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How can the wage faggots be this retarded?
Small businesses will be immediately crushed.
Those that survive will have employees that were previously at $15 in a $9 minimum state demanding for higher wages, especially after costs universally rise.
They go on and on about how burger flipping is such a skill-intensive job when it's all only manual labor with a low training floor & ceiling.
Then compare corpo greed faggotry to middle &smalltown American businesses.
More than half their pay goes to rent that was a result of regulation, expansion restrictions, barring on building new homes, MASSIVE PROPERTY TAXES, and the increased cost of living that also has to be taken in by their landlords.

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>this is not the first time i've done a pee pee poopoo, and it will not be the last time i do a pee pee poopoo

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Global IQ is dropping

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buy bitcoin man that's all i can say about it.

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the worst part to all this is if you are a medium tier worker making 20-40$ an hour i bet your pay doesnt raise

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Small businesses don't deserve to survive if they cannot pay their employees, simple as. Get fucked faggot mom and pop if you cannot deliver goods and services as good as aldi or walmart.

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>muh small business
most wagies work at megacorps that hodl all the revenue

most small business only have like 2 employees, they can afford it

most small businesses are absolute shite anyway to be honest. nobody wants grandmas bologna sandwichs anyway

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They are just bot shills for large corporations and retarded lefties who aspire to be nothing but economically illiterate shills for large corporations.

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I agree with that tweet. Only Walmart should be allowed to exist

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you /pol/ faggots aren't even intellectually consistent. if $15 min wage means huge inflation will happen, then small businesses won't have any trouble paying $15 an hour. fucking retards

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>nobody wants grandmas bologna sandwichs anyway
She makes a mean apple pie.

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>small business will be immediately crushed
Bingo, that’s what they want

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>medium tier making 45/hr
It definitely wont.

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Ok then lets pay 50 dollars an hour

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minimum wage jobs are for teenagers
anybody trying to support themselves or a family one one as an adult is a worthless retard

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>240k upcummies for that twitter post

Yaaaaaaaaas brown Queen! Slay all the small businesses in the name of corporate hegemony!

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Did anyone actually read the fucking thing? At least in Florida, its a dollar raise a year. People make it out to be so much worse than it is

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Sure, just increase the prices of everything by 66% and it'll be normalized.

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You need to go back /pol/fag

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Seems ok to me. Whiney, unproductive and inefficient businesses always complain about this stuff, whether it be a $15/hr minimum wage or abolishing child labor or the 8hr workday. In the end, the innovative, competitive businesses remain and the dredges get flushed.

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Go on, give us one good reason why people who earn less than 15 dollar an hour aren't allowed to work

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It’s all fear mongering as usual.

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You’re a rested this is federal. Your state law would be worthless.

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>Maybe if you can't afford to pay twice the price, you shouldn't be eating in the first place

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And that's a good thing. I NEED low IQ worker cattle to leverage. How else am I going to maintain my lifestyle and reach hundred millionaire status?

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>higher wages for wagies that need an income to survive
>automation replaces lots of super shit jobs so plebs have to get a better job

name a con

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cowering behind my massive BOND stack. won't need to run a business unless a coronal mass ejection wipes out all record of my crypto holdings

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>completely ignores all the other fuckery that raises the price of living like overburdensome taxes and the housing shortage

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>farm to table media-raised liberals don't understand the actual consequences of anything they advocate for, other than the upvotes
well consider me thunderstruck

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Never forget that minimum wage increase is what Mega Corporations want:

1. They can afford to lose a bit of money while their small/middle size business competitors can't. Minimum wage hikes are in fact an excellent way to get rid of competition and form a monopoly.

2. Corporations don't even have to pay the price of higher minimum wages because they have the money and resources to install AI/Computer/Robots in place of workers (see: Mcdonalds installing computer Kiosks for orders) while a small restaurant can't and will close down.

3. Large corporations also have the ability to go around min. wage laws due to loopholes such as no contracts, "zero time" work, etc. Small businesses don't.

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Who still uses employees LOL

I only use “contractors”

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>oh look another doomer /pol/ thread screeching that $15/hr will collapse the economy
Fuck off, the only one who's going to feel this is Shekelstein & he'll be fine

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sooo, you're saying we should give everyone land so they don't have to pay rent anymore? that's actually what i want but it's strange to see a stingy faggot who wants to pay people beneath a living wage also advocating for it.

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This study adds to a recently growing number of studies evaluating non-employment effects of minimum wages. Using U.S. data between 1995 and 2017, a period with 380 state-level minimum wage increases, I estimate the effect on teenage birth rates (age 15–19). I find that a $1 increase in minimum wages is associated to a 2.8–3.4 percent decline in teenage birth rates, which corresponds to 1.1 to 1.3 fewer birth per 1,000 young women. My analysis shows that the effects are driven by states that also have state Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) laws in place. Furthermore, I show that minimum wages are also associated with a 2.9 percent decline in birth rates among women aged 20 to 24, and with smaller but statistically significant declines in birth rates for women between the ages 25 to 39. These findings suggest that, rather than delaying childbearing age, minimum wage reduce overall birth rates.

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>force minimum wage
>snall buisneses shut down
>employees are not unemployed and have no options.
Good job guys you took away their options.

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Minimum wage increases don't hurt the large/mega corporations at all. It only benefits them.

In the future, labor laws will be so strict that it will be hard to be a business owner/self employee that your only work prospects will be slavery to Wal-Mart and McDonald's.

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they're also scabs who make it harder for workers who know it's a ripoff. allowing people to work too cheaply undercuts the bargaining power of workers as a whole, which is why megacorps love it.

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Cost increase doesn't automatically translate to price increase. Depends on the business model and consumer segment product is sold to. Your theory only holds for companies with extremely thin margins, even then, these businesses could easily take a hit and usually pay above minimum wage regardless due to their reliance on large sales volume, so they are usually huge megacorps.
Example: apple sits on large pools of cash and produces their product for a small fraction of the cost. Upon moving their manufacturing overseas in the 2000's for increased production efficiency, they did not lower product price dramatically, in fact brand strength was enough to keep prices high. get fucked idiot.

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Some of my super lefty friends are so pissed at this idea cause they're medium tiers and know their pay won't be going up.

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The bargaining power should be studying harder and getting a better job. Floor sweepers don't do work worth $15/hr.

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minimum wage isn't livable

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You've obviously never worked for a small business. Most small business owners do very well while paying their employees shit for doing all the work. They can absolutely shell out $15/hr. Some Shekelburgs will definitely layoff some workers to keep their bottom line consistent, but those employees will go on unemployment & make $600-$700 a week for doing nothing. Employees literally cant lose

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It's called consolidation.

