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Tiny cap still, hovering around 3.4cents, only 100 holders

RFI fork with a higher fee for more divs, and a lower total supply, this will be huge.

5% fee on txns redistributed to holders, easy as holding and earning tokens

Only 5,000,000 tokens


Don't say no one told you

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If I put in 250$ can I make it? I have never been in a coin 1 day after it started lmao. Don't rug me plz

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Fucking gold anon

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anyone buying right now will see a minimum 20x gain!! DONT HESITATE

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all these dumb fucks talk about moonshots and making it, but whenever a real opportunity presents itself they hesitate and miss out. too scared to take the chance. they're going to miss out on this one as well, like always. fucking pathetic

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Just ape in and see whether you'll make it. It's worth the gamble, right?

I mean, this has all the degen ingredients

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Yeah it was made literally yesterday

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Aped. This should fly

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post the pnd tg you came from

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Liquidity is 100% locked, no team tokens, just trying to help biz out


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You can't get rugged good sir, this is the one, you made it

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>another RFI fork
Just use RFCTR if you want your HUEG gains.

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suppose this actually was just some pnd, you'd still be in early enough to make huge gains. what kind of drooling retard would dump sub-200k mc 24 hours after launch

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post the tg coward

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RFI is 23M mcap, that's >100x

Comfy choice

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just go visit the r3fi-telegram my guy. it's not some fucking secret. everybody is welcome

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Not a pnd mate, visit the telegram for r3fi, just super early


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Im all in

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Not a pnd mate, t.me/r3fi.finance

Just super early

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Just buy DRIP, it's an actually useful fork of RFI and there's a big release coming up in the next couple of days

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total chad move buying here. do you hate making money anon? at 150k mcap?

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Mother fuckers stole my meme! Suck my fucking cock! You know how I know it’s mine? I made it on fucking PowerPoint slide faggot! Look at the bottom left hand corner of the picture! They stole my fucking memes!
Your warmest regards,

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Here’s one more! You fucking faggots stole my shit!

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>Y-you stole my meme
holy fuck my sides

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Are you fucking retarded? R3FI just launched, 5M total supply, LiqLock, 5% tax on all trades distributed among holders

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only 99 wallets, 0 volume, and a 2 eth sell caused a 20% dump. just give up and move on to the next pnd.

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Anon its absolute degenerate to buy a coin that was literally launched a day ago and has a mcap of 100k
That being said, count me in

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Liquidity is not locked. Top holders are not locked my smart contract. I see a mint function. Nigger wtf, this is going to get rugged. Don’t get rugged anons

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My nigga, the developer is a turkish kid

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weak fud, there is no mint in the contract

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I aped in, good to be back in the uniswap game

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Why wouldn't you trust a turkish kid?

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This one will explode. Don't be late

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It's gonna fly! I'm hodling on for dear life

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The absolute state of biz. Ranjeesh run project

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Yet you aped in, right?

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The transaction cannot succeed due to error: undefined. This is probably an issue with one of the tokens you are swapping.
fuck this

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Use full numbers in Uniswap. 50000 instead of 50000.123484

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i just want a small amount
wtf is this gas fee 50 dollars for

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2/3 of holders are whales who got in at 0.005.
Don't buy this pajeet rugpull you degenerate fucks
>Buy rubic

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