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enough with this

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Sire you musnt

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My god atleast get better at this

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Just bought another 10k stack
Don’t let the FUDS get to you, they only want to see you suffer

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Whole thread is based

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Shoutout to that one anon who told us about RBC at one cent, we didn’t heed his warning then but we did at two cents, and that made all the difference.

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rubic is too god damned based. im ready for the normies to fomo in next.

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Like clockwork

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Huge buy signal, checked

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I have the stack for twenty five thousand rubic rangers B)

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You do have a make it stack of 200k dont you biz? Or at least a suicide stack of 20k

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rubibros, how many rubics for her?

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$5 Christmas fren. Maybe even $5 thanksgiving

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my PUBIC hair

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I'm retarded what's the best way to avoid too many fees? My holdings on coinbase are too recent to transfer so I bought bitcoin on exodus with cash, transferred to coinbase and bought Ethereum, transferred to MetaMask and swapped for rubic.

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I'm a complete and utter newfag and I feel elated that I got in for under a penny last week.

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coinmama has decent fees but i think theres cheaper platforms out now

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Depends on how much you spent. You can buy Ethereum directly through Metamask. Wyre is the processor for it, and there's an initial $500/week limit.

So, if you were planning on going in for $500 or less, you totally cuck'd yourself on unnecessary fees and transfers.

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Good job anon
We are all gonna make it

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Holy checked trips we're going to 999x lads

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If this hits $5 which it is very likely to do, I'm going to retire and dedicate my life to rubicposting on biz

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Witness my digits fellow rubichads!!! Wgmi

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very good point

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Kek is with us.

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>very likely to do
is it now. $1 I can see in a couple months but it will dump violently before ever reaching $5. That would give it a mcap greater than Uniswap

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Rbc is Link Jr.

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If you don’t buy stay poor!!!!!!

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>Hodling RBC DEXG and PRQ

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Based also checked

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and a rubic to you my good man

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literally the 2021 GMI portfolio

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Looks like $0.80 is the top boys. Time to sell.

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>sell just before .10 is broken

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Kek .80 ahahah

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Hello Vikram very good sir

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I will happily accomulate more on your behalf, please dump your bags for me.

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Also, there is a crypto card game with a fast expanding community. What do you think about it? Is it good to invest?

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I really hope so anon, I have a lot of faith in DEXG in particular and hold 120 of these fuckers. RBC is looking very promising but we will see after the AMA tomorrow and the test results which are even more important. PRQ I only have 10k but it has been kind to me.

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>Sirs 8.00 is the top time to give me your money

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20 rupees have been deposited into your Mumbai City Bank account

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I missed out on PRQ because of FUD
Knew about it since the summer
Especially 2 months ago
I thought I was late
Eventually went to $1+

TFW not gonna happen again
Gotta nice stack today
Thanks anons

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Can we meme Rubic into the TOP 50?
>50,000+ Rubic Marine

Also, anyway we can “imply” a partnership with Robux or Roblox?

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It’s been an honor gentlemen

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Rubic is only worth about 4 homes in a nice section of california.....

i’m thinking were early

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What qualifies as a whale or making it with Rubic? I wanna be a Rubicmarine Primark

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#100 wallet right now is 172k so I guess that's your target as a "whale" technically.

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Where can you see wallets?

>> No.26242411

have fun
> https://etherscan.io/token/0xa4eed63db85311e22df4473f87ccfc3dadcfa3e3#balances

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almost based ID

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So, if I am in the first 25, I am a megawhale now?

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feel free to sell, let us feast upon whale flesh this night

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>1747 addresses

POS pajeet scamcoin garbage get off my board

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>Reddit spacing

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wait...that's it? how many vpns are they running at the internet cafe in mumbai right now? too much biz activity for there to be very little addresses for this. strong MATIC dump vibes

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nealy 1000 were created in the last 2-3 days, this is organic anon.

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at that time it <800 was 1-2m mc then started pumping and everyones hopping on FAST

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Mostly /biz/ controls the biggest amount

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Hahhah you pajeet faggots are lurking hard or you're actually with ((them)) and lurking amongst and against us shame on you /biz/ sees right through your 2 bit samefagging bus bench lawyer discord tranny pump group sandbox kid shitcoin

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I am not fucking selling anything before I see $1.

