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I warned u

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how come it never goes down all the way again

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I hope so bro

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Make that 7 minutes.

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where tf do you live poorfag?

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it dumps instead

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Obama phones

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ETH Profits are going to get moved around to different coins and almost certainly LINK will be one of them

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Won’t happen overnight but expect to see LINK pump to $100 over next 45 days or so

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>Based on: nothing
>source: my ass

stop doing this to yourself anon

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Its flying right back to 19$ anon

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>Selling ETH before the moon

too soon, JR.

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Based on: consensus of the World Economic Forum
Source: The White Paper published in December
Remember when the white paper for BTC came out in 08, then it was launched at a meagre 8 cents a coin in 09?

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It keeps dumping

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Stop it frens my bags are not flying.

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*loud breathing through nose* you call this flyin?

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Based! It's going down! Now I can buy more!

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I was just listening to that album.

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It says au in the address bar

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>1 hour later
>literally dumping
It's all so tiring

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Chainlink, the cryptocurrency and smart contract solution, with ticker symbol $LINK, has proven to be a very savvy investment of mine.

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This is no doubt Base go the mars right now! My lucky shot was here and am ready to get even more

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>Jerry it's a writeoff. Everybody writes it off.

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Can we just moon again, I’m bored again. Been waiting for 3 years so I just want to get this over and done with. Thanks bros.