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BSN to release beta central bank digital currency.
> chainlink providing oracle services for chinese central bank

Thats enough breadcrumbs for you today

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>CTRL + F "Chainklink"
0 results
Cope more

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Chainlink is BSN's default oracle service.

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Cope more

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Show proofs !

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$1000 EOY!

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Go back.

Chainlink provides proof of reserve for real asset backed stablecoin for a federally chartered bank, which is an arm of paypal. Regulation was just passed that allows banks to issue and use their own stablecoins, so expect others to follow suit in the USA. Now we have China's BSN, which is also partnered with chainlink. Chainlink really will be powering government issued stablecoins. There are also crumbs for Canada, Australia and the UK.

You had 3 years, this was predicted in 2018, seethe cope and dilate

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DOYR. this was discussed for days. you missed out.

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Imagine being this extremely new.

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Thread in Feb 2018
>Chainlink is in the market to compete with Tether and fiat currencies. Billion and Trillion dollar competitors.

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chainlink confirmed china hussle now

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>No check mark
Literally who

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Lmfao pcns are real we’re gonna be so rich

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That's the official Twitter handle, buckaroo.

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Fuck China
China is a fucking meme
Productivity is low per capita and has dropped since 2008
Also China is becoming more service oriented which will hit productivity more
The average Greek is about 5 times more productive than the average Chink and Greece is a basket case economy
Also their aircraft carriers and other naval vessels are shit

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>Mumbai Municipal Potty Training Academy Of The Farts and Sciences.
7 results.
Graduate faster.

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Look things up.

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>China is becoming more like US so the west will win
High IQ post, Satan

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These giga newfags make me physically sick