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meant for

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your math is a bit off. it's weird how the middle class used to be able to support itself with its own labor, but now even with all the advances to technology and increased efficiency we are less and less efficient when it comes to actually taking money home to our families. it's almost like the upper classes have been chipping away at us psychologically for decades so we would accept a lower and lower standard of living, just so they could pocket more and more of the money our labor produces.

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he means florida is already 14/hr, so 15/hr would only be a dollar increase for them.

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Middle class will further be washed away by the people that claim they care.
Fuck lefties.

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Florida isn't 14/hr tho lmao, its not even close, its like 8.70 or something

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>Large corporations also have the ability to go around min. wage laws due to loopholes such as no contracts, "zero time" work, etc.
so take out the loopholes. wow that was easy. yes megacorps can still profit with higher min wage, but they profit even more from lower min wage. lower wages mean higher profits and less bargaining power for workers. if they look like they are supporting higher minimum wage it's only because they are trying to take credit for something they can't stop from happening.

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>Floor sweepers don't do work worth $15/hr.
>NOOOOO they can't make 15/hr because I only make 25/hr!!! and i work so much harder!!

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There's no reason to have employees that aren't worth paying $15 an hour in modern business.
>Floor sweepers
Use a machine or have employees sweep between doing other tasks. Hiring someone purely to sweep a floor is retarded

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Yeah it would only dissolve all your savings braindead fuck

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>so take out the loopholes. wow that was easy
I'm angry because I know that they won't.

Democrat or Republican controlled government, they never actually make laws that hurt the megacorporations, but I'd say the Democrats are worse because they pretend they are for the small guys.

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If you're business requires you to pay someone less than a living wage you shouldn't be in business

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>mfw starving wagefags

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Lol i think its more

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You've obviously never ran/owned a small business

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If you can't afford to pay a measly 15/hr then obviously your business sucks. Simple as

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>Use a machine
Imagine a Roomba cleaning up a construction site

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>Small businesses will be immediately crushed.
Being a small business doesnt give you the right/freedom to get away with paying 3rd world wages to desperate people.

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In 2050 the only employers will be 2-5 super corporations

"And that's a good thing"

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I’ll kms if burger flippers start making $15/h and I as an engineer in the Midwest wont even make double their wage.

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I doubt it doomer /pol/tard

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I disagree

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They raised minimum wage to $15/hr where I live and now movie theater employees make as much as EMTs

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Cool. You look keep dwelling in your negative doomer thoughts & I'll keep doing the opposite

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Who needs small businesses when you can just be a stagnant15$/hr amazon drone kek. That's 95% of jobs from now on

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This is what hurts the most.. i know highly skilled profesional tradesmen that make $20/hr that are seriously wondering why they dont go tape fucking boxes at Amazon for $15-18/hr. Also i make $30, salaried, highly niche complex net admin job, on call weeks, projects.. i can make 15/hr at mcdonalds or $18/hr PICKING UP BOXES in a warehouse??

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What is a small business anyway? Most mom and pop places hire their family mainly. So its not even a loss of revenue really.

>> No.26091267

>highly skilled profesional tradesmen
>make $20/hr
They're doing it wrong

>> No.26091297

The productivity increase came from business investment in technology, not "hard work" by employees, so obviously the gains go to those who took the risk

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Do it!

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A hatchet faced mischling like that has no business telling a businessman what to do.

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Lmao, you say that and then think that things like H1B’s should be restricted because they hurt white collar workers.

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Average IQ in the US is on the decline with the mass importation of Low IQ migrants

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>Most mom and pop places hire their family mainly
Mom and pop shops are only a part of small businesses. Although the retarded government somehow considers businesses with 300 employees as "small businesses" (according to the definition in the PPP loan program), I'd say realistically any businesses with fewer than ~30 employees count as small businesses, 30-1000 as "Medium," and beyond that as the traditional "large corporation."

Just my personal definition.

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This. Small business owners are even bigger kikes than big businesses.


Your t shirt kiosk in the middle of the mall is not a business.

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He's a Reddit cuckold, he has no savings so he doesn't care about inflation

>> No.26091418

In rural areas there are plenty of talented guys in the 40-45k range. The point being its insulting to pay actual retards at walmart nearly the same.

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>The bargaining power should be studying harder and getting a better job
like all those American engineers who have to train sandeep how to do their job before getting shitcanned?

>Floor sweepers don't do work worth $15/hr.
floor sweepers absolutely do work worth a living wage, BY DEFINITION. Is there currently a robot that can completely take over floor sweeping duties? can you afford to not have that floor swept ever? if you need the job done, and it can't be done by a robot, then it must be done by a human who must make a living wage in order to survive. any job that must be done must be paid a living wage, or it's not worth being done. you can have some jobs that are specially targeted toward teenagers (and can pay less) but adults job with adult wages take priority.

what we've had for a long time is the ability to outsource everything to foreigners who can send their wages to their 3rd world shithole where everyone lives on $1 a day. that is what makes people think floor sweeping isn't worth $15/hr. take away foreigners and idiot scabs and walaa, floor sweeping is suddenly worth $15/hr because nobody will do it for less.

by the way, one of the most important work skills a person can have is negotiating their pay. everyone should know what the base salary of their profession is and know that working for less than that is throwing your whole industry's workers under the bus. funny how this information isn't provided in high school.

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2020 was the first year I made more from investments than I made working.

>> No.26091444

Don't put words in my mouth.

Anyways, I didn't read enough about the whole H1B visa controversy so I have no opinion to argue with you about.

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even if shes ugly, amd i the only one who wants to fuck her?

>> No.26091461

DIA fixes this. Oracles fix this.

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nope it won't, but you can sure as fuck bet those people will be poorer in real dollars because of inflation. Normies are genuinely retarded and don't realize how much they will fuck themselves by messing with the invisible hand.

>> No.26091489

How is 30 any less arbitrary than 300 when companies like walmart and amazon exist. One warehouse or factory could easily employ 300 people

>> No.26091495


Yeah, we all know you’re a huge hypocrite. No need for you to elaborate.


>> No.26091498

Then they need to ask for a raise which should be no issue of they're as skilled as you say.

>> No.26091527


“The invisible hand will punish us! Must not anger it!”

Jesus, market fundamentalism is a genuine religion at this point.

>> No.26091549

My parents and I used to run a pretty large hair salon in New York Shitty for several decades until a few years ago.

>> No.26091572

I guess meat will become fuck expensive? Meatpackers are paid peanuts.

