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Is it possible to live a happy and succesful life if you're balding?

I feel like no matter how much you make it, if you're bald even wagies will always be able to tell you 'shut up baldie' and everyone will laugh at you, no matter what.

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Just shave it completely off.

And always remeber wagies are slaves. Literally not people

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yes, fag

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It depends on how hard you're struggling to keep it and also if you have a fucked up head. If you just shave now and don't be a fag about it you won't have any problems. If you're buying chink creams and trying to comb one hair around then you're a bitch and everyone will know it

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No its unironically over sorry.

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no baldies have to rope asap

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Friendly reminder if you're balding just shave it off, 9 times out of 10 it looks much better than whatever thin comb overs etc people try. Grow a goatee and workout, you'll look alright.

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This motherfucker seems pretty comfortable walkin' around with that yee-yee ass haircut.
Tag(s): Ugly Bastard

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Im unironically using over 3 products and also fucking dermastamping my scalp weekly, I refuse to be the bald faggot of my friends.
I mean Im also 30 so its kind of expected these things to start happening but I dont want to be the first one.

Im on fin+min+biotin and vitamins, plus dermastamping

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Yep it's actually over.

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Just buzz it, lift some weights, and walk around like a Chad.

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I cant even grow a beard to compensate, should I just kill myself already?

At least im 184cm tall so I guess I have that going for me.

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>tfw central Asian master race
never going to go bald bitches

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hair transplants

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This. It only took me like 3 months to get my first mire. And that was when I was fat from bulking. Now I'm cutting and in a few months I'll probably be shredded but I want to keep bulking.

Nobody cares about a beard, just shave it if you can't get it to come in properly. If your chin is shit there's stuff you can do about that and if you bench heavy your neck will grow and nobody mocks a guy with a neck as big around as his head. You'll be fine.

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I am on dutasteride and not balding at all anymore, it was bad before. It's the real deal

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>just buzz it off

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>Get your body in shape
>Go bald

Easiest way to deal with balding.

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youre balding only if you are poor or if you dont care anon

> biotin, vitamins, ketoconazol 2%, minox and finas (optional if your dick stops working)
>hair transplant 2k with cuckroach turkish or up to 10k with best surgeons in europe
> concealing: hair replacement (unironically unnoticeable professionally fitted wig 1k a year)

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new hair plugs techniques anon if you made it you can perform that new hair rug.

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Shave it off. It's no big deal anyway. Don't take chemicals as they take a toll on your peepee.

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Just shave it. You’ll get laid more since more women find bald guys sexier then guys trying to hold on to a few strands of hair. Plus you don’t have to stress about losing it anymore. It’s the best thing I’ve done, just buzz it no guard and your set.

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Finasteride costs like 60 euros a year for a prescription here, the other stuff shouldnt be necessary if you're living a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Shave it off completely and shave every (second) day so people can't make out the pattern of your baldness from the stubble

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if you are in early stages use this

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isnt that prescription only?

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Minox im not sure of its effect, there's contradictory feedback, but I do biotin and its been a life changer, been on it 6 months and Ive never had in my entire life such strong and thick hairs and even manage to recover some in the frontline. Considering its 3eur a month totally advise trying

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Also don't listen to the bald copers here, having been both norwood 3 with a bald spot and now again a thick norwood 2 (after having a lot of regrowth). Good hair makes a big difference if you want to attract young, pretty women. A fully shaved head admittedly works for some who have a nice shaped head and a good physique.

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in Europe yes

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>Is it possible to live a happy and succesful life if you're balding?
If you have enough money you can get a hair transplant like big man elon.

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Which is like 1% of bald incels out there and even among those they would probably be attractive with hair as well

its funny to see the bald copers frens saying just man up its only hair.

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>biotin and its been a life changer
how much do you take?

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yeah I'm in italy so fml, bought some minoxidil I'm still early on and my problem is more of thinning than flat out balding. But yeah if it doesnt work going full bald

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You get depression, bitch tits, or ED from it?

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I'm sure minoxidil works fine but i had plenty of regrowth on Fin alone, i don't want to be applying minoxidil everyday. Too much work. I'd rather take a pill.

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>just remove your DHT
you can also cut off your balls ya know
minoxidil + dermaroller is the only valid method that should work without killing your hormones

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get a hair tarnsplant or shave it off you faggot

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Shave your head. There's nothing more pitiful than a coping hairlet trying to make their patchy dome look presentable.

