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Should I hold GRT or put more into ethereum before it's too late?

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Don't fall for the ethereum hype right now. Don't get me wrong I love eth but not right now, this is all going to start trickling down once biden gets into office. Hold.

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GRT has way more upside. like, WAY MORE.

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Yeah I thought that as well and bidens rhetoric on cyrpto is worrying. Just want GRT to break a dollar before I can justify selling

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Poor gag with half my savings In GRT right now. My trades fuckin suck so I decided I’m just never selling anything again, hope it works out in the long run

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The democrat narrative is that they're for the people and against wallstreet, which is bullshit but that's the narrative so expect everything to come down a bit after he gets elected. Picking back steam in the summer I think but we'll have to see.

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Hodl. As long as it's not 0, then it's never too late.

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yes anon, swing your GRT, chase the green candle, works for so many people

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True depend how hard they go in on it. First 100 days will be the indicator

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GRT is the big potential right now. Holding ETH is worth it but it's going to keep correcting down over the next few hours while GRT could start the rebound any minute.
It's already bounced cleanly off the .52 support 3 times. Marketwide corrections tailing ETH/BTC couldn't kill it. FUD shills trying to get in at .40 couldn't kill it. It's not getting cheaper than this.
Unironically all in to double your money by EOD. Last call or ngmi.

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None. Grt a scam, and you are priced out of eth
Dyor on BOR. You'll thank me in your thoughts

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okay fudding pajeet

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This is why you never have to worry about newfags. Even if by some absolute fluke they land on a completely legit project, they'll all just sell. Newfags who buy GRT at $0.30 and sell at $1 will think they are the shit. Newfags who buy LINK at $20 and sell at $100 will think they are the shit. None of them will actually make it.
Chads who bought LINK at $0.25 and GRT at $0.11 are the ones who will hold the longest, I guarantee it.

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Just bought the dip! Let's go back GRT! It will outperform ETH for sure!m No doubts about that!

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This is great advice . Let the green come to you. Dont chase the green like the other retards

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