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Crude Brick

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What the fuck is going on with Rubic anyway? Is /biz/ shilling really pumping the price up so much? Nobody knows about this shit. It has no practical use.

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dyor faggot its been gone over to death in these threads

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I don't care. There's literally ZERO reason for this to be pumping so high. You'd be blind to not see how fucking clear of a scam this is.

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rubic :)

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true, this project looks like shit amd probably is shot, but with enough good memes, it will be sent to $1. KeK

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Sirs where to buy white man coin sirs?

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checked...more like 5 AM

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thread theme

>> No.26243977

Microsoft confirmed??? Anons???

>> No.26243989

Looks like I'm priced out of Rubic.

There's no way this is reaching $1. Hell I'd be surprised if it reaches $.15

>> No.26244012

Checked. Wtf are you talking about?

>> No.26244100


You're going to imminently make it I know gg

Also checked, this is the moon mission we deserved

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>> No.26244164

Classic PnD scam coin.

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When this gets to $.10, watch it magically plummet back down to $.005

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>When this gets to $.10, watch it magically plummet back down to $.005

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Thread theme

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actually got a jam right here just bought another 1k

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are you such weak faggot that you think we can't see that you're samefagging and trying so hard to make this pnd happen

>> No.26244675

So did I

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lol no

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incoming dip sell now then buy back in

>> No.26244973

lord i hope so, I have to buy more tomorrow afternoon

>> No.26245161

i'm gonna sleep now, don't dump on me while i sleep. good night rubichads.

>> No.26245206

Just woke up anon, will buy the dip if it happens

>> No.26245226

back to desperately spamming nonsense in a dire attempt to trick a couple more gullible idiots. Sad!
this is the same garbage garbage niggergoblin shilling from summer 2020 with desire.finance token NOT NEEDED the product is NOT NEEDED you can make youur own tokens on the testnet for free DO NOT FALL FOR THIS

>> No.26245248

just sold.

>> No.26245312

Should I buy the dip?

>> No.26245315


A new challenger has arrived

>> No.26245356

If you want to make money, yes

>> No.26245793

Whats with 999 gets and Rubic?

>> No.26245846

>t. seething pajeet shit on street

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I woke up fucking SEETHING after not buying the dip at 0.025 and watching this go to 10 cents all while holding fucking LCX BAGS

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Checked and rubicpilled

>> No.26247002

I have a 40k comfy make it stack

>> No.26247017

yea i swapped to legacy and woke up to rubic doing another 2.5 x

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I'm still trying to buy it with a credit card lmao

>> No.26247080

RBC is blessed

>> No.26247129

checked and WAGMI

>> No.26247628

easy 10x still

>> No.26247672

pump eet

>> No.26247697

I actually scooped up 120k LCX this morning with my Rubic profits. Gotta distribute a but. I do think LCX will pump sooner or later.

>> No.26247721

how and where do i even get rubic????

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>> No.26247877

Uniswap with your wallet

>> No.26247878

I solemnly swear, that I, rubichad whale 5, will hold my rubics until the day we flip uniswap. Blessed dreams anon

>> No.26247898

AMA in 5hours

>> No.26247909

This desu, so long as our hands are diamond, our futures, and those of our children, and their children too, will be guaranteed

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>greater mcap than uni

>> No.26247978

how tf do i buy rubic with a debit card?

>> No.26248027

Why the fuck are the fees on uniswap and every other fucking platform so fucking high

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Based whale

>> No.26248038

You mean 10x from .08 right anon?
80 is the level of you norubics iq

>> No.26248048

1. Buy ETH from Coinbase
2. Send your ETH to Rubic's contract: 0x17826fd4dC414183Ef34201064833F6E94f6Aea0
3. Congratulations, you now hold Rubic!

Feel free to copy and paste this around to help other anons too!

>> No.26248078

So no gas fees

>> No.26248094

this looks like a scam lmao

>> No.26248102

>send ETH to rubic's contract

>> No.26248103


>> No.26248118

Ethereum gas fees, fees change depending on network load, when ETH moves bigly the network bogs and the gas fees increase

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thanks anon, waiting on my RBC now.
Too the moon!

>> No.26248140

They'll pop up when you try to make the transaction

Seethe more newfag

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>> No.26248193

Remember to spread the word, there's so many newanons that can't buy Rubic, and they're going to miss the ascend to $1


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>> No.26248274

Stop scamming the newfags.