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>part of hormone therapy in transgender women
ofcourse not anon, hence why trannies take it

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dermaroller? I'm still norwood 1/2 but got some thinning going on in the front so I'm hoping i can get it all undercontrol

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10000ug a day I think its pretty standard for any biotin supplement
Minox at least worked on my beard, dont use consistently on my hair because its a mess as you say. I quit finas after 2 years because of side effects (mostly dick related)

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italiano anche io, il minox l'ho smesso di applicare perchè era una rottura da fare tutti i giorni e se non lo applicavo bene o saltavo delle applicazioni andavo solo a peggiorare. Finasteride da 11 mesi e sono tornato perfetto, smetterò di assumerla quando e se avrò effetti collaterali

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basically a roller with small needles, google it anon

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No, soon it has been 2 years since I started. Not losing hair anymore and my skin is also clearer. Would go bald really fast without this

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Yeah I see that, so i want the .25 size I'm inundated with products get the basic idea behind them but I'm wondering whats the best. Can i get the beard one and use on my hairline?

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I'm balding in my mid-20's. Only just started but its fairly agressive. No way in fucking hell am I taking tranny hormone pills or putting that greasy stinky cum in my hair just to prevent balding for a few more years. Luckily i'm not that insecure, would rather be the slaphead of my group than have to worry about this utter shite everyday. Good luck to all who realise that sooner rather than later. Man up and grow balls

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Yeah it's a drag applying twice a day etc, but since I just started around 2 weeks ago I want to see how good it is. I'm using aloxidil I feel like it's working a bit and I did want to try fenasteride but since I don't have a script I opted for the aloxidil. One of my concerns about fenasteride was just that, of side effects. If this doesn't work I'm shaving it off but I early 30s and in the last 2 years it started thinning I want to see if i can reverse it before just giving up

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Its unclear whether this shit actually works

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we are literally fucking rich.
just get a hair transplant unless you're a wagie retard.

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Exactly, the only thing i would consider is a transplant, anything else is fucking disgustingly desperate

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It happens to most men eventually. Stay poor while my baldy head makes all the gains.


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0.25 or 0.5 yea
it works DYOR

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A shaved head is the same as a beard and tattoos now.
Every faggot on Reddit has that same look, and no one seems to be able to age with dignity because they use the lack of a full head of hair as an excuse for why they can’t get a girlfriend or achieve their goals.

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Just fucking shave it already

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>just shave it off bro

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I did my research. There is zero concrete evidence that derma-rollers do shit. Same as massages, standing upside down, etc.

Might scar and build up damage over time though.

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I'm doing topical dutasteride to minimize systemic effects. so far everything is going well.

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I am also on dutasteride. I had worried about my very high sex drive dropping, which I know is a somewhat rare side effect. I have had no issue in the 2 or 3 years I've been on.

And it works. I also use minoxidil and dermastamp.

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stop being a retard


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theres topical now. you apply it once a week. it doesn't go systemic as much. so you only have 1/10th of the risk or even less then with the pills.

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well if you use it daily and bear grip it then sure, the idea is to stimulate blood flow and open pores to apply the product deeper. It makes sense, i don't need research to tell me what is intuitive.

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Youre an absolute nigger, heres one study


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I'm convinced people only get bald if theyre always stressing over it

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Well I ordered a micro roller just to have it i feel like it will better help apply the minoxidril. Is the 2x a week the recommended frequency to use the roller or should i do it every other day

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Use minoxidil
I bought it for my hair but end up using it for my beard

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Going bald makes being ugly even worse but if youre attractive its all good.

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Been using for a little over a year now, got my hair back and my balls work just fine. Deeply recommended. To think I only pay £160 a year for what feels like a reverse to aging feels amazing.

Take the fin pill my guys

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I'm not balding yet but I'm only 29 and I've already got a bunch of grey hairs, as well as hair in my ears

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Greying is based

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i was balding...

i said fuck it and since balding is not a choice i will make completely bald my choice.

Shaved my head, grew a beard, worked out.

Good job, fit, hot girlfren, and 2 dogs. all of those things dgaf if i do or dont have hair.

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Fpbp. Shave it off and start lifting. Get bigger. Go for a Jason Statham or Vin Diesel look. You can either own your baldness or let it own you.

