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We still fudding?

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here's a way better stat
65% of LINK is controlled by a single party.
like wtf, it is right there on the chain, and they choose to spew this bullshit?
reddit can't even fucking FUD properly. at least pull up the empty network stats

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I'm still stealth mode

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>linking conintelegraph linked on plebbit on 4chan
wtf is wrong with you op

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LINK is based either way, fuck reddit

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I have over 1000 link, could I be one of those 125 wallets? Most people I know have like 30 link

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sergey? is that you?

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7k+ is the top 3000 last i checked, which has been a while

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checked, how is link based

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It's a centralized shitcoin with no working product

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I have 240k LINK. My wallet rank has been dropping each week.
Feels bad man

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It never ended.
Number 125 says nothing.
The key to all fud nowadays is to talks about price action, "top x%", threat of Sergey sell offs, exit scam 700k, muh stable coin, coin no needed, muh trusty slides, muh market cap at $x price unsutainable. That's all, you will never see anyone arguing about tech anymore, nobody tries to talk to those top 100 holders and ask for their intentions, there is 0 fud about staking, all you hear is arguing about the date of staking. Connect the dots, m8, we are maniacs.
Archive the fud, m8, after capital pdf it's very scarce and nobody pays for it. Expect weak, but overhelming fud at the end of the week or next week, I bet curved fingers are placing shorts already.

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Lol this.
How can people here be so retarded and let sergey dumb on them every week?

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Just took a screenshot and posted on Facebook

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they will dump on you so hard, that russian guy will fuck you up!!!!!!!!!!!

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>cant even post on reddit anymore
>apparently too low on karma
lmao what a fucking shit site

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If you've ever posted there you should go back

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wow!!! redditors working on such smart metrics!!!

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i only post on link fud threads

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Nah we've been in shill or chill mode for almost 2 years. Those are just salty plebbitors

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holy shit this distribution is awful

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uhmm. hello? silly niggers? this is exchanges, the team, institutions, and sergey's fat ass. you could probably say the same about a lot of other projects.

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What's with all the Indian shills lately?
Chainlink solved the Oracle problem. Every institution in the world is about to adopt Chainlink.
We're becoming web 3.0 now.
Sorry you guys can't read...

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What do you mean by this to be exact? The distribution is what users make of it

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You need to go back.

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Checked. High energy ebin bread

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Yes its controlled by a single party, the NSDAP

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That article was made to keep redditors off of link.

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I'll never stop fudding link.

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Chainlink is not supposed to be some fair distributed wealth utopia. It's just gonna give you the right inputs and outputs for smart contracts while a small minority profits from this greatly.

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love it

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link will go the same way xrp went. best to avoid for now. anyone that made profit are better off taking profit while they still can.

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Well at least you're honest in your shilling attempts. You're just salty because Chainlink solved the oracle problem, and is about to be used by every single institution on the planet.

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