>> No.26091576

>t.30 year old useless high school diploma holder
fuck off little faggot. The only solace I fond in this is knowing inflation will reduce your pay increase to the same it is now and your life will continue to be shit while you continue to blame everyone else for you being a failure

>> No.26091615

I can't elaborate because I don't know anything about the H1B controversy.

>> No.26091653

Holy shit you are dumb. Every time in history somebody has tried to ignore the laws of economics with market manipulation, price controls or price floors, it always results in over supplies or under supplies of goods or services. You are too stupid to live.

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Seethe, kike.

>> No.26091656

the new technology wasn't invented by the crop of employers currently ripping off workers. and anyway i'm talking about humanity as a whole. the average retard is purposefully being miseducated by the elite class so it's easier for the elite class to fuck them over and then say they deserve it for being retarded. it's the definition of "so fucking jewish"

>> No.26091661

Meatpackers are all mexicans and arent even owned by American companies anymore. Do you think America is still the 1800s with a large small business factories and grocers all over.

>> No.26091665

Meatpackers wages makes up a tiny proportion of the cost of meat, and a typical meatpacker deals with hundreds if not thousands of animals a day. It won't affect the price.

>> No.26091692


There’s a lot you don’t know about; that’s clearly evident.

>> No.26091730


It’s literally just fearmongering. Businesses owners in the 1800s said they couldn’t survive if they gave their employees Saturday off. Keep licking that boot.

>> No.26091744


Now that's terror

>> No.26091748

And you guys couldnt float 15/hr? Kek must have not been as successful as you think it was. Either that or your jew family just wanted max sheckles at your employees expense

>> No.26091765

Why should I read about the H1B debate when my livelihood has nothing to do with it? And you're making fun of me for that? I find it a bit unfair.

>> No.26091775

>source: my ass
did you learn economics at the portland school of gender studies?

>> No.26091785

You just don't understand econ101

>> No.26091789


It’s the latter. It’s always the latter.

>> No.26091799

>assumptions about a small buisness owner, obviouslly greedy cunts.
A buisness owner wants to apy you as little as possible, but he cannot pay you less than his competitor if he wants to get you to work for him.

>> No.26091825


Those of us who actually do business know. Boomer small business owners are the worst. At least corporations can give you good pay and benefits.

>> No.26091854

I just think it’s endlessly funny how communists have been psyopped into believing it’s in their interest to give all power to megamonopoly corporations

>> No.26091855


Funny, because if you actually knew Econ you would know Econ 101 is worthless outside of a textbook.

>> No.26091861

Nearly all of them are.
Pretty much. Crying more than the jews usually. Cant offer insurance to employees, refuses days off, no promotion opportunities.

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When employees that regularly got $100-150+ every day in tips (all cash), plus commission (in cash), suddenly get full wages instead of tipped-worker wages mandated by law because they cosplay as these poor underpaid workers (because they hide their cash earnings), then it's pretty unfair.

We just had it with New York and now run a decent joint in another state.

>> No.26091868

With the first big money I made I leased a warehouse and paid my buddy 80,000/yr to come from Amazon and work for me. Why? Because I value him. He is quite easily my biggest expense and I'd be that much richer if I just sucked it up and paid some wagie to do it, but that's not how you do good business.

Also why post this here, only thing these idiots know about is fake digital coins.

>> No.26091886

No Florida made a state law for incremental $15. It has nothing to do with other states he’s a brainlet.

>> No.26091895


In what fucking world do you live in where bringing the minimum wage in line with inflation is communism?

>> No.26091914

If anything it's the anti-minimum wage shills that are communist since they believe the government should subsidise their business by providing their employees welfare to live, since their wages aren't enough.

>> No.26091926

>I guess meat will become fuck expensive?
yes, but that will be because of Big Bug industry

>> No.26091934


Kek, you’re unironically complaining about having to pay your employees. Post nose.

>> No.26091943

Expect rent and house prices to surge higher my good goys as it all gets passed down

>> No.26092014

What kind of hair trimmers go home with literally $300+ in their pockets every other day? If you want to be fucking rich go work in a hair salon in Manhattan. "School" doesn't cost much and it's pretty easy to get a license.

>> No.26092022

>Expect rent and house prices to surge highe
They already are and no one can afford it. The minimum wage increase is to catch up wages to rising costs of living. Expect rent controls at the federal level soon and all the RE boomers starting threads here whining.

>> No.26092030

>When employees that regularly got $100-150+ every day in tips (all cash), plus commission (in cash), suddenly get full wages instead of tipped-worker wages mandated by law because they cosplay as these poor underpaid workers (because they hide their cash earnings), then it's pretty unfair.
Actually that sounds completely fair.

>> No.26092036

a higher minimum wage makes it harder for unskilled employees to enter the workforce and learn the job. it was used in south africa to keep blacks out of jobs. small businesses will fire employees and there will be more competition for fewer jobs. low skilled people will lose their jobs and get on welfare. setting a higher bar does not help the people who can barely meet the bar as it is

>> No.26092045

kek, you still don’t understand that this isn’t about wages or workers’ rights. can’t wait to see the gymnastics you’ll go through to defend the next powergrab

>> No.26092066
File: 683 KB, 1242x2208, 9CA29827-CBB5-4E7C-A9AE-129296654FC4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26092076

I smell your jew scent from here

>> No.26092146

so if they're paid 7.26 they're getting paid more than minimum and are therefore not counted in that percentage
Show me the percentage of people earning less than 15 an hour

>> No.26092147

Lol this. Watching the jealous NEETs & greedy jews seethe is fucking hilarious

>> No.26092149

These guys only got full wages because they basically lied that they were living below poverty line. When we closed we seriously thought about reporting all of them to the IRS for tax evasion, hiding massive cash income and fraudulently getting low-income benefits for years (e.g. free healthcare, etc), but it was New Year's Eve so we felt merciful even to these little cheats.

>> No.26092175



I can see your nose through the screen, Chaim.

>> No.26092181

I'm only giving you a pretty sweet tip to have a good life without much effort

>> No.26092208

I'm trying to make you money with good advice, why are you so angry at me?

>> No.26092216

Right, so instead of being paid in undeclared and untaxed tips they got paid in proper wages because of minimum wage legislation? That's what I'm referring to bring fair. Also you're literally a greedy jew stereotype that's mad your family had to pay employees rather than have then paid in tips. That's hilarious.

>> No.26092219


It’s just payback for all the years you lowballed your employees so you could buy a third Mercedes.

>> No.26092243

He's a short sighted dumb sheeple like all of them.
>thinking the government is your friend and wants to see you live comfortably

>> No.26092267

>the jew blaming everyone else of being a jew
how original

>> No.26092269

They want to destroy the middle class this just works towards their communist agenda

American middle class white Christians are the kulaks and they want us dead or in jail. It’s not hard to figure out

>> No.26092274


As opposed to your boss, who definitely does.