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Just buzz it bro, women like bald men!
It's a well-known fact that this guy would become a 10/10 overnight if he just shaved his head

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native americans also don't experience hair loss, at all. Unless they mix with other races. I envy you

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tfw when granddad with 80 has still enough hair to complete cover his head.
tfw not a genetic dead end like you mutts

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Where to buy Dutasteride in Burgerland? Alldaychemist.com is always sold out

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people ITT literally wanna take tranny meds to secure their hair
you fucking retards

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I'm 28 bald, have a beautiful wife. A kid. A good job. I was also gifted with a face that looks good no matter what.

I guess I'm lucky.

Also I shaved it all off.

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the coping eternal virgins

the chad nature defeaters

honorable mention

>> No.26256065

it certainly works for the beard, not sure the hairline. Ive used minox+roller on the beard for months and have seen decent improvements

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I'm letting my hair go crazy, I have little on top but the side and back are thick. I have transcended appearance, all I care about is interesting things like aliens. Almost everyday I remind myself where we are in the universe. I can see people judge me, but once I remind them of there place on the universe and how stupid their shit is, you can see the obliterated look on their faces like they never taken the time to learn about anything. Do I really need the latest shoes or hair or anything but the bare essentials to survive.

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balding is a problem only if you are an insecure faggot

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Just embrace the Mr Clean style, ffs.

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You can be
>Not funny

But you should never be more than one if avoidable

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yes, most women don't care and most that do aren't worth your time. most women are attracted to status and how you carry yourself. dress well, have good posture and energy. don't be needy, know how to be funny and tell good stories. it's really not that complicated, but can be difficult to master

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Shut up baldie

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The sole existence of this thread is proof that the jews really did a number in your head

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Three options
1. Fix diet and lifestyle
2. Finasteride
3. Hair transplant

>> No.26257822

1. Shave head
2. Swastika tattoo
3. Nobody laughs

>> No.26257880

>and everyone will laugh at you, no matter what
This is just plain wrong.

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People don't fixate on others hair that much.
I also agree with>>26252673
Just shave it. Better to be bald then balding, no matter your head shape.
Just look at my man Jeffie Bez

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best answer
fucking retards here trying to shill OP pills to give him tranny hormone levels and rub chemicals that rapidly dry and age your skin into his head (everyone that uses minoxidil loses collagen production and ends up with wrinkles and dark bags under their eyes)
the /biz/pilled answer is to be so fucking rich you can get all the pussy you want regardless and be even more dominating with a bald head
plus being bald is one less reason not to hop on an aggressive prescribed testosterone protocol and get juiced as fuck

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Wrong. I pin test and take fin. Strong hairline and hard dick. All the FUD about fin is hairlet cope.

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i can vouch for minoxidil for beards. i had nothing for facial hair but after 3 months of minox i can grow a goatee and have peach fuzz on my cheeks. a few more months and it should start darkening. fuck nature bros

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When I see someone I knew with hair for a long time and see him balding it sends me into such a fear that would make rape victims look like children in a playground, I don't know why, they're so ugly and demon looking, I almost faint and it ruins my whole month.

>> No.26259062

Affording a hair transplant is easy as fuck once you've made it. Or if you're poor you can go to Turkey and get one for $1500. Compare Elon Musk's hair now to when he was in its 20s, he looks way better with his transplant

>> No.26259109

Is he supposed to be balding in that pic?

>> No.26259131

Wagies are about one step above cryptokids though. At least they have tangible funds.

>> No.26259229

Relax man, just get SMP.

Google it.

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>has hair

>> No.26259272

No, you want 1.5mm. That's what was used in the studies
And use a dermapen (knockoff from aliexpress is fine)
I've had a dermaroller before and the difference is night and day, I look forward to microneedling now

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Does dermarolling have to be combined with mino/fin? Or does it work on its own. I'm 23 and showing first signs of receding temples but don't want to start putting chemicals on because you can't ever stop. Also would like better beard growth

>> No.26259518

both together are superior

>> No.26259641

>basing your haircut off what the internet people think

>> No.26259825

just ru + fin + minoxidil + microneedle bro lmoa

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File: 1.84 MB, 3456x4608, IMG_20210120_163449__01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Buzz it and start lifting, you utter, utter, faggot.

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sup fags i'm balding too

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Heh you look like one of those people who get a Business Administration degree and think they are a businessman and a man with their 225 deadlift.

