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> $2 and $5 timeline prediction edition

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Can I set a parsiq trigger on that whale's wallet so I can sell the moment he dumps?

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Deliciously undervalued coin

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All swinges deserve the rope. I hope that the same fate is your

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Its a literal Pajeet scam

Buy GRT if your IQ is above midwit range

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I earned a few hunderd dollars by timing the swing yesterday
I'm doing the same thing today.

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the team said that there were more announcements coming next week.
Any ideas as to what those are?

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look at biz. yesterday every faggot shilled this coin. now 50% is shilling 50% is fudding this coin. so many people sold with the last pump and try to get in with a lower price. always the same play here. never sell u prq, we take only one breath to 2$ and more

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>parsiq general
literally fuck off

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grt is for low iq faggots. u never will be a chad or rich.

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jesus christ go to your 17 GRT threads.

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It's likely going to be the exchange listing announcement or the payment processor partnership announcement. The only way it up.

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based and high iq post.

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2 in a week
5 by march

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2 within three days. 5 within 1 month.

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Can’t wait for these posts to die. I’m holding a 9k bag for the next year minimum, but the hype needs to die for a bit. This things gonna be nothing but held by paper hands soon.

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True, I wanna get more, failed the swing last night and not sure whether to buy or swing

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PRQ is trash. My project of choice has ten billion tokens. That's right, I'm talking about The Graph.

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this is a grt board get used to it shitters

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Unironically this is why PRQ has insane ups and downs, because Parsiq itself is the perfect tool to frontrun whales. Many PRQ holders use it to swing

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Should have bought GRT

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GRTranny cope

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Incorrect, PRQ is way too slow to frontrun whales, also when you see the transaction in a block you are already too late. You need to find the transaction in the mempool in order to frontrun

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Anon... operating in the mempool is exactly what Parsiq does you fucking brainlet

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$100 EOY

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We aren’t marines.

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What's with all this grt spam, shove it in my face all you want, I'm not buying grt again, fucking garbage coin used by discord trannies

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I think we should call ourselves pricks. Prq priq prick

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Is it just me, or are these graph faggots getting really cringy and pathetic lately?

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nah dude ur not the only one, they just hope to make a quick buck bc they dont know how this shit works

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make sure to write some pseudo code that send you a telegram when this shitcoin dumps

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They're desperate and jealous

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I think there's just so much more of them.
My first two major crypto buys were GRT and PRQ, both when they were around .3.
I honestly believe PRQ will soar compared to GRT. But I realize GRT will moon eventually so I'm hodling for some more profits (already turned that first GRT spike into PRQ and ETH and LINK). But 10 bill market cap with what seems like 50,000 whales and over 90% of token left unreleased?
Shame we gotta be at war though just due to competition. GRT only serves to make LINK and PRQ better off and visa-versa.

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I can't knock the people using GRT for a quick profit, but yeah, you see it, I see it... PRQ is obviously going to outperform Graph.

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Because you can't read lmao

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nah we are prq chads.

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You're the wallet guy, right? Why are you doing this, is this your humor? I'm a licensed psychological counselor, tell me anon.

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- not listed in any big exchange
- smart trigger and monitoring tech
- reverse oracle
- say what you want, but the team always delivered
- marketcap is low
- possible strong usecase for token
- have got already a working product
- building up a strong comunity already (look at biz)

cant understand, why people fight against something that will make them rich. 10x is for every newfag possible with no problems.

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can you all bloody answer my original predictions question as well? cheers.

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2$ within 2-3 days.
5$ within 2-3 months.

I don't know dude, all I know this token only goes up.

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Howdy newfag, nice spacing

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$5 in 2-3 days $10 in 4 weeks

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look man, i'm still accumulating my sui stack and i'm 1/3 of the way there.
if this shit can just crab until february at under 1.50 (already 3x my original target range) that'd be great. then we can blast off to titan.

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They either dropping a new A-tier exchange or the payment processor partnership. $3 by next week

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holy fuck I hope youre right...

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entire day crabbing at 1,38 fucking hell

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I just bought 10 prq how much more should i buy

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its sunday you fucking newfag. probably will dump tomorrow but after that it will continue pumping to 5$

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Just a week ago this was at 40 cents
I couldn't be more comfy

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>it's Friday
>it's Saturday
>it's Sunday
(you are here)
>it's Monday
>it's Tuesday
>it's Wednesday
>it's Thursday

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wtf does sunday have to do with anything, fucking retard

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Probably talking about traditional markets like CME or something...

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We just had an INSANE run from 45c to 1.80$ this shit needs to cool down homie.
We have reached a new ATH almost every month for 4 months now. This is going to continue all throughout 2021, dont worry about the short term

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don't call others retards when you're an adhd moonboi who can't stop checking the charts every minute.

