus daily

>> No.26273666

Link is forced meme and until recently it was impossible to purchase on normies exchanges

>> No.26273804

don't usually post but fuck you and fuck you

>> No.26273898


>> No.26274848

this forum is 90% pajeets, 9% retards, 1% people who actually bought link

>> No.26274898

you sound like the dude who was "crazy" for buying eth at $50

>> No.26275696
File: 48 KB, 484x641, 1608593419064.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you.

>> No.26275761

Yes, bought a suicide stack of 1300 in 2018 because I'm not a retard like all the seething poverty ass nolinkers and bearfaggots on this board.

>> No.26275978
File: 11 KB, 336x437, 1611176209674.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ok posting here so i can hide from [email protected], is rubic a fucking scam? how do i tell? almost bought at .02 cents now its booming and im gonna shid my pants and cry help im retarded.

>> No.26276435

Learn, >>26262437

>> No.26276496

holy shit youre retarded

>> No.26276525

Everyone here is a fucking poorfag bragging about how they have 20mil of pp coins in their wallet

>always do the opposite biz says

You can actually make a shitton of money with projects that are never shilled here, that will make you a millionaire.

>> No.26276587

Why don’t you try every low price crypto like a scam
Buy low and sell at a reasonable profit
Are you scared everything will shoot up like Bitcoin and you’ll sell too early?

>> No.26276602
File: 22 KB, 340x54, 1610406478497.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26276637

Forgive an absolute brainlet question, but when you say LINK you mean Chainlink? Or was I let astray?

>> No.26276646

Is 500 LINK enought to make it?

>> No.26276650

Especially on /smg/. We got crackwhore anon, divvie anon, kpop retard, CLFtranny, duck poster erc.

>> No.26276708

/biz/ is a relatively small board

>> No.26276768

Have you ever heard the phrase, "You can bring a horse to water, but you can't make him drink."?

>> No.26277218
File: 251 KB, 877x877, EpO6NteVEAAsY-h.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

never posting
never selling

>> No.26277689
File: 56 KB, 701x253, no.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26278205


>> No.26278825

I would have been a millionaire by now but I sold 55k LINK at $0.30. So this statement is correct.

>> No.26278878
File: 736 KB, 208x400, 1607892047737.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does half a million USD sound?

>> No.26279170

Not enough ;_;

>> No.26279372


To think I was here laughing at people in 2013 when we thought Bitcoin would crash ‘“soon” when it was at a$100 all time home

You fucking madmen were talking about this shit years ago when it was double digits

>> No.26280140
File: 9 KB, 645x773, Wojak.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw 300 linklet

>> No.26280200

>he bought the wrong coin

>> No.26280244
File: 234 KB, 702x1013, 1610029183278.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I only came here to gain confidence to buy BTC, I dunno how to even buy LINK in Canada

>> No.26280359

and don't worry I've made tons off crypto, but I don't buy premine scam projects

>> No.26280385
File: 398 KB, 789x565, 1497453970386.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most people here have 100-1000 stink. A lot of the oldfags don't post on biz regularly anymore.

>> No.26280487

I can usually spot Raj, Burger, Wang , Unknown Amount, Soiboy, Schizo and Brainlet

>> No.26280523
File: 1.06 MB, 800x2300, blythe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No one makes organic threads of honest discussion because there is no point. Its just a waiting game now.

t. .30 average

>> No.26280623

shut the fuck up

>> No.26280699
File: 1.30 MB, 1500x1515, 1599155951722.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah of course, we just need to wait for the newfags to get shaken out by a cycle.
t. 0.14

>> No.26280744

this. newfags are lucky spoonfeed anon comes around every once in a while.

>> No.26280771

How did you work that out anon?

>> No.26280833
File: 989 KB, 499x374, 1584664570109.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought 3200 LINK for $0.40 each "just in case", I'm kind of pissed that I didn't take it more seriously at the time and how so many of you have massive stacks of it and I have such a piddly amount of it despite knowing about it from the start.

>> No.26280886

lol probabile less.
I can definitely identify other people posts or threads by their style too.

>> No.26281500

Way too much info to simply explain it to you right here. We can have multiple 300 reply threads about it and still not cover everything. Try searching the archives

But to try and answer your question, there are many occult and numerology references surrounding link and the team. These symbols are supposedly one of the way the elite communicate, they give a nod to those who understand what to look for. If it's all true, we're in for a hell of a ride these next few years

>> No.26281531


I post here from six IP addresses at a time

>> No.26281546

Could you elaborate on that

>> No.26281609

it aint much but it honest work

>> No.26281615

Nigga, you did good

>> No.26281619

Go to warosu and look up zeus capital newfag

>> No.26281631

I made this post

>> No.26281719

How many do I need to make it? Actual legitimate answers please, ranging from enough to buy a house to million/multi-millionaire.