>> No.26248280

lol bought GRT instead of this. fuck you pajeets for diluting the sincerity of this board

>> No.26248325

Use this next time shill.watch/biz

>> No.26248328

thanks brother

>> No.26248330

it not too late anon, come and join us, I want you to make it with us, we're all brothers in autism here

>> No.26248709

isnt metamask only safe for hardware wallets

>> No.26249178
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w-what's happening?

>> No.26249217

How is it keeping with the price. its actually Crabbing while others are MEGA dumping. im so confused. what the fuck is going on ? who is spitting money into it more then other coins.

>> No.26249220

Riding this to a dollar, KEEP BUYING

>> No.26249241

An opportunity to buy low nigger

>> No.26249248

there are bots buying and selling a few milliseconds apart. I don't know if they are trying to pump it or what.

>> No.26249266

here's the daily dip
go buy if you still can

>> No.26249282

tiger uppercut we have a dip inc sirs

>> No.26249286

What does the red icon mean?

>> No.26249303

good time to buy the dip :)

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reddit jumping in on this

>> No.26249342

Good to see you niggers are selling, dump it pajeets

>> No.26249350

To 9.99 and beyond!

>> No.26249351

Are these bots actually able to make a profit after Gas fees using 3-4 ETH? surely the profits would be next to nothing

>> No.26249355

i sold lmao

>> No.26249361

oh no damn

>> No.26249366


>> No.26249377


>> No.26249390

quit coping and allocate a 10% of your dry powder liquidity anon, join us.

Oh really? You don't keep liquidity available to take advantage of oppurtinites like this? you went all in on LINK at $21? Sorry to hear that fren, hope you make it regardless

>> No.26249397

Still holding 150k

>> No.26249649


>> No.26249665

Rangers, I don't feel so good...

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>> No.26249920

Not a time for weak hands faggots

>> No.26249923
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>what is price correction

>> No.26249940

buy more

>> No.26249958

Paper hand shake out

>> No.26249980

I honestly don't care if I lose all 250 quid fuck all money. The market is unstable because the market as a whole is unstable because nobody knows what will happen today at Biden inauguration

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File: 254 KB, 960x768, 1515322639291.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Whale here
>Not selling
>EZ dip buy opportunity
Can't wait for the pajeets to come out tomorrow when they realized they missed the dip

>> No.26250039

Diamond hands here...but still scared

>> No.26250046

oh no im only up 600% anons

>> No.26250063

>tfw bought at 0.09

still holding medium-term, but still... ffs, could have a 50% higher stack

>> No.26250110

Holy shit what a perfect opportunity to accumulate, sold all of my JRT for more Rubic

>> No.26250114

where did you find the coin so early?

>> No.26250144

me too FUCK!

>> No.26250184

Hopefully the AMA at 3pm UTC saves us

>> No.26250191

9 cents is an hour ago mate... i wasn't early

>> No.26250231

the rule has always been buy the rumour, sell the news
but to be honest i dont even know this time i dont care

>> No.26250269

I've got a bit to fall until I break even but I've enjoyed the time we've had so I'm hoping it continues to pump instead of dying.

>> No.26250374

if buttcorn falls through 34k we're in for a surprise

>> No.26250383
File: 118 KB, 931x329, PAJEETS_HATE_RUBIC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminder Pajeets HATE Rubic, just look at this poor attempt at English. SAD!

>> No.26250923

did you buyed the dip, anon?

>> No.26250947

I buyed now im comfy

>> No.26250966

What time is the AMA, is it soon and where can I watch it?

>> No.26250978

it's a telegram ama
but it's on their twitter
unfortunate, i know

>> No.26250989

Where are my diamond hand rubic bros at?

>> No.26251065
File: 139 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20210120-131607_MetaMask.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26251088

reporting in
bought at 0.009 and honestly i dont see how i could lose money at this point

>> No.26251093

Paper hands give me your bags now

>> No.26251109

this chad doesn't even have enough eth to sell

>> No.26251138

Based af

>> No.26251156

barely enough.. gas was like 0.015 eth fuck sake

>> No.26251158

The balls on the kid,
He's locked and loaded

>> No.26251175

and get left holding a reddit long post that crashed the market?