>> No.26260316

why do you think elons wealth eclipsed bezos? (he took cair of his hair)

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File: 161 KB, 749x794, 1611066910180.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Literally just get a hair transplant. It's a 4-figure surgery...

>> No.26260591

stop fucking caring about what others think of you

just be yourself, IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW YOU LOOK



>> No.26260593

Shut up baldy

>> No.26260687

have you checked all the failed ones and the fact that you'll have a visible scar in10-15 years when you finally have to shave it.

>> No.26260777

any diff between finasteride and dutasteride?
been on fin for 6 months, its definitely slowed down but no sign if regrowing

>> No.26260808

I bench that, come at me fag.


>> No.26260941

Do you understand what a hair transplant is you retard? They literally extract your own hair follicles from one side of your head and implant them into the area that's balding and then it regrows naturally. They don't cut your head open

>> No.26260966

Yes, his forehead is huge.

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Take black seed oil every day (capsule or liquid) and it will save your hair

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shut up baldie

>> No.26261342

>he doesn't know about the FUT scar

>> No.26261698

>he flexes a lmao2pl8 bench
shut up benchlet

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Post your cracked up hairline. thank god we know wmn don’t care.


They just want fun, money & attention kek

>> No.26261755

Its been 3 years since I aped blindly into biz shilled shit(coins). You fucks made me paranoid so I had to spend 300 euros on finasteride

>> No.26261794

nah, chad embrace

>> No.26261798

youre getting ripped off. 100x5mg is 47€, which is enough for 400 or 800 days

>> No.26261906

I can afford it. I also aped into link thanks to assblaster. Bless him

>> No.26261971

Course it is. Just don't try to hide the fact that you're balding with strange hairstyles. Just crop it short. Use Rogaine to keep what you have. Avoid Propecia / Finasteride -- too many side effects and potential long-term impacts.

>> No.26262087

I have the cure.


>> No.26262218

good to know. i already have low libido and fin kills it completely

>> No.26262264

Never heard of it... I just read finasteride blocks 70% of DHT while dutasteride block’s 90%. Weird that I only came across fin while looking for an option.

>> No.26262530

These memes about how men manage their appearance are dumb kike shit... A similar example would be "hurrr durr if you grow a beard you're just coping about your jawline"... Is there anything more jewish than promoting needless (feminine-like) neuroticism and insecurity in men as a whole regarding mere personal preferences. How about you fags just cool it and be bros?

>> No.26262667

when you're a 4/10 in looks it affects everything about how you relate to other people. women ignore you completely and other men disregard your opinion even if you are competent. you must not understand how much a tiny scrap of hair affects other people's perception of you. congrats on being good looking i guess

>> No.26262800
File: 28 KB, 400x396, 1610595761978.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rlly nigga? That meme is saying embrace your appearance and become sleeze pilled. You're the dumb kike

>> No.26262921

Nah it sounds like you misread my point entirely. I wasn't saying men shouldn't be concerned about their own appearance, I was commenting on the desire of some to be super opinionated on what other men choose to do and trying to undermine other men's confidence based on those weirdly neurotic opinions.

Imagine women telling each other they are less of a woman based just on how they wear their hair or deal with menopause. Maybe women do that sort of neurotic shit to each other I don't know, but men should be better than that.

>> No.26262973

You're really hopelessly stupid, kys kike.

>> No.26263031

>tfw early 20s and just noticed my widows peak seems just a little bit deeper and thinner.
Is this how it starts?

>> No.26263148

these are the people spreading fin FUD.
serum DHT is not scalp DHT. 0.75mg fin blocks most scalp DHT and you keep roughly 50% serum DHT.

>> No.26263187

>wife told me she will love me no matter if i go bald
>pound her harder and plenty so that she never thinks of hairy me again

its a big copium but you gotta do what you gotta do to stay slayin

>> No.26263289

no that's just a mature hairline at the tail end of puberty

>> No.26263293

If you think you're starting to go bald, its probably because you are.

>> No.26263494

Yeah could be, that's how I first noticed.. You might want to hold your phone camera up to the crown of your head from time to time so thinning of the crown doesn't surprise you.

>> No.26263650

yes get on finasteride immediately. Ive been on fin for 5 years with no side effects, I just wish I started this shit sooner, I would still have a full head of hair. Fucking FUDders scared me away from it.

>> No.26263688

just get an FUE then.
My dad did one, he has hairs, no scars.