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I remember a month ago when this shit hit like an ATH of ~0.72c on a Sunday and then went down to 0.33c on Monday morning for eurocucks

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when did you ger in animeanon?

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0.2 cents

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>I swung into XCM during the initial pump on the 12th thinking whales would suppress the price again
>XCM mooned but whale suppression never came
>Went up like 70 cents a token and I'm now priced out

I bought this coin when it was like 20 cents because I knew its potential. I did an autistic amount of research to find the right coin and I did and I still somehow managed to fuck things up. If it doesn't have a major correction might unironically buy rope.

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Dont worry, theres still a lot of time. I can see this at 5 dollars minimum in the future, so theres still plenty a ways to go

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this is it...

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Thanks yall for helping me buy this coin in last thread. Now i got the coin in metamask but i dont trust that cloud crap. Where can i send it to?

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1.all the istitutions have free time
2. Market volume is low because market makers doesn t work
3. bitcoin preparring to dump/pump

If you dont know basic rules of this market then go ahead and loose money. I not a TA fag(because TA in crypto is a meme) but watching some moves in this space you can start your own strategy

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I'll buy back in regardless it just sucks to see my bag go down by like half its initial tokens. This is what happens when you're obsessed with crypto as a form of tech but you're a shitty investor. You find the right projects but still lose money.
I certainly fucking hope so

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if you have a physical wallet (like Trezor) send it there
Otherwise keep it on metamask, but never ever share your password to anyone, don't even write it on the computer

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you misunderstand brother. I predict it ending now... the next leg up will FUCKING MELT faces with the Chinese integrations and money

>> No.26121534

i dont like that it runs in browser all the time and spies on me.

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it doesn't do shit

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that late??

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s-stop making fun of me

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so much for nofap

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7k prqies what am I looking forward to?

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how does 0 sounds?

>> No.26123570

You will not buy a rope motherfucker. We’re in this together and we’ll make it. PRQ will moon, we’ll get whatever profit we get and move on to the next gem we find and make even more there. That’s how you build something up from scratch. There will always be another good, if not better, opportunity around the corner.

>> No.26124188

Perfect time to buy for all those that want to get in it now. Finally came down so I can get up to a 5k stack

>> No.26124272

5k stacks gmi. Iron hands riding this one

>> No.26124331

$2 EOW $5 EOM

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Still pumping. Ath’s incoming anons.

Let the GRTards recover so the VC’s can butt fuck them again.

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i hope some people who missed the first prq train could jump to it now. lets go prq chadsss

>> No.26124607

Norm Macdonald already dumped his bags on you.

>> No.26124678

that's fine, no more bags to be dumped

>> No.26124763

i named them that in the telegram chat in september. take a little pride for it

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also accumulating 5k parsnips

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calm the fuck down nigga u new? we will go down again soon but the moon will come in a few days

>> No.26126284

stop staring at charts, it does nothing but make your hands weaker

>> No.26126557

Next one is a Bear trap don't swing.

>> No.26127105

i wish it would crab at under 1 dollar

>> No.26127255

dude just buy and hold if its a solid investment
ngl i swung prq earlier because it would regularly go from 40 to 60 to 40 to 60.
but now? i wouldnt dare swing. this is my ticket.
try to get an outdoor hobby, seriously!
whenever you want to swing, grow some plants or whittle some wood. or just do pushups until you cant lift your arms anymore. that way you will physically be unable to click the mouse to swing AND you will develop iron hands (literally and metaphorically) its a WINWINWIN

>> No.26127442

I suggest planting parsnips in your community garden

>> No.26127654

Its unironically the one and only time I've ever swung in crypto. I got overconfident because I made a ton of money off the GRT moon awhile ago.

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Not with the 5m PRQ wrecking the price any time it recovers

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Stairway to lambos

>> No.26127943

He's slowly bleeding out, cant stick around forever

>> No.26127986

$3 EoM

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Lol a pajeet is begging him not to sell on etherscan

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> What was that, son?
> You want to know how your old man became a billionaire?
> Let’s just say it was good ol’ fashioned hard work, but you’ll never have to worry about any of that, son.
> Now run along, here’s $150k, go buy a new Mercedes, the one we bought 2 months ago has a tiny scratch on it.

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someone tell me what the white carrot meme is about right fucking now

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Based and parsnip pilled

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> if you know you know

Guys How many parsnips to buy a qt mommy like pic related?

>> No.26128768

imagine selling the bottom, its just 1 whale dropping his load on us, after that we reach new heights

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nice memes broski, do u got some for when we pump too? (dont post them now)

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Will I make it?

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based 3.7 bro
had 9k prq once but sold too early

>> No.26130050

Wtf is this real??