>> No.26251187
File: 35 KB, 1102x307, Reporting.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

whale 5 reporting. never selling

>> No.26251197

i hope you give us a little heads up when you finally decide to unleash the doompa on the normies

>> No.26251216

sell 1000 rubic every day after we hit $1

>> No.26251218

oy vey that is too much! better sell now goyim or you will lose everything

>> No.26251224

Could I have 30k?

>> No.26251259

Diamond hands

>> No.26251285

Some chad just bought 16 eth worth of 30% dip kek

>> No.26251299
File: 138 KB, 630x505, 1610745300478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holding until the bullrun is over, which is a couple weeks after bitcoin breaks through the upper bound of the log chart.
We can x100 this.

>> No.26251307

were you that chad?

>> No.26251318
File: 2.58 MB, 952x1260, Rubic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

will do anon. wont be for a long time
1usd is not even a top 150 coin so all whales have agreed not to sell until 1.5 at least, depending on momentum. if this becomes first anon L2 bsc off ramp bypassing binance kyc control the fucking moon mission we will see will be historic

>> No.26251324

I wish, I am just a 2k coinlet who can't even into gas fees
So many missed opportunities

>> No.26251403
File: 13 KB, 778x276, rubic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuuuuuuck. my body is ready.

>> No.26251422

50k Stacklet. Hope its enough to put a house deposit down in a years time.

>> No.26251460


>> No.26251461
File: 317 KB, 3269x719, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whale calling in
Not selling for fat minute
Accumulate boys

>> No.26251473
File: 66 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20210118_131515_340.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rubic is already multichain and soon has crosschain ability. Also an anonymizer is coming and through the connection to mywish youre even able to create and list your own token. In addition the updated tokenomics...huge things are upon us, the rocket didnt even lift up now

>> No.26251480

30 eth buy ooooooo

>> No.26251483

pathetically weak hands prakash

>> No.26251505
File: 415 KB, 654x1145, Screenshot_20210120-133553_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like potery

>> No.26251526

All the way to .15


>> No.26251549
File: 50 KB, 1280x669, IMG_20210118_185848_243.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>muh this is pajeet coin and only pajeet shill this
shut the fuck up you degen, rubic team is based slav team, lead by our lord and saviour vladimir - the new sergey.
also the Team BTFO all pajeet shills with the following message:
"Hi all,

We did not approve any shilling campaign, and will do our best to prevent this kind of marketing associated with Rubic.

Marketing just started this week, and was more focused on press releases via their own sources.

We think that the key to success is by building a solid product which is used by many users, so development is our main priority now."

>muh liq is not locked rugpull soon I know because unicrypt says so!!
the absolute state of biz. unicrypt isnt the only way to lock liquidity you dumb fuck. liquidity IS locked, everyone with a brain can look it up in the contract:

>b-but minting
Cant you read? look up the fucking contract, there is mintandfreeze function.
I will explain it once again for you you brainlet. you can run functions:
This is how many locked chunks of tokens there are
This is how many total locked tokens there are
This will show you for each chunk what it's size is and when it will be unfrozen.

>rubic does nothing new
Im done with you autists, just look at pic related and gtfo

>> No.26251571

How the fuck do you buy this shit coin if it's not on normie base?

>> No.26251572

Christ.......this coin is going to blast to $1 in no time!! It's going to crush uniswap in the long term mark my words........

Get in early or regret it

>> No.26251578

Just wait until the youtubers shill.
We're all going to make it

>> No.26251587


>> No.26251592

Again 0.089 lmaooo

>> No.26251656

Easiest hold of my life. Well done rangers. $1 EOW

>> No.26251683

$1 EOW
$2 EOM

>> No.26251760

These scales are for the steady handed
The diamond handed /biz/ness man works in years.
Take your profits as time passes, but never all in, never all out.
$100 in 3 years time. Nothing is built overnight

>> No.26251764

This is going to be a lot $1 in no time.....and deservedly so....

How can people not see why people are losing their minds?? It's going to literally crush uniswap this year and still has a sub 10m marketcap......wtf people......see sense and get in before it goes another 10x!!

>> No.26251782

unironically look at $LOCK for next moon mission lads x

>> No.26251824

is that a cock cage on the blockchain project?

