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>have a gf
>about to coom to trap porn posted on this board
is this a profitable relationship?

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Maybe ur gf is actually a man

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Ask if she'd be up to pegging a trap as you suck his dick. Then you'll know

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female (male) >>> female (female)

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maybe but then how you make baby

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jacking off to images while you're in a relationship is cheating. absolutely no different than having sex with a real life woman in an affair.

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>have a gf
fucking faggot.

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Vaginas are gross but so is the reality of estrogenized men

Pick your poison I guess

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Baby's are a psyop from the Jewish porn industry. Baby's don't exist.

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yeah i once invited a trap over to suck my dick and the voice was really big turn off
looked kind of masculine too in person