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Which of the currently shilled coins are scams and which are legit?

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none of them

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My take?
Legit. Remains to be seen how much support it gets
I'm thinking PnD
Not scam, just not sure how much gains will come
Don't know enough

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This except xsn is a scam.

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I don't trust RBC. Look at their team and their past failed project "MyWish".

TWO articles about their MyWish project from 3 years ago. If they come into RBC with the same energy—you might as well give your money to an e-thot because it'd be wasted.
RBC sounds nice, but I haven't seen a reason to believe in the dev team. Not yet at least.

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Pretty solid list desu. I personally only hold AVAX. Tons of potential but I can already see its support dying out. Maybe I'll accumulate during the bear market who the fuck knows

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This is pretty much my take as well

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Pajeets flavor of the month

Legit but nothing special

Good and well adopted

Legit but not among the best tech wise, Massively overvalued and horrible inflation

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Dot legit, rest scam

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XSN is the only true multi chain Layer 2 DEX out there. All others are just ETH/ERC20 based using wrapped assets and some form of rollups clones of each other. It’s the only layer 2 DEX using real assets and is getting listed on Bitfinex tomorrow and rumours are they have a deal with Bitfinex to provide liquidity for the DEX. When XSN DEX launches next month it will make onchain DEX’s like Uniswap and these fake L2 DEX’s obsolete and it only has a $70million marketcap Vs something like Uniswap what is near $2billion. If you can’t see how this will x20 in price in the short term then I don’t know what to tell you.

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pretty much my feels too

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The mystery box
Legitimate, you have to look at absolutely how fast it got listed on exchanges.
Most legitimate of the group

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>well adopted
Nigga not even BTC is well adopted

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Which is why it makes so much sense, Bitfinex are always looking for ways to launder money so what better way than through a L2 DEX that provides privacy out of the reach of regulators. Plus they can just use the Tether printer to pump it's marketcap to infinity. Don't know how long it will last but those that are in will make a fuck load of money while it's happening

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Grt dot

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dont know
>the rest

buy chainlink

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they had some meme competition kek

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dude xsn's dex aggregator sources liquidity from layer 2 dexs and cexs... therefore dependant on fake l2 dexs

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Aave will make you rich
Avax will stave off suicide
Grt is for long term hodlers aka retards
Dot is for long term hodlers
Everything else is trash

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No it's doesn't need to at all it works just like any exchange in that you place buy/sell orders on the orderbook. However it also has aggregators connected to other exchanges like Bitfinex, Binance and so on which mirror their orderbooks too providing extra liquidity. So you can alway buy/sell what you want at the best price of any exchange from one place.


From 3:37 they do live trades using the aggregator on Livecoin and Binance on an old version of the DEX.

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What's your take on FTM?

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XSN will take over as the de-facto DEX

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AVAX is a scam and I'm surprised how stupid biz is

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XSN is legit. They've constantly been producing and it won't be long before they become a top 50 coin.

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oh so its a layer 2 orderbook dex with dex aggregators?

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LTO is legit and Im surprised how stupid biz is

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I'm not gonna spoon feed you but DOT is the one to rule them all. It will flipped ETH and BTC

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rubic is probably not a scam but you cant be sure of infinite growth like that so expect a big dump

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Yes XSN is both which is why it’s current valuation is so amazing, it’s like buying ETH at $10

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Sure, now go take your meds

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Full retard

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>it’s like buying ETH at $10
yea a layer 2 dex is like buying the native token of the first programmable blockchain before smart contracts took off.... good one stooge

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Worth blowing 2K on DOT?

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For a quick x2 in 24 hours sure. Every single time XSN has listed on a new exchange it has more than doubled in price after listing and with Bitfinex being it's first big exchange to be listed on it can probably go way higher than that. Just buy and sell the listing pump tomorrow and double your DOT if you want short term gains.

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Sorry to break it to you, its all a scam and the biztards are trying to fool themselves as much as you.