Also if you're young you can do stem cell therapy, its literally just 3 biopsy and can be done in 45min.

>> No.26263715

Scar?? This isn't the 90s dude. You ever heard of FUE? I had 5000 grafts done over my lifetime and do not have a single visible scar. Nobody notices that I even had it done they just think i never started balding

>> No.26263724

finasteride and look up Derek from MPMD

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File: 1.25 MB, 2592x1944, IMG_20210120_190850162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's me 32 started losing at 28-29 can I salvage?

>> No.26264370

I didn't care about my looks with hair, I won't care about them with no hair.

>> No.26264453

shave it

look tough and lift to ward off wagies. Theyre pussies. Bald guys that are tough are like 10% tougher than non-bald guys

>> No.26264514

finasteride or dutasteride will stop it from getting worse, hair transplant will fix it

>> No.26264612
File: 1.50 MB, 2592x1944, IMG_20210120_191534434.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

top down, I'm using minoxidil havent had nor want to go to a hospital while this covid bs is going on to get a script for fenasteride. I feel like I'm getting some results.

>> No.26264702

Don't know what country you are in, but in the US you can just get a prescription for finasteride online it's really easy... forhims.com is an example of where you can get a prescription.. You just send a couple pics and a doc reviews them to sign off on the prescription.

>> No.26264828

I'm in Italy so it's a bit different here in Europe just started using it 2 weeks ago may try it for 3 months and see if thats enough i'm starting to spot some new growth but I'm not the most noticing person with these types of things. I just go by having some new shorter length hair. It doesnt help my hair is lightly colored and getting sparse since it feels worse than what it is.

>> No.26264856


I got nice hair at 30, but I will most likely be totally bald. I'm also gonna look good as I bald, more women like it than you think.

Insecurity with your looks is not a bad thing, otherwise you could end up looking like a hobo.

Good luck with the fear, drugs and surgeries, I feel like it's a waste of my time, and like anyone I am susceptible to fear, but I don't think it's as important as it feels.

Jess Bezos stayed bald, Elon Musk didn't. They're still both bald guys.

>> No.26264863

i wanna get on finasteride but i also wanna grow a beard and i read finasteride would stop that so i started using minoxidil to grow a beard and i'm like a year in now in a race against time to grow a beard before my hair falls out

>> No.26264978

>sleaze pilled
Lmao hell yeah bro

>> No.26265363

If you can afford a hair transplant, yes.

>> No.26265678
File: 168 KB, 1927x2048, WhatsApp Image 2021-01-20 at 19.41.05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP here, am I beyond saving? I usually style my hair in a combover, trying to hide my forehead.

>> No.26265696

look up scalp massages, im massagin my hair like a motherfucker (like serious knucle massage, beating my scalp as if it owes me money and just rugpulled me)
and its working lad
theres als quite a few studies on this
scalp tension => fibrosis => hair follicle dies

look it up and thank me in 6 months

>> No.26265864

touch yur scalp right now, can you pinch your skin on your scalp? is it loose? If you cant that means you have scalp tension and thats the cause of why no blood is flowing to feed your hair follicles
simple as, pinch your scalp like a mug and youll even see your skin become red (blood)

you basically need to re-oxygenate your entire cranium, once thats done no problemo

this is alos why dermarollers and such work (they also reactivate lying dormant follicles because of stem cells but thats another story)

>> No.26266188

>10k mcg biotin
>Black seed oil
>Brown japanese seaweed
>Vitamin D

I am missing a few other things but with this combo, I regrew my temples, and any thinning area is now thick. Granted I started before I had any visible baldness, I had slight temple recession, but now it's basically back to baseline and I have long hair like Jesus Christ, and love it.

Also if you're scared of dut side effects super miraforte is a good combo with it.

>> No.26266254

Absolutely not, you will always be compensating for being a balding subhuman with 0 sex appeal. That is why Bezos compensates so much, and Musk got a hair transplant.

>> No.26266444

With the below you will NOT lose hair at all

RU58841 Solution + Minoxidil
Rub RU58841 at night and Minox in the morning or vice versa.
Then the following each day...
Saw Palmetto
Berry Extract
Green Tea Lead Extract
Stinging Nettle Root
Grape Seed Extract
Pygeum Bark
Pumpkin Seed Extract
Lactobacillus Acidophilus
Grapefruit Seed Extract
Chicory Root
Magnesium Stearate
Silicon Dioxide

Combine this with either Pura Dor Anti Hairloss Shampoo or Nizoral and you literally can't lose hair.

