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Can someone redpill me on this?

Why is the mcap so low with all its promising?

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The founder has like 10 secret wallets and dumbs on a daily basis

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its a scam don't buy I bought and a bunch of transsexuals showed up at my house raped me and took all my coins.

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happened to me too, be careful OP
Buying it must install some sort of tracking software on your device which gives them your location.

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It's a shitcoin no one cares about. It's literally just following BTC.

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It's pivoted to be the first stablecoin 1:1 backed by trannies. Gilles audits monthly with "inspections" to ensure lubed liquidity.

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Sounds bullish

I read demand for trannie is bound to skyrocket in the coming years

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Market Cap
Total Supply

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Because holders are fudding their own investments.

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It's been 4 years with zero adoption and this is their make it or break it moment. I'm either on the path of making it or losing it all in two months.

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I like fudding more than making money

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I'm a top 250 holder and I'm one of the biggest fudders here. Biz doesn't deserve to make it

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I can guarantee that if the coin is meant to be used by European banks and microshaft, it's clearly not going to be random /biz/lets with 10 bucks to invest that are gonna pump it.


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op ignore all the dumpass ITT. The real reason is that it's a risky investment and it depends a lot on something called 'The Boolean Problem'. It's a known, yet unsolved, problem in cryptography and computer science. In order for the new consensus mechanism (dubbed PoCo by iExec) to be cryptographically provable, they need to solve the Boolean Problem. It has been outstanding for decades in computing science and no one has been successful. It's sort of like Fermat's LastTheorem for Cyrptography/computer science. Gilles has been working toward it his entire academic career and they say they are close. A lot of anons think that they failed and are trying to pump the price before they rug. Other's bought in thinking Gilles is telling the truth. It's a risky call, but if you have faith in Gilles, then it's a good buy. I'm holding 7k personally

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This anon gets it.

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Post your wallet balance with a timestamp faggot

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