>> No.26092277

No one's angry at you little doomer jew. We're laughing at you

>> No.26092307

old school hardcore capitalist view^points are not realistic or achievable. The political landscape has changed. 15$ minimumwage does seem quite high though. 12$ would seem more reasonable and achievable to me

>> No.26092308


If raising minimum wage to 15 affects you then you’re not middle class.


These kikes are unbelievable.

>> No.26092335

>In what fucking world do you live in where bringing the minimum wage in line with inflation is communism?
The real world.

>> No.26092338


Old schools hardcore capitalists viewpoints are not even desirable. The Gilded Age sucked, thank god for the labor movement.

>> No.26092361

This. Based neofuedalist

>> No.26092381

they literally went home with $300+ in their pocket. Nobody gave a shit because they were rich and we made a decent profit. We were all happy and both parties had no complaints. Now with wages doubled some days they were making more than the employer.

Then a lot of hair salons closed when tipped wages got deleted and wages suddenly doubled in a year. Now a lot of these hair clippers are now unemployed or now work for less unironically because most places don't pay you commission now or they simply cut hours.

>> No.26092382

/pol/ is that way >>/pol/
Go shill there.

>> No.26092408

Yeah, everyone who's spent time trying to make more money is now just going to be fucked over because Layshaun wanted mo money.

>> No.26092415

I'm just going to explain it for the retards here, you are making everything cost more, everyone knows this, but we also know a subset of the population is immediately priced out of being hired, aka the amount of people employed goes down. But what does that really mean for the unemployed? They're now even worse off because the difference between 0 and 15 is greater than the difference between 0 and 7.25. This shit should be obvious but most people don't immediately realize just how truly fucked those who cannot land a job in the new inflated wage landscape is. And even those lucky enough to continue working at 15 will only really feel gains for a few years, at which point they'll once again feel poor

>> No.26092426

I was an EMT for 4 years in NY state, a lot of my coworkers complained that we were making the same money as burger flippers. The truth is we got paid like shit because nobody organized for better wages. The burger flippers were out protesting "the fight for 15" every single day, literally for years before they got it.

If EMTs did a fraction of that, if EMTs ever fucking went on strike we'd get that. Btw I got out right before covid started, really dodged a bullet with that one. All my former co-workers got sick.

>> No.26092436

Hey retard

If small business owners can’t afford to pay workers that’s anti middle class

You suck government and mega corp dick to create a slave class. Big business owners and the serfs

>> No.26092443

>Now with wages doubled some days they were making more than the employer

It’s like the Shoah all over again.

>> No.26092446

happiness correlation with salary tops off at $95,000/yr
you're just feeding an addiction after that

>> No.26092450

I am 100% no longer tipping if they increase minimum wage to $15/hr lol. Never tipping again.

>> No.26092453

Low minimum wage keeps the cost of living low.

A trend I noticed is that high market cap tech companies continue to set up shop in red states which will eventually turn blue. E.g. Colorado, Texas, north Carolina, Georgia, general Pacific northwest etc.

This is because they can pay lower overhead expense to operate the office. Comparedto California rates they can pay less, and still have a more attractive offer then locally owned businesses to poach labor.

This will in turn create a labor pool large enough to have companies move in and capitalize on the legal standards. Business competition for labor inevitably drives wages up, moves operation, rinse repeat.

I swear some of you faggots the definition of ignorant, but that's why I love you.

T. Colorado fag getting paid bay area wages at a tech company that made a huge investment in Georgia.

>> No.26092481

Yes, yes it was!

>> No.26092495


We already have a slave class- it’s called poor people. Capitalism literally depends on a class of poor people to do shit jobs for shit pay. The system would collapse if we were all Bezos, because no one would be janitors.

>> No.26092499

you will never _____

>> No.26092506
File: 383 KB, 1920x1080, CB1707E7-BFF3-45E3-8A04-1DE5740F7716.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kamalanigger is a lying prostitute and all commies will burn in hell

You will try but you will never win

>> No.26092508

So your plan is to inflate the cost of labor and goods, inflate the value of real estate (and thus the taxes of same), and somehow magically keep rent the same price?
Do you want to live in a pod? Because that's how you end up in a pod.

>> No.26092523

You should have reported them. Fucking hate scum like that.

>> No.26092551

>aaaaaas brown Queen! Slay all the small businesses in the name of corporate hegemony!
based trips

>> No.26092574

>they literally went home with $300+ in their pocket.
In undeclared tips. Why should customers be obligated to directly pay your employee wages? Tipping is bullshit. The solution is you charge the amount that allows you to pay your employees and make a profit. If you can't do that then you don't have a viable business.

>> No.26092615

you and me both fren

>> No.26092641


He’s a kike. He’s just Burt hurt that his margins went from like 35% to 26%

>> No.26092644

My boss drinks $5k bottle of wine every few days. His employees are all minimum wage slaves. Don't cry this music to me. Money is there.

>> No.26092655

>If small business owners can’t afford to pay workers that’s anti middle class
No, that's called a shitty business that can't compete.

>> No.26092657
File: 53 KB, 632x160, 1538111354776.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lol this. I voted in 2016 for pro-min wage increase and also Trump

>> No.26092664

They do and they'll never be happier. Im just glad I managed to get a mcmansion before this shit starts but I wouldn't be surprised if uncle samberg comes to take everything away during the (((great reset)))

>> No.26092689

If it was like in tipping-free countries where the "tip" is included in the price of services, then maybe. But until then..

>> No.26092741

Maybe soulless multinational mega corps caused that problem you fucking retard

>> No.26092763
File: 387 KB, 1024x768, 1497147878573.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't you get my point? I'm clearly showing evidence how our employees were also greedy as fuck. At least we didn't commit tax evasion and benefits fraud for even more gain.

It feels like you're sympathizing with those parasitic scums and cheats just to spite me.

>> No.26092781

How did they cause the problem? By being more efficient and offering customers better products/services for less money?

>> No.26092844
File: 21 KB, 396x385, D18F64AC-DD0F-4382-808A-D1FAAA5DE6F9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine being this fucking stupid

>> No.26092853

The question is, where does that value come from. I'm willing to bet it's not coming from the cunt making $7/hr. Because if he was smart enough to create value, he wouldn't;t be working for $7/hr

>> No.26092909

It's funny that you mention this. Everybody should probably be getting a pay raise honestly, but it's not doable. A shame, because I'm certain those medium tier workers are being underpaid and overworked too.