For supplements I recommend
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin D3
Vitamin E
Vitamin B6
Panthotenic Acid
Vitamin B12

>> No.26266495

As long as you can afford a nice hat you should be okay

>> No.26266841

Just to note RU58841 is more effective than Finasteride if rubbed 1inch+ from where the hairline starts even in the bald areas.

I would honestly dermaroll as well or get PRP treatmen.

Goodluck bros

>> No.26266961
File: 1.10 MB, 3000x2000, elon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hair transplants aren't even expensive for someone that frequents these boards, let alone a successful person who made it like you're referring to.

>> No.26267242

>I cant even grow a beard to compensate, should I just kill myself already?
You absolutely should.

> At least im 184cm tall so I guess I have that going for me.

184cm is short.

>> No.26267289

>no dut
>no fin
>various "herbs"

dumb dumb dumb dumb dumbbbbbbbb

>> No.26267307

this, glad I'm 185cm.

>> No.26267387

Hair transplants are a scam.

They take your donor area, they don't magically create new hair.

>> No.26267572

That's why it is called 'a transplant'

>> No.26267575

comments like this are guys subtly lessening the competition

I see what you are doing. I'm doing the same thing. We must get more guys to go bald and use dut ourselves to outcompete in sexual market place. Most hot women and young girls find bald guys a huge turn off.

>> No.26267592

just use minoxidil to get the beard shit really works bruh

>> No.26267607

>just take 30 different supplements bro!
Fin or dut are by far the most effective things you can do about hair loss, and one of those should be enough in combination with a healthy lifestyle , ( good nutrition, intensive cardio a few times a week, enough sleep ) to get good results.

>> No.26267683

Which clinic you got topical dut at?

>> No.26267720

Almost the same hairline (widows peak).
Have always had it.
Wondering if Minoxidill could grow hair to the bald sides.

>> No.26267723

low iq idiot detected

the hair grew not because of dermarolling, but because holes in skin allowed minoxidil to go systemic.

why even bother with dermarolling if you want systemic minoxidil? Just straight up drink it.

You might get tachycardia and edema, but who cares, right?

secondly, that is literally the only study and its biased as fuck.

>> No.26267751
File: 47 KB, 512x329, unnamed (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon who cured baldness here.
Took me 5 years to find the cure. Here it is.
>Lower your DHT levels. If you're losing hair at a young age, it's 99.9% likely caused by you having a gene that makes you sensitive to DHT. You are one of the unlucky ones who has this gene.
>Men who don't have this gene can go their entire lives with high DHT and still keep their hair. You? If you don't lower your DHT levels fast, you will lose all your hair by 35.
>How to lower/block DHT?
Finasteride is the most common. Nofap also works since masturbation is typically the cause of most young men's high DHT levels.
>How to regrow hairline?
Dermaroller or hair transplant are the only two confirmed methods of regrowing a hairline. Once the hair follicles on the hairline die, skin grows over them and you can't revive them. You need to replace the skin/follicles themselves. A dermaroller can regrow the skin over time, leading to new hair follicles forming, or you can get a hair transplant. There is no other way to regrow dead hair follicles, not even minoxidil can revive dead hair follicles.
>What about supplements?
The only supplement I've tried that WORKS for hair regrowth (and I've tried literally hundreds) is pumpkin seed oil. At least 1000mg of pumpkin seed oil a day. Studies found it works.
Basically you're going bald because you have a gene that makes you sensitive to DHT. Your hair follicles are shrinking. You need to put more good in than bad.

>> No.26267774

Shave your head and grow a beard you whiney faggot

>> No.26267810

kek so true

>> No.26267826

despite having peak physical shape he still looks like an old coping grandpa with that balding head. Many such cases.

>> No.26267857

So what? They take from the unnecessarily and disproportionately thick areas in the back (which also happen to be less important aesthetically anyway) and if done right you can't tell the difference in the donor part. Alternatively you can wait for hair cloning to become a mature thing but miss out on a few decades of having and enjoying hair.

>> No.26267928

Just wear a hat dude. Hats are fashionable your hair probably wouldn't be even if you weren't balding. I have a full head of hair and would rather wear a hat.

