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Business & Finance

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That's a man.

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literally looks like something from one of those british skits where the actors dress up as women

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Looks like Carol

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I'm so happy to be forced to pay for the experimental chemical castration of and sexual mutilation of young children... Thanks leftists.. VERY cool.

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Worse than Belgium’s obese health minister

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You guys have no idea. She might actually be extremely qualified for this role.

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That's a woman and she's beautiful

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SHIT ANON you’re right. News is claiming Biden is aiming for the best stock-market rally in 92 years ahead of inauguration...do you agree?

Also, that’s a man.

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Reminder this faggot tries to work with kids in pediatrics and got shit tons of old people killed in homes while moving his father out of one.

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I don’t think mentally ill people are that qualified to be honest

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1. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.07.22.20160341v3
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13. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2652751/

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What stocks and/or crypto will fly tomorrow because of Biden/this man and why?

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14. https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3607803
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27. https://www.preprints.org/manuscript/202010.0330/v2

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Aren’t trannies pro crypto and pro cannabis legalization?

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Secretary of Dilation, you have the floor

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No and degenerate

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Also Biden 11 million illegal amnesty

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It’s all aimed at radicalising white men. The powers that be know that modern white men are weak, 3rd generation spoiled and warless, so they do this sjw performance to get the men riled up so that they can keep their fighting energy.

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They're all mentally ill, so sure.

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eww it's one of those creepy old guys who jerks their little dicks while they wear a dress. great choice joe

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If WASPs have any dignity left they will purge all of this soon and salt the earth beneath the American coasts.

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He forced nursing homes to take in corona patients without telling them that the patients were infected.
But before he did that, he made sure to move his mother out.

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Wow I knew the left was going to go wild under Joe but didn’t think it’d be this early. US is fucked there’s no going back from this.

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It was at this point of the summer, when you started seeing people unironically getting on their knees and begging forgiveness because it's somehow the trendy thing to do, that I knew we were truly fucked.

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HAHAHA amerilards absolutely and endlessly cucked, the next 4 years will be even more of a circus than the last 4.

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Feels bad man.
I used to look at Belgiums Health Minister and think that at least we weren't that bad.

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Oh no.

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What purpose could that possibly serve? I think it's precisely because they know whites are weak that they continue on with the degeneracy. They know all these faggots won't do shit, and wokeness is profitable for the time being. Am I missing something?

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Protestants will form new schisms that explain how trannyism is alright according to their reading of the bible

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Kys reddit nigger

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Based and actually trying to figure it out pilled.

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sexyyyyyyyyyyyy mama

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How do I profit from this?

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I wanna seethe so fucking hard read this.

Fuck you

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As previously stated. Please kys

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she probably is

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Imagine the smell

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Based. Gas the boomers, age war now. Day of the Pillow can't come soon enough.

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What coins does she hold?

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Legitimately scary. What the fuck is wrong with burgers?

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That thing will never be a woman.

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That's a brave and powerful woman you Nazi.

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>She is Jewish, grew up attending Hebrew school
>She has two children, David and Dayna. She transitioned in 2011. Levine and her ex-wife, Martha Peaslee Levine, divorced in 2013.
Congratulation mericans! Really happy for you!

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I had to look it up but it’s real. He should be in jail

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That's just a guy wearing a wig, makeup, padded bra, and women's clothes. How is this transgender and not just a cross dresser

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My theory was that they put infected in the nursing homes on purpose to kill off the older, more right-leaning voting block.
They could also use the increased death count as a campaign tool against orange man.
It was all planned.

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we got a masterbaiter over here. gj king.

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They knew exactly what they were doing.

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Because he FEELS like a woman.

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Quick, give it euthanasia by COVID vaccine!

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>business and finance
fuck off /pol/

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Exactly. This is the curse of protestantism.

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You guys have no idea. She might actually be extremely qualified for this role.

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>appointing more jews
So much for equality

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>mentally ill secretary of health
Denial of clown world is a sell signal

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trannies age horribly

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Nice bait. He’s our head of health here in PA. Fucking garbage tranny.

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But really...this man’s actions will directly affect our economy for 4 fucking years. He’s not even president yet and already this bullshit?

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's a man

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where is your photographic evidence

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Sometimes I wonder about this. I think sometimes: "If I wanted to turn the west fascist in fifty years, what would i do?" and it's just the exact shit they're doing.

>> No.26236960

That's actually one the most female things about them.

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All chuds will now be forced to transition.

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I’d rather start roiding

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trannies are much more likely to be autistic than the general population, meaning more likely to be highly systematic and high IQ
in other words, yes, trannies are more likely to have a highly masculine brain than the average male
I don't know anything specifically about this person or their track record however

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And then one day, for no reason at all, people voted hitler into power

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damn why this bitch look like a nigga

>> No.26237222

hol up

>> No.26237257

Many such cases

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what "powers that be" would want to turn the world fascist/radicalize white men? Genuine question because I certainly cannot think of any
I don't think it's 4D chess, leftist retards eat this shit up and plays like these will boost Biden's approval rating. These people would rather have a "marginalized" person in charge than a qualified person; they think any sort of test used to determine qualification is racist and/or ableist, so all that's left is diversity hiring

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thhe meds.

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How do we profit from this?

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He also tapped Gary Gensler, the chad that taught Bitcoin classes at MIT.

He's ensuring your wealth and you still whine. Spoiled brats.

