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...again yeah i bought .49

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just wait a few days and you'll sell at a profit, newfag

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imagine buying a stablecoin used by miguel in venezuela

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Is this your first investment or something? Shit doesn't just go up forever

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i sold on your dumbass but buying back at this dip because rsr will hit $1

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this is like your fifth thread today, you dumb piece of shit

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right.. because stablecoins would work better in the usa?

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OP are you brain dead?

first of all you bought at 0.049c NOT 0.49c.

second of all RSR is best to be held for long term or at least until the bull run is over.

Absolute morons on this board posting garbage because they get so emotional trying to swing/day trade crypto like it's stocks. Especially a smaller cap coins like RSR or Vechain. Like are you retarded?

They have a very good project and good team backing them up. BE SMART and HODL. Accumulate more on the small/major dips and appreciate the journey. $3,000-$4,000 USD in RSR today will be close to $100,000 USD in 1-2 years max.

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What do you mean its my fifth thread?

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