>> No.26267947

i used to watch this kike on twitch for stock advice and he got a hair transplant and had a fucked up scar on the back of his head and then the transplanted hair fell out and he ended up having to shave anyway and he ended up killing himself kek

>> No.26268024

it annoys me that hair transplants and products exists. Thick lush hair is and defined eyebrows are my best feature. Annoying how others can just buy it back.

>> No.26268051

Because the hairline will continue to recede after the rubicon of transplanted hair and you will be looking like a freak with hair in front and no hair after the transplant border, it will make you look worse 5-10 years down the line. Use your brain ffs

>> No.26268059

You aren't a person if you don't have a job, you're a bum.

>> No.26268102

link and story?

I want to find out more and laugh at him. lmao

>> No.26268111

Anyone who's not a wagie is retarded.

>> No.26268117

his name was byron bernstein aka reckful

>> No.26268150
File: 439 KB, 860x828, big.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This, get fit and get funny.

>> No.26268213
File: 374 KB, 557x557, 1544461300138.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lift everyday and shave it, your dick will thank me

>> No.26268214

Lol. finasteride increases free testosterone by inhibiting the enzyme that converts test to DHT. DHT doesn't do shit for most people.

>> No.26268250

hairlet here. i 000 it. luckily i have high cheek bones and a masculine face overall, otherwise it would suck. I profit off of not having to pay for haircuts too and the sadies LOVE the neonazi look.

>> No.26268299

dht makes u grow a beard too tho so if you get on fin before you can grow a full one you're never getting it

>> No.26268331
File: 265 KB, 472x480, Screenshot 2021-01-20 at 21.38.01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know how baldies keep encouraging other victims to "shave head"? Why? Because they want other men to be as loserish as them. They don't want to see you taking dutasteride and reminding them that you will keep your hair unlike them, because they were too pussy, too scared of a drug. Real men take risks.

And why men with full head of hairs encourage you to JuStT ShAvE itT BraAHh?

Because they want to lessen the competition. Deep down they know a bald mug dries pussy.

Normies are scum...

This is where the whole "fin kills your dick" fud comes from.

What is point of your horny dick if your subhuman barren skull will repel females? You will just be a horny creep.

If you use fin and get a dead dick, you at least get intimacy with women, at least you can hug and kiss them. And if all else fails you can use Caverject injections or viagra. Problem solved.

Getting limited intimacy as a fin dick sufferer with hair >>>>> Getting ostracised by society as old creep and getting 0 intimacy

>> No.26268347

depends usually bald people have cool beards and a lot of bodyhair you can use that

>> No.26268389

what's strange is when I was a coomer (super high DHT levels) my beard never grew in fully. It looked patchy and weak.
Since I lowered my DHT through nofap, my beard grew in thick and connected, no patches.
It now grows in too fast and I need to trim it once a week

>> No.26268466
File: 30 KB, 500x500, buzz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

even with hair that guy wouldn't be attractive.
Some men look good with buzzed hair, some don't. Usually if you weren't that handsome with hair, losing it isn't a big deal.

>> No.26268482
File: 8 KB, 259x194, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

LMAO, he had a fat asian gf, what a loser. No wonder he killed himself. Probably had small dick also. Why else would he go for a chink?

>> No.26268518

This I think if youre already attractive as a man you'll stay attractive bald, just look at any bald celebrity they still look good either way and honestly I doubt any woman cares too much (minus the fact that their rich and famous)

>> No.26268545

jeff bezos is bald
the dude could spend millions and get a hair transplant like musk but he doesnt
most likely he doesnt give a fuck
be like jeff

>> No.26268586

Fuck you I will buy looks with my money as you rot. Cunt

>> No.26268643

Jeff Bezos gives so much fuck that he spent his whole life becoming a billionaire to compensate for his manletism and subhuman genes. He is bald, ugly, manlet and therefore had to compensate. It's pathetic really.

Bezos will never experience true attraction and contractions of a wet prime pussy on his dick. He will forever need to use "lubricants" and other beta crap, he will never know what true woman's love and passion feels like.

No amount of billions or even trillions can buy it.

>> No.26268666

You have a really shit mandable btw. Your jaws like a 7 tops. not very impressive

>> No.26268715

cope: the person

Know plenty of guys like that. They are always pissed. NGL, I'd be pissed with a skull like that also.