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Thinking aave isnt legit will make you stay poor.

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DOT is legit

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The only coin with future is BAO

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Stay poor 2021 edition.

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when I will get rich with x3 APY you will still lick fallos

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god toontown was so good

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>the first layer 2 dex that doesn't use wrapped assets and let's the user keep their keys
>worth eth at $10
I'll say that it's eth sub $5

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Not scam:
Top tier
actual gems

Medium tier:

Rest is scam

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I miss it

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XSN is a big scam and will dump on bitfinex tomorrow just like skycoin did when it was released on binance...
The reason why XSN has pumped lately is because the whales have stopped selling. Why? Obviously because they expect heavy volume tomorrow which they can dump on.
If you have any doubt then take a look at the chart. Whenever theres a sharp rise in prices the whales always dump their near infinite supply on newfags.. i guess the retards deserve it for not doing proper research.

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And that’s why Paolo is going to scoop up those bags and then push XSN to a billion marketcap then those dumper whales will buy rope for being retards

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i am a whale.. an i know. that i sure don't dump. :)
just thinking about to live from my masternode rewards...

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Oh also easy to see if whales are dumping as Masternodes will be broken so can just see that on the tracker and guess what? Active MNs are increasing not decreasing.Also infinite supply? Where?

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Totally legit but x25 since ICO (6 months). Honestly it can grow even further but not sure if worth the risk.
Totally legit but already mooned.
legit but mooned
legit but mooned

We're at the very end of the bull. RSR might be a safer bet, although I'm still mostly in AVAX

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>We're at the very end of the bull.

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XRP is legit.

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>We're at the very end of the bull.
pls be the case

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The only reason anyone calls XRP a scam are pump and dumpers who lost a shit ton of money thinking it'll net them fast cash.

Study up on it and make the decision yourself on this one.

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Biz still sleeping on RBC is weird. Working product, doxxed team and cool roadmap. Last few days was just an upward correction towards a more fair valuation.
Things like AVAX and DOT are super legit but also already have huge valuations. RBC could easily be valued at 50 million in this alt season. That's a x10 from here.

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Well, you can never be certain but unless you're retarded you should be at least x100 since the lowest point in the bear market.
In which case it would be retarded not to take profit.
Tether might decide to print trillions as a final "fuck you", driving BTC to millions per piece and by the time they're stopped the pnd would be complete.
Shorting the market is the dumbest thing a person can do, buying in after everything is x10 is the second dumbest, and not taking profit is the third dumbest.

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Its the 18th xrp is going rip into a hard moon today before the 19th hits. And seriously people just say that because of the lawsuit but they dont actually do the homework and read about it. Xrp is one of the few viable coins with an actual useful future.

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im sure paolo is very interested in a 80 mill MC DEX made by pajeets in Mumbai.
You do realize that he is the CTO of bitfinex, right? Deluded shills..

Okay, mr. pajeet whale sir. I believe you. No dumps tomorrow sir Smileyface

How much do you guys get paid to shill this scam? Is it slightly better rupees/hr than doing windows callcenter scams? Do you not feel bad for scamming newfags?

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Its full of retarded man children and college dumbfucks, what do you expect?

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You do realise Paolo has been talking about XSN for months without mentioning it by name. How else would broke X9 be able to afford the million dollar listing fee for Bitfinex unless they had a deal in place with them.

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>Bitfinex lists XSN, meaning they've audited and approved of the project before hundreds of other shitcoin projects.
>Paolo has been shilling L2 dexes as very important in comparison to all the other existing shit dexes out there


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>talking about XSN for months without mentioning it by name

Do you expect me to refute this? I also heard elon musk was talking about XSN without mentioning it by name. He's going to send masternodes to mars so stakenet will become the first multiplanetary crypto - very decentralized!! BUY $XSN!

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RSR, DOT, PRQ are the only good new ones

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>We're at the very end of the bull.
.... opinions disregarded

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