But. Squeaky wheel gets the oil. I guess if they don't care enough about being mistreated to speak up, it's on them

>> No.26092916
File: 913 KB, 1807x1121, 999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>better products/services for less money?
They won't be once they dominate the market. See what Amazon did to the online shoe market the day they bought out Zappos, their only major competition. This is only the beginning.

Never forget that Amazon ran at a loss until just a few years ago. They keep prices stupid low to kill competition and then once they are dead or bought out they raise prices. They've been doing this for 20 years yet no government stops them.

>> No.26092923

Not a rebuttal. Are you mad your parents shitty gas station got driven out by a circle K or something?

>> No.26092935

Oh, Samburg will. It's part of the plan. You can have the elites, but you can't have a middle class. That will seem within reach of the plebs. They'll start to dream of a better life. So you'll have to shove the middle down to the bottom. Otherwise you might end up with people getting "uppitty"

>> No.26092968

>At least we didn't commit tax evasion
Arent you responsible for withholding taxes over $20/month & have that income reported for taxes? Pretty sure the reason you never reported your employees is because you guys knew you'd get fucked to

>> No.26092976

t. someone who's never had a job none the less actually ran one

>> No.26092997

*withholding tips

>> No.26093000

He's not that fucking stupid. These are the shills spreading out. Twitter is dying (and on a leash), Facebook is irrelevant now that the election is over. The shills are being retargeted.
(Or: That motherfucker managed to find the last remaining lead paint chips on earth and eat them as a child)

>> No.26093018

your boss is a big exception

most small business owners dont make all that much. its a miracle to even stay open over 2 years

>> No.26093030

You guys don't get it yet. The point is to make businesses fail. More businesses fail = more government power. Simple as.

>> No.26093037

>But. Squeaky wheel gets the oil.
Yeah, this is definitely antagonistic shilling. Fuck off you faggot nigger

>> No.26093041

Fuck she's ugly

>> No.26093052

That's not exactly how it works. For some reason the cash they get is legally "none of our fucking business." It's up to them to ultimately report earnings.

>Pretty sure the reason you never reported your employees is because you guys knew you'd get fucked to
I fucking wish we could report cash payments of commissions. That would've increased our business expenses tax deductibles by a lot. Like a ton. Instead they get tax free income from our pockets with zero benefit for us.

>> No.26093091

>if your business cant afford to double wages immediately after a whole year long shutdown we must give your market share directlyto jeff bezos

>> No.26093114
File: 1.21 MB, 2448x3264, 1432444633263.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright I have to go to work now so I won't be replying for a while.

Enjoyed the chat.

>> No.26093120

>Anyone that isn't against minimum wage legislation is a paid shill
Kek, take your meds schizo.

>> No.26093154

>Instead they get tax free income from our pockets with zero benefit for us.

The horror!

>> No.26093168
File: 1014 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210116-221503_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>That's not exactly how it works
>"Employers are required to retain employee tip reports. Employers are also required to withhold taxes"
No thats exactly how it works. Care to share the name of your business with the rest of us?

>> No.26093193

Sounds like OP wants to run a business but doesn’t have enough money to hire staff at a livable wage.

>> No.26093201

Lmao he's leaving because he just admitted to tax evasion & is getting scared

>> No.26093211


It’s a larp

>> No.26093218

>>Anyone that isn't against minimum wage legislation is a paid shill
Not my complete statement. I also said that you could have been eating paint chips like Doritos.

>> No.26093245

Good, fuck em. Big corps are better, they will pay us what we deserve. Greedy ass small business owners need to disappear

>> No.26093249
File: 15 KB, 128x118, nose knows.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I guess if they don't care enough about being mistreated to speak up, it's on them

>> No.26093275

If I was scared I would've deleted the comment retard. Alright this is it for real this time bye.

>> No.26093285

Post physique

>> No.26093300

Sounds like you run a shitty business model that doesn’t account for human well-being.

Enjoy your great reset :)

>> No.26093332

Fuck you, nigger. Minimum wage is /biz/ related.

>> No.26093334

Bezos Shill, literally all lies.
More than 75% of jobs (pre covid) were at small businesses.
Annual cconomic growth revenue is 90% small businesses.
60% of new jobs created are in small business.
90% of companies are classified as small businesses.

Starting a business is statistically the best path out of poverty.

That was all until covid. Now Amazon who has profited for the past year has no problem paying $15/hr. Small businesses hit by shutdowns are either going under (100k+ businesses are closed and will never reopen, and rising by the day) or are n debt, or barely scraping by.
Now they will be expected to increase wages, DOUBLE wages in some areas where Min wage of 7.25 was the standard, following a year of making zero or negative profit.
They will either lay off, not hire anyone new, or hire far fewer than they would have before.
They will not be able to give raises to keep quality tenured employees.
They will not be able to lower prices to be competitive.
They will be absolutely fucked.

The only companies left are McDonalds and Amazon and they're happy to pay you $15/hr slowly eaten away by inflation for the next 100 years, and wil never give you a raise.

>> No.26093356

Move to Australia. Mediocre tradies here can get $60+ an hour quite easily, and are always in demand

Living costs are higher but not as massively as people make out

>> No.26093366

Lmao who announces they are leaving a thread? Who announces they're leaving a thread, then keeps replying & announces again they're leaving? Are you 12 years old? Other dude is right, you're just a LARP

>> No.26093374

Type "nigger"

>> No.26093381

Holy shit you are stupid. The reason they are trying to raise money wage is because of massive inflation is making prices go up. The issue isn’t min wage the issue is not having a gold standard and prices going up.

The elite pushing 15$ min wage aren’t stupid. They know full well raising money wage means less people employed. That’s the entire point. More people dependent on govt

>> No.26093447

No he’s right
It effects businesses stonks crypto

>> No.26093491

noooo, we refuse to fight for ourselves! So that means nobody else should get anything either, even if they do decide to fight for themselves!

t. actual cowards

>> No.26093497

>Minimum wage is /biz/ related
True. But these doomers acting like the economy will collapse as a result is /pol/shit

>> No.26093542

>if you think biden is bad for the economy you are pol
go back to feddit

>> No.26093553

you know its staggered through 4 years right?

>> No.26093568
File: 68 KB, 659x466, C22318CA-BC1E-4705-8D57-2A6C87454A06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That’s gonna cost ya, partner.

>> No.26093644

No point arguing with goyim. They are fkn stupid retards that deserve everything they get

>> No.26093654

If you think a measly 15/hr will decimate the economy you need to take Shekelsteins dick out of your mouth

>> No.26093657

You can't even type six little letters to support your cause. "n.i.g.g.e.r." It's easy. Prove your humanity.

