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I’m not pulling pajeet shit I swear I’ve been doing so much research and I think RLC will be the next link. Everyone keeps posting about RLC but why doesn’t it go up?

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It's the next Bitcoin pajeet

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Retards too busy chasing 'Eth killers', I wonder how many have been created now that has not killed Eth.

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funny, I was just thinking about how much this used to be shilled here
maybe it will be big at some point but the coin is garbage right now

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Because it's a shitcoin that's getting no real adoption. Still isn't even on Coinbase? Cringe.

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Look I don’t know if RLC will ever have it’s day, but GRT is the next Chainlink.

Notice how it never got in a pissing contest with LINK because it’s vaporware promises are actually delivered by LINK, rather it has an actual use case that is complimentary to LINK.

Basically I can’t fully trust a project that randomly tried to FUD LINK and claim it also is an oracle out of the blue, even though theoretically it’s main usecase is valuable (if it ever actually works).

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>he buys after they list on cb

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Are you an idiot bro do you not realize that chain link and GRT will need something like RLC to process all of that data.
As you can see here>>26183061
RLC is bigger than all these things it's just going to take some time

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