Love or hate trump we can all admit he's a retard when it comes to bitcoin.


I don't want to see any replies to this post that aren't apologies and no fake ones.

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How do I get a gf like that?

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>dude with big tits picks a dude with even bigger tits

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I'm sorry you're a faggot apologist, anon. No faking.

>> No.26237731

If trannies can get hrt, can normal people finally get steroids without having to sneak it

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The man who saved tv

>> No.26237859

You've just earned yourself a spanking.

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Starting to believe this shit is all satanic and fucked up by design.

>> No.26237960

>It was all planned.
it sure would be comforting if that was the case, huh? well little guy, i'm sorry to inform you, but life isn't a scripted conspiracy. the left never thought they'd lose to trump in Nov, so they certainly weren't trying to kill people. use your brain dude. left's are pussies not murderers

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Synagogue of Satan

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This is bullish for GRTrannies.

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I think I might handle this Biden admin better than I anticipated. What a world.

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>left's are pussies not murderers
Seth Rich says hi

>> No.26238094

the leaders of the pussies are psychopaths, and they're the ones who ordered the sick be put into nursing homes. not your average dumbass voter

>> No.26238100

agree 100 that trannies are mentally ill. but the maga cabinet was mentally ill too. you think mental illness ends at your defined limits? this is clown world, almost everyone is sick to some degree. that's why your unfulfillment leads to online saber-rattling

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This Tranny is a huge Cannabis supporter. Look for pot stocks or funds (MSOS) to do well.

With only a handful of states adopting legalization you have approx 12 billion dollar market. This Tranny might just help the market go to 100 billion plus....

She/Her might become the new Queen of /Biz

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What are the downsides to doing this?

>> No.26238159

Men who think they are women are much further gone from reality than people who you disagree with on policy you simpleton.

>> No.26238164

You can get testosterone if your serum levels are low, that’s the equivalent. Steroids shrink male genitals

>> No.26238199

>everyone is just as twisted as me
projection. key indicator of the leftist

>> No.26238202

What was an example of a mentally ill person on his cabinet?

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What have the burgers done.

>> No.26238212

that's a man

>> No.26238215

off the top of my head: increased risk of hair loss and heart problems. Also I'm pretty sure your body produces significantly less testosterone naturally if you do this or TRT and that it can be difficult to wane yourself off. There are probably more

>> No.26238272

jesus fucking christ imagine letting a mentally ill creature touch federal health. fuck having kids in this country, sorry to all you parents out there, better start homeschooling

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>> No.26238357

there are none. take 10 cycles in a row then get back to us

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You lose money for no positives

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my fucking face is stuck like this right now

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Left wing feel like they are special with a "women" trans thing in a higher role. But really it's still a man doing man's work! We should vote for a trans president so a man can still be leading!!!

>> No.26238508

America is such a fucked country. The old guard of elites like Biden, Pelosi and McConnell are so desperate to hold onto their powers even though they are way too fucking old to function to the best of their ability. The young Democrats are full of extremists like AOC who are getting gradually more and more bold with expressing their beliefs. Biden is literally going to be an 80 year old man soon and they somehow thought that an 80 year old can handle the most stressful and important job in the world. So what we have is Kamala Harris basically becoming president even though nobody cares about her or likes her.

The entire senate is just fucking rife with career politicians and extremists who are completely out of touch with Americans. I read that 45% of Republican voters supported the Capitol raid which amounts to about 25 million Americans who genuinely hate their government so much they want to see it burned to the ground. Then they go on the tv talking about healing and unifying the country while they just continually ignore this extremely large group of mostly white Americans that are gradually becoming more and more extremist in their beliefs due to retarded shit like appointing a tranny as secretary of health.

Mind boggling stuff really. We are witnessing the collapse of the United States. A historic era to be living in no doubt.

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good post, I rate it male/female

>> No.26238598

You now remember how much democrats seethed at voting in a 73 year old Reagan saying that it was irresponsible

>> No.26238623

These Jews are basically just rubbing our nose in shit at this point

>> No.26238727

SHE is beautiful. You will respect women.

>> No.26238748

it isn’t just a matter of pinning test or est, the endocrine system is complicated and any hormone treatment needs to be cycled and there are other drugs that need to be taken to counteract side effects. It’s a very unnatural process

>> No.26238788

just don't be an asshat like all the /pol/tards on here implying her gender identity makes her any less competent or capable and you'll be good.

>> No.26238813

Anon, I have never before unironically with anyone this much.

>> No.26238829

IT will never be a woman haha

>> No.26238840

What's it's real name?

>> No.26238853

This is bearish

>> No.26238858

Nothing has changed. Now they are just showing what they are really capable of rather than staying in stealth subversion mode. It hasn't been our government since 1913 at least

>> No.26238875

Shlomo Levitt

>> No.26238879

>but life isn't a scripted conspiracy
it lterally is tho

>> No.26238888

how do you know what being a woman feels like if you're a man?

>> No.26238903

Quads have spoken.
He will never be a woman.

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>> No.26239122

Now that’s what I call bait

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>> No.26239201

I'm suspicious of men who cut their dicks off and call themselves women.

>> No.26239564

You’re right, anon. This must be the reason.

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What's wrong with its teeths?

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It's all a distraction. Don't waste your energy on it. Keep building the wall around yourself and the ones you love. The hour is late......not a lot of time left.....

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