>> No.26093663

this will actually kill cinemas

>> No.26093711

it will not decimate the economy as a whole, just the only good part of the economy: small businesses. they havent made a profit in over a year while bezos and the shekelsteins have had record setting runs. where the fuck do you think a raise comes from? this is directly handing significant portons of the economy to already esablished oligopolies. the largest wealth transfer in history.

>> No.26093719


Where have you been? Cinemas have been dead for years.

>> No.26093720

It's cause
1) you guys were worked to the bone, no time off for union activities
2) you were mostly fireman-hopefuls and rarely career ems
3) you worked WAY harder than firemen but your role was less glamorous
t. former nypd and emt respecter

>> No.26093753

I mean like all the way dead. There are still lots of cinemas trying to make it.

>> No.26093830

I actually started going to the movies again when they came out with the recliners and being able to order drinks and burgers in the middle of a movie. That was a smart adaptive move.

>> No.26093849

Kek he thinks shit doesn’t ultimately roll downhill

>> No.26093865

You know what? I wanted to say “Why would I bend to the whim of a schizo racist? Eat shit, stormoid.”

But I realized that you would likely go about your life continuing to believe that there are somehow captcha-cracking bots shilling the NWO on 4chan at the behest of Soros and his lizard army or some schizo shit, further destabilizing your mental health. So for you, pally pal, you get one free nigger.

>> No.26093901


Whatever you do today, don't be like these people.

>> No.26094008

I've been to revival houses like that. There should be more of those. There's a pretty good place in Asheville, NC that has comfy seating, decent pizza, beer etc.
I think there's a place or two in New Orleans with a full bar.

>> No.26094052

>you get one free nigger
house or field?

>> No.26094115
File: 189 KB, 462x450, 1589421495298.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Warning to anons, if this actually because a possible outcome and isn't just all talk nonsense to negotiate—INVEST in the stock market. Your money will decay in value fast. Even if it's rocky at first, the market will go up do to the increased amount of people with purchasing power.

Also, anyone notice how this really kills middle America the most? Will this cause the USA to split in half?
Because pretty much every state with the majority of conservatives will be disproportionately effected by this. Hopefully killing the middle class will get people to realize that we have to split the country up.

This will make it even HARDER for middle class families to buy a home. It will make it harder to have kids (which is the opposite of what we really need in this country).

Anons, if middle class jobs don't increase their wages as well (which they likely wont) seriously I'm worried this will have effects that will endanger our country. Never have there been so many people priced out of buying homes in the cities they choose to live in.
Frankly, I hope the conservatives try splitting the country in two because I can't see how the average person is going to be able to afford 3 kids, a mortgage, insurance, gas, male tax, etc.

>> No.26094198

>take out the loopholes designed to benefit corporations designed by lobbyists

>> No.26094237

not only that, the donations that go toward populist candidates is drastically reduced

>> No.26094240

> I can't see how the average person is going to be able to afford 3 kids, a mortgage, insurance, gas, male tax, etc.
>male tax

That is easy Anon. I have some rusty scissors and a cauterizer

>> No.26094272

Good. Now type "I am a stupid nigger who doesn't understand how the economy works."

>> No.26094283

Can confirm this. My last employer made $300 an hour off of my services while paying me a fraction. Gave me a $.35 raise and I quit.

>> No.26094285

You don’t understand how our financial system is set up. Until you do there’s no point trying to convince you.

>> No.26094355
File: 25 KB, 494x654, 20210116_225540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whos nose is this? Not Donald Harris or Shyamala Gopalan.

>> No.26094390
File: 32 KB, 495x576, 20210116_225746.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Perhaps mommy Harris had a jew affair

>> No.26094401


He’s right though. Why should the taxpayer subsidize your business?

>> No.26094430

House, most people don’t own land nowadays :(

>> No.26094471

You owned the libs AGAIN :,(

>> No.26094472

I Agree. Walmart runs classes for it's employees teaching them how to apply for WIC and shit. End these programs and people will stop working for Walmart, and then Walmart will start having to pay more.

>> No.26094573

Yeah, you kinda walked right into that. But since eth isn't doing anything, I'll take that as my win for the day.

>> No.26094599

imagine being a small business fag
work for tech overlords and get rich off the stock market and crypto anon

>> No.26094608

>oy gevalt we'll shift the blame for our actions on them! If they didn't want to be murdered they wouldn't have let us murder them
You are vermin and you will be removed like vermin.

>> No.26094674

QQ harder. I was thinking the limegreen ID guy was a troll, but he's now convinced me that maybe small biz deserves to get merked. Where'd you say your f.am business was, NY? LOL typical

>> No.26094683

Ok ok if you can't afford the wage hike you can't have a business. Got it
So then if your employer can't afford a wage hike, you can't have a job.
Sound cool?

>> No.26094697
File: 101 KB, 787x787, 1607747316606.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Making $20/hr in my trade right now granted I'm still in training. I worked at Amazon and was making almost $19 an hour before I quit. I would never work a shitty warehouse job again.

>> No.26094722

Anon. If you think your class is being mistreated, do something about it. Those above you aren't going to give a shit because it's the right thing to do, and they sure as hell don't pity or empathize with you.

These idiots want fifteen bucks an hour, and hell, I don't know if they deserve it based purely on work but.. They're fighting for it. That's more than the rest of you pussies do.

>> No.26094789

>Why yes, the invisible hand is everything. We live in a free market after all, and companies that can't compete will just be priced out
The duality of /pol/

>> No.26094823

Ok faggots. Let's say we get Zimbabwe tier inflation from this move/the economy starts to crumble/small businesses close/etc. Can't we just lower the fucking minimum wage again? If shit gets fucked up, revert course, if shit works out, keep at it. What's the fucking problem?

>> No.26094831

What trade? Just curious.
I was always day dreaming of being a cement mason, plumber or electrician.

>> No.26094853

Are you OK with a large portion of small businesses/place people actually enjoy giving their business being "priced out" while megacorps who control what information you have access to win every time and never lose?

>> No.26094868

This. Also, America is doing a shit job of unionizing.

>> No.26094901
File: 433 KB, 200x150, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuckin a man...

>> No.26094944

>we just lower the fucking minimum wage again
Interest rates would raise. Anyone with a AMR loan for a house would be ruined worse than if they kept minimum wage at $15 an hour.
Keep in mind that they don't do it all at once. It's phased in gradually over a few years or maybe close to a decade in this case since it's over doubling.
Either way, you'll have houses increasing massively in value. Way out of reach for regular middle class people. Services would increase, cost of shipping, fuel, maybe even international logistics too. It would be impossible to decrease it once it's done. And any money you have in the bank would lose more than half of it's value due to combined natural inflation (2% a year) and inflation of the of the minimum wage going up.
I've gotta know if this info changes your opinion in any way anon, what are your thought on this?

