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I turned 2k into 6k having a diverse portfolio. I’m sick of diversifying my poorfag stack. I’m thinking of selling everything and going all into something

Is this retarded?

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no you retard you passed the IQ test. keep buying and holding and keep it spread.

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All in on one coin that you feel safe about still requires a lot of patience and diamond hands.
You might have to wait 3+ years for it to appreciate enough to become something big.

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Don't put all your eggs in one basket, fag. It's good to spread. Just keep an eye on stuff that performs better than most and add to that stack.

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I guess my IQ failed then. it just disheartening seeing people go big on alts. I got an ETH/LINK/AAVE/1shitcoin portfolio

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It depends on what you go in on honestly. You are retarded if you think you could go all in chasing a x100 though and not collecting profits at something like x2

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These people are just trying to keep you poor. Diversification is the biggest meme in crypto. If you want to diversify based on historical metrics all you buy is BTC, ETH and LINK but with your stack you might as well buy something lower cap

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just repeat what you did and turn 6k into 18k

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ive notice LCX does the invers of the market. considering the rats are fleeing the ship (rightly or wrongly)
might not be a bad idea. Given theres the WhaleBot who has been ruining it for everyone

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just go all in on link it's going to $350+

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boom you made it

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Right now put every single cent you have into DAIQ. The price is at 10 cents but it's supposed to be $1, by design. Rumor has it that they're about to do like coinmetro, i.e buying to raise the value of the token to the peg with the millions they have in the treasury.

That's right, millions.

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thats only 12 x2s
might take a while but still. fun project for the grandkids.

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Depends on how you diversify. You should always have some BTC in your bag. ETH more or less tracks BTC with higher volatility; not bad to hold but at the same time not amazing. LTC is kind of a meme but it tends to be the first alt to pump after BTC moons. LINK and UNI have very high volatility but can be guaranteed to pump hard on semi-regular intervals, and often out of phase with the market. BAT is almost completely out of phase with the market and preceded BTC in the 2019 bullrun; buy at 20 cents. DOGE is kind of similar to BAT except Musk pumping it makes it a risky buy now. BNB has a proven value and tends to avoid the usual cycles.

If you're looking to diversify into NANO, TRON, NEO, or other R*ddit memecoins, enjoy timing the 80% drop for a once-every-three-years 2x pump if you're lucky. Basically, only diversify into coins that have a proven record of trading out of phase with the market, avoid shit that promises to be the next big one.

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I diversify but I wouldn't call it diversification. I have a giant fucking bet on LINK, worth more than my annual salary. But I also have side bets because I think the others are gonna run like a mother fucker.

API3, ERG, XDB are my side bets, though admittedly XDB is basically a craps table gamble. I'm real bullish on oracles.

Am I really diversified? not really. I just have multiple bets on the same table.

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ok Krishna. Whatever you say

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All in litecoin

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I'm not a pajeet anon. You have to believe me. I'm just trying my best to share actual undervalued tokens and ONE LOOK at the chart alone should be telling that you have a greater chance of getting positive returns buying at this price. The fucking top was $4 three days ago.

This is NOT a falling knife. I give you one, nah actually two weeks tops before you see that I was right.

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hows my stack look

should I?!!! fuck

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LINK and AAVE are up 50+% these last few days, so you're looking pretty good right now unless you just bought eh top. I'd sell the AAVE since it's probably near the top of the Coinbase pump. Diversifying in crypto doesn't do much unless you swing your alt pumps; in the long-run, BTC always wins.

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>I tripled my money but should I lose it all instead what do I do guys?

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Holy fucking based, anon!

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AAVE didnt pump just due to Coinbase. I got in at 80 bucks, which is very late. Also, BTC did not win. ETH won in 2017 in terms of gains.

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Pretty much this

When your broke go big on something your confident about.

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>AAVE didnt pump just due to Coinbase
It's clearly a major component. Most coins that aren't total shit see a 2-4x within a week of Coinbase listing, and then bleed for a couple months.
> I got in at 80 bucks, which is very late.
So you bought the Coinbase listing, a 2x is not bad.
>Also, BTC did not win. ETH won in 2017 in terms of gains.
You're cherry-picking a single ETH year versus 10 years of proven BTC gains.

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When do you think AAVE got listed? So you know how many people use AAVE? Do you know how popular it is, and its v2 came out before the listing? AAVE got listed and didn’t move as hard as this right now. Marc Cuban mentioned AAVE

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Correct. I was stuck at like $2-4k for months with a bullshit moonshot portfolio. Changed to ETH/LINK/(insert 1 or 2 alt coins) and escaped 4 figure hell

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haha like do a 20x leverage trade nigga

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my portfolios pretty similar to yours though

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Are you looking for some specific financial advice or for someone to shill you a coin to get all in on, or what?

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There is retarded, and then there is turning 2k into 6k having a diverse portfolio but then going all in retarded

In fact, one could say, you are truly going all in retarded. Never go full retarded.