>> No.26251856
File: 2 KB, 162x140, 1584807054955.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is so fucking hilarious

>> No.26251880

I just wish I wasn't so poor. Me and a friend went 1500 BRL in this together

>> No.26251884

It's the digital asset cock cage you put your good boy points in when you realise your mistakes in not looking into RBC

>> No.26251897

>Brown hands
KEK literally the most pajeet coin being shilled right now

>> No.26251899
File: 207 KB, 1080x1066, 1610394478913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i didnt buyed

>> No.26251912
File: 130 KB, 933x933, LEGGOOO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Never in all my years have I seen dips eaten with such ravenous appetite

>> No.26251913


>> No.26251924

image the smell

>> No.26251931

BRL gang! I went 2000

>> No.26251935

50k stacklet reporting for flight control duty. To the moon we go!

>> No.26251951

you would think /biz/ gets it now? after 6 fucking dips being eaten up within the hour. but no, they're never going to learn.

>> No.26251953
File: 439 KB, 964x815, 1595674180835.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek I just noticed the Vennu Mallesh tab

>> No.26251987

kek atleast they stopped posting the $4000 meme-maker fud

>> No.26252020
File: 4 KB, 220x195, kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my entry point

>> No.26252049

>he bought?

>> No.26252072


>> No.26252153

Another 15eth dumped, pump it bitches!

>> No.26252260

I really would like this bot to fuck off.

>> No.26252299

I’m out.

After all the insane gas fees I still made 40%+, so I can’t complain.

Big dip coming soon, brothers.

>> No.26252334

Why don't you try not trading like a maniac?

>> No.26252405

It’s a scam. You and I both know it. When you’re playing with an enormous amount of money and see a 10% dip, you would pull out to make sure it doesn’t crash down to 3 cents too, faggot.

>> No.26252437

you're gonna regret m8
but profits are profits gods speed

>> No.26252465

kek as if you knew what you're talking about

>> No.26252485
File: 294 KB, 822x801, 1DECB52C-94E9-498A-9916-8F6913E8C703.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26252524

with all these memes im really starting to think its paid fucking shill fest. but i actually dont care. i wanna get rugpulled so i can stop fucking with crypto for good. i actually hoped they would fuck my asshole. but they keep pumping. and i think most of The weak hands ahve sold or you know. not buying. but it is what it is. its keep price while everything is dumping. im just as shocked as you.

>> No.26252617

But I bought in below 3c.

>> No.26252683
File: 8 KB, 174x250, 1513724457805s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lol I lost 30k that last dump but I am not selling
And I don't think it's a scam. I think it's undervalued. This is normal price fluctuation in such a low cap market

>> No.26252695

>dip coming soon
I don't care what is coming "soon". I'm in this for the long term.

>> No.26252881

>> https://etherscan.io/token/0xa4eed63db85311e22df4473f87ccfc3dadcfa3e3#balances
Wow, lowest wallet only holds 8000? is that right? I'm sure ive seen poor fags on here saying theyo only hold 2000. Nice to see how many other comfy 10k suicide stack holders there are

>> No.26252929

10k comfy rangers are good for price stabilisation too. Really is /ourcoin/

>> No.26253010

it only shows the top 1000 holders

>> No.26253022
File: 17 KB, 720x151, Screenshot_20210120-143422_Wallet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26253047

huh, why?

>> No.26253069

Went from #113 to #111 wallet by just holding

Kek @ at weak hands

>> No.26253092

hey thats me

>> No.26253113

So I've been looking at this and it literally has nothing going for it except the hype and the insane amounts of shilling going for it
It's a classic pump and dump scheme. You faggots are basically gambling your money, go hard or go home

>> No.26253135

Well my friend has a 7k stack so this is definitely wrong

>> No.26253160

hey how do these dumps get bought so quickly? Who is accoooooooooooooooomulating??

>> No.26253173

>You faggots are basically gambling your money, go hard or go home
I am.

>> No.26253209

I think its the same wallets dumping and buying the dip

>> No.26253250

market manipulation i hope it'll get to 25c thats when I pull out

>> No.26253262

>Weak hands
>Selling after a 6x gain

Pick one faggot. I'll be buying your coins when you panic sell at 3c, count on it

>> No.26253280

it's bots

>> No.26253289
File: 787 KB, 498x292, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should I buy a 50k stack bros? Can I trust you faggots in this? If biz holds most of it then it would spike the costs but I feel like one of you faggots are going to rug on me. My 5k dollars are enough for me to live off rent for one year since I share this apartment, I live in Sweden so yeah I'm lucky when it comes to costs but, if this really is supposed to go to $1 and I buy a 50k stack now... then I will be in heaven emotionally speaking, help me out bros, is this worth it or not? If you have a +10k stack please post as proof, I feel like the surge in cost of this is somewhat strange, I read their whitepaper and still not understand as it's only a token with basically zero functionally. HELP ME OUT BROS PLEASE FOR FUCK SAKES SHOULD I BUY A 50K STACK OR NOT?!