>> No.26094974

>the amount of people employed goes down
this is also true.
We're increasing the minimum wage double as more and more people are losing jobs and whole industries of the economy are unstable?
Not smart at all.

>> No.26095019

What's the link between wage adjustment and interest rates?

>> No.26095053

$15 is well above an inflation adjusted wage.

>> No.26095062

Gilbarco service tech

>> No.26095067

I'm going to let you in on a secret, Ranjay. Trust busting is not the same thing as minimum wage, and our government is capable of supporting both of these things.
But yes, I am okay with businesses that don't pay their employees enough to survive going out of business. If you can't keep your employees off the gibs, your business doesn't deserve gibs.

>> No.26095077
File: 66 KB, 464x273, ronald-mcdonald-thumbs-up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I approve!

>> No.26095090

Unironically yes. Is this supposed to be proving a point. I don't give a shit about shitty businesses and jobs becoming obsolete, they don't deserve to exist if they're that unprofitable they can't generate $15 an hour.

>> No.26095131

>if I call everyone who I don't like a jew, then I will definitely fit in
we see you kvetching, kike.

>> No.26095176

Btw all you NEETs out there should be hyped for this (if it actually happens) considering they can get more taxes for your gibs out of 15/hr than 8/hr and that wagies might put some extra dollars into stocks and pump your bags

>> No.26095230

>Gave me a $.35 raise and I quit.
Good man. A $.35 raise is insulting. I've been offered $.50 raises which I always found insulting as well. Then when I quit all of a sudden they offer up to a $5 raise to try to get me to stay. Fuck that. I've worked for several small businesses over the years & the owners were all the same, money hungry, penny pinching, cheap ass kikes OBSESSED with sheckles. Its truly disgusting. Fuck em. I couldnt care less how many of them go under

>> No.26095277

Why do /poltards think we should care about small businesses anyway? Small business usually have shittier services and higher prices than corporations, and in addition pay their workers less (thus can't afford minimum wage increases), less benefits, no sick days, fire people at whim, dodge paying taxes, etc. Good riddance. Not only that but 80% of my portfolio is in index funds, why the fuck would I not want Amazon to dominate the market?

>> No.26095290

Honestly my teenager worked at McDonald’s. I told her not to date burger flippers as a joke, and she told me they don’t even flip burgers anymore they just put them in a press.

It’s disgusting. And they’ll all soon be replaced by robots.

>> No.26095318

What you are completely missing is that that $15 will become the new $7.50. The production capability won't change. The purchasing power won't change. Worthless fucks will still be worthless fucks.
So, I use to work in Afghanistan. The Hazzara people were the absolute bottom rung of society. They basically just cleaned out shit ditches for a living. Iran would import cheap heroin (;literally at a loss) into the Hazzara communities in order to get them hooked, because it was their one release from their shitty lives. But the heroin also kept them down. It kept them from being BETTER. And Iran would insert mosques into the destitute hazzara areas to preach to them about how the Afghan government was the ones oppressing them.
This is the same shit that is going with these liberal principles. They ruin your life intentionally, give you comfort, and then point to a false enemy that they need you to rail against.

>> No.26095357

What are you going to do when the black nationalists and white nationalist realize they have you megacorps as a common enemy?

>> No.26095365

>What you are completely missing is that that $15 will become the new $7.50.
Literally doesn't happen.

>> No.26095387

Would my mortgage stay the same? Unless property taxes go through the roof this may be a good thing.

>> No.26095422

>Literally doesn't happen.
Literally has no choice but to happen. When you redefine where the ground is, you redefine the altitude for everything else

>> No.26095439

This. Brainlets dont understand small business owners are the ultimate kikes. Maybe if they worked a day in their lives they'd get it

>> No.26095445

$15 MW makes sense in NY or CA where everything's stupid expensive. MAYBE Michigan and Washington too. But in the other 46 states, absolutely not.

>> No.26095450

It’s unironically not their fault directly. It’s the fault of massive inflation. If we were on a gold standard, no income taxes, and no fed. You’d be getting at least twice your purchasing power for whatever they were paying you

>> No.26095475

Do you leftist even have money remaining after the HRT pills? Why are you niggers even here?

>> No.26095488

>It’s disgusting
Efficient and innovative you mean.

>> No.26095502

If you have an ARM (the bank can adjust the interest rate of your loan in 5 years) and the property value increases a lot, the bank can reasonably adjust the interest you need to pay them.
The problem/connection with the minimum wage rising is that 1) property value would go up much higher for the wrong reasons and 2) the bank collecting 2% post-$15 minimum wage wont be the same as collecting 2% interest pre-$15 minimum wage. So there's reason to speculate the interest could also inflate. I say this because if this creates a liquidity crisis for banks (which is possible) there can be a huge banking problem. Don't forget that we were in a repo market in the last half of 2019 where there was hardly enough money for banks.
So imagine what we might face in the future with this.

So people would be at an increased risk of not being able to make their payments or they'll could be cutting it close.
Middle class with AMR mortgages are most at risk because their wages wont be going up that much but the bottom wages will. That's the sad thing.

And you know what? you made me realize I had that part wrong. Decreasing the minimum wage won't make it worse because the damage would already be done for people once it'd increase.

>> No.26095505

So do I work for a megacorp then? Does that fit your definition of "work"?

>> No.26095517

What? You want to go to and eat at sterile corporate businesses/restaurants instead? You want to take the character out of everything and have only globohomo options? (((Build back better)))

>> No.26095533
File: 572 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210116-234239_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>MAYBE Michigan
Nigger what?

>> No.26095586
File: 24 KB, 400x399, 1567918890092.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't wait to watch half the wagecucking class in this country get fired from their jobs because it's suddenly going to be cheaper to streamline workplace tasks or go automated. You get what you fucking deserve.

>> No.26095592

Who gives a shit? I'm not a soiboy who cares about muh independent vegan coffee shops or whatever.

>> No.26095630

>So do I work for a company that offers benefits, healthcare, 401k, paid vacation time, better wages, and has an entire department dedicated to keeping me from getting fired
Uh, yea

>> No.26095659

It's amazing how many people openly embrace the arms of their slave master. I've spent too much time around around military fucks. I had no idea it was this bad.

>> No.26095695

So why don't you work for one now? Why do want to make everyone else compete with you for that limited number of dream jobs?

