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Can we have a PRQ FUD thread?

I want the emotional rush of being tempted to drop my bags.

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Ikr? I just wanna talk about prq, negative fud or super shill I dont care, this cum Got me so fucking hype

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CCP require a chairman to be assigned to your company if you want to do business in China. You become their dog if you want to do business there.

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Doesn't exist.

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this :(

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Not based. If there is no FUD, you need to lie and make some up.

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I fear there is no stopping this coin now.
China tomorrow, I'll be forever priced out by commies before 10k stack

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Also it's not the Graph will never be over (*checks ATH*)... $2

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1% holds 70% of the supply

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so in other words China is based

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PRQ and GRT are bar none the best investment in crypto. Sure Link too.

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>Chainlink can already do what Parsiq does but even better
>token not needed
>almost the entire team has russian sounding names
>just a wallet

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biggest fud is the handful of high 6 fig to low 7 fig whales who bought their stack for 10k usd. they will dump every green dildo, absolute fucking faggots

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Close, but
>almost the entire team has russian sounding names
isn't FUD and is in fact a huge shill in crypto.

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I'm like 90% one of two things will happen in regards to GRT. Parsiq will blow them the fuck out with a sidequest on a whim, or GRT will capitulate and integrate parsiq as part of their foundation.

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This wallet lost me 5 eth! The team is a bunch of slav scammer are are looking to exit scam at any moment.

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The biggest fud is that token is unironically not needed.


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>4 days full of fud and we're still going up


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>t. 800k holder
whale lives matter amirite xD

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Norm MacDonald said it was over

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prq is the new stablecoin at 1,20 Euro

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whales are inevitable

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i only have 200 of these fuckers and i already feel like a millionaire

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how does 2000 dollars sound?

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yummy yummy

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I think you'll need 1k for millionaire status. But you may likely enjoy a good 200k+ eoy with that.

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$100 EOY

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silently pumps to ATH

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Sorry I was off pajeetposting in the RBC rugpull threads; what did I miss....
Oh another $10k in unrealized gains. Excellent.

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PRQ is racist.
personally, i'm all in

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I really need this coin to do a 4x in the next month or my wife is gonna find out about my findom mistress.

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Checked and based but don't let her find out about your prq stash hahaha

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My only fud is they are spending too much time with inferior layer 1s when they should be concentrating on partnering with the next gen level 1s like avalanche radix and elrond. But apart from that it is unfuddable it is LINK's antimatter twin

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Uhhhhh, guys. It's happening again. It was down to 1.15 yesterday and now it's back up to 1.60. I didn't pick any up. I u-u-u-uh, don't feel so well.

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5$ EOM enjoy your rope

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Whats the point of the token?

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A very comfy wallet :)

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Watch the Chainlink interview

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to enrich the russian founders.
everyone knows anything to do with russians is a scam.

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this shit is going back to .50 soon

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200m mc
1.5m liquidity

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I'm watching it now and holy fuck Anatoly is autistic as someone can possibly be. My fellow burger interviewer can't even keep up with the steady stream of cogent autism flowing from this man's mouth.

No way this doesn't keep mooning. Russian-written crypto is the 21st century version of Russian-written classical music. These Russian guys are on a whole other level.

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Fucking kek.

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bros this looks like a classic slow rug. how could we have not seen it? russians and chinese, what were thinking?

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fuck go. new ATH today

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I really don’t like these prepaid pump and dump Ellio TRades coin. The tech is utter pure garbage, and the shitting thing is that Ellio TRades a YouTube, has been paid to shill to to his watchers so he can dump on them and swing into some trash coin he made.

Extremely low IQ if you buy any more of this garbage. It will go to zero and then then you will have left a ton of people pissed off.

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This is good FUD. Saved

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Good read, thanks anon.

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just sold my stack

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wasnt anons a few months back jack dorsey was afilliated with this coin? then it crashed super hard?

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does this look like it's crashed super hard to you anon

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what, i've never heard jack even mentioned on the same website as this coin

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There was a time

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mercy at the hands of whales. LOL. what a shit coin

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no there wasnt, I've literally been monitoring every single prq thread since august

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You may as well not even be in crypto