>> No.26130198

what a fucking faggot, you know what, sell all your bags. im tired of you adhd zoomers holding my coin

>> No.26130534

holy shit i just checked
it's real

>> No.26130598

Institutional clients haven’t even started buying yet. Once a major player adopts the product and we have a successful use case the real pump begins.

>> No.26130850

God we need a fucking big exchange with good liquidity FAST.
Im sick and tired of 1 motherfucker being able to drop the price by 15c with just 2x 30k sales. Fuck that whale I hope he gets cancer and never gets to enjoy his money

>> No.26131144

It's the new shitcoin of the month.
It will be replaced by some new shitcoin be february.
This isn't the next link.
This isn't the next Eth.
It's literally just the shitcoin of the month.
And once this shit coin goes sideways, and the hype dies down. It will be replaced by some new hyped up shitcoin on biz and the cycle will repeat

>> No.26131166

>God we need a fucking big exchange with good liquidity FAST.
lol people said exactly the same thing when this was at 50c

>> No.26131323

>Functional and viable product with numerous applications
yes good fud sir keep doing the needful

>> No.26131354

Nothing has changed since then, whale manipulation then, whale manipulation now. Its just that we pumped over it.
In all honesty we shouldve been at 3$ already. These whales at the main reason this project is so undervalued

>> No.26131424

good move. Use the profits nicely. There are other coins that have a 100x potential in this run. And PRQ is not one of them.

>> No.26131476

Like clockwork, when the swingies sell their stack the FUD returns

>> No.26131482

Which wallet is that? I'm gonna reply to it

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>> No.26131633

obviously we need a big exchange but this idea that PRQ is in a life death situation and we need binance RIGHT NOW is funny to me.
If you're feeling sick you should close dextools and wait for the announcements next week.

>> No.26131653

Looks like he doesn't have anymore to dump.

>> No.26131708

name one

>> No.26131728

hes not the only one dumbass. plenty of people bought millions for mere thousands of usd.

>> No.26131736

Why is it so bearish

>> No.26131772

Lol, you dont see the "in" and then the instant sells? He still has 1.4 million PRQ left, he just transfers it from a different wallet to this sell wallet.
This is an ICO whale who has literally been dumping millions of PRQ in the past 5 months, not a single buy.
Its just too volatile, we need liquidity. 1 guy can break support on his own with 50-100k PRQ sell and make the coin plummet, Ive been patient but after months of seeing the same shit Im tired, so tired

>> No.26131821

Because every time it goes back to 1.4 the cunt whale sells, why would anybody buy right now just to get dumped on? Hes singlehandedly stopping momentum.
I really really really wish he drops dead in his sleep tonight

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Why would you sell this low

>> No.26131848

Of course I know it you massive faggot. Just specifically mentioned this one.

>> No.26131893

even if it's just him its not even true so shut the fuck up, enjoy those bags

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these fuckers are really determined to get this into ATL

>> No.26131933

he will be fucked by chinaman. he will probably selling until end. He has nothing to loose but i hope that one day he will sell 400k and will burn 3 days later

>> No.26131934

i sold prq for 500, if i held i would have had 10k
and in a few months 50k plus lending money
prq is one of them.
i was just being a greedy fuck

based, but also xcm and qnt

>> No.26131969

fuck off, trading is part of crypto

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Will I make it?

>> No.26132026

I'll enjoy my holder #17 place. And you enjoy your parents' basement.

>> No.26132050

>29k xrp
bro what the fuck why

>> No.26132081

Don’t be so ungrateful for the insane growth we’ve had recently. Ffs go look at the roadmap on their site, we’re just getting started. Prepare for a giant dump in the near future, but $5 eoy is FUD

>> No.26132095

>and trannies are part of America!
stfu dork

>> No.26132100


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Shitcoin of the month, that’s been around for years

>> No.26132247


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>> No.26132496

You will never be a woman

>> No.26132559

im financially ruined

>> No.26132601
File: 171 KB, 326x281, 1cd8a9430538d3990f0de02d93cacb38.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you are financially retarded

>> No.26132650


>> No.26132652

>coin was .40 cents a week ago
>up 3x
>financially ruined
what the fuck anon

>> No.26132694

This is the curse of daytrading. The coin values keep going up but daytraders keep losing money. It's a wonderful thing to be a swingie

>> No.26132759

It's the standard

>> No.26132791
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>> No.26132902

parsiq is a really terrible wallet with how volatile it is. XLM fills that rolls very well

>> No.26133246

So let's make this clear faggots. If someone were to use one of PARSIQ INTENDED USES in a clever way to make profit front-running a whale he deserves to get the rope? You are some fucking hypocrites.
Sure you can choose to sit on your ass and hold the whole time, but fucking acknowledge that there are people who can make successful trades consistently and do better than you.

>> No.26133283
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