>> No.26253308

Is anyone still accumulating at these prices? I want to wait until it hits 0.05 at least again but dont even know if thats going to happen now

>> No.26253321

>2m volume

>> No.26253322

I have set an alarm at 10 cents and it hasn't gone off yet. I keep reading people talking about a dip. How are we going????

>> No.26253329

My man at 0.09 im at 6x as well

>> No.26253360

Know where is this ama is being held?

>> No.26253387
File: 146 KB, 1773x571, rbc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do it
Or you could become a stacklet like me

>> No.26253400

I lost 500 euros after my first deposit - went straight to a random account that was eating up people's funds. It has terrible security and will blame you if you lose the assets - a lot of viruses hijack your browser so they can empty your wallet really quickly on extensions like metamask.

>> No.26253453

The market cap of Rubic is still less than $10 million and it’s a functioning exchange. Uniswap has a $2 billion market cap right now. 1inch is $120 million MC right now.

Why do you think it has so much hype? This is going to end up being a 10x minimum from this point even if it ends up not being a very popular exchange and a 100x+ from this point if it becomes a successful exchange.

>> No.26253496

based and manipulation-pilled

>> No.26253536

Going to be super real with you, here are the problems they currently have, and the red flags I've seen. You will have others tell you the positives, but I'll give you some negatives.

>they posted about market movements on their twitter once
>their telegram is a bit shitty, and their discord server has no presence since it's just copy pastes of the telegram server
>currently whilst their product is supposedly working, and many anons have said so, I haven't used it myself because I'm lazy and I don't need to right now
>their whitepaper is a bit barebones
>their previous project did well a bit before the 2018 crash but it's not done much since then, despite existing
>early on in development
>team which is real, but they don't have a good media presence

Saying that, this is some of the things I like.
>white team
>cube logo with basically a swastika
>named team
>project's product is supposedly working (like I said I haven't tested it)
>DEX which promises anonymity in the future
>L2 development soon
>cross-chain trades on DEX
>CZ will probably need them to prop up his shitty chain, so a binance listing is not out of the question
>applied for coinbase
>active on telegram
>meme energy

Make your judgement, my man. I won't tell you one way or the other. I bought in at below 1c with 100k+ so I'm fine whatever, but this is near top and before a AMA on telegram later, with political and financial turmoil around.

>> No.26253931

Yes sir, people can install programs to keylog and remote control your pc.

Been happening since the banking days, have you heard of a hardware wallet sir's?

>> No.26253987

Maybe I should transfer some out of my metamask...

>> No.26254106

Thanks for the advices bro. I'm going to check on it later today. The fact that it's early, that it's supposedly working, that /biz/ are majority hodlers, makes me intrested in it. I think, if biz decides to never fucking sell we could turn this out to huge profits but knowing how some of you guys operate I'm not sure that'll happen. Anyways godspeed bros, I'm probably going to buy. Also their shitty telegram and all that kinda reminds me of the early days of link.

>> No.26254189
File: 151 KB, 630x505, 1610797263409.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26254451

what to buy next, you seem intelligent

>> No.26254473

What do you mean?

>> No.26254502

what low cap is good?

>> No.26254519

stop click on porn ads anon

>> No.26254534

nooo wayyy. but yes you're right its literally like 4 big whales just increasing their stacks.

>> No.26254629

I'm still in this one for the foreseeable future but I'm looking at FujiCoin and FOAM upon seeing them shilled here slightly. They seem like they could both do reasonably well, but the issue is that good projects don't always take off. FOAM and looing into IoT geolocation is pozzedd up zog shit but it's going to become more viable and therefore used, so I may as well make money of their attempted enslavement, if so.

>> No.26254675

If only we were able to convince them to buy more to spite us and stop us from controlling it...

>> No.26254797

is MEW safer?

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