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Talk me out of it idk

its a bull run and I bought right before it started. it wasnt ‘success’ just timing. im a newfag

thats fair

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6k is very little money for investing with.
I would put it into two very solid sub-cent coins to make the most out of it.
If you could hold some sub-cent coins for a few years you might actually turn it into a few hundred grand.

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How long did it take you? I've been browsing for a week and finally put 500 in LINK at 15 for my first investment three days ago. I really want to hit 5-10k so I can start making moves that will help me start making actual money.

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get a job

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If you just started out you will have to go through a learning period which includes a lot of hard lessons and losing some money.
Mistakes are part of the learning process.

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Try half. For everyone here that brags about making it big by going in early on an alt or a shitcoin, there's someone quietly walking away forever

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Do it thats how I made 70k last year from 5k. I went all in on LINK right before the summer boom and then all in BTC, tripled my money twice.

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What 4 coins should I be investing into?

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I turned $100 to 3k and now im down to $1k

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That's what I figure. I've actually known about bitcoin since 2012 when I was 13 and wanted to buy some then (fucking kill me) but had no way of buying it. Over the years I saw it climb and climb in success, and I was too distracted with other shit to care and felt like I missed an opportunity every time it blew up again. I'm finally deciding to try my luck at it after all those wasted years, with some small investments I can afford to lose as I'm learning how economics and cryptocurrency actually work. Shits exciting though, I'm already hooked and I can see this becoming my new full time autistic obsession. Hoping to experience a fair share of L's and and gains quickly just so I know how to play things smart.

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As long as you don't give up after a few mistakes and keep going you'll be fine. Pretty much everyone who can manage to hold a few good cryptos for some years gain significant wealth.

The hard part is learning not to FOMO into the top or panic sell at the bottom.
This is what most of /biz/ seems to struggle with.

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Holding definitely seems like a guarantee from what I've learned. Already powered through FOMO with bitcoin and links highs, I knew they were going down eventually even as they were shooting, and I'm holding the LINK I have even though its decreasing. I feel like the next big step is DYOR since getting in early on coins that are going to moon is the only way I'm going to make it, I can't just keep putting small amounts on x4 increases that take years. Want to figure out trading at some point but from what I've observed that's how retards who think they can luck out against the system lose everything, so I will definitely wait to actually fucking know what I'm doing on that one.

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Sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders, you'll probably be fine.
Just don't stick with link until you have a lot more to invest into it, link is a very slow mover.

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Of course man. The link purchase was more of an experiment even though it ended up doing well, bought enough to gain me 200 dollars at its peak, but I'm going to go in on different things as I learn more. I appreciate the advice man, I hope we both make it and beyond.

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A smart anon. I'm knee dep in ERG myself (Have 10k atm) Along with API3.

We're gonna make it

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"I noticed this new shitcoin does the opposite of a much more established market
Nigger shut the fuck up.

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Alwayd diversify newfag. Why do you think I don’t have 10k LINK now. Well, because I did go all in on another coin that didn’t moon. I started by going all in on LINK but got sick of it and see how that turned out. Now I’m slowly getting up to 100k after years of self-loathing and I’m doing it with a diversified portfolio. Have patience and invest in the best tech.

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Depends on how diversified you are, what your income situation is, etc. Make sure you have enough in the bank to support a crisis. I keep 6k of cash on hand for that. Then I can comfortably invest the rest or pay debnts.

I think diversification becomes a meme when you are being too spread for the money you have. Being super spread out over such a little amount seems ridiculous and if you aren't making enough to grow that wirt your own paycheck you have bigger problems. I'd toss it in Bitcoin and worry about that first. I think this is a decent way to look at it
Thousands? No more than two holdings.
Tens of thousands? No more than four or five
Hundreds of thousands? No more than 7 or 8

You can make small cap plays as well but I would not make it more than ten percent of my portfolio.

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Bumping a poorfag thread

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>order placed for 250 LINK at $16 AUD so I can get in once the price dips, $4000 AUD total
>4000 AUD left over, not sure what to do with this since ETH and BTC are still at ATH
What should I do bros?

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XRP is starting to sell off. 19,000,000,000 in market cap is going to get redistributed in the next 3 days, HODL and prepare for tendies.

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I follow the portfolios of a few top notch crypto funds (hard to get data on them but I can sort of 'guess' it)
it's mostly BTC, ETH, Defi (DOT, AAVE, KYBER, SNX)

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of all the coins I've ever held, the most reliable and profitable ones have been the most obvious. ETH, LINK, BTC, DOT, AAVE etc. i have held many shitcoins too and a lot of the time you end up losing money for many reasons. you could swing trade these until comfy stacks, works best for the defi alts. diversification is only a meme if you're holding more than a handful of coins (unless you're a whale who can afford suciide stacks of everything). what you have is good, especially AAVE. hold onto that one tight friend.

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whats your target price for AAVE?

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Going all in is a good way to build regret and insecurities: "Why is everything but what I have mooning?"
>Switch target for all in
>Thing you previously held starts mooning

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not retarded. hopefully you are diversifying into pnk too though but that's up to you

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