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Tell me which month and year you first started posting on this board, NOW. No lying.

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idk sometime in 2012 I think.

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Early 2017. All I did was gamble in /smg/ though with lunch money.

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1/16/2021 nigger. Check em

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jan 2021

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jan 2018 kek please laugh at me i deserve everything

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oldfag here

dec 2017

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January 2018

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July 2019

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March 2021 to laugh at the pink wojaks

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lurking on/off since 2019, visiting regularily december, started posting this month

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roughly november 2019

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Fren :)

What did you pick back then? How are you doing now?

I was minimum wage poorfag and now I’m just above minimum wage poorfag but I have $45k in crypto.
Link, ETH and DCA’d BTC. I even skipped a few months

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2016-17 and how the fuck am I supposed to remember the month

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>laugh at me i deserve everything
Why would I laugh. You know the rules. You can never leave. No one ever leaves. God I hope this website gets banned or taken down by the feds so I can finally be free.

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October 2017, yes I am a retard from the last bullrun.

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may 2017, got in just in time for the first bull run

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2017 oldfag

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2017 September, its actually fucking sad how little money I've made considering that
At least I listened to LINK shilling when it was under a dollar

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Seeing all these post 2010 fags. Makes sense why the boards are so retarded.

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August 2017

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February 2021

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Dec 2017

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Sep '17, enough to 3x and get rekt in 2018

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2016... still haven't made it some how. I was also one of those degens in middle school on /b/ in 04 posting KFC buckets.

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I’ve been in crypto for 4 years, I’ve been on 4chan for 11 or 12 years, but I just came to biz in maybe november 2020

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June 2017

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biz hasn't been around since 2010

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How the fuck would I know, I've been druk for 10 years. You tell me.

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Millionaire yet?

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Not sure exact month, but roughly August/September 2017

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I browsed here briefly after the board was created and cryptofaggots were purged from /g/, again in September 2017 and started again in September 2020
I'm probably gonna quit soon because the bullrun is soon to be over and I'll come back in 2024.

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late 2017 probably

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First quarter of 2018.

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biz in 2017 got fucked in the dump :)))

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*drunk even

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mid December 2020

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I take that back, probably the third quarter of 2018.

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Henlo new fren, I'll save you the trouble, just buy LINK, and only LINK, and never look back.

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No. I've made it into six figure hell a handful of times, lost it all, back in six figure hell, repeat. Currently in six figure hell again at 27. Once you get above a certain amount this shit gets ridiculously hard.

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Uhh somewhere in 2013

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How is it hard to just hold? Dumb fucking nigger.

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April 2020. You niggers and faggots helped me buy my for my first house and make a lot of money.

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The call of the rugpull gets him every time.

If he just held he’d be a multimillionaire

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Lurking since 2019, first comment was yesterday.

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jan 2021.

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Show portfolio.

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2018 some month
lurkin B now and then 2016

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2017 dec

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like 5 months ago, such a mistake. i started using reddit 8 years ago before it was a complete faggothole. the descent into hell was slow so i stuck with my internet home as long as i could.

i shouldve known it was over and left many years before.

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march 2020

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day one son

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Go back plebbitor, your brain is permanently damaged and corrupted after all that time on plebbit.

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I don't need to show shit, I'm in the range of 600k+ right now.

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sometime mid 2018

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I remember that faithful night like it was yesterday. As that's when I realized I was gonna die alone. At least I'm gonna die rich...

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mid 2017

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Nov 2017

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June 2014

CERU my nigga

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January 2019 and I went all in link the same day. Never looked back

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January 2021, 100% newfag

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The dude just listed API3. Why are you taking him seriously?

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i was here when /biz/ was still a part of /g/

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december 2016

im worthless and in debt now, no joke

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may or june 2019, missed chainlink by a very small margin

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You'd better be racist

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Jan 21

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>Doesn't show, because they never show
>Admits he isn't a millionaire himself but supposedly has it figured out

This board is really tiresome sometimes.

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dec 2017
feels like I've aged decades since then

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Last month
I've been on 4chan since 2005 though

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I think I made a post back in 2015. It was when bitcoin was like 250$. I was 16, and the whole crypto thing seemed sketch and complicated. I started posting seriously when bitcoin crabbing end of 2018 beginning of 2019.