>> No.26281798

I'm a newfag, and yeah I didn't buy any link. I didn't even know what the fuck a "stinky linky" was until I was 3 years old. I own 0 LINK and am proud of it

>> No.26281801


>> No.26281903
File: 118 KB, 1024x1542, 31454055-200C-459E-A382-04832A98C88A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Imagine paying $22,000 for internet coins

>> No.26281934

the bull run is over.
bitcoin will never reach 40k again.

>> No.26282131

$100 link would give you $400k
$200 link would be $800k

You starting to see the pattern there champ? See if you can figure out how much you'd have with $300 link

>> No.26282317

Dan is suck a fucking chad. Imagine being able to pull off a causal foot massage on a high level QT while at a business party

>> No.26282333

Nigga, Superman does good. I did well.

>> No.26282388


>> No.26282414

I barely got in at an average of 6.50. I will hold forever.

>> No.26282604

I started browsing /biz/ late 2017 and feel like a retard for having only 10k LINK as it was absolutely evident due to the memetic energy that it was going $100 at the very least
Hoped to put all those FUN, ICX and other shitcoin profits into LINK at some point but then we all know what happened

>> No.26282676

I've held 40K Link on Binance since Feb/March 2018 - has to be heaps more like me

>> No.26282795

Fuck you nigga

>> No.26282864

>>26271397i was a college freshman but fuck man t. 2000 linklet

>> No.26283016

wtf the exact same thing happened to me.. same amount too

>> No.26283149

Poorfag here. Stacking LINK and ADA, but I need some shitcoins to 10x to really build like the early crypto investors did.

>> No.26283555

kek what coin did u end up buying?

>> No.26283605

Yeah, that's based in my book.

>> No.26284250

you're as much of a faggot as OP

>> No.26284276

Do me anon, what have I posted before?

>> No.26284513

Many such cases, please dont beat yourself up too much. I have 5k LINK, but tried swinging another 5k into REQ in 2018. Never was a swingie again after that. We'll still make it, I believe it.

>> No.26284680
File: 41 KB, 422x646, 1610568113092.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love the guy who is worth like 2M but still works at trader joes and has like 50k debt or some shit

>> No.26285665
File: 23 KB, 167x170, 1609813797462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To buy a suicide stack you have to actually have money which is a big ask for 90% of the NEET losers on this website.

>> No.26286018

why 1000? what is the minimum staking amount?

>> No.26286105
File: 20 KB, 400x400, 1583285237527.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

posting is for betas

>> No.26286139

i like to lurk here but the only posting i do is pure bullshit and nonsense. i lie about holding certain coins and sing the praises of some but i have no intention of ever actually playing the glorified fucking roulette table that is crypto lmao

>> No.26286935

>only discovered link a month ago
ah well anons ive still made money but not as much
only have 35 currently kill me :D

>> No.26287152

We're gonna make it somehow. Just slower than others.

>> No.26287558

bitchass nigga

>> No.26287804

% split between LINK and LTO?

>> No.26287961


Newfag. Ngmi

>> No.26288011

I’m a fucking poorfag and trying to get 10 LINK a month until 1000
t. 200 LINK

>> No.26288072
File: 366 KB, 530x428, chainlinkvsstellar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a LINK holder but I'm kind of confused by /biz/ thinking it will go really high. It's a pre-mined token like XRP, 80% of the total supply is held by the development team. I have no plans to sell it but it's just an ERC-20 token and you guys think it will be worth more than actual Ether?

>> No.26288123

What did you swing into

>> No.26288139

This is unironically the most intelligent anon on this board right now

>> No.26288178

You had 3 years

>> No.26288193

Can anyone link me the warosu of the enlightened anon that posted the chainlink gametria?

>> No.26288298

I gots me ONE Link! :D
It's all I can afford

>> No.26288370

It's not true though. Because I'm never fucking selling

>> No.26288374

No most people here are LARPers and only have a few hundred to a few thousand worth of crypto. Oldfags and whales who made it in 2017 don't come back. I cashed out pretty heavily in Jan 2018 and went back in slowly since. I come back to actually help you guys and newfags.

>> No.26288387

Retarded. Back in 2017 I put 20k into xrp instead of link. Now i have to live every day for the rest of my life with that shitty decision. We truly do live in a cage of hands made by our own actions.

>> No.26288516
File: 254 KB, 1125x1270, Efd46UxWoAAmdeA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This one?

>> No.26288653

Ya! That is a blast from the past. I still believe Link has special meaning.

>> No.26289051

I'm also one of those schizos. 42 showed the way

>> No.26289345

Definitely a trip to see how things in this realm are coded per se.

>> No.26289495

This is what happened to me with eth. Literally could have missed out buying at $20 in March 2017.

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