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He's right. Bitcoin isn't immune to future market destroying government regulations. It's mostly just immune to government protections like FDIC so you tall all the risk and get none of the benefits.

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I just had passionate missionary sex with my gf
Sorry what were you saying?

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I’ve heard this dude tell people to get rid of revenue generating investment properties. When they push back he says “Be honest - you were thinking of selling anyway.”

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>passionate missionary sex
wtf ? are you churchie?

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I won’t dingus

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If I had more credit cards and higher limits, I would max them all out on Powerball lotto tickets.

I estimate I could get $50,000 for one drawing but the logistics of buying that much tickets is a nightmare. It might be cheaper to instead but some property and become a lottery retail outlet and just print tickets. I know for a fact that cash collections are only collected weekly so my fake store would be closed while I would wile away the hours making lottery ticket machine go BRRRRR. I'd have two running. Do it on a high jackpot day like today. $750 million. Odds are still slim but at least not astronomical when you've printed 250,000 or more tickets over the course of 3 days.

I always wanted to call into the Dave Ramsey show about this idea and flat out tell him that no matter how much I scrap and save, and invest, it wouldn't be enough to get me where I want to be and this is the only realistic shot I have at getting there.

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Stop focusing on making money, focus on erasing that debt

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I've heard people call into this show with like $400,000 in medical debt and basically the advice they're given is to eat rice

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lets see the clip

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Since when does the nigger from the green mile give investment advice?

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Fuck he's mad. They're both personally insulted when he says BTC.

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Imagine spending most of your life penny pinching saving and making 1-2% gains on your stonks to see some shithead kid do it all in 2 years, I’d be mad too.

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BTC is FUUUUUUCKED. The chart prints a head & shoulders WITHIN A HEAD & SHOULDERS!
$0 EOM

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Anon.....that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on this website.

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It's only stupid because your value and investment calculations fail to discount your impending death horizon. If you realized you'd die at 75, maybe even before, then saving up for a lifetime only to life out 15 or 20 golden years isn't worth it and that would only be 2 million or so which assuming you're living on just the interest doesn't give you very much. Life is just a series of chance events. Who you meet, the jobs you get, the investments you make. The long chain of events leading to outcomes of $500+m, especially during ones prime, are even slimmer than winning the lottery with a single ticket. You think it's dumb because you're a midwit with lower ambitions that probably never even thought about his future mortality.

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>making 1-2% gains on your stonks
The funny thing is retards on wsb and /smg/ outperform that by like 50 times routinely but boomers cant

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Bitcoin will be more than $100k later this year.

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>he can't cash out

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Anon this is definitely a crime, and a really bad one. The government only cares if you steal from them, banks or corporations. Everyone else is free pickings.

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Bitcoin total value of 18 trillion dollars by 2026? About the same as US GDP? Tell me more

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Damn. Like the guy well enough, probably the first time I ever heard decent financial advice was from this guy (in church lol)

But very boomer

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Fucking lold irl
Extremely based

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Yes Anon, BTC will get its market cap from the US GDP. No one will shift any of their portfolio over to BTC.

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I needed this, thank you

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No, bitcoin will have a market cap of the sum of us gdp since 2008.

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>The chart prints a head & shoulders WITHIN A HEAD & SHOULDERS!
Zoom out and look at the price action in November and early December under 20k. This is what accumulation looks like.

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>He invested in bitcoin 2014 and made 100k? No, this has to be a mistake. Sir, you are very stupid indeed. Sorry to be so Frank but you can't be serious? No. I refuse to believe that. You know what? Fuck you! Get the fuck off my show you prick. *Hangs up* urrgh I can't believe we have these kind of criminals on this show. Sickening.

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If you bring in $2000 a month and your expenses are $10000 a month because you are a retard buying new cars and houses like it's 1950, then yeah you need to sell it

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