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Probably like 2016 ish, I browsed a bit before this became a crypto board majorly and then I got into crypto right before the BTC run to 20k. I remember I had no idea what I was doing but I just kept taking out my initial investment as BTC kept going up. It was weird but I ended up building my first pc with that money.

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same here
I've been on this site for over a decade though

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August 2020, a very profitable decision and my speechs' "fags per minute" has quintupled

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Mid 2017, I was a refugee to 4chan during the great meme war of 2015-2016 and found biz not long after

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July 2015, bought only 5 BTC that year for ~290$ each. Bought another 5 for 700$ each in 2016.

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Sometime in mid 2017.

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I'm a newfag and only started browsing/buying chainlink in June 2020. started posting late july. been on 4chan since 2007 though. i saw an alluring look OP on the mainpage with the chainlink logo and thought i'd take a peek

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I think February or March of 2017. I remember the first big event that I was on the board for was ETH reaching $20, and before that I didn't ever touch this board. But I was also in the Bitcoin generals on /g/ back in 2013 before Moot made this place as a containment board for BTC threads, I don't know if you'd count that

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API3 is a shitcoin shilled by twitters and youtubers. only reason to hold is the hype around it + normies LOVE it. it's literally the first thing they are told to buy when they do their research (youtube). seriously - how much money have you made on coins you ACTUALLY believe in?

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same reason i took LINK seriously. the lulz

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checked and same
pic rel

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based fren

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hanged out in crypto threads in 2013 in /g/ and witnessed the birth of /biz/ cuz /g/ was suffocating in DOGE threads

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January 2014, first day of its existence

There was no /biz/ in 2012

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lurked from April and started posting in May last year, I want to go back, it was so coomfy back then, Uniswap V1, ETH 250, and GHOST airdrop
this site changed my life

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may 2017 but i stopped trading crypto from jan 2018 until may 2019 when link got shilled. that 2017 bull market was fun. spent tons of time day trading. was in college at the time so i could only afford to invest a few hundred. By the end of the summer my portfolio was worth like 7k. then i made a few bad trades and poof. also lost about 4k worth of dgb because my computer updated and i didn't save my key to my dgb wallet. no idea what happened. i think by 2019 my portfolio was worth about 2k, and i traded all the shitcoins i still had for btc and link. ofc right before btc shot up from 10->40k i traded all my btc for link, but it ended up working out ok. link is still the best bet. the only other thing i'll buy is probably xmr besides btc/link

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Day one, whenever that was. You guys were shitting up boards so they made this containment space for you. I'd come on here and there to discuss business and taxes but most people only cared about crypto.
Only old /biz/nessmen remember the chip warmer prototype.

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Been here on and off ever since crypto was kicked off /g/. Unfortunately did not become my main board until September 2020.

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june 2017

i shilled antshares (now NEO) at (0.0014 btc / $3.5 usd). i hope some of you listened

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september 2020 i think

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The difference is I been here 2.5 years starting from 0 and you been here fucking 9 years you stupid fuck.

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Lol neck yourself, and take off that tripcode before you do it

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june 2018 fren

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March 2020. Bought 10k wort of crypto bluechips in may. Now worth 55k

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mid 2018, probably may

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October 1st, 2003

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Shill me something now

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4chan since 2007
was btard, quit for a 4-5 years when /b/ turned to absolute shit around early 2010s
Came to biz August 2016
A woke crypto boomer showed me biz, I saw him trading shitcoins on lunch break. I talked to him and he showed me his “sources”. He said “if you can figure out how to decode the messages on here you’ll be rich”.

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Fuck your mama.

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the current bullrun will end sooner than this board thinks. sell your crypto when bitcoin reaches 48k. rebuy at 15-20k

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This one, I just got into crypto and realised I could be rich by now if I had invested into BTC and ETH a couple of months ago

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Jan 2021

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I'm in this shithole board since 2005.
Mostly /b/ when it was still a funny place.
Financially talking /b/ and /g/ when they posted some BTC thread and I found DOGE, then /biz/.

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well done bro I remember you coming to this board about 2 months after me I'm only at 400k now.

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januray 2021. Can I be a honorary member since I shitposted on multiple boards since 2008?

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2015/2016. I remember I was scared in case it was illegal or something lol.

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Mid-Late 2017 but I barely invested anything in any crypto because I was too lazy to figure it out.

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