>> No.26095716

I hate this ignorant nigger shit so much, no point even arguing with them, it's like trying to reason with a Rottweiler

>> No.26095719

>white male
>access to corporate jobs
>HR department caring about you getting fired when you're a fucking white male


>> No.26095721

>So why don't you work for one now?
I do dumbass

>> No.26095742

>Calls other people slaves
>Wagecucked defending israel
Uh, anon...

>> No.26095893

Anons what do you think of this.
Maybe there should be a separate minimum wage for companies depending on their valuation. So market cap or valuation of:
>50 million a year
>300 million a year
>500 million a year
>1 billion a year

>> No.26095952


>> No.26095957

So you just need everyone else to be in your shit situation so that you don't feel bad about your shit choices?

>> No.26095983

Lol. No. I've been selling my services to the highest bidder. It's called capitalism. You get a skill, and then you market it.

>> No.26096006
File: 415 KB, 783x692, 1607021153873.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You dont seriously believe its hard for a white male in todays world do you?

>> No.26096023

It would make more sense for public companies to have mandatory employee shareholder schemes. Imagine if Amazon employees got paid 10% of their wages/salary in stocks. It rewards loyalty and gives employees an incentive to help the company succeed.

>> No.26096055

>Highest bidder
Nice larp but that's not how that works since the 80's.

>> No.26096076

that is literally how it works.

>> No.26096078

Literally look at pic related, moron

>> No.26096096

Shit situation? I make a great wage, benefits, matching 401k, healthcare, dental, commission, 120 hours vacation a year, & our HR department doesnt fire people for lack of productivity so I literally slack off & fuck around all day. Stay jealous

>> No.26096114

Low IQ is going to fuck us all over. They are going to be the masses and make the decisions.

>> No.26096125

>jealous of a corporate wagie

O i am laffin

>> No.26096160

>50 million a year
>in market cap/valuation of a business
disregard the "a year" part anons lol
that would be a nice. And if that was based off a a market cap to ratio of shares it would be very good. Some companies do offer stock options for their employees. So there's precedent for this.

>> No.26096183

>our HR department doesnt fire people for lack of productivity so I literally slack off & fuck around all day. Stay jealous
lul. I think I'll be fine being excluded from that environment

>> No.26096190

Not a bad idea. Make sure to adjust fr cost of living. The 50$ will buy you a big mac

>> No.26096194
File: 192 KB, 555x631, 419A8C56-F7AB-4432-829B-CF575F5798A1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>import millions of immigrants that work for really cheap
>double the minimum wage
>”what do we do about rising unemployment?”

>> No.26096196

It isn't though. Stop pretending. Being a security contractor in this century is like working for an IT firm. There are no "bidders". Also you're still a wagie for israel, just a better paid one.

>> No.26096212

Checked and you are right, it's too fucking obvious. They came to the wrong board though

>> No.26096261

Good goy, Shecklestein is proud of you

>> No.26096273


>> No.26096347

>Good goy, Shecklestein is proud of you
Shecklestein will be proud of me for rejecting your wage cunt dependance? Your bullshit doesn't even make sense faggot

>> No.26096348


You think college is worth something kek

>> No.26096355

Fuck, so you're bullish on housing prices then?
>t. People baited hard by OP and thinking that state law ways are gonna change

>> No.26096356

Not true. $50 will get you a big mac MEAL.
That means not only a big mac, but also medium fries and a medium beverage.

>> No.26096377

>implying shekelsteins don't own every major corporation in America
>implying Jews aren't jizzing themselves over small mom and pop businesses evaporating so they can enslave everyone in shit-tier desk jobs that kill any soul humanity has left

Post nose

>> No.26096387

Yeah. At this point in the thread, I'm posting out of principle more than anything

>> No.26096429

>im not dependant on wagging
>im dependant on mommy
Good for you buddy

>> No.26096434

Yeah just don't get an ARM loan lol.
Imagine a place like Texas where minimum wage is like $8 and housing demand is only increasing. It would be interesting to see.
Again tho, this is only if they actually mean what they say. I bet they'll raise it to at least $10 an hour federally which would still be big.

>> No.26096456

The proud wage slave everyone. He enjoys being a cog in the machine.

>> No.26096502


>> No.26096526

While I appreciate your anecdote about the Hazzara, I believe you are fundamentally wrong.
Inflation is not tied to the purchasing power of one subgroup of the respective society. If poor people get constantly rugpulled (and they do, no matter what your own biases towards them are) and their purchasing power is lowered against literally every item other than maybe food, then the result of that is that they are impoverished through their wages. Wages then have to be brought up to a livable standard again. This would actually create socially acceptable inflation, because it doesnt just widen the gap between rich and poor and would also help build a more stable middle class eventually.
The middle class would not have to put up with bullshit jobs if they can get similiar pay in more or less entry level positions. This would leverage the workers power somewhat, because they dont have to lose all their social standing and income if they quit their job and go seek out another one.

>> No.26096597

He said he slacks off all day, while you're crying about small business going under over $15. You're the cog, not him.

>> No.26096604

>>im not dependant on wagging
>>im dependant on mommy
I don't know that I would brag about that on this board

>> No.26096689

Oh dear, he doesn't understand green texting. Back to plebbit newfag

>> No.26096829

Yeah. All mom and pop stores should be closed immediately. All small scale agri businesses as well. Everyone should live in urban ghettos without any community, barely get by waging. Only corporations are allowed to take cheap loans, with questionable credit history, issue junk bond to be rescued by fed. Who cares about interest coverage ratio when JTCA was designed. Let the zombies survive too along with mega corps.

Welcome to self-inflicted dystopia.

>> No.26096953

But the real question is where is the rug pull coming from?
There is a whole generation that is crippled with debt. Debt that is unforgivable thought bankruptcy because it it is owed my the individual to the federal government to the universities.
20>30 years ago, you could enter a company with a high school education and learn the skills you needed to advance and excel. Now, because "education" has been prioritized though government access to schooling, you are expected to take on the burden of that training (and the cost) though a 4 year degree.
And that access to loans for education has made it possible for people to saddle themselves with a hundred thousand dollars of debt for a gender studies degree that provides no utility and no chance for advancement.
The "standard wage" is a function of value added. But the system has been set up in such a manner that you are now required to bare the burden of the employer's training cost. Because that benefits the massive corporations.
Mike Rowe has it figure out. He pushes trade schools. $15k in tuition in order to learn to do a job that pays $70k a year.
[I want to go on, but I'm about 8 screwdrivers deep and I am no longer sure If I am making a point or if I'm rambling. ;-) ]

>> No.26097028

No, I get it. You're dependent on mommy. That happens to a lot of cucks. Don't be ashamed. Just be better.

>> No.26097098

bitch he's talking about how the employees were stealing the tip money.