>> No.26268716

Bald dudes are hot as long as they keep it clean shaven

>> No.26268719

try getting the density up using fin, biotin, vitamins and might also try min. once you have some hair on your head, just get a transplant so you can get a balanced hairline

>> No.26268725
File: 62 KB, 500x500, C45CBEBC-12A3-4452-9FE0-F0DAD88CFCC6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don’t worry anon, you’ll make it

>> No.26268745
File: 24 KB, 306x300, 1 X_Iepjqrfy7uUPfn_UWI2Q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kek this

>> No.26268853

Yea he jumped off his balcony onto concrete his apartment was like the top floor high rise apartment complex in las vegas too. There were people posting pictures of his body on reddit right after but they took them all down before I saw them

>> No.26268859
File: 205 KB, 600x600, ejfh2xscsg111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder: it's better to have no hair than to try and cover up your shitty hairline.

>> No.26268980
File: 153 KB, 378x378, Screenshot 2021-01-20 at 21.50.09.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao cringe

what a needy beta

meanwhile that is kind of a message a teenage girl in love would send captain of a football team.

Something neither Bezos, nor Musk, nor Bill Gates, not Zuckerberg will EVER experience.

Women get wet and fall in love for criminals with high cheekbones not some smart beta nerds who gathered all that wealth because of their nerdy brains who had to compensate for genetic failures.

Check the billionaire list and you will see that 99.99% of them are butt-fuck ugly, manlets or deficient in other ways.

Winklewii twins are probably only legit Chad billionaires there are. Oh and Putin, I'm sure Russian sluts get wet for him due to insane power alone. But even Bezos does not wield power like that.

>> No.26268985

i hope you start balding.

>> No.26268992

Just go to turkey anon, cheap effective implants and a great trip. All baldies know this.

>> No.26269034

Where can I see pictures of his dead body?

Do you think hair loss really was cause of his suicide?

>> No.26269084

Just make it legal to execute people on the spot for mentioning or mocking someones baldness. Problem solved.

>> No.26269088

dude you're fine lmao

>> No.26269090

>allowing roaches to cut you

Don't think so mate

>> No.26269233

get a life you retarded loser

>> No.26269343

no, show me pics

>> No.26269398

imagine how better he would look with nice luscious hair

>> No.26269441

idk I saw some far away pictures of the scene but supposedly there were some up close ones that got taken down. Maybe partially because of his hairloss, he was bipolar and shit too though and his brother killed himself so he was kinda fucked in the head regardless. He did some thing where he talked to a pajeet psychologist on stream a few months before he killed himself and in his last stream before he did it he like looked at his balcony and he was like maybe this is all a simulation and I should just end it.

I watched him for years bc he played the same class in wow as me and then I made some decent money buying his stock picks before I knew anything about stocks so I kept watching for that. He went from 60k to millions on the stock market and his dad was some big time lawyer for the UN or some shit and he knew saudi princes and shit so I always thought he was getting some kind of insider knowledge

>> No.26269680

he would look too vain, trying to larp as Aquaman or something.
With a buzzed head he looks disciplined, humble, masculine

>> No.26269923

larp as aquaman lmfao

>> No.26270094

This. Nothing looks worse than thinning hair. Nothing looks more chad than totally shaved.

>> No.26270273

> he would look too vain, trying to larp as Aquaman or something.

> too vain

That's an interesting way of saying "too hot"

As if looking like Aquaman is a bad thing, he is like a sex symbol of 2018 or whenever that movie was launched, all women were all over him.

>> No.26270341

ouch who hurt you sweaty

>> No.26270352
File: 10 KB, 225x225, images.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

larping as aquaman kek

>> No.26270419

Nigga if you're balding then living a succesful life is your ONLY hope.

>> No.26270437
File: 124 KB, 800x757, cassian-folsom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if somebody has more important goals than fornicating with whores?
The monks of Norcia buzz off their hair and grow beards because they view it as a signal to Christ that they are no longer tied to vanity and no longer pursuing the lusts of the flesh

>> No.26270626

baling at 21, how do I cope bros

>> No.26270664

It's over. Always had been, always will be.

>> No.26270691

> What if somebody has more important goals than fornicating with whores?

Then they are a sour graping liar.

>> No.26270741

spironolactone unironically

>> No.26270979
File: 242 KB, 315x359, kratchad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah but they look like fucking Kratos doing it so they're not fooling anyone...

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