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On what basis? PRQ proved to be reliant when the coinmetro hack happened. What does UNN do besides number making promises of number go up? That's right faggot.

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It will UNNrisk the defi world.

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Give it time bro and watch how the price go up

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Help a noob out guys. How do I get my hands on UNN?

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> team led by some of the most experienced and specialized in crypto and DeFi
> have a concrete solution to a real problem
> coin undiscovered and on no major exchanges
Yeah, count me in.

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Card carrying UNNion member

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Which one's a better bet for the next year. This or statera?

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>team led by some of the most experienced and specialized in crypto and DeFi

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that a make it you're holding?

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had my eye on UNN for a while. Get in today or wait for dips?

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Alright, open your mouth brainlet, here comes the airplane

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I got in just a few hours ago. I say jump in because I was left in the dust when trying to buy PRQ at .05 and it suddenly jumped to .2 in a few hours when I went to bed. If you believe in the project just go in don't worry about green/red.

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same, thinking of buying half now, and waiting on half.. but probably gonna miss the second half desu, b/c things are picking up everywhere. low caps gonna pump soon. this, bonded, and i'm sure other lowcaps i have no idea about.
nice dubs. yeah, i feel you on the prq thing. actually got in at 2c, but sold half of mine at the 10x. massive mistake obviously. still holding a good stack, but no longer make it... rip

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Uniswap, but this is a somewhat risky, patient hold

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Also weird that UNN had been getting a lot of traction lately, I'm guessing the partnerships and product info are the cause? Or are we just getting shilled?

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Thanks for the spoonfeeding. I'm sick and too tired to get up from my bed, phone is a old laggy piece of shit with android jellybean

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People have been telling me 250k is make it.

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25000 bag here

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My only reason for jumping in is that they don't have pajeets (at least not in public).

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thanks anon

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at 100mcap this would be worth $45,500, which would make it worth $450,000 at 1bn mcap. If we assume this is reaching anything over 2.5bn, then yes this is a make-it stack. I'd say 1m is a lot closer to a make-it stack.

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I'm in bonded too. Let's hope both of these turn out to be gems. We got GRT right, PRQ too, if UNN is next that would be a killer streak.

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anon, are we the same? all my shitcoin bags are belong to you

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Thanks, anon!

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I have 1.5m UNN and 1m BOND, not quite sure how I feel about BOND as it seems they're still quite a ways away from a working product.

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I dont think you understand the importance of PRQ anon. PRQ is nowhere near finish. Both FA and TA suggest incoming moon. It's not even on Binance yet, and if you think it wont be, then god help you. Look at the daily volume, which all happens on UNI, an internet nerd platform

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Uniswap does more volume than most exchanged combined, not a very good guiding factor here.

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You probably have way more then me. Here's my story: got rekt during the great 2017-2018 alt season. I invested very little and diversified too much, my only good trades were early NEO and NAV but then I fell for the OMG meme and ADA. Fast forward to last month. I was tired of holding my stupid shitcoins, sold everything to get into GRT early. I lost 800$ but quickly made up all my losses with GRT then I missed the top and sold and put everything in PRQ. Now I'm working on Bondedfinance. UNN is next. If I weren't cucked by the banks I would have made a lot of money.

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BOND has a ton of partnerships but not much to prove in terms of a 2021 roadmap. I was gonna put more into BOND but I think I'll focus more on UNN.

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Bonded.finance has a finished product, but it's under audit. They have a pilot with orion protocol. I'll have to read up on UNN, but I think it's going to be part of the new financial system gien its partners.

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Bruh you have to put in serious money if you want serious gains. Stop playing with lunch money.

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LOL what? Theyre not even comparable. Binance did 17B in the last 24 hours, UNI did 0.7B.

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yeah now that I switched banks, I can finally go bigger.

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I said most exchanges combined. Binance is top dog, I know that.

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So UNI does more volume than 100 shit exchanges that fabricate volume, therefore UNI does a lot of volume, therefore Binance wont send the price? Logic not found. PRQ will be listed on the top exchanges. This will make a huge difference, as most retail crypto investors dont use UNI.

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I'm saying something only being traded on uni doesn't mean its price won't go through the fucking roof. Yes, binance is the final frontier, but UNN may also list on there eventually, who knows, and getting in at ground level here is like PRQ last month. There's a lot more possible upside were UNN to fly then if PRQ keeps gaining in my opinion considering the market cap difference alone.

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I think UNN will do great, but PRQ is fundamentally a behemoth of a project. Comparing the two is silly.

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There’s no denying PRQ but right now there’s barely